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01/30. UK: Monthly report of SRM and other BSE control breaches

01/30. Raw milk artisans disappearing in Quebec cheese dilemma

01/30. US bill would boost FDA powers, increase food and drug inspections

01/30. Obama brings change to federal food laws

01/30. Peanut Corp. of America expands recall

01/30. CRA challenges studies finding mercury in HFCS, food products

01/30. Congressional Hearings Scheduled for Feb: Salmonella Illnesses

01/30. Chopped Peanuts from PCA Refused by Canada – Where Did They Go?
. Salmonella probe highlights inspection loophole

01/30. GBI to see if peanut processor broke laws

01/30. AP Exclusive: Peanuts tainted with metal fragments

01/30. The opposite of safety

01/30. Food safety, liability, and the right to know in China

01/30. New Look at Food Safety After Peanut Tainting


01/29. UK: Views sought on food irradiation regulation

01/29. E.U. food-safety team takes P.R.T. tour in U.S.

01/29. Statement by the Parnell Family and Peanut Corp of America

01/29. Greens' War Against All Chemicals Will Do Little To Reduce Our Risks

01/29. Worried About Salmonella, Army Removes Peanut Butter Items


01/28. USDA Consumer Alert: Keeping Food Safe During An Emergency

01/28. Epidemiology of Vibrio parahaemolyticus Outbreaks, Southern Chile

01/28. Rough fruit surfaces protect bacteria

01/28. Peanut butter facility knowingly released Salmonella-tainted product

01/28. Chinese to return over 23 tonnes of dioxin-scare pork

01/28. GMA: Recall ALL Peanut Corp of America Peanut Butter

01/28. FDA Form 483 Inspection of Peanut Corporation of America

01/28. First Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in Salmonella Outbreak

01/28. Regulatory Changes for Addressing Listeria Expected by March

01/28. FDA reports filthy conditions at peanut plant

01/28. Officials call for criminal probe into salmonella recall

01/28. Was It Chicken Salad, Private Well Water, Or The Swim?

01/28. Peanut Plant Knew of Contamination, Officials Say

01/28. Food Safety Reform Urged by National Restaurant Association

01/28. NZ's Fonterra Denies It Allowed Production of Tainted Milk

01/28. For first time, trace amount of mercury found in corn syrup


01/27. Vilsack lays out priorities, including fixing food safety

01/27. Interesting names emerge as possible FSIS under-secretary

01/27. Four Types of Salmonella Found at Peanut Corp of America

01/27. Maple Leaf Foods safety protocols performing as designed

01/27. Salmonella outbreak to spur US food safety

01/27. Salmonella found at U.S. peanut plant, FDA says

01/27. Macedonia applies new food safety system

01/27. USDA Nears Decision on Food Safety Chief

01/27. Study Finds High-Fructose Corn Syrup Contains Mercury


01/26. New listeria discovery "routine": Maple Leaf Foods

01/26. Peanut Plant Was Cited for Violations

01/26. Canada company again positive for deadly bacteria

01/26. Food companies work to ensure safety from Salmonella

01/26. Family copes with lasting effects of food poisoning

01/26. Food poisoning outbreaks could prove a boon to RFID


01/23. Legislation urged for nano based materials

01/23. IFT members appointed food safety committee

01/23. GAO places FDA on high-risk list

01/23. G.A.O.: Food safety oversight change needed

01/23. Campylobacter cases in poultrymeat increased in 2007

01/23. Salmonella Common In U.S. Poultry

01/23. Study finds MRSA in Midwestern swine, workers

01/23. Recalled gyoza sold in China

01/23. Peanut Butter Recalls Involve Over 180 Products Linked to One Plant


01/22. Food Safety Advice to Kick Off Your Super Bowl Party

01/22. Salmonella-tainted peanut butter recall expands

01/22. UK: New rules for 'gluten free' foods

01/22. Safety measures boosting consumer confidence, says Maple Leaf

01/22. People are talking food safety—join the discussion

01/22. EFSA Tracks European Zoonoses

01/22. Listeriosis conflict of interest?

01/22. E. coli vaccine one step closer

01/22. Major research project looks at immunity to E. coli O157

01/22. Cargill asks for E.coli lawsuit to be thrown out

01/22. China Delivers Harsh Sentences to Tainted Milk Culprits


01/21. Consumer danger denied in Irish water safety response

01/21. Chinese milk safety targeted in multinational team-up

01/21. Food allergies less common than parents think

01/21. UD Research Study to Shed Light on Emerging Seaborne Pathogen

01/21. FDA: 125-plus products recalled in peanut outbreak

01/21. Some rush to declare snacks salmonella-safe

01/21. Peanut Butter Salmonella Deaths and Injuries Lead to Lawsuits

01/21. Cloned milk still a hard sell despite FDA approval

01/21. Stricter raw milk rules threaten farmers

01/21. Senate confirms Vilsack as agriculture secretary


01/20. Manufacturers urged to inform public in peanut butter recall

01/20. Bill would ban BPA in packaging for infants

01/20. Campylobacter cases in humans on the rise, EFSA

01/20. CzechRep seriously hit by salmonella, campylobacter – EU study

01/20. Former Edmonton health chief to investigate listeriosis outbreak

01/20. Canada: Listeriosis suits settled for $25-27 million


01/19. Researchers derive accurate estimates for the cost of foodborne illness

01/19. FDA confirms salmonella in Kellogg peanut butter snack

01/19. Something fishy? Counterfeit foods enter the U.S. market

01/19. Japan study group says cloned animals safe for food

01/19. Secret Ingredients

01/19. Vermont couple sues over salmonella outbreak

01/19. EU agency: food poisoning cases on the rise

01/19. Shanghai ups food hygiene; coliform found in cakes


01/16. UK: Agency warns against Fangocur mineral drink

01/16. UK: E. coli O157 study to test immunity levels

01/16. Why Restaurant Workers Don't Wash Hands and Follow Other

01/16. India pips China, Japan in food safety confidence: study

01/16. Pesco-Vegetarian Diet Caused Mercury Poisoning

01/16. Raw milk becoming more popular with consumers, dairies


01/15. Kellogg issues warning on peanut butter crackers

01/15. The Sordid Saga of the Slaughterhouse Suing the Church

01/15. IFST Updates Statement on Food Allergy

01/15. Airlines' indifference to allergens is nutty

01/15. Of Mice And Peanuts: A New Mouse Model For Peanut Allergy

01/15. Safer food for Americans

01/15. India: CIFTI to address food safety and standards measures

01/15. Food safety body took 'correct' action to manage dioxin crisis

01/15. China: Corruption targeted for food safety


01/14. Higher age for BSE cattle tests will mean savings

01/14. Seven organizations to hold E. coli mini-conference

01/14. Faster pathogen testing could purge food contaminants

01/14. Nut Allergies: Only for the Rich

01/14. More Peanut Butter Recalled in Salmonella Outbreak

01/14. Raw Milk Health Threats Outweigh Alleged Benefits


01/13. Selection Tool for Foodborne Norovirus Outbreaks

01/13. Enhanced Hygiene Measures and Norovirus Transmission during an

01/13. China to launch pre-New Year food safety campaign

01/13. Experts: Irradiation a piece of complex puzzle

01/13. Unpalatable truths in China's food safety

01/13. A dangerous dish? Actor's claims of mercury poisoning renew debate


01/12. More regulation urged following salmonella outbreak

01/12. Ukraine: System HACCP to be introduced until H2 2009

01/12. Looking to Obama to Bring Logic to Food Safety

01/12. Raw milk issue a mix-up, says dairy owner

01/12. Consumer group says FDA melamine guidelines unsafe


01/09. US Congress told use of BPA in formula cans safe

01/09. Fonterra supports safety of probiotic ingredients

01/09. Promised listeriosis probe still lacks investigator

01/09. Beaumont woman who suffered nerve damage sues restaurant

01/09. EPA decides it can't make up its mind on common Inland contaminant


01/08. EU: BSE testing limit for cattle

01/08. US: Food safety reform waits on back burner

01/08. China's dairy industry took deadly shortcuts to growth

01/08. Melamine byproduct found in more U.S. infant formula


01/07. Have we gone overboard about nut allergies and kids?

01/07. Hepatitis A found in North Bay bar

01/07. FSIS Issues New Sampling Code for E. coli Testing in Ground Beef

01/07. Europe invests heavily in food safety

01/07. China: Poisoner sentenced to death, 3 jailed


01/06. Antimicrobial Resistance in Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium

01/06. Hygiene Measures and Norovirus Transmission during an Outbreak

01/06. Many labels don't list allergens

01/06. New Salmonella Legislation for 2009

01/06. How safe is that restaurant food?

01/06. Japan: Panel believes cloned cattle safe to eat

01/06. State to e-mail food safety alerts


01/05. X-ray irradiation does not affect food quality, say US scientists

01/05. Listeria probe still without fed leader

01/05. Listeria workshop planned for February in Chicago

01/05. Australia: Couple fined $42k over 'salmonella' rolls

01/05. Former Head of Chinese Dairy Pleads Guilty


01/02. Unpasteurized milk should not be consumed: US federal health officials

01/02. Pros and Cons of Commercial Irradiation – Part IV

01/02. Mad cow rule may put farmers in dumps

01/02. China Honey Latest Food Safety Worry

01/02. China to set up "preemptive" food safety network

01/02. Canada: What's next for food supply after deadly outbreak?

01/02. Poll Reveals Americans’ Food Safety Concerns

01/02. Top Food Safety Challenges For ‘09

01/02. Shanghai Sets Up Food Poisoning Early Warning System


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