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02/27. Acrylamide may be added to Canada’s toxic substance list

02/27. Mars sponsors Dubai International Food Safety Conference

02/27. Talks planned with Japan over 'tainted' rice

02/27. Firm listeria testing rules released

02/27. Uncovering secret peanut hiding places

02/27. Surface Water With Salmonella More Common Than Thought

02/27. Can Irradiating Food Zap Salmonella Outbreaks?

02/27. Snack seeds withdrawn from sale after report into salmonella and E. coli

02/27. Thai factory closed over E coli-tainted milk

02/27. Salmonella, E. coli Bacteria Found in RTE Seeds

02/27. Budget calls for food safety, nutrition increases

02/27. Mother sues LaGrange restaurant for food poisoning


02/26. GMA extols irradiation’s virtues for food safety

02/26. EU Agrees Further Concession on Allergen Labelling

02/26. Study: No link between French fry chemical, breast cancer

02/26. Link found between Alzheimer's, mad cow protein

02/26. Latherow Law Office Filed Suit in Salmonella Case

02/26. Bizarre fish poisoning sparks alarm


02/25. Further calls for BPA free infant food packaging
Georgia Senate passes food safety bill
GMA issues white paper on food irradiation
Dangerous Bacteria Present in Norwegian Seawater
Tests confirm salmonella at Texas peanut plant
Meat from cloned animals safe, says Japanese panel

02/25. PCA Salmonella Outbreak Could Lead to Food Safety Reform
China to set up central food safety body: state media
China warns illegal food additives a problem

Chemical under review after showing up in food

02/24. 'Restructuring' sought for food safety

02/24. Live from NMA: Industry execs call for unity on food safety

02/24. Minneapolis seafood firm slapped with injunctions


02/23. Update: PCA recall’s impact spreads

02/23. Bacteria found in French baby formula

02/23. F.S.I.S. pursues performance standards for poultry processors

02/23. New F.D.A. rule takes aim at rendering

02/23. Marler: Speech Before The National Meat Association

02/23. Cattle rendering firms gear up for new FDA rule

02/23. Penn Warn Consumers About Raw Milk

02/23. Salmonella Outbreak Prompts Tougher Law Proposal

02/23. Salmonella outbreak highlights inspector shortage

02/23. Deadly lag: Why tracking outbreak took months

02/23. Foodborne illness proves dangerous and costly

02/23. EU to share food safety data with Jordan

02/23. Robert Tauxe: Progress in the Fight for Food Safety

02/23. Food safety is now a global problem

02/23. China: Two sentenced to die in poisoning case


02/20. Study gives light at the end of the peanut allergy tunnel

02/20. Peanut-gate: Will consumers still trust American food – your views

02/20. C. diff: The next O157?

02/20. Tougher food inspections in Georgia

02/20. Top 10 Reasons for Using Nanotech in Food

02/20. Maple Leaf's handling of listeria crisis set 'the gold standard’

02/20. Melon industry takes aggressive safety approach

02/20. Survey: Most Consumers Changing Long-Term Buying Habits

02/20. Meat groups win round in food safety case

02/20. U.S. Considers Overhaul Of Food Safety System

02/20. Georgia Moves To Strengthen Food Inspections

02/20. Food poisoning strikes 1 in 4 Americans each year


02/19. Researchers develop risk-ranking system for food safety

02/19. Lessons From The Peanut Salmonella Outbreak: Audit System Broken

02/19. UA Researcher Receives NRI Fellowship to Study Salmonella

02/19. Foodborne-illness mystery? Call in the Minnesotans

02/19. Editorial: No reason to celebrate state food safety bill


02/18. Tainted formula passed tests pre export, says manufacturer

02/18. Food manufacturers must protect the supply chain

02/18. PCA files for bankruptcy; peanut butter = high risk?

02/18. OPINION: Irradiated Meat is the Only Safe Meat

02/18. Locally Sold Raw Milk May Be Tainted

02/18. Test finds salmonella in 1 peanut butter container

02/18. Tougher food safety laws reach half way point

02/18. Forward Foods Declares Bankruptcy Over Salmonella Outbreak

02/18. S. Fla. Woman Charged With Poisoning Baby Food Products

02/18. Vilsack to Push Food-Label Rules


02/17. UK: Agency seeks views on food contaminant regulations

02/17. Fructose-sweetened drinks may increase risk for cardiovascular disease

02/17. AOAC Launches Emergency Response Validation Program

02/17. Online forum for food safety discussion debuts

02/17. Potato chips, french fries may harm heart

02/17. Peanut Firm Linked to Salmonella Closes Virginia Plant

02/17. How obsession with cleanliness could be making us ill

02/17. China's draft law on food safety to undergo 4th reading

02/17. Irradiation takes bite out of food safety fears

02/17. Most Consumers Concerned About Food Safety

02/17. Tainted food outbreaks won't go away: safety regulators

02/17. Klobuchar: Prosecute peanut case

02/17. Canada-Government to investigate meat company and food poisoning

02/17. Raw milk debate


02/16. Meatingplace readers say: Merge food safety functions

02/16. Feds mount evidence in salmonella outbreak probe

02/16. Officials driven to take closer look at food safety

02/16. Rodents and food a bad mix, experts say

02/16. A Maryland bill aims to legalize the sale of raw milk

02/16. China clears milk products, accepts NZ Food Safety certification


02/13. Dioxin found in milk in Ireland

02/13. Canadian ag committee to investigate Maple Leaf Foods outbreak

02/13. Mercury labelling of fish products is needed now

02/13. The Market For Peanuts: Why Food In The U.S. May Never Be Safe

02/13. Should there be Department of Food?

02/13. Peanut Corp. to Liquidate Following Salmonella Death

02/13. Peanut plant owner becomes recluse

02/13. Caribbean nations to launch survey on food-borne diseases

02/13. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Source Of Food Poisoning

02/13. China Investigates More Milk Products for Melamine


02/12. BPA levels in soft drinks are low, claim researchers

02/12. The real impact of the Salmonella outbreak

02/12. Three More Lawsuits Filed in Poisoned Peanut Butter Case

02/12. Herbal Formula Protects Against Peanut Allergy

02/12. Salmonella Outbreak Keeps Local Lawyer Busy

02/12. Food safety: Critical issue for vegetable growers

02/12. Peanut-borne salmonella is subject of outrage in Congress

02/12. Oregon family tells Congress about boy's salmonella poisoning


02/11. EFSA reveals milk protein safety conclusions

02/11. Phosphorus additives pose ‘hidden’ danger to kidney patients

02/11. Modernize meat, poultry inspection: T.F.A.H

02/11. FBI agents descend on PCA plant Monday

02/11. Don't mix raw oysters and antacids!

02/11. Salmonella Tainted Treats Sent to Troops?

02/11. US peanut co. feared salmonella loss-hearing

02/11. That chicken dinner? It might make you sick

02/11. CDC's Role During Foodborne Outbreaks

02/11. Beyond peanuts: Salmonella tough to stop

02/11. A tiny victim watches the sound and fury of Congress

02/11. FDA Lacks the Resources to Ensure the Safety of America's Food

02/11. Peanut Corp. president refuses to testify to Congress


02/10. US hearing on packaging chemical imminent

02/10. AMIF disputes study claiming cured meats cause leukemia

02/10. Three More Lawsuits Filed in Poisoned Peanut Butter Case

02/10. Scientist worries that meat may increase Alzheimer's risk

02/10. Lab tests show possible salmonella at Texas plant

02/10. Market Food Safety So Consumers Can Choose

02/10. US relies on states for food safety inspections

02/10. Q&A on computer network that warned of salmonella

02/10. Peanut Corp shuts Texas plant in salmonella scare

02/10. Willis, others oppose raw milk sales restrictions

02/10. Quality and Nutritional Attributes of Irradiated Vegetables


02/09. Fliers will warn Ky. residents of peanut concerns

02/09. Timeline of events in salmonella outbreak

02/09. Unlicensed Texas plant run by PCA

02/09. Bio-Rad Purchases Food Safety Product Line from Safepath

02/09. Pros and Cons of Commercial Irradiation of Fresh Produce – Part V

02/09. Peanut Case Shows Holes in Safety Net

02/09. Peanut Butter Cracker Lawsuit Filed Against Kellogg Over Salmonella

02/09. Vilsack: Food safety should be under one agency

02/09. Salmonella Outbreak Fuels Food-Safety Efforts


02/06. The fear about peanut allergies is nuts

02/06. Children being misdiagnosed for food allergies on the rise

02/06. Taiwan: COA continues recall of tainted pet food

02/06. Czech Republic Blocks 20 Tons of Aflatoxin-Contaminated Peanuts

02/06. Nose-spray vaccine against botulism

02/06. When controlling infections, some things never change

02/06. Inspectors going 'overboard' on peanut recall: Industry

02/06. Listeria Lawsuits Settled for $27 Million

02/06. Is the FDA Inept? Peanut butter salmonella outbreak sparks anger,

02/06. Schools, disaster victims may have gotten tainted peanut butter

02/06. Why don't we irradiate all germ-carrying food?

02/06. Jolley: Five Minutes With Bill Marler

02/06. The Hartford Asks Court To Clarify Liability In Peanut Salmonella Cases

02/06. Kellogg’s Added to Marler Clark Peanut Butter Salmonella Lawsuit

02/06. Obama’s call for FDA review welcomed

02/06. Foodborne disease registry urged in wake of outbreak

02/06. Lawmakers: Food-Safety Fixes Need Push From Obama



02/05. UK: Cow aged over 30 months enters food supply without being tested

02/05. UK: Dioxin found in milk

02/05. Obama to review FDA; peanut recalls mount

02/05. Insurer sues Va. firm to limit salmonella claims

02/05. Health Official Admits Faster Action Needed in Salmonella Outbreak

02/05. Couple to also sue Kellogg Co. in salmonella outbreak

02/05. Salmonella outbreak could prompt Congress to broaden HACCP 

02/05. House of Lords launches inquiry into nanotechnology food safety

02/05. FDA lacks access to food safety records: Congress

02/05. Georgia Ag. commish calls for food safety division

02/05. Sale of raw milk bill rejected


02/04. Peanut facility: 'Nasty

02/04. FDA cited Peanut Corp. in 1990 for toxin problem

02/04. Listeria media coverage creating false impression

02/04. Old Appetites Die Hard

02/04. Salmonellosis Outbreak Prompts CDC Reminder to Report Illness

02/04. Bulloch proposes crackdown on food testing

02/04. Penalties to rise for food violations

02/04. Hawaiian agencies launch food safety pilot program

02/04. S. Korea: Food Safety Website to Be Introduced Next Year

02/04. AVMA launches 'Chew on This' podcast series on food safety

02/04. IDOA egg program safety net for consumers, producers

02/04. Lawmakers press for food safety reforms


02/03. FDA joins criminal investigation into Peanut Corporation

02/03. Poultry Perspective blog: “Food safety friend or foe?”

02/03. Food safety conference on tap in S. Dakota

02/03. GMA Calls on Congress to Enact Food Safety Reforms

02/03. GMA Statement Regarding Expansion of PCA Recall

02/03. Marler: Health surveillance key to fresh produce

02/03. Telling Food Allergies From False Alarms

02/03. Ag Commissioner Asked To Step Down Over Salmonella Outbreak

02/03. Salmonella-tainted peanut products spark public fury

02/03. 'Salmonella' Company Ran Uninspected Plant in TX

02/03. Klobuchar urges President Obama to act to ensure food safety

02/03. Salmonella outbreak proves more food should be irradiated

02/03. Worker: I Saw Rat Roasting In Peanut Plant

02/03. Hawaiian agencies launch food safety pilot program

02/03. Key Lawmakers Introduce Major Food Safety Bill

02/03. Thai Cabinet minister quits over food scandal

02/03. Peanut Recalls Lead to Criminal Probe of Processing Plant

02/03. Technology can stop nearly most food poisoning

02/03. Obama Faults FDA on Food Safety


02/02. 2006 Nebraska Beef E. coli Case Resolved

02/02. The USDA does have its hands in the peanut jar

02/02. What’s the Connection with Georgia Peanuts and S. Tennessee?

02/02. The Fed Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act Overview of Food Adulteration

02/02. Iran reaches the technology of reducing Aflatoxin of Pistachio

02/02. Peanut firm’s chief an adviser

02/02. Fresh produce industry’s credibility on the rise

02/02. Tainted meat victims offered up to $125,000: Maple Leaf

02/02. Ghana Intensifies Food Safety

02/02. New-found food safety Conffidence

02/02. White House: Stricter food safety rules coming

02/02. Australia: Report exposes dirty kitchens putting customers at risk

02/02. Spinach and Peanuts, With a Dash of Radiation

02/02. Maple Leaf Agrees to Settle Food-Poisoning Lawsuits

02/02. Feds rarely file charges in tainted food cases


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