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01/31. Horsemeat scandal a boon for DNA labs

01/31. Cantaloupe on my mind – Without Pathogens Please!

01/31. Topps Meat E. coli – Two Strikes You're Out!

01/31. CDC: Fresh Food Makes You Sick

01/31. Putting food safety into play for your Super Bowl fest

01/31. CDC: Produce Biggest Player in Foodborne Illness

01/31. Raw Flour Can Cause Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

01/30. A Cannery Out of Control with Botulism and Bankruptcy as the Result

01/30. Owning Produce Safety: Industry's Commitment to Public Health

01/30. CDC: Produce Biggest Culprit in Foodborne Illnesses

01/30. Leafy greens responsible for 46% of food-borne infections, CDC says

01/30. CDC Ranks Foods Most Likely to Make Americans Sick

01/30. Japan Agrees to Ease Mad Cow Restrictions on U.S. Beef

01/30. Missouri Milk Board Destroys Morningland Dairy Cheese

01/29. Pathogens, foodborne viruses and pesticide residues key issues for produce safety, says study

01/29. Restaurant fined over food safety

01/29. Traders find new food safety norms hard to digest

01/29. There Ought To Be A Law: Salmonella in Raw Ground Beef Is Legal

01/29. Seafood Companies Fight Fraud with Traceability.

01/29. Last of Canada's E. coli Victims Discharged From Hospital

01/28. A commendable move to ensure food safety

01/28. What's up with Salmon and Listeria?

01/28. Horsemeat burgers plant discovered in Poland‏

01/28. Horse DNA found in beef in UK leads to massive burger recall

01/28. China begins food safety crackdown before Spring Festival


01/25. CDC Report Finds Norovirus Outbreak In US Has Taken A Stronghold, Cases Rising

01/25. Salmonella Cause of Most Foodborne-Illness Outbreaks: CDC

01/24. Third of Britain's chickens prone to cause food poisoning

01/24. FSA warns that chicken bacteria could be next meat scandal

01/24. Farmers markets are exempt from new food safety rules

01/24. USP: Food Fraud Reports Up 60% Since 2010

01/24. Another Lesson Learned the Hard Way: Odwalla E. coli Outbreak 1996

01/23. Fresh Produce Outbreaks Show E. coli Is An Equal Opportunity Pathogen

01/23. Keep kids' lunches cool: food safety group

01/23. Indian food safety rules up to scratch: expert

01/23. Suspected Food Poisoning At Chicago's Orange on Roscoe Prompts Inspection

01/22. E. Coli Outbreak at Longhorn Steakhouse in Cincinnati Prompts Questions

01/22. Jack in the Box E. coli Outbreak: Lessons Learned the Hard Way

01/21. Got Pepper? You May Have Salmonella Too

01/21. Let's talk horse sense about food

01/21. Food poisoning: restaurant shut

01/21. When Cheese Kills – Listeria Jindi Camembert and Frescolina Marte Ricotta Salata


01/17. Wisconsin and E. coli, a recent history (and a warning)

01/17. Proposed FDA food safety rules are focus of workshop

01/17. Beware: Hand Sanitizers Do Not Destroy Norovirus

01/17. Dole Fresh Vegetables adopts food safety technology

01/17. UK Kebab Shop Owner Jailed for Food Safety Violations

01/16. E. coli-Contaminated Lettuce Came from a California LGMA Grower

01/16. Restaurant, eateries, canteens to require licences from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India to operate

01/16. Horse meat found in ground beef

01/16. Beef Products, Tyson Fresh Meats Face Lawsuit in E. coli Death

01/16. Where Did MO E. coli and HUS Victims Get The Raw Milk Products?

01/15. Did Raw Milk Cheese Cause E. coli Food Poisoning Outbreak in Missouri?

01/15. Flu season, food safety and property taxes: Opinion roundup

01/15. What's up with E. coli and Wisconsin

01/15. California Importing E. coli to Canada

01/15. E. coli: Adonis Kebab House, Cardiff, owner jailed

01/14. More Raw Milk and E. coli in Missouri

01/14. Botulism Risk for Soup, Pickles and Beets

01/14. Stop believing those food safety myths

01/14. How Listeria Outbreaks Are Investigated


01/11. Two Prominent Egg Producers Get Warning Letters From FDA

01/11. Improving food safety in the US

01/11. New FDA food safety rules are a huge step forward

01/11. Melon food safety conference to focus on research and practice

01/10. Fresh Produce 'Highly Likely' Source of Canadian E. coli Outbreak

01/10. Ohio Longhorn Steakhouse Linked to December E. coli Outbreak

01/09. Associations Collaborate with Government on Food-Safety Law

01/09. Food Poisoning: Why You Won't Have to Worry About It (As Much)

01/09. Packing, eating and reheating: Food safety from the store to the table

01/09. Why is Smoked Salmon Contaminated with Listeria?

01/09. Sweeping Food Safety Rules Raise More Concerns About FDA Funding

01/08. FDA Allows Sunland to Reopen Peanut Mill Plant

01/08. Giant & Martin Salmon Listeria Alert

01/07. In US two new food safety rules that will help prevent foodborne illness

01/07. US tightens food safety rules to prevent foodborne illness

01/07. An overdue step toward food safety

01/07. Three More Countries Place Restrictions on Brazilian Beef Over BSE Concerns

01/07. Sprouts and Pathogenic Bacteria: What You Should Know


01/04. MDP Shuts Down; USDA Testing of Produce for Pathogens Halted

01/04. UL Acquires Everclean Services, Enters Food Safety Audit Industry

01/04. "Vomiting Larry" Shows How Far Barf And Norovirus Can Travel

01/03. Coming clean on food safety

01/03. Despite Food Safety Problems, Australia's Privatized Meat Inspection Deemed "Equivalent" to U.S. by USDA

01/03. Food & Water Watch Disputes US-AU Food Safety Equivalency

01/02. County offering food protection courses

01/02. "Humanoid Simulated Vomiting System" – Norovirus Travels Nearly 10 Feet

01/02. KFC faces food-safety investigation in China




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