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01/29. Chicken major source of campylobacteriosis in EU

01/29. Evidence doesn’t support red meat, cancer link

01/29. We have a candidate for under secretary with a pulse—she will also need a spine

01/29. Irritable bowel mutations uncovered in Walkerton

01/29. Produce testing in field likely to increase

01/29. One Third of Milk and Dairy Products Tested in Spanish Restaurants Exceed Accepted Microbe Contamination Limits

01/29. EU countries fail to meet salmonella targets in poultry

01/29. New work offers hope for effective salmonella vaccine

01/29. Oregon families seek food safety reform after salmonella contamination, recalls

01/29. State has EU's highest rate of E.coli infection, study finds

01/29. Bioniche E. coli O157 Vaccine Recognized in Prestigious Scientific Journal

01/29. FSIS Should Require Labeling for Tenderized Steaks

01/29. Pollan: Ruling 'Not Good' for Food Safety

01/29. Cigarettes May Cause Infections

01/29. Don't Drink the Milk


01/28. Allergen cross-contamination raises labeling concerns

01/28. Acrylamide formation higher in dry fat-rich foods: Study

01/28. FDA urged to explain plan for dual regs on bisphenol A

01/28. Senate bill would create new nanotech safety program at FDA

01/28. FSIS List of Stores that May Have Received Recalled Salami

01/28. BPI Sues to Keep Ammonia Beef Records Private

01/28. Presence and Characterization of Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli and Other Potentially Diarrheagenic E. coli in Retail Meats

01/28. Does Your Child Really Have a Food Allergy?

01/28. Parkers Farm resumes food production

01/28. Broiler Salmonella Positive Rates Rise

01/28. UK: Cockling beds closed by e.coli outbreak

01/28. Pepper Tests Positive, FSIS Names Retailers

01/28. Food safety rules could dry up irrigation for local farms

01/28. Obama's pick for food safety chief surprises consumer advocates

01/28. UK: Agency Board to push for legal smokies


01/27. AMI Foundation seeks proposals on controlling E. coli, salmonella in beef

01/27. William Marler, Food Safety Attorney calls on FSIS to Label Mechanically-Tenderized Steaks

01/27. Consumer, Industry Groups OK FSIS Pick

01/27. Two-Pronged Immune Response Offers Hope for Effective Salmonella Vaccine

01/27. Salmonella Suit Filed Against Salami Maker

01/27. Do consumers need protection from raw milk?

01/27. Kitchen compliance

01/27. Hidden Dangers of Wood Pallets Escalate

01/27. Justices to hear appeal on Roundup Ready alfalfa seed

01/27. Abu Dhabi: Restaurateurs could face prison for repeat food safety violations

01/27. Canada: Food inspection agency hasn't acted on safety recommendations: report

01/27. Mainstream Media Focuses on Food Safety

01/27. Macedonia enforces food safety in open-air markets

01/27. Don't Drink the Milk

01/27. Capitol cafeteria problems remain, food safety inspectors say

01/27. UK: Food poisoning bug is found in two thirds of supermarket chicken

01/27. Beware the Myth of Grass-Fed Beef`


01/26. AMI Foundation Releases Supplemental Request for Proposals

01/26. Allergen cross-contamination raises labeling concerns

01/26. EFSA consults on antimicrobial treatments in meat

01/26. EU steps up border controls to boost food safety

01/26. GMA Urges Senate to Vote on Food Safety Bill

01/26. USDA tells NAMP carcass irradiation not moving forward

01/26. Obama Nominates FSIS Leader

01/26. Is Your Kid Truly Allergic? Tests Add to Food Confusion

01/26. Braintree consultant launches line of children's books that emphasize food safety

01/26. Bangladesh: The feed law would ensure food safety

01/26. United to feature food safety centre

01/26. Ecolab to Collaborate with AvidBiotics to Develop New Technology Targeting Food Safety in Meat

01/26. New Tainted Milk Cases Add to China's Safety Woes

01/26. Canadians' food supply unsafe, CMAJ report says

01/26. Obama nominates Hagen as food safety undersecretary

01/26. Food safety: Standards set to protect reputations


01/25. Outbreak Builds Case For Traceability

01/25. Hong Kong Moves Against Preservatives

01/25. Leafy Greens Reverse Toxic Effects

01/25. Prions 'may keep nerves healthy'

01/25. The foods America doesn't want you to eat


01/25. Korea in Fresh Bid to Be Declared Mad Cow-Free

01/25. Llama antibodies hold promise for botulism testing in anti-terror fight

01/25. Raw milk: magic elixir or health hazard?

01/25. Is American Meat Unsafe or is this a Trade War?

01/25. Canada's food safety system fails international comparisons

01/25. Qatar to host next International Food Safety Conference

01/25. Food Safety Study Grant Request Turned Down

01/25. Vietnam: No Need for Food Safety Committee

01/25. California Giant hires food safety manager

01/25. More food inspections coming

01/25. What Does the FDA's BPA Decision Mean for Companies?

01/25. Canadian Beef Processor Deploys RFID for Food Safety

01/25. Global Food Safety Meeting in DC Next Week

01/25. E. coli Lawsuit Filed Over Tainted Meat That Sickened People in 16 States

01/25. China Province Discovered More Melamine-Tainted Milk

01/25. UK: Imported cow aged over 30 months not tested for BSE

01/25. UK: Good hygiene is good for business


01/22. Absence of 2009 Pandemic H1N1 Influenza A Virus in Fresh Pork

01/22. USDA study reaffirms pork from pigs exposed to H1N1 safe to eat

01/22. Group Works On Traceability In Denver

01/22. Canada: The raw milk debate

01/22. Marler Clark Files First E. coli Lawsuit Against National Steak and Poultry

01/22. Senators say Russian meat claims unfounded

01/22. Food safety is critical to nutrition security

01/22. Strategic Actions to Improve Food Safety

01/22. 2010 Food Safety Summit Offers Over 30 Unique and Highly Focused Education Sessions

01/22. WY: Panel Concerned About Food Safety

01/22. Consumer groups seek ban on Monsanto sugar beets

01/22. Meat safety: How well done?

01/22. China will allow Japan to inspect food facilities


01/21. A New Decade Deserves a New Commitment to Safe Food

01/21. Update on Bisphenol A for Use in Food Contact Applications: January 2010

01/21. CBS to air story on antibiotic use in livestock and poultry

01/21. Retail meat linked to urinary tract infections: Strong new evidence

01/21. Unclear Whether New FDA Post Will Have Impact

01/21. Monsanto Appeal goes to Supreme Court

01/21. Raw milk fight becomes a symbol of food freedom

01/21. Knesset c'tee mulls Israeli FDA

01/21. WSU Holds Public Lecture on Food Safety

01/21. FDA looks to shift food-safety focus upstream


01/20. Oh what a difference a year (doesn't) make

01/20. DeLauro Calls for Panel to Review FSIS

01/20. Study Links GM Corn to Organ Damage

01/20. UK: Caterer ordered to pay £415000 to man killed by egg allergy at Sikh wedding

01/20. Kingly Protection for a Peasant Stomach

01/20. Oyster industry in DC fighting summer ban

01/20. USA - More rhetoric and little action on food safety

01/20. New Zealand: Private auditors to check food safety

01/20. Supreme Court to Hear Monsanto Appeal on Genetically Modified Crop

01/20. UGA expert not taking food post

01/20. Rep. Delauro calls for Independent Food Safety Advisory Board

01/20. Food safety is critical to nutrition security

01/20. Vietnam: National Assembly rejects setting up of Food Safety Committee

01/20. After another massive recall, will the beef industry grope for techno fixes?


01/19. Nestle USA heat-treated flour switch planned for months

01/19. White House Food Safety Working Group is pulling the strings

01/19. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Issues Second Beef Recall of 2010: Take It Seriously!

01/19. Rep. Delauro calls for Independent Food Safety Advisory Board

01/19. Banning Trans Fats--How Important Is It?

01/19. FSIS to Test Ammoniated Beef for E. coli

01/19. Russian Food Claims Bogus, Senators Say

01/19. Honey Risk Factor for Infant Botulism, SIDS

01/19. Unacceptable level of Campylobacter on retail chicken

01/19. Seedless Watermelon Recall

01/19. Victims Want Senate Vote By Valentine's


01/18. Elanco Establishing Food Safety Unit

01/18. Pressure's on for Obama to fill 'food czar' job at USDA

01/18. FDA to look at BPA

01/18. FDA Sends Mixed Messages on BPA Safety

01/18. The Safety of Ground Beef: Views From the Industry

01/18. Salmonella Peanut Outbreak Checkup - Still No New Laws on the Books

01/18. Abu Dhabi to Up Food Safety Inspections

01/18. Taiwan: Nearly 30% dried, pickled foods fail safety inspections

01/18. Food safety bills reach too far, cost too much

01/18. Elanco to launch food safety unit

01/18. IF We had an Undersecretary of Food Safety...


01/15. Food-safety management requires broad view: Deloitte

01/15. Salted foods may increase cancer risk: Japanese study

01/15. School Cafeteria Upgrade Grants Announced

01/15. It is Time (past time) for the FSIS to deem both Shiga-Toxin E. coli and Antibiotic Resistant Salmonella Adulterants

01/15. 2006 E. coli O157:H7 Outbreak Linked to Organic Pastures Raw Milk - One Victims Story

01/15. Health officials close Calcasieu oyster bed

01/15. China Prosecutors Take Dairy Case

01/15. Elanco Forms Food Safety Business Unit

01/15. Food Safety probes online Chinese baby formula trade


01/14. New study confirms bisphenol A link to heart disease

01/14. Response to FSN article calling for Uniform Application of the Model Food Code

01/14. Mandatory Food Code Adoption by the States: one of many good projects for FDA and Michael Taylor

01/14. Investigation and Traceback Continues in Adams Farm E. coli Recall

01/14. Victims Call for Prosecution of PCA Exec

01/14. Contaminated Flour - Something else to worry about?

01/14. Canada: Public health officials cracking down on raw milk products

01/14. Sample of Nestlé Cookie Dough Has E. Coli Bacteria

01/14. 18 More File Suit Against Ixtapa

01/14. Inside the FDA: Food Safety in 2010

01/14. Hong Kong Finds Toxin In Shellfish

01/14. Food safety firm opens California lab

01/14. Looking at Food Claims 'Beyond Organic'

01/14. Good News and Bad News on Food Safety and Health

01/14. Businesses need to take action on food safety: Report

01/14. New FDA deputy to lead food-safety mandate

01/14. UK: Iodine warning on soya drink update


01/13. Rosemary may stop carcinogen formation in cooked beef

01/13. Analyst unpicks impact of melamine scandal on Chinese dairy industry

01/13. Food packaging sector responds to nanotech criticism

01/13. Poll: Most Not Fully Confident in Food Safety

01/13. A Call for Uniform Model Food Code Application

01/13. FDA Rolls Out Transparency Initiative

01/13. One Year after over 700 sickened and nine deaths caused by PCA Salmonella Peanuts, why has Stewart Parnell not been Prosecuted?

01/13. Peanut allergies less common than tests suggest

01/13. Groups cooperate to reduce aflatoxin contamination in corn

01/13. Nestle revamps cookie dough amid E. coli concern

01/13. Empty Agriculture offices, including food safety, raise concerns


01/12. Fecal Bacteria in Fountain Drinks - More Fallout

01/12. Inside the FDA: Food Safety in 2010

01/12. Johnna Hepner to join PMA food safety team

01/12. Wis. committee to take up raw milk

01/12. FDA Cites Safety Violations by Maryland Seafood Processor

01/12. Food Safety iPhone Apps: Still Tasty

01/12. Nation at Food Safety 'Tipping Point'

01/12. Sylvia Wulf to Lead Food Safety Business at Nutrition Physiology Company

01/12. Dubai: Municipality to get tough on food safety

01/12. Food Safety iPhone Apps: Food Watch NY

01/12. State agency to review raw milk issue

01/12. Consultation launched on new BSE regulations (Scotland)


01/11. USDA CONSUMER ALERT: Keeping Food Safe During An Emergency

01/11. Rye has lower acrylamide risk than previously thought: Study

01/11. Seafood processor targeted over HACCP breaches

01/11. The Problem with Treating the Symptom and Ignoring the Cause

01/11. House Ag Committee Holds Hearing On Food Safety; Consumers Union Urges Congress To Take Action

01/11. Governor's Food Safety Council Holds First Meeting of 2010

01/11. Fecal Bacteria in Fountain Soft Drinks - Study

01/11. 'Traceability' Not Just a Good Idea, It's the Law

01/11. "Transparency" - It is "time for change" at USDA/FSIS and in the Meat Industry

01/11. New Blood Test for Peanut Allergy More Accurate

01/11. More taint on China's safety record

01/11. Phony Tiger Woods Gatorade bottles labeled 'Unfaithful' found in stores

01/11. Poll: Most Not Fully Confident in Food Safety

01/11. Safety of GM Sugar Beets Subject of Hearing


01/08. Creamery sees raw milk sales rise in spite of state's E. coli report

01/08. Food industry ‘too secretive’ about research into nanotechnology

01/08. NY Seafood Street Vendors Get Break

01/08. Silence from Soymilk Manufacturer

01/08. Chlorophylls effective against aflatoxin

01/08. Fast Food Soda Found to Contain Fecal Matter, E. Coli

01/08. China's food safety policy under scrutiny again

01/08. Plastic not fantastic

01/08. FDA Misses Third Deadline on BPA

01/08. Warning over smoke flavouring in food

01/08. New York Times cafeteria food may be past its deadline

01/08. Scottish Food Sampling Report for 2008 published


01/07. Foodborne disease threat to global health security - WHO

01/07. Raw Milk at Retail: A Glass of Confusion?

01/07. Russia Bans U.S. Poultry Over Chlorine

01/07. New School Lunch Legislation In Works

01/07. Olive Garden, Applebees, Moe's Southwest Grill, Carino's Italian and 54th Street Grill & Bar linked to E. coli Meat Recall

01/07. Nut-free zone ordered on Air Canada

01/07. Acrylamide Hype, Back in the Fryer

01/07. Denmark's [antibiotic] ban holds lesson

01/07. Companion School Food Safety Bill Introduced


01/06. FDA Seizes More Than $1 Million Worth of Food from Nashville Food Processor and Warehouse

01/06. Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli Multilocus Sequence Types in Guatemala and Mexico

01/06. Human Listeriosis Caused by Listeria ivanovii

01/06. Broiler Chickens as Source of Human Fluoroquinolone-Resistant Escherichia coli, Iceland

01/06. Food Reservoir for Escherichia coli Causing Urinary Tract Infections

01/06. Meat not linked to prostate cancer recurrence risk

01/06. Phthalate action plan draws industry fire

01/06. Melamine in Chinese Powdered Milk...Again

01/06. Acrylamide may boost certain breast cancers

01/06. Canada: Got raw milk? CDC says it could make you sick

01/06. Cargill Field Tests E. coli Vaccine

01/06. Space Age technology to protect food for Vancouver Winter Games athletes

01/06. H1N1 In California Turkey Flock

01/06. China World Hotel Becomes The First ISO 22000-Certified Shangri-La Hotel In China

01/06. LSG Fires GM, Chef At Denver Airport

01/06. Manteca butcher admits illegal meat sales

01/06. Food safety 'must focus on small outlets'

01/06. Taiwan seeks new talks with US after banning beef

01/06. Some say food safety regulations threaten wildlife

01/06. Lawmaker proposes bill aimed at school food safety

01/06. Shanghai Increases Food Safety Efforts

01/06. Wholesalers, butcheries worst for food safety in Abu Dhabi

01/06. Authorities in China Likely Knew of Bad Milk


01/05. Ireland: Alert widens over iodine-tainted soya milk

01/05. Melamine Reprise: Who Knew What When?

01/05. S.510: A Sustainable Ag Perspective III

01/05. A New Front May Open Over Beef Safety

01/05. The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) Steps-up on Salmonella and Campylobacter Chicken and Turkey

01/05. Antibiotic Resistance in Salmonella

01/05. Norovirus outbreaks on cruise ships drop to lowest level in nearly a decade

01/05. Snake at Gurnee's Serpent Safari sickened boy and caregiver, lawsuit claims

01/05. Father Writes Book About Son's 'Second Chance'

01/05. AMI: Tenderized Steaks No More Risky

01/05. Cargill Testing E. coli Vaccine On 100000 Cattle

01/05. USDA Warned of Risky Steak Last June

01/05. China Reports New Milk Scare

01/05. FSIS Develops New Pathogen Standards for Chicken, Turkey

01/05. Officer has busy year fighting for safe food

01/05. FDA Moves to Shut Down Dirty NJ Cheese Manufacturer

01/05. Food Safety Issues Reportable Food Registry

01/05. USA - Food safety now open season for anyone to attack meat trade

01/05. Food safety bill in spotlight

01/05. MRSA clone in food animals worrisome, expert says

01/05. Roaches, Bacteria Found Inside Airline Food Facility


01/04. Statement of the American Meat Institute on Calls for Labels on Mechanically Tenderized Steaks

01/04. American Meat Institute Says U.S. Beef Supply Is Safe; Consumers May Continue to Enjoy Beef Products With Confidence

01/04. E coli vaccines revisited – how about a little cash for the cattlemen?

01/04. A Food (Safety) Fight blog Christmas card to the beef industry

01/04. Beef recall sparks tenderization debate

01/04. Prion proteins capable of evolution despite containing no DNA

01/04. USA - Food safety a bloody disgrace

01/04. Safety of school meals placed on front burner

01/04. Schools could learn lessons on food safety

01/04. Beef in E. coli recall was mechanically tenderized

01/04. Food Safety News - Emerging Food Safety Issues for 2010

01/04. Safety of Beef Processing Method Is Questioned

01/04. How to Fix S.510: A Sustainable Ag Perspective II

01/04. How to Fix S.510: A Sustainable Ag Perspective

01/04. CFIA Makes Two More Companies Pay

01/04. A Long Way From Safe Chicken

01/04. Letter From The Editor: Beef Steak Recall

01/04. Shanghai Shuts Down Dairy for Melamine

01/04. So, why still the silence from CDC, FSIS, National Steak and Poultry, and the Restaurants?

01/04. FDA wants emphasis placed on food safety after multiple deaths

01/04. Year-end profile: Portland officer advocates food safety on son's behalf

01/04. After Scary Year, Will Food in 2010 Be Any Safer?

01/04. Report: States look into fewer food poisoning cases

01/04. USA - 99% of food poisoning happens in the kitchen

01/04. Pressure rises to stop antibiotics in agriculture


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