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01/31. U.S. farmers get approval to plant GMO alfalfa

01/31. Wornick Foods Achieves SQF 2000 - Level 3 Certification

01/31. Tips on Keeping Food Safe During Power Outages

01/31. Step change in metal detection sensitivity on free-falling products - company

01/31. Research hails chitosan antimicrobial coating potential in curbing Listeria


01/27. Food-borne bacteria causes difficult-to-treat heart infections

01/27. Study flags up 'viable alternative' to chlorine as spinach decontaminant

01/27. Food Companies Need to Accelerate Food Safety Plans

01/26. External poultry packaging harbours campylobacter threat - report

01/26. Watchdogs: Antibiotics in farming may be harming the food supply

01/26. Food Safety Law Sparks ‘Gold Rush’ for Tech Firms

01/26. US: Houston will spotlight food safety and crisis communications

01/25. CSPI's Report Card: The North and South Of It

01/25. Cargill Grant to Help Kansas State University Develop Feed Safety Research Center

01/25. Reportable Food Registry works to prevent illness, says FDA

01/25. Tomato Salmonella research to study role of plastics and dry biofilms

01/24. The Reportable Food Registry First Annual Report: September 8, 2009 - September 7, 2010 - A

Governmental Success Story

01/24. Feds Halt Portland Shellfish Co. Distribution

01/24. Finsbury in insurance spat over dioxin recall costs


01/21. FDA Lowers the Net on Portland Shellfish Due to Listeria

01/21. Do Fish Cooking Techniques Really Make a Difference? A Report Recommends This Way

01/21. Nano-coated ‘killer paper’ developed to extend food shelf life

01/20. Improved DineSafe website launched

01/20. Washington State gets "A" for food safety

01/20. Novel food technologies need proactive communication, finds paper

01/18. FDA overhaul aims to increase food safety

01/18. Origin certification scheme launched to combat ‘honey laundering’

01/18. Cider Maker Might Try Pasteurization

01/18. FDA seeks to halt production at US juice company

01/18. FSA braced for industry backlash on food inspection fee proposals

01/18. EC edges towards new dioxin legislation


01/13. New Law in US Aims to Increase Food Safety

01/13. Jimmy John's Switches to Clover Sprouts

01/13. New technology promises to revolutionise shellfish safety regime

01/13. Proposals for stricter dioxin controls, Germany discovers tainted pork

01/12. API outlines trends driving thin film PET price rises

01/12. New Congress may simply starve food-safety bill to death

01/12. Bison Ranchers Bullish; E. coli Question Remains

01/11. New food safety bill should spur industry action: Report

01/11. Expired food sickens 100 in S.Africa squatter camp

01/11. EU says German food safety laws are effective

01/11. Russia Fears Dioxin Chicken

01/10. Fostering culture of food safety key to combating foodborne illness

01/10. Bugs Through the Ages: The Foodborne Illness Fight

01/10. GAP praises inclusion of whistleblower protections in food safety bill

01/10. Stricter beef testing may not lead to safer meat, finds review


01/06. Contamination worse than feared in German dioxin scandal

01/06. Food allergies may cause more ER visits than previously thought

01/06. Illinois salmonella sprouts lawsuit filed against Jimmy Johns and Tiny Greens

01/06. Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Widow in Texas Against Sangar Produce- Listeria


01/05. AMIF to Host Safe Ground Beef Production Workshop February 2-3 in Kansas City

01/05. Historic Food Safety Bill Signed into Law

01/05. FDA empowered to help fight food-borne illness

01/05. Enhancing the Food Safety Culture

01/05. Food Safety Modernization Act Passes, But at What Cost?


01/04. Majority of Chinese 'Not Confident' in Food Safety

01/04. Why Are There More E. coli Infections in Summer?

01/04. Denver Ups Restaurant Food Safety Fines

01/04. Obama to Sign Food Safety Bill, Republicans Prepare to Reduce Funding

01/04. Dioxin scare halts sales from German poultry farms

01/04. Food safety still a concern despite fewer cases

01/04. Will our food really be safer now?

01/04. Food Safety Bill Advocates Expect Funding Fight


01/03. CDCís new foodborne illness numbers

01/03. UK consults on bisphenol A ban

01/03. Denver Ups Restaurant Food Safety Fines

01/03. Some Emerging Food Safety Issues for 2011

01/03. Vilsack Calls for a Truce in GE Crops Fight

01/03. Rice Farmers in Haiti Fear Cholera Contamination

01/03. Top Food Safety Stories of 2010: No. 1

01/03. Bugs Through the Ages: The Foodborne Illness Fight

01/03. Dutch plan to get tough on antibiotics



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