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01/31. Case of BSE: Commission extends testing programme
01/31. Blanket testing for BSE isn't necessary
01/31. The abattoir gap
01/31. Mad cow defenses called into question
01/31. Where's the beef? Canadians are eating it
01/31. Mad Cow Confirmation Finding Raises Fears
01/30. Rules crush small farmers
01/30. Meat probe widened: Airdrie-area farm linked to investigation
01/30. BAN BACK
01/30. Japan to Johanns: Cool it
01/30. Opposition to reopening of the Canadian border continues to build
01/30. Warehouse operator convicted in rat infestation case
01/30. New disease threatens kids
01/30. Low Risk to Human Health from BSE Goat Case - EU
01/29. EFSA reacts to possible goat BSE infection
01/29. Book Cultivates A Bacterial Remedy
01/29. Rainwater tanks often host to harmful bugs
01/29. Brenda Cutress: Eat and drink in moderation to maintain a healthy life
01/29. Restaurants Inspected Periodically
01/29. Rotten food a flying peril
01/29. Proceedings from Hot Topics in Microbiology Conference
01/28. Those nasty noroviruses, including Norwalk, may be getting nastier
01/28. Eatery owners surprised beef not inspected
01/28. AMI: Lancet study supports efficacy of existing BSE firewalls
01/28. [China] New criteria set for food safety
01/28. USDA Secretary works on two key BSE-related issues
01/28. Johanns turns up the heat on Japan
01/28. FMI to battle listeria
01/28. Food Security Procedures Issued for Use During Heightened Threat Conditions
01/28. Panel Briefs Congressional Staff, Media on BSE, Resuming Trade With Canada
01/28. Managing Menus to Stay Healthy
01/28. German BSE Update
01/28. BSE Authority Urges Removal of All SRM
01/28. Farm Level Feed Inspections Coming in U.S.
01/28. French goat confirmed with 'mad cow' disease in disturbing world first
01/28. Food Safe Int'l Announces Plans to Expand Food Safety Services
01/28. Food agency anger over cash cut
01/27. Pall presents prion technology to Department of HHS
01/27. New board member appointed to the FSAI
01/27. Food safety council chews the fat over jewelry, raw food
01/27. Restaurant warnings urged after teen's death
01/27. [New Zealand] Food Review information in many languages
01/27. [New Zealand] Domestic Food Review stirs discussion
01/27. Beef processed in garage was headed for eatery
01/27. USDA Chief Presses Japan on Beef Trade
01/27. [Bangladesh] Adulteration of food
01/27. Study looks at cross-species infection for BSE
01/27. New academic society to address sweeping food safety issues
01/27. Measures against BSE 'working'
01/27. Small study has reassuring news on mad-cow disease
01/27. Safe food course offered
01/27. Mad Cows a Symptom of a Sick Food System
01/27. Enforce Sanitation, Food Safety Measures, Philippine Mayors Told
01/27. Uncooked-food notice not needed, panel says
01/27. Teen accused of putting rat poison in family's food
01/26. AgWeb poll on Canada border opening
01/26. Don't lose perspective on safety of our food
01/26. Beef up the science
01/26. USA, EU launch WTO disputes over customs rules, beef hormone ban
01/26. Flame Retardants Examined in Animal Tissues
01/26. Stronger laws and safety index pave way to better food
01/26. High fluoride levels in instant tea?
01/26. AMI Product Recall Insurance Program Now Available
01/26. Synbiotic supplement may help protect GI health in elderly
01/26. Food intolerances
01/26. Canadians suspicious of biotech foods despite lack of harm evidence
01/26. Groups Urge New Agriculture Secretary to Listen to Whistleblower
01/26. [Norway] Groceries selling terrible fish
01/26. Supplement safety debated
01/26. Even cat food part of mad cow probe
01/26. Keep soup safe from stove to refrigerator
01/26. 'Biotech policy should address food biosafety concerns'
01/26. UK meat agency consulted over food safety rules
01/26. Chinatown under food safety spotlight ahead of Lunar New Year
01/25. Dueling editorials on beef ban
01/25. FSIS notice requires all BSE data on eADRS
01/25. Pilot program on isolates
01/25. Decline of E. coli ; increase in allergen contamination
01/25. Chef's special, mouldy cheese
01/25. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
01/25. Canada Links Feed To Mad-Cow Case
01/25. USDA Chief Sets Sights On Beef Exports
01/25. Supermarket fined $2500 after council targets food safety
01/25. Cantwell introduces mad cow legislation
01/25. Beef trade with Japan is 'priority one,' Johanns says
01/25. Consumers Union blasts FDA
01/25. Tainted feed possibly sold after ban
01/25. Johanns to check Canada feed ban
01/25. Potluck suppers encounter health concerns
01/24. Food nutrition claims in EU watchdog's sights
01/24. Proceedings from Hot Topics in Microbiology Conference 
01/24. EPA Announces New Aircraft Drinking Water Quality Data
01/24. Probe: Cattle From Canada Farm Healthy
01/24. New State Rules Crack Down On Raw Dairy Products
01/24. [India] Your food bill is ready
01/24. Time for Canada to build cattle industry less dependent on US
01/24. The real risk of BSE
01/24. The safety of our beef
01/24. BSE investigation on January 2 case concludes
01/24. Hand-washing is best protection against germs
01/23. A prion lexicon (out of control)
01/23. [New Zealand] New food rules may hurt small businesses
01/23. Cook & Thurber Announces New 2005 Food Safety Expectations Manuals
01/23. Johanns to Review of Canada Cattle Trade
01/23. DATE FIRM
01/23. BSE may be more dangerous than thought: Swiss study
01/23. “Colorectal Cancer is Red Meat for Media,” Says STATS
01/23. Chef sharpens skills as restaurant inspector
01/22. [UK]: RESTAURATEUR from Southport fined more than £ 4,500
01/22. Mardi Gras Safety: Inspecting food vendors
01/22. Comment sought on new food rules
01/22. Ozone Safe Food to Showcase Its Patented Ozone Technology
01/22. Andrew McKenzie: NZ's food safety among best in the world
01/22. New Study Strengthens Link between Antibiotic Overuse in Food Animals
01/21. Canadian and Mexican Agriculture ministers discuss BSE
01/21. Mad cow: Why here?: why Western Canada afflicted
01/21. Cattle feed article disturbing
01/21. Duplicity makes me afraid to eat beef
01/21. Eat Safe launched in Scotland
01/21. Tsunami-Fears of fish
01/21. CCFT Demands Removal of CFIA head
01/21. Illness may help mad cow agent spread, study finds
01/21. CFSAN meets 90% of 2004 goals
01/21. Japan postpones U.S. beef ban decision, asks for more documents
01/21. New Procedures for BSE Sample Collection
01/21. Food Allergy Sufferers Seek Cure
01/21. Two BSE cases detected in Irish cattle this week
01/21. New findings on prions suggest BSE risk may be higher than thought
01/21. Rogue Proteins Found in Unexpected Organs
01/21. Prevention of Necrotizing Enterocolitis With Probiotics
01/21. Effect of a Probiotic Infant Formula on Infections in Child Care Centers
01/21. Lactobacillus Sepsis Associated With Probiotic Therapy
01/21. County restaurant inspections lacking
01/21. Restaurant Inspections
01/21. Independence obtained, says head of EU food agency
01/21. New rules proposed for state food handlers
01/20. Towards a national food safety strategy
01/20. BSE-avian influenza in Canada teach important lessons
01/20. Biological Safety - BSE - Monthly Reports for BSE in 2004
01/20. General Food Law - Implementation guidelines
01/20. Biological safety - salmonella and food-borne diseases
01/20. Prosecutor: Warehouse a buffet for rats
01/20. Sask company fined for illegally shipping and falsely labelling meat products
01/20. Officials Trace Cows Shipped From Canada
01/20. West States In Livestock Tracking Program
01/20. Japan signals that its borders may open soon
01/20. German risk agency calms dioxin scare
01/20. FDA Creates A New Office to Address Food Safety, Counterterrorism and
01/20. FDA Will Hold a Public Meeting on TSE's
01/20. Grapefruit Bad With Some Drugs
01/20. Policing peanuts — Schools taking steps to protect kids
01/20. R-CALF convention will highlight BSE
01/20. Former Grafton senator says BSE crisis was avoidable
01/20. Japan agrees to speed up process to resume Canadian beef imports
01/20. Full testing needed to stop cow disease
01/20. Pittsburgh's mascots lace up their skates to meet their fans
01/20. [Ireland] Food authority calls for removal of infant formula Pregestimil
01/20. New rules proposed for state food handlers
01/19. TSE advisory committee to meet in February
01/19. Cow's offspring dead
01/19. Martin urges Japan to end beef ban
01/19. Plan to allow Canadian cattle into U.S. worries ranchers
01/19. Mad cow across the border
01/19. Perspective: USDA must reconsider its plans
01/19. January issues of online food science journals posted
01/19. Letter to FSIS requests re-evaluation of inspection mark
01/19. New GP study highlights the burden of acute gastroenteritis to general practice
01/19. Visit by Americans welcomed by Alberta ranchers who `have nothing to hide'
01/19. U.S. cattlemen arrive in Alberta to get answers
01/19. Senator to propose legislation that will keep Canadian border closed
01/19. R-CALF pitches alliance to NCBA, NCBA declines with no regrets
01/19. Korea to test RFID tags on imported beef
01/19. Public Meeting to Discuss Upcoming Codex Committee on Food Hygiene Agenda
01/19. Japan moves toward lifting beef ban, Martin says
01/19. Japan, U.S. Nearing Resolution on Beef
01/19. Science on the half-shell [can fight deadly botulism]
01/19. Dairy owners safeguard milk supply
01/19. The Beef about UTIs
01/19. [Philippines] Juice factory ordered closed for illegal operation
01/19. Orange Alert
01/19. Syscan, Navigant Consulting Bring Safety Initiatives
01/19. [Thailand] FDA increase food safety standards
01/19. 'Tractor' food safety scheme criticised
01/19. Belgian food safety 'still a worry'
01/19. [UK] Food safety scheme warning
01/19. Beware Of Airplane Water
01/18. Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD) in Canada
01/18. Germany seeking to cut dioxin in free range eggs
01/18. Risks remain despite cattle-feed safeguards
01/18. The mystery of a BSE-free America
01/18. Animal feed still not safe
01/18. Exporters optimistic despite BSE findings
01/18. Dangerous farming
01/18. Disease's origins confound scientists
01/18. High-risk cattle parts still in animal feed
01/18. BC-lead
01/18. FDA and NSTA partners in food science education
01/18. Nebraskans seek delay on Canadian cattle imports
01/18. Rumors of unsafe fish in tsunami zone unfounded
01/17. BSE Experts at the University of Alberta
01/17. Canada to turn over feed records
01/17. Canadian feed-ban compliance becomes front-burner issue
01/17. American Farm Bureau Endorses Return to “Normalized” Trade with Canada
01/17. Pilot Program Begins in February 2005 To Share Isolates
01/17. R-CALF Calling for Industry Unification
01/16. 6 cattle tied to BSE animal shipped to U.S.
01/16. Canada Mad Cow Probe Traces Two More Animals to US
01/16. Ralph Klein says he believes humans at minimal risk of mad cow disease
01/16. Supper club to drill new well after illnesses
01/16. Are we safe from animal-borne diseases?
01/16. [Wales] Scandal of unchecked restaurants
01/15. Monday Edition: Church Potlucks in Peril?
01/15. ‘Zulican virus’ and health risks associated with seafoods
01/15. Extension will offer food manager certification training
01/15. Trophy Foods Inc. attains food safety (HACCP) accreditation
01/15. Iowa Grocery Industry and ISU Tackle Food Safety
01/15. Guidance for new food safety rules
01/15. 'Winter Bug' Hits GI Tracts Hard
01/15. [Bangladesh] Millions of people face risk of arsenic poisoning
01/14. Capacity of state and territorial health agencies to prevent foodborne illness
01/14. Quotable Quotes
01/14. Area Cattle Producers Learn How To Get Involved In Livestock Tracking Systems
01/14. Testing every animal won't help our ranchers
01/14. A sane response to mad cow
01/14. Mad-cow probe focuses on batch of special feed
01/14. Tip of the hat to health inspectors
01/14. Public fears remain
01/14. Fixing the beef
01/14. The chain of confidence
01/14. Ignoring mad cow at our peril
01/14. Risk of contracting BSE lower than one in a million
01/14. Guidance on amended food safety regulations published
01/14. EPA finds potential teflon chemical risks
01/14. Sheep's brain found in school cafeteria dressing
01/14. UK food agency reminds supplement suppliers of new regs
01/14. Woe Canada: Tired tune about BSE has one sweet note
01/14. Canada mulls cull of older cattle
01/14. Calls for more data on harmful furan in foods
01/14. Sudan colour recalls continue in UK
01/14. Philippines Allows Limited U.S. Beef Exports
01/14. USDA to Accept Comments on Upcoming Codex Committee on Meat Hygiene
01/14. Op-ed: Canadian BSE Case “Should Not Affect” Expanded Trade with Canada
01/14. Alberta mad cow fed commercial feed sold under anti-BSE rules
01/14. New network of gastrointestinal immune cells discovered
01/14. Research turning up the heat on fowl bacteria, Campylobacter jejuni
01/14. New Dietary Guidelines Highlight the Importance of Food Safety
01/14. [Tanzania] Consumers not protected against unfit food
01/14. Emergent BioSolutions and HPA Announce Botulinum Vaccine Collaboration
01/14. Conference Hones In On Protecting U.S. Food Supply
01/13. Contaminated Feed May Have Lingered In Bins
01/13. FDA and NSTA partners in food science education
01/13. Degafloor warns against anti-microbial use
01/13. Secretary Veneman Awarded AMI’s Richard E. Lyng Award for Public Service
01/13. Leading Allergy/Asthma Researchers to Gather in San Antonio
01/13. Do You Have Food Allergies?
01/13. Healthy Mix Of GI Tract Microbes Are Key To Preventing Allergies And Asthma
01/13. Tracking potential allergens in novel ingredients, new science
01/13. Ratty test rationale
01/13. Acrylamide levels low in UK diet
01/13. S Korea To Use Beef-Tracking System To Dispel Mad Cow Fears
01/13. Canada's Top Vet Says Mad Cow Cull Not Good Science
01/13. Why BSE is still a big issue
01/13. Canada doing damage control over BSE
01/13. U.S. feed group sticks by Canada as Americans gear up for mad cow visit
01/13. U.S. committed to resuming trade after review, says top Canadian veterinarian
01/13. [UK] Risk of vCJD epidemic small
01/13. Two mad cows in 10 days a coincidence-Canada vet
01/13. Klein, cattle industry officials say cull of older animals needed
01/13. Q&A: Mad Cow Disease
01/13. Got controversy? Raw milk will ensure you do
01/13. Bid to find out clues to contamination of exported shrimps
01/13. Ingredients focus for new Chinese food safety index
01/12. California Cattlemen's Association wants to delay lifting of cattle import ban
01/12. December restaurant closures
01/12. N. Ireland: Poultry Processor Problems over Nitrofuran Resolved
01/12. Olestra as treatment for dioxin: flushing one feared chemical with another
01/12. The colo(u)r of food fear
01/12. Human risk from beef feedlot bacteria studied
01/12. Internet based Food Safety Educator proves popular among youth
01/12. Acrylamide in food survey
01/12. NCBA statement regarding BSE in an Alberta cow
01/12. Consumer group calls for strong US mad cow protections
01/12. Inspection agency took wrong approach
01/12. Longer U.S. ban feared after new mad-cow case
01/12. Advance notice of plant name changes required for export to Russia
01/12. Restaurants not being checked often enough
01/12. Pack away those food safety troubles
01/12. Likelihood of a large vCJD epidemic remains small claim researchers
01/12. [Australia] Watchdog targets juice bars
01/12. Lagging on the health front
01/12. Announcing the IAFP student travel scholarship
01/12. PM urged to take direct role in mad-cow response
01/12. Avoiding some foods no assurance against cancer
01/12. Veneman: Canadian border will open, Japan 'stonewalling'
01/12. Latest BSE case raises feed issues, may delay border opening
01/12. Red meat consumption a risk factor in cancer?
01/12. AMI Maintains That U.S. Borders Should Remain Open
01/12. Statement of the AMI on Third Case of BSE in Canada
01/12. Likelihood of a vCJD Epidemic In UK "Remains Small"
01/12. Canada's Chief Vet to Hold Mad Cow Briefing on Wed
01/12. [UK] BSE still claiming human lives
01/12. APHIS to Investigate New Canadian BSE Case
01/12. Another BSE case spawns more concerns
01/12. Canada BSE discovery raises meat industry fears
01/11. Statement from the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association
01/11. Co-op officials optimistic that BSE testing will get OK'd
01/11. BSE prevention in America
01/11. BSE risk downplayed
01/11. France says mad cow cases fall again in 2004
01/11. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
01/11. Food alerts to rise?
01/11. Advance Notice of Plant Name Changes Required for Export to Russia
01/11. Canada Confirms New Case of Mad Cow Disease
01/11. More Mad Cow Disease in Alberta
01/11. Canada Finds New Case of Mad Cow Disease
01/11. Canadian BSE probe suggests 38 cattle at risk
01/11. Dangers of Rocket Fuel Chemical Downplayed
01/11. Consumer Board Warns Against Infant Consumption of Honey
01/11. Antibiotic Caused Infection May Spread
01/11. Making sense of the food-dating game
01/11. Wholesalers to hold free seafood luncheon
01/11. Senior official explains China's major health challenges
01/10. Canadians center on four plants in adulterated feed investigation
01/10. No to fluoridation
01/10. New food allergen law could cause confusion
01/10. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
01/10. Feeding cattle
01/10. Valuable lessons have been learned from BSE crisis
01/10. Meat from infected farm may have been eaten
01/10. Group Sues Over Canada Beef Import Plan
01/10. Lickable ads add up to a health hazard
01/10. Received A Bovine Import From Canadian 'Mad-Cow' Farm
01/10. US investigators frantically trying to locate mad cow
01/10. Veterinarian: Feed ban should stop BSE
01/09. Perchlorate: Is it safe to drink the water?
01/09. Tsunami affected areas face cholera threat with rise in temp
01/09. Predicting cholera by mapping the sea!
01/09. How Sanitary Is That Shopping Cart?
01/09. Link Between Antibiotic Overuse in Food Animals and Resistant UTI
01/09. GM foods 'as safe as plant-derived,' finds EU group
01/08. New EU commissioner underlines food safety priority
01/08. Bacteria bouncers fight for your gut
01/08. What's in our food
01/08. Cattle linked to common stomach bug
01/08. What's in our food: Bugs in the kitchen can stand the heat
01/07. Canada tracing 141 animals born on mad cow farm
01/07. Turns out veganism isn't so 'natural' after all
01/07. Cattle feed violates ban: Animal remnants found in 4 brands
01/07. Production of manuals in hard copy
01/07. China-Fake milk
01/07. Restaurants earn clean bill of health
01/07. N.D. legislator introduces bill to block Canadian cattle
01/07. Financial incentive led to discovery of Canada's latest BSE case
01/07. Johanns coasts through first hurdle
01/07. National Response Plan Unveiled by Homeland Security Department
01/07. Ottawa downplays mad cow health concerns
01/07. USDA Nominee Vows Canada, Japan Mad Cow Action
01/07. Animal From Canada Mad Cow Herd May Have Reached U.S.
01/07. Gazette opinion: Risk to food safety is low from BSE
01/07. BSE could have entered human food chain, officials say
01/07. Flood Waters Could Cause Illness
01/07. Can unburied corpses spread disease?
01/07. Praise the Lord and pass the potato salad
01/06. A victory for sense and science
01/06. System works: Program pays farmers $225 for each animal tested
01/06. Ireland: Minor drop in food safety enforcement orders in 2004
01/06. 60 enforcement orders served on food businesses last year
01/06. Annual Meat Conference Discounted Registration Deadline Extended
01/06. Canada to Detail Mad Cow Investigation on Friday
01/06. U.S. decision could reopen border to Canadian cattle by March 7, 2005
01/06. Another BSE case spawns more concerns
01/06. Infected cow ate feed made of cattle remains
01/06. Senators Question Ag Nominee on Mad Cow
01/06. Senate panel OKs Johanns as next agriculture secretary
01/06. Baby Turtles Sold In Central Fla. May Pose Health Risk
01/06. Grove City teen moved to action by death of nephew
01/06. Seizure of Food Products Due to Presence of Insect Infestation, FDA
01/06. Salmonella and sudan, ongoing risk to food chain
01/06. How Now, Mad Cow?
01/06. Some chemicals widespread used in Cambodia in food products
01/06. Beijing to publish food safety information
01/05. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
01/05. Experts dismiss HK govt fears of post-tsunami fish
01/05. Final publication of amendments to the Meat Inspection
01/05. NCBA Statement Regarding Announcement of Canadian Case of BS
01/05. BSE explanation?
01/05. Awareness-raising of new hygiene regulations in Scotland
01/05. USDA, AMI rebut Consumer Federation's listeria charges
01/05. Final publication of amendments to the Meat Inspection Regulations, 1990
01/05. Clarifying the labelling guidelines for Method of Production Claims
01/05. Registration is Available for Upcoming Industry BSE Briefing in Washington, D.C.
01/05. APHIS Environmental Assessment is Available Regarding BSE Minimal
01/05. American Meat Institute statement on report by consumer federation of America
01/05. NCC comment on CFA Listeria document
01/05. Fooling mother nature
01/05. Mad Cow Was A Pet
01/05. USDA's Veneman Sees Canada Cattle Trade Resuming
01/05. How safe is the water?
01/05. Louisiana oyster industry calls for summit, suit against California
01/05. There is no such as Zulican Virus
01/05. Harmful Bacterium Commonly Found In Poultry May Survive
01/05. Plastic used in food container stimulates growth of certain prostate cancer cells
01/05. PERSPECTIVE: MeatNews editor Dr. Dom Castaldo
01/05. Meat firms accused of weakening food rules
01/05. US Meat Group Denies Food Safety Charges
01/05. Keeping meat safe for the table
01/05. Listeria Food Poisoning Cases Rose in '03
01/04. Canada quarantines one farm in mad cow search
01/04. Consumer Group condemns USDA inaction after third mad cow case
01/04. Butchers' licensing
01/04. Two Groups Urge U.S. To Delay Imports Of Canadian Cattle
01/04. Personal health: When your prunes have passed their prime
01/04. Kuwait lifts ban on U.S. beef
01/04. Asia shows mixed reaction to 2nd Canada BSE case
01/04. Positive BSE case in Canada shows surveillance system is working
01/04. The message in bottled water
01/04. Public Health hopes to breathe new life into Food Safety Task Force
01/04. The message in bottled water
01/04. RADIATION AND MODERN LIFE; Fulfilling Marie Curie's Dream
01/04. The Market for Irradiated Meat; Survey Reveals Lack of Knowledge
01/04. Quotable Quotes
01/04. Canadian BSE Case Won’t Stall Border Opening
01/04. School 'Peanut Gallery' Raises Eyebrows
01/04. New case of mad cow may stall plans
01/04. Canada says mad cow case no threat
01/04. USDA vow to let Canadian cattle in criticized
01/04. Cholera, malaria, typhoid biggest disease threats
01/04. To prevent cholera: Boil it, cook it, peel it or forget it
01/04. Genome tools shed light on prevalent food pathogen
01/04. Genome comparison of four campylobacter strains yields clues to virulence
01/04. Personal Chefs and Food Safety
01/04. Scientific Group to Vigorously Pursue Food Safety Services
01/03. Advocates of raw milk form dairy underground
01/03. BSE confirmed in suspect Alberta animal; investigations underway
01/03. Tight rules on food contact materials enforced
01/03. Canada confirms second case of mad cow
01/03. US confident on safeguards after second Canada mad cow case
01/03. 'TummySafe' program seeks new child care food safety approach
01/03. U.S. Supports lifting ban on Canada beef
01/03. Canadian Cattlemen’s Association statement on announcement o
01/03. BSE 'crisis' points to need for reform: Canadian-U.S. regula
01/03. Erucic acid update
01/02. Canadian BSE case a positive
01/02. AMI launches suit against USDA, calls ban on older cattle 'c
01/02. USDA reopens Canadian border to live cattle imports
01/02. R-CALF files comments on proposed BSE rule
01/01. New USDA testing facility to evaluate meat safety and qualit
01/01. FSIS Notice Announcing New Sampling Project for Listeria mon
01/01. Food allergy support group forming at Co-op
01/01. Vitamin C passed onto infants may protect against allergies
01/01. Advocates of raw milk form dairy underground
01/01. Bill may ban schools from purchasing treated poultry

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