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: Jan 22, 2016 - 

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: Feb 8, 2016

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: GA-Fulton 


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: 1


: Regulatory


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We at the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) take our responsibilities to you very seriously and are committed to protecting and promoting Georgia's agriculture through superior service and leadership.  The mission of the GDA is to protect consumers, promote agriculture, both locally and globally, and assist our customers using education, technology and a professional workforce. The vision of the GDA is to continue to be a globally recognized leader in agricultural excellence through a commitment to safety, quality, growth and innovation.


DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES:  Applicant must reside in or be willing to relocate to Fulton County.  


The duties of this position include but are not limited to:


•Inspects and investigates food & dairy manufacturing facilities.  Performs duties in a manner to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations, the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) requirements.  Advises food and dairy firm owners, managers and personnel.

Conducts inspections of all assigned firms using established frequencies and procedures based on applicable laws, rules and regulations relative to sanitation, physical requirements, accuracy of scales, food safety, product labeling, refrigeration, finished product testing and reporting of positive results, etc.

Observes employees of food and dairy firms for adherence to health and food sanitation regulations and GMP’s governing cleanliness.

Advises food and dairy firm management and personnel about health and food sanitation rules and regulations.

Notifies supervisor immediately when food or dairy firms have imminent food sanitation hazards, do not meet minimum standards, or when problems or significant changes in assigned area occur.

Reviews plans and specifications for new or renovated food establishments.  Consults with owners and/or builders to bring facility into compliance with applicable rules and regulations and provides technical explanations to industry persons when needed.

Submits license application, documents, and fees in accordance with established policies, laws, rules, and regulations.

Briefs the food or dairy firm person in charge (PIC) on inspection or investigation findings, details corrective action when necessary, and completes supportive documentation in an accurate and timely manner.

Issues a stop sale order or verifies/witnesses a voluntary destruction on food items suspected of being adulterated, contaminated, or misbranded.

Properly maintains and utilizes all State issued equipment.

On assigned dairy firms - Maintains a minimum enforcement rating on assigned dairy firms and shows a high degree of assisting and following up on violations found in any applicable area.

Examines plant records to ascertain that required specialized training and documentation are in compliance with regulations.

Works with other State and Federal agencies as assigned.


•Collects samples of food and dairy finished products, processed products, environmental swabs, raw milk and water samples as necessary from all firms in assigned area of responsibility and/or as directed according to established procedures.  Transports samples to laboratories for analysis within the prescribed timeframe.

Insures integrity of samples utilizing sanitary sampling procedures and transports samples within the established time frame.

Collects and packages all samples in accordance with applicable regulations, guidance documents and standard operating procedures.

Conducts follow-ups on laboratory analysis and implements corrective action as required for violative results in a timely manner.

Collects, secures, and submits environmental swabs in accordance to standard operating procedures and guidance documents.

Supervises the collection of environmental swabs by employees of food and dairy facilities when applicable.


•Provides knowledge, skills and experience to assist and guide colleagues and management.

Accompanies Manufactured Food Specialist as well as Agriculture Compliance Specialist on inspections and/or investigations using knowledge, skills, and experience when necessary.

Works with Field Training Coordinator conducting joint training inspections and training evaluations.  

Communicates regularly with Program Manager about activities such as: inspections that may require additional assistance, additional explanation, compliance issues, deficiencies, problems, workloads, performance issues, and makes recommendations when necessary.


•Conducts investigations of consumer complaints, investigates information received from other regulatory agencies, or information received from a food processing facility relative to food and dairy products.  

Collects food and environmental samples for laboratory analysis as directed by Program Manager and/or Division level staff.

Reviews documentation and conducts investigation to advise Program Manager and/or Division level staff to determine action to be taken.

Briefs proper individual(s) on investigative findings in a timely manner and details corrective action when necessary.

Completes investigative reports in a clear, concise, and timely manner.


•Performs State/FDA Contract Inspections, HACCP Inspections, Shellfish Inspections, and other specialized inspections as assigned.

Visits inspection sites according to established schedule.

Verifies compliance with applicable procedures and documentation requirements.

Samples food for laboratory analysis according to established procedures.

Conducts thorough inspection of manufacturing facility as well as specialty processes in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.  

Observes employees of food facilities for adherence and knowledge of good personal hygiene practices and Good Manufacturing Practices.

Communicates inspectional findings accurately and concisely with food facility management.

Briefs Program Manager on inspection or investigation findings, detailing corrective action when necessary.  

Completes supportive documentation in an accurate and timely manner.


•Maintain a working knowledge of current policies, laws, regulations and guidance documents.  Attends training sessions, meetings and conferences.

Attends district and agency meetings as required to maintain knowledge of health and food safety programs.  Attends conferences and training courses as scheduled.

Attends required advanced level training courses as scheduled.

Completes required FDA ORAU training courses and any additional training courses in prescribed time frame.

Reads, interprets, communicates and applies information disseminated from regulations, guidance documents, laws, standard operating procedures and policy directives.


•Provides consultation, information sharing, technical assistance and in-service training to food and dairy personnel, industry and other personnel regarding health and food sanitation, rules and regulations and their enforcement.  Maintains working relationship with food and dairy industry and related entities, including Federal, State, and local agencies.

Provides orientation and on the job training in proper inspection and investigation methods to new staff as requested by supervisor.

Provides consultation and technical assistance to other personnel on health and food sanitation issues.

Informs supervisor of problems and/or concerns regarding the professional development of new personnel in a timely manner.  Provides the Program Manager with input into performance appraisals.

Advises Program Manager of problems and/or concerns in any new sanitarian’s territory in a timely manner.

Attends food and dairy association meetings and conferences as required.

Fosters a cooperative working relationship with industry, as well as academia.

Fosters a cooperative working relationship with Federal, State, and local agencies.


•Prepares and completes agency, State, and Federal forms.

Completes inspection reports and time and activities in the electronic database in an efficient and timely manner.

Prepares and submits all required paperwork in the prescribed timeframe.

Completes FDA Contract forms accurately and within the prescribed timeframe.


•Other duties as assigned.


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Bachelor's degree in agronomy, animal science, biology, chemistry or a related area from an accredited college or university OR Certification as a registered sanitarian or environmental health specialist.


NOTE:  A copy of your official college transcript must be submitted with your application/resume to help determine if you meet the qualifications for this position.  Failure to submit a transcript may result in being ineligible for this specific position.

HOW TO APPLY:  (We accept State applications by any method listed below.  Resumes may be submitted in addition to the State Application.)


·         Mail a completed State of Georgia application to Georgia Department of Agriculture, Personnel Office, Room 300, Agriculture Building, 19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, S.W., Atlanta, Georgia  30334; or

·         Fax a completed State of  Georgia application to (404) 463-8196; or

·         Team Georgia Careers; or

·         E-mail a completed State of Georgia application to


Please reference the job title and position number when submitting paper applications. Applications received without a job title or position number will be considered unsolicited and will not be reviewed.  For a copy of the State Application, please visit or contact the Georgia Department of Administrative Services, Human Resource Administration at (404) 656-2705.


The GDA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. All qualified applicants will be considered, but may not necessarily receive an interview. No notification will be sent to applicants except those who are selected for interviews.  Due to the large volume of submissions received by this office, information concerning application and/or interview status cannot be provided.









Bachelor's degree in agronomy, animal science, biology, chemistry or a related area from an accredited college or university OR certification as a Registered Sanitarian or Environmental Health Specialist.


Preferred Qualifications - External: 

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS:   Preference will be given to applicants, who, in addition to meeting the Minimum Qualifications, possess knowledge, skills and abilities in the following areas:


·         Certification as a registered sanitarian or registered environmental health specialist by the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) OR two years of professional experience conducting inspections and investigations for compliance with established state and federal health and food and/or milk sanitation laws, rules and regulations; and

·         Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.



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