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02/29. Food Safety for Your Family
02/29. How clean is clean?
02/29. Mad Cow Reports Pit Researchers against Each Other
02/29. Michigan bull tests positive for bovine TB
02/29. AMI asks USDA to fully open Canadian border
02/29. Creekstone confronts AMI over resistance to testing plan
02/29. New rules for GM food
02/29. NFPA will hold a symposium on Prion Inactivation
02/29. AMI Submits Comments Regarding Mandatory Country-of-Origin L
02/29. For some in beef industry, mad-cow disease 'almost a windfall'
02/29. Mad Cow and Safe Meat
02/29. Could Listeriosis Become Thing of the Past?
02/29. 'Creating Cow Concerns Should Make Mad Consumers'
02/29. Simple strategies to keep food safe
02/29. FSA reports decrease in incidence of salmonella [Ireland]
02/28. Consumers Question What Food Safe to Eat
02/28. GM ruling hits exporters
02/28. Staging a fightback on the food hygiene front [Ireland]
02/28. Livestock producers urged to register with food safety progr
02/28. Dublin hosts food safety conference [Ireland]
02/28. Window stickers considered Peel chewing on food codes
02/29. How safe is our food? / Farmers, govt learn lessons of BSE o
02/28. We don't care what we eat in Midlands [UK]
02/28. Prion Inactivation – Current Technology and Future Research Needs Symposium
02/28. Biotrace Announces Launch of Two New Air Samplers
02/27. Food Irradiation 101
02/27. American National CattleWomen Educate Consumers & Opinion Le
02/27. Quotable Quotes
02/27. Small Asian state of Macau opens borders to Canadian beef pr
02/27. AMI urges USDA Secretary Veneman to lead effort to reestabli
02/27. BC-Food
02/27. U of M research examines pathogen survivability in the food
02/27. DEQ Clears Dairy Of Allegation
02/27. Probing Prions
02/27. Illegal Meat Found
02/27. Creekstone BSE testing gets congressional boost
02/27. Gas suppliers given food for thought
02/27. GM labelling courts controversy
02/27. Tanox setting aside treatment for allergy to end legal battl
02/27. 'Probiotic' Baby Formula Deemed Safe in Study
02/27. Allergy Sufferers Could Get Relief from New Food Labeling Bi
02/27. World Awaits More GM Crops as Safety Debate Rages
02/27. USDA resists increased mad cow testing
02/27. Canada Sends Vet to Japan on Mad Cow Mission
02/27. Four new BSE cases this week [Ireland]
02/27. McCollum Introduces Legislation Establishing Livestock Track
02/27. HCM City to move abattoirs to outskirts for food safety
02/27. Director: Fish safe for consumption
02/27. Inspectors dish the dirt on Swiss restaurants
02/27. New state rule requires gloves on cooks and a safety course
02/27. FPMA and Food Safety Magazine Team Up to Highlight Safety &
02/26. Fact sheet: A HACCP Standard for Non-federally Registered Fo
02/26. HACCP Advantage Roll-Out - Fact sheet
02/26. France says U.S. meat ban contrary to WTO rules
02/26. Japan Dissatisfied With US BSE Test Expansion Plan
02/26. MeatNews editor Dr. Dom Castaldo explores the threat of livestock
02/26. Balancing lives against lucre: Cost-benefit analysis is an e
02/26. Now is not the time to drag our heels on testing
02/26. McKee to Leave FSIS
02/26. China Mulls GM Applications From Four Firms After Monsanto
02/26. Croatia set for food agency
02/26. Food seeds tainted by GMO strains
02/26. Editorial: Mad cow complacency hard to swallow
02/26. U.S. May Test More Cattle for Mad Cow
02/26. Get plastics fit for food
02/26. Mexico's Tortilla Feeds Debate on GM Food Safety
02/26. Creekstone lays plans to test 100 percent, bust through beef ban
02/26. Food Safety Summit
02/25. Workers Cite Poor Conditions At Boardman, Ore., Dairy
02/25. Feds try to lift taint from food exports
02/25. Questions arise about downer finding
02/25. US defends GM foods at biotech forum
02/25. Quality Agreement Reached
02/25. EU slaps month ban on US poultry
02/25. Mad cow incident isolated, says Sen. Craig
02/25. How to beat sickness on the road
02/25. Science, policy forum focuses on 'mad cow' and related disea
02/25. Training and Mobility Programme enters next phase: safefood
02/25. France baffled by U.S. decision to suspend imports of foie g
02/25. Mad Cow Disease and Supplement Safety at Pharmaca Integrativ
02/25. U.S. Scientist Tells of Pressure to Lift Bans on Food Import
02/25. Chisso Receives FDA Approval for Natural Food Additive "Poly
02/25. Sarawak monitors seas for red tides
02/25. France bristles at US meat ban
02/25. France-US-Imports
02/24. Panel advises testing dead cows for virus [sic]
02/24. U.S. food sector may be vulnerable to attack
02/24. Beware of restaurant doggy bags
02/24. Gastrointestinal illness while travelling
02/24. Guest editorial - Business, regulatory and patents
02/24. Industry needs to address mounting perception problem
02/24. Feeding practices have to be changed
02/24. A threat, but limited: A clear-headed view of new BSE strain
02/24. New fears over GM contamination
02/24. 'GM foods are not safe'
02/24. China eyes GM food crops to cut farmers' costs
02/24. Irradiation of sweet potatoes from Hawaii
02/24. Advice: Test Downers
02/24. Japan confirms 10th BSE case
02/24. Illegal eggs continue to turn up in stores
02/24. Bird 'flu in the USA
02/24. USDA sees Mexico, Canada easing mad cow beef bans
02/24. Number of mad-cow tests in NW didn't reach federal agency's
02/24. U.S. Frustrated with Mexico on Mad Cow
02/24. U.S. panel sees no need to test all cattle for BSE
02/24. BSE Risk to Consumers 'Extremely Small' -CDC Chief
02/24. Don't give honey to babies under 1 year of age
02/24. Outbreak points out vulnerability of U.S. food supply
02/24. Local family works to improve nation's food safety rules
02/24. Family sues over E. coli
02/24. US says China accepts biotech soybeans, corn, cotton
02/24. Aylmer Meat threatens lawsuits
02/24. Produce liability
02/24. Strategic Diagnostics to Report Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Ye
02/24. Local family works to improve nation's food safety rules
02/23. Investigations into USDA's handling of BSE discovery multiply
02/23. Beware of Exploding Beer Bottles
02/23. Deadly peanuts
02/23. Grain allergy a risk factor for schizophrenia, study says
02/23. Mad Cow remains mystery, scientist tells Missoula crowd
02/23. Cats can die from `mad cow'-tainted meals
02/22. TCRC hosts forum on Mad Cow disease
02/22. A better test for mad cow
02/22. Kanagawa begins checks after discovery of 10th BSE case
02/22. NCBA applauds conclusion of BSE investigation
02/22. Kanagawa cow likely to have BSE [Japan]
02/22. Industry launches pre-harvest guidelines for E. coli
02/21. World Awaits More GM Crops as Safety Debate Rages
02/21. Mercer County couple pushing for improved food safety law
02/21. Crops 'widely contaminated' by genetically modified DNA
02/20. National case-control study of Salmonella Enteritidis Phage
02/20. Letter to firms that grow, pack, or ship fresh lettuce and f
02/20. Food Irradiation Education Activities
02/20. National Center for Electron Beam Food Research Offering Int
02/20. Beef Ambassadors at Cattle Industry Convention
02/20. New Shareholder at Linac Technologies
02/20. Food Technology Services' Stock Soars after Salmonella Scare
02/20. Minister's drinking water claim incredible
02/20. USDA claims about effectiveness of mad cow surveillance syst
02/20. NMA statement on non-ambulatory status of BSE-infected cow f
02/20. Millions of cattle must die, plan says: Cattlemen fear 'wall
02/20. Ann M. Veneman’s Keynote Address:“Ensuring A Healthy Food Su
02/20. Food Standards Australia New Zealand’s regulatory approach t
02/20. Food safety
02/20. Prion study to fill gaps: researcher: Program shouldn't 'rei
02/20. SuperSafeMark™ Train-the-Trainer programs -
02/20. CANADA: Bird flu outbreak discovered in Canada
02/20. More evidence mad cow not a 'downer'
02/20. McDonald's throws weight behind cattle traceability
02/20. USDA grants approval for Clemens' irradiator
02/20. Cattle Confusion
02/20. GM crops nearing approval
02/20. Experts warn on Spanish eggs
02/20. Your View: Mad Cow ruse is hurting cattle biz
02/20. Douala City Council battles cholera with hygiene campaign [Angola]
02/20. Agriculture department dismisses unsafe chicken claims [South Africa] -
02/20. Albert Heijn removes salmonella chickens [Netherlands]
02/20. [Yersinia] Is lettuce the culprit?
02/20. Dirty Dining report: schools follow-up, clean and dirty
02/20. New Hampshire Health Officials Review Food-Service Safety Ri
02/20. Memo to Working Americans: 'Desktop Dining' Trend Demands Ne
02/20. MPs criticse FSA over cockle bed closures
02/20. Court upholds redress for farmer State fined over wrongful r
02/19. Slaughterhouse Owners Dispute USDA Claims
02/19. Farmed salmon survey -
02/19. Mislabeling fine: Canadian retailer Shoppers Food Mart is fi
02/19. UK: Britain will give green light to GM – leaked report
02/19. Family backs mad cow claim
02/19. National Restaurant Association maintains commitment to ensu
02/19. Promoting food safety confidence: The new Irish Féile Bia ou
02/19. Safety alert for food firms
02/19. Feed Ban Compliance High
02/19. House committee challenges USDA handling of BSE case
02/19. Poland gets more time
02/19. Scientists discover new kind of mad cow
02/19. Gluten allergy largely goes undiagnosed, study finds
02/19. Govt. to Finance Sunflower Seed Butter
02/19. New strain of BSE
02/19. Changes sought for food permitting, handwashing
02/19. Hepatitis A outbreak prompts urging of sanitation
02/19. FEATURE-World treaty may become new focus for GMO debate
02/19. Chiquita Earns CSR Certification for Farming Operations in T
02/19. Questions about Washington Cow Remain
02/19. National Restaurant Association Maintains Commitment to Ensu
02/19. Food safety to come under law soon [Barbados]
02/19. California asks USDA to revisit mad cow secrecy agreement
02/19. Microwave Could Make You Sick
02/18. FSANZ seeks public comment on changes to Food Standards Code
02/18. FSIS BSE workshops
02/18. Alberta to lobby Washington
02/18. Disease threat played down: Mad cow strain poses no new risk
02/18. Mad cow case call into question safety of hamburger meat sup
02/18. Risk from soup bugs low, says expert
02/18. Regulators under stress: This is no time for further cuts
02/18. International affairs
02/18. International affairs
02/18. Mad cow 'truths' seem shaky as critics cast doubts on Harvar
02/18. Bad fish rap
02/18. Food Safety Training
02/18. End to GM ban imminent?
02/18. Congress Committee Blasts USDA Over Mad Cow Handling
02/18. Feds should heed call for more mad cow tests
02/18. Researchers Struggle With Mad-Cow Test
02/18. House Panel Questions USDA on Mad Cow
02/18. Mexican Officials Due in U.S. to Talk Beef
02/18. Two US lawmakers question official mad cow theory
02/18. More illness linked to BSE
02/18. Conflicting data on CWD in state
02/18. CWD continues to spread across Saskatchewan
02/18. Food-borne pathogen traced to lettuce
02/18. Canning safety: Cooperative Extension service offering press
02/18. Food Dangers
02/18. Steritech Offers Highly Calibrated Food Safety Audits
02/18. Thai Min:Japan Cos Satisfied With Thai Chicken Product Safet
02/18. Madison establishments receive food-safety awards
02/17. FDA Expands Mad Cow Disease Safeguards
02/17. Expert assesses mad cow risk
02/17. Staying Vigilant
02/17. 'Mad cow killer" seeks donations from Web site
02/17. Food quality needs funds to further FP6
02/17. Ireland to review safety of energy drinks
02/17. Mad cow strain shocks scientists
02/17. Researchers Dispute Finding Of Mad Cow Variant
02/17. Colas go bottled water way [India]
02/17. Shelf life of bottled water is open for debate
02/17. Report re-evaluates threat of chronic-wasting disease
02/17. Ways To A Safe Kitchen
02/17. Fisher acquires Oxoid
02/17. Standing Firm On US Beef Ban, Tokyo Wants A New Probe
02/17. Research In Italy Turns Up A New Form Of Mad Cow Disease
02/17. WSU seeks volunteers to advise on food safety
02/16. Mother praises allergy bill; Bill requires schools to adopt
02/16. Mad cow 'truths' doubted
02/16. New methods to improve food safety
02/16. Two More States AI Positive
02/16. Japan's beef bowls run out of meat -
02/16. Food quality needs funds to further FP6
02/16. Bugs in soup mix investigated; Federal authorities launch pr
02/16. A handful of nuts could cost people like little Abby her lif
02/16. Japan waiting for new proposals on mad cow safeguards, calls
02/16. Mad cow threat: How bad is it?
02/16. Out of an abundance of caution
02/15. WA House passes mad cow bills
02/15. Critics question findings of mad cow study
02/15. Cattle fat power plan approved -
02/15. Canada's Largest Beef Producing Province Selects Bio-Rad Rap
02/15. Dow AgroSciences forms alliance with Canada's top science bo
02/15. BC-Mad
02/15. Home fridge vs. store freezer -
02/15. Animals to blame for spread of humans' most deadly diseases
02/14. Program offered to educate food handlers
02/14. Federal panel recommends more testing for mad cow
02/14. Dangerous cow parts still enter food supply
02/14. Mettler eyes opening facility
02/14. Potlucks subject to food-safety laws
02/14. Food policy based on risk, not culture
02/14. Risk and food are on the same plate: World food safety exper
02/13. Some FDA Panelists Seek More Mad-Cow Testing
02/13. European Parliament vote backs European Centre for Disease P
02/13. Surveillance of foodborne infections and intoxications in Eu
02/13. Enterobacter Sakazakii and other microorganisms in powdered
02/13. Mad cow scare has consumers and industry looking at organic
02/13. Failure to wear hair nets is common York County, Pa., food s
02/13. UK/USA: Scientists set up food bacteria information database
02/13. Tim O'Malley addresses European Food Safety Authority
02/13. BIRD FLU: WHO eases fears that bird flu spreading among huma
02/13. LIVE FROM NMA: Mexico trade could resume in days
02/13. LIVE FROM NMA: Murano says USDA eyeing increased cooperation
02/13. Mexico to lift US beef ban
02/13. FSIS food safety training schedule available online
02/13. Panel studies mad-cow risk from blood transfusions
02/13. U.S.-Canada Sled Dog Race Dashes on Despite Mad Cow
02/13. Experts say USDA officials underestimate mad-cow risk
02/13. International review calls for more BSE testing in U.S.
02/13. Liberals take steps to safeguard water
02/13. U.S. beef talks to continue
02/13. FSAI 'Cooks Up' First Food Safety Induction Training
02/13. Food for Thought
02/12. School Accidentally Gets Cleaning Fluid In Milk Cartons
02/12. Cattle Slaughter Rules Yield Few Easy Answers
02/12. Food labelling - Community legislation
02/12. "EU will be better prepared for future epidemics" says Byrne
02/12. Meat inspection review to hold public meetings
02/12. FSAI ‘cooks up’ first food safety induction training
02/12. Impact of BSE on the organic meat industry
02/12. UK: Many organic foods contain traces of GM ingredients - st
02/12. Japan criticizes U.S. decision to end BSE investigation
02/12. Australian consumer turns back on GM ingredients
02/12. Europe establishes animal disease centre
02/12. Scotland and Wales veto GM go-ahead
02/12. Bill Would Make Food Labels Less Cryptic About Common Allerg
02/12. Spain: The Promised Land for GM Corn
02/12. Schröder's Reluctant Cabinet To Allow GMO Foods
02/12. Experts Disagree Over Mad Cow Risk
02/12. Mad cow warnings unheeded
02/12. Greek watchdog hounds dirty hotels, poor catering
02/12. Regulators want California health inspectors to monitor day-
02/12. Speller lashes out at the politics of BSE
02/12. Oystermen cite mad cow cases as evidence of unfair treatment
02/12. New innovations in meat processing
02/12. McHugh Joins Bipartisan Effort For National Animal ID Progra
02/12. Beef safety satisfies this Japanese official -
02/12. New alliance of FMI-National registry of food safety profess
02/12. Classes offered in food preservation
02/12. Discount Store Has Dangerous Food Shipping Practices
02/12. Ecolab Acquires Food Safety Products Provider
02/12. Willmar couple's homemade pickles prompt a tax bill
02/12. German teachers treated after eating doped cake
02/11. Final program set for IAFP 2004
02/11. International Association for Food Protection holds secretar
02/11. Japan says US mad cow probe "incomplete"
02/11. Food company fined for canned mouse
02/11. U.S., Japan To Work To Resume Beef Trade, Zoellick Says
02/11. DENMARK: Hot water reduces acrylamide levels
02/11. Mexico to bar U.S. beef until mad cow controlled
02/11. Washington D.C. IFT to host meeting on CFSAN priorities
02/11. WHO issues herbal medicine guidelines
02/11. FDA declares ephedrine alkaloids adulterated
02/11. Second Farm Infected
02/11. Mandatory animal ID system proposed
02/11. Dutch tighten animal feed laws
02/11. FDA: Feed ban audit shows compliance continues to be outstan
02/11. Mad cow unlikely to fade away silently
02/11. Tax relief for beef producers hurt by mad cow scare
02/11. Daschle wants search for mad cow herdmates reopened
02/11. Korean Attitudes to Beef and Poultry Sour
02/11. Locally raised, grass-fed cattle could solve the mad cow blu
02/11. Shigellosis
02/11. Mad Cow Could Divide Cattle Industry
02/11. FSA launches new hygiene initiative
02/11. FSAI programme to tackle food hygiene standards
02/11. Food safety fight
02/11. Food Importers Bogged Down With Terror Regulations
02/10. BSE Update — February 9, 2004 [APHIS-USDA]
02/10. FINAL BSE Update – Monday, February 9, 2004 [USDA]
02/10. U.S. Government Officials Provide Technical Briefing On The BSE Investigation 
02/10. 20040209 - Meat Hygiene Directives
02/10. BSE, bovine - USA (WA)(14)
02/10. BC- Mad [Japan]
02/10. The mad cow quandary
02/10. BSE: What to test, not how many tests
02/10. USA: More foreign bans but US confident of containing bird f
02/10. China bans U.S. poultry
02/10. Consumers' Association: additives need clearer labelling
02/10. Database of predictive microbiology posted
02/10. BIRD FLU: U.S. strain different from Asian; Delaware officia
02/10. Parliamentary priorities for Europe include food and feed hy
02/10. EFSA defines its objectives
02/10. Transatlantic pathogen database launched
02/10. Inside AMI: USDA calls a halt to BSE investigation
02/10. AMI Submits Comments to Codex Committee
02/10. Early Fevers May Protect Kids From Allergies
02/10. Internal document offers up bleak assessment of situation
02/10. USDA Ends Mad Cow Probe, Finds No More Cases
02/10. US wraps up mad cow probe without finding many suspected ani
02/10. U.S. stops hunt for BSE among cows imported from Alberta
02/10. USDA's final BSE update
02/10. USDA vets question agency's mad cow lab
02/10. 'Food defense' push boosts FDA budget
02/10. WHO issues guidelines for herbal medicines
02/10. U.S. poultry shares fall as bird flu prompts bans
02/10. Thai Chicken Public Health Low Risk-But Ban Appropriate
02/10. Oats in the safety zone
02/10. EFSA defines its objectives
02/09. New Database Helps Monitor Food Pathogens
02/09. BSE
02/09. Booker Packing sees continuous temperature reporting through
02/09. OIE chapter on BSE requires international reform
02/09. Consumers advised to limit consumption of Paterson's Curse/S
02/09. Japan May Compromise on U.S. Beef Imports
02/09. AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND: Warning issued on honey toxins
02/09. Seafood with mercury affects brain development in children
02/09. Food safety on the EU menu
02/09. Launch event for food safety Network of Excellence
02/09. No mad cows found from Calmar herd
02/09. Readers respond to BSE commentary
02/09. Government crack down on illegal meat and fruit imports
02/08. USDA played ‘vital role’ in BSE crisis, top food-safety offi
02/08. BSE review panel member cautions: Dosage, incubation issues
02/08. Misleading labelling found on St John's wort supplements
02/08. Food Safety Forum at Foodex Meatex
02/08. Emergency rooms fail test on treating food allergy
02/08. Japan may compromise on U.S. beef imports
02/08. Saudi hospital denies patient has mad cow disease
02/07. Doubling Tests for Mad Cow Doesn't Quiet Program Critics
02/07. Feds Ending Search for Mad Cow Disease
02/07. BSE, CJD, other brain-wasting diseases not created equal
02/07. Labeling standards in review
02/07. Food safety tips
02/07. Meet on carbonated drinks' safety norms [India]
02/07. County restaurant inspector on front lines of food safety
02/06. Mad cow quandary: Making animal feed
02/06. Take their advice
02/06. FDA a big winner in '05 Bush budget: More funds sought for f
02/06. Paper trail on the way
02/06. Fighting food-borne disease
02/06. Mad Cow Quandary: Making Animal Feed
02/06. Panel Advice Criticized
02/06. Japan sticking to trade guns on BSE ban
02/06. GM traces found in UK soyfoods
02/06. U.S. agriculture secretary brushes off experts' warnings abo
02/06. Is American Beef Safe From Mad Cow?
02/06. Study Says Donors May Be Passing Mad Cow
02/06. New quick test means Alberta can ramp up testing capacity fo
02/06. BSE rules, not terrorists, hold up soldiers' beef
02/06. Province receives rapid BSE tests
02/06. U.S. aims at BSE, cattle ID
02/06. Tops, Wegmans no longer getting irradiated beef
02/06. FSAI issues closure orders
02/06. New CEO for Food Safety Authority
02/06. High Mercury Levels Found In Some Supermarket Fish
02/06. Bacteria lingering in body may pose future food poisoning ri
02/06. Food Poisoning Bugs Lurk in Body, Study Shows
02/05. Chlorine levels in water soar: Up 50 to 100 per cent since n
02/05. Most Americans not concerned about getting mad cow disease,
02/05. AMI statement: On the international review team’s report on
02/05. Three food businesses closed in January 2004 [Ireland]
02/05. Loblaw makes food safety a top priority: Sharpens focus amid
02/05. Point, click, then eat
02/05. Japan Won't Lift Beef Ban Unless US Tests All Cows For BSE
02/05. Ban Urged On All Animal Protein For Cattle
02/05. Bush Admin Sees Little Risk of More Mad Cow Cases
02/05. BSE Report Released -
02/05. BSE Briefing Highlights
02/05. Backing for Safety Programme
02/05. NCBA, AMI pan committee's BSE report -
02/05. USDA slams would-be whistle blower's BSE testimony in Washin
02/05. Food safety on the EU menu
02/05. Betaine gets "Safe" status
02/05. Semicarbazide in Brazilian chicken uncovered
02/05. AMI comments in support of national animal ID, trace back sy
02/05. BSE review team’s recommendations need ‘thorough risk assess
02/05. Peanut allergies on the rise
02/05. Regulation seminars, focus on GM
02/05. Mad Cow Panel Urges Ban on Animal Feed
02/05. Harvard, Expert Panel at Odds Over U.S. Mad Cow Risk
02/05. Mad cow proposals go too far - US cattle officials
02/05. Mad cow has home on U.S. ranges
02/05. 3 Alberta mayors on goodwill tour of Washington state area w
02/05. Panel seeks more mad cow shields
02/05. Japan keeps tough line on US beef after report pans total ma
02/05. U.S. urged to test all 'downer' cattle for BSE
02/05. Hong Kong Beef Consumption Sinks
02/05. NCBA: International Panel's BSE Report Misses the Mark
02/05. JPC blasts govt over food safety norms [India]
02/05. Call to improve additive labels on food
02/05. Food additives 'cause tantrums'
02/05. Stricter food labels planned
02/05. FSAI announces outlets ordered to close
02/05. JPC asks Govt to hurry up with integrated food law [India]
02/04. Inspection changes supported: The European Union’s CLITRAVI
02/04. Lakeland, Fla., Food Technology Services' stock soars after
02/04. BSE test results on Calmar cattle expected this week
02/04. Slaughterhouse Worker Testifies On Mad Cow
02/04. Brucellosis Worries Wyo. Cattle Ranchers
02/04. CANADA: Use Of Cow's Blood In Feed To Continue Despite US BS
02/04. 20 Oregon Dairy Cattle Tested, Found Free Of BSE
02/04. WORLD: OIE proposes changes to BSE status categories
02/04. FRANCE: OIE warns of atypical BSE and scrapie cases in Franc
02/04. Poultry litter banned from cattle feed
02/04. CDC: Death not linked to mad cow
02/04. High-Glycemic Foods Linked to Colon Cancer
02/04. Over-50s rip into food industry for difficult wrapping
02/04. Tracking Pork Products
02/04. COOL for Poultry
02/04. International panel's review of U.S. BSE case out today
02/04. National Beef picks Cross to lead food safety and government
02/04. Thai poultry ban prolonged
02/04. Industry’s BSE Briefing sends clear message: ‘Restore beef t
02/04. Idaho cows test negative for mad cow
02/04. Mad cow debate a coup for MPs
02/04. USDA sees "very low" prevalence of mad cow in USDA -
02/04. Mad Cow Panel Urges Stricter Ban on U.S. Animal Feed
02/04. USDA: Human Health Risk Small Even if More Mad Cow
02/04. Livestock Congress to Offer BSE Summit
02/04. International panel says BSE is a North American issue
02/04. Toxic drinking water detected on subs [Australia]
02/04. Ohio may tighten bottled water rules
02/04. Cough? Upset tummy? The city knows
02/04. Genesis Juice Co-op to call it quits
02/04. Bottled vs. Tap: Do you know what you're drinking?
02/04. Irradiated herbal supplements still on sale in Ireland
02/04. Expert Panel Sees More U.S. Mad Cow
02/04. Fighting terrorism on the food front
02/04. Supply chain in demand
02/04. Bush orders anti-terror measures for food supply
02/04. PA State Showmen's Association Prepares Members
02/04. Three new FP6 projects set to improve food quality and safet
02/04. Ricin, Made From Common Castor Beans, Can Be Lethal but Has
02/03. USDA budget targets industry for new FSIS inspection user fe
02/03. AMI statement: USDA's proposed user fees for meat and poultr
02/03. FDA's budget proposal for FY 2005 requests increase for food
02/03. President requests budgetary increase: Greater food defense
02/03. National advisory committee on microbiological criteria to h
02/03. Issues headlining the 6TH Annual Food Safety Summit
02/03. CJD (New Var.) - UK: Update 2004
02/03. FSIS notice 10-04
02/03. To the point: Mad cow has confidence stirred, but not shaken
02/03. Mad cow loopholes
02/03. Canada looking at ban on slaughtering sick cattle
02/03. PM's science plan is having technical difficulties
02/03. Tons of old pork ribs sold as fresh, state files indicate
02/03. Cooking Reminder
02/03. IPE wrap-up: Biosecurity a rising concern for poultry proces
02/03. New poll says Americans don't fret BSE
02/03. Survey: Most South Koreans deem U.S. beef 'unsafe'
02/03. No consensus on GMOs
02/03. New study shows BSE case has Americans' confidence 'stirred, but not shaken'
02/03. 3 more cattle killed in mad cow investigation
02/03. Control and prevention of mad cow disease to be established [Serbia]
02/03. Man Who Killed the Mad Cow Has Questions of His Own
02/03. New case of mad cow disease in Portugal's Azores islands
02/03. International Panel Reports on Mad Cow
02/03. Far From the Maddened Cow
02/03. German Beef Sold Without BSE Test
02/03. Restaurant operators had a confusing day
02/03. NAFDAC Declares Pure Water Unsafe [Nigeria]
02/03. Restaurant owner fined nearly £10k
02/03. USDA aims fight against terrorism at food safety
02/03. BSE concerns on the wane
02/03. Food safety tips
02/03. Hygiene hell at take-away
02/03. Food Standards Agency Scotland Offers £70,000 To Scottish Fo
02/02. Irradiated Ground Beef Featured at Pennsylvania Farm Show
02/02. National Center for Electron Beam Food Research Offering Int
02/02. Jean Barton Serves Irradiated Ground Beef at Pennsylvania Fa
02/02. SureBeam Failure Expected To Have Short-Term Effect
02/02. FDA Names David W.K. Acheson, M.D., Director of the Food Safety and Security Staff
02/02. Image Of Stumbling Holstein Irks US Cattle Industry
02/02. Prolonged U.S. Beef Ban Feared After Talks Fail
02/02. 205 Cows Killed Show No Infection
02/02. BSE, atypical - France: OIE
02/02. New Hampshire repeals food safety education rule
02/02. Global Forum of Food Safety Regulators 2 “Building effective
02/02. Asia and Pacific Conference on Food Safety “Practical Approa
02/02. Codex Committee on Food Hygiene
02/02. Codex Food Additives and Contaminants
02/01. 4th Asian Food & Nutrition Safety Conference
02/01. Codex Committee on meat hygiene
02/01. One sick cow is a food story
02/01. Food inspection results as smiley faces now online
02/01. Bird flu 'no threat to SA'
02/01. Acheson named Director of Food Safety and Security
02/01. USDA issues health alert on preparing ground beef
02/01. National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria to h
02/01. FSIS issues two new BSE-related notices



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