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02/26. Salmonella source at Nestle plant unknown

02/26. Drilling Could Threaten Drinking Water

02/26. Helping Students Avoid Food Allergens

02/26. Ten Years of Bribery and Bad Tomatoes

02/26. Phadia Announces Plans to Continue Development of Allergen Component Tests

02/26. Cargill Does Not Contest 'Strict Liability' in E. Coli Lawsuit But Does Not Settle

02/26. US livestock groups oppose antibiotic legislation

02/26. Can we stomach raw milk?

02/26. The Atlantic to Hold Food Summit

02/26. AMS Makes Changes To Ground Beef Purchase Program

02/26. Vietnam: Measures to ensure food safety, hygiene

02/26. Food safety should touch people: Dr V Prakash

02/26. Food safety is aim of institute: Inspectors from across U.S. being trained in Battle Creek

02/26. More Calls for Senate to Act on Food Safety

02/26. Holidaymakers consult solicitors over alleged food poisoning

02/26. Fort Jackson Soldier Still Investigated in Food Poisoning Threat


02/25. Spinach recall among Huffington Post's worst product recalls of all time

02/25. Salsa Poisoning Part of Revenge Plot

02/25. Local Mom Pushing for Tougher Food Regulations

02/25. New human protection from old E. coli research

02/25. Daly: Milk pasteurization has not outlived its usefulness

02/25. Salmonella cases drop among Boston's Asian residents

02/25. School lunch reforms coming

02/25. Chinese lawmakers call for enhancing supervision of food safety

02/25. Dubai: Food Safety Conference ends with a call to develop unified system to investigate food poisoning cases

02/25. Food Safety Lawyer Fred Pritzker Says Senate Must Help Stop Food Poisoning by Passing Food Safety Bill

02/25. House passes raw milk compromise

02/25. US Panel: Too Little Known on Lactose Intolerance

02/25. Update on Northern Ireland 'Smoke House' alert

02/25. FSA reminds parents of advice on making up infant formula


02/24. China melamine-tainted milk health threats assessed

02/24. Vilsack Makes Case for School Lunch Reform

02/24. 'Life changing' peanut allergy treament trialled

02/24. 'Most peanut allergies misdiagnosed': study

02/24. Listeria Found in Detroit Sprout Facility

02/24. Gallstones Play Key Role in Perpetuating Typhoid

02/24. Why Won't Anyone Clean the Fridge?

02/24. Most Cases of Foodborne Illness Go Unreported

02/24. Antibiotics Found to Aid Reduction of E. coli in Swine

02/24. ISO targets food safety hazards

02/24. Experts warn of GM foods

02/24. On Cooking Burgers: Out, damned E. coli! Out!

02/24. Have You Become Sick From Something You Ate?

02/24. Upcoming Beef Safety Summit To Focus On Pre-Harvest Interventions

02/24. Should Small, Sustainable Farms Fear S.510?

02/24. Gambia: Non-State Actors Consulted on Proposed Food Safety Agency

02/24. Change the shape of the hot dog? Group labels it a choking hazard

02/24. USDA, FDA Coordinate Food-Safety Efforts

02/24. Food inspection system in Dubai is changing

02/24. Professor creates food safety parodies

02/24. Food safety issues circa 2020

02/24. 147 Olympic food vendors fail inspections

02/24. Fishery products produced on unapproved Northern Ireland premises


02/23. EFSA to examine safety of non-plastic food contact materials

02/23. FSIS to fast track petition on non-O157:H7 E. coli

02/23. CA Schools Served Recalled Meat

02/23. Vilsack to Testify on USDA Budget

02/23. Peanut allergy may be treatable

02/23. Air Canada unveils proposals for nut-free buffer zones

02/23. Milk Jugs Deemed 'Unhealthy'

02/23. Pathogens in some restaurant milk in Spain

02/23. China: Vegetable tests show pesticides

02/23. Europe: One-third of milk is contaminated

02/23. E. coli Researchers Pinning New Hopes on Old DNA

02/23. Alternatives to BPA containers not easy for US foodmakers to find

02/23. Ignore Expiration Dates?

02/23. Raw milk proponents take cause to US capitols, courtrooms as health officials warn of risk

02/23. Peanut Outlook: Impacts of the 2008-09 Foodborne Illness Outbreak Linked to Salmonella in Peanuts

02/23. New UAE-wide food safety laws

02/23. China: Safety of food chain ensured at source

02/23. Dubai: Minister calls for region to address food safety

02/23. New threshold for food safety

02/23. Silliker Opens Food-Safety Lab in India

02/23. UK: Families sue travel firm after Caribbean holiday nightmare

02/23. UK: Holiday food poisoning claims result in compensation claims

02/23. Dubai: New Law to Boost Food Safety by Year-end

02/23. UK: Cow aged over 48 months enters food supply without being tested for BSE

02/23. Glasgow achieves 100th Eat Safe Award

02/23. Mom Finds Snake Head in Frozen Green Beans


02/22. New Research Review Finds Insufficient Evidence to Link Saturated Fat with Cardiovascular Disease

02/22. Bisphenol A does not damage nervous system in rats – study

02/22. Oops. They’ve done it again….and again

02/22. More On Consumer Reports Analysis: Is The Issue Safety or Quality?

02/22. Organic vs. Conventional: A Bacterial Comparison

02/22. Surveillance Key To Tackling Outbreaks

02/22. E. coli, Salmonella and Hepatitis A Litigation Sites Relaunched

02/22. Norwalk virus may thrive in icy lakes: Researchers

02/22. Listeria, cheese recalls, and pregnancy

02/22. Webcast: Controlling and managing salmonella in petfood

02/22. Raw milk debate spills into capitols, courts

02/22. Jolley: Wyoming House Bill 54 & Your Momma's Good Home-Cooking

02/22. UH issues directive on lungworm contamination


02/20. WY Cottage Foods Bill Passes out of Committee

02/20. China now has food safety commission

02/20. SPRING Singapore Encourages HACCP

02/20. Quality and regulatory issues to take centerstage at 5th Dubai International Food Safety Conference

02/20. Dingell criticizes 'slow to act' Senate on taking up food safety bill

02/20. Food Safety iPhone Apps: Living Goods

02/20. UAE Minister of Environment calls for concerted efforts to face food safety challenges

02/20. Plano dairy reaps benefits of raw milk movement

02/20. U.S. Weighs How to Track Diseased Livestock


02/19. Study warns of future threats to food safety

02/19. California may name and shame BPA as toxin

02/19. Scientists find antimony in juice above EU drinking water limits

02/19. Oregon Senate shoots down ban on BPA in baby bottles, sippy cups

02/19. Assembly backs limits on BPA in baby bottles

02/19. DNV and Michigan State University Release Initial Findings of U.S. Food Safety Survey

02/19. Huntington Meat Packing

02/19. Traceability Matters- Recalled Ground Beef in Schools?

02/19. USDA-FDA joint statement on produce safety

02/19. Rethink Your Drink

02/19. NSAC Outlines Approach for Amending S. 510

02/19. Army Investigates 5 Soldiers Over Alleged Food Poisoning At S.C. Base

02/19. Produce Industry Discusses Traceability

02/19. Will Cargill, a Multi-Billion Dollar Privately Held Company, Face Punitive Damages in the Case of the Paralyzed Dancer? You Decide

02/19. Nestle confirms salmonella found at plant

02/19. Nestle finds salmonella in chips, E. coli O157:H7 in Toll House cookie dough

02/19. Report: Food safety shouldn't marr environment


02/18. Army Investigates Alleged Attempt by Soldiers to Poison Food at Fort Jackson

02/18. Maximising potential and minimising risks of nanotechnology

02/18. Hygiene violations at Listeria waffle plant resolved, says Kellogg

02/18. Reaction: The Science Behind Salad Safety

02/18. Incident Highlights Shared Kitchen Concerns

02/18. Lawsuit on Behalf of California Woman Fatally Sickened by Salmonella Pepper

02/18. Massachusetts Unveils Food Allergy Rules

02/18. Women sues Babies-R-Us after peanut allergy incident

02/18. Just don't call it 'mad deer disease'

02/18. Australia: Baker faces fine over rodent trail, listeria bacteria

02/18. Industry Can't Afford to Wait for Food Safety Law

02/18. Survey: Consumers 'Highly Aware' of Food Safety


02/17. Prolactal “deeply shocked” by listeria cheese deaths

02/17. FDA criticises Kellogg over Listeria contamination

02/17. Rosemary cuts HCAs linked to ground beef cooking

02/17. As Daniele Inc recall expands, questions do too

02/17. BPI to Post Pathogen Test Results Online

02/17. Kellogg's Warned Over Listeria in Eggo Plant

02/17. Food Scientists Suggest that Boiling Shrimp May Reduce Shellfish Allergens

02/17. Are You a Victim of Farming's Drug Problem?

02/17. USA - Cargill working of food safety

02/17. Dubai: Call for united GCC food safety rules

02/17. Two charged over pills hidden in fast food

02/17. China Says Most Melamine Milk Destroyed

02/17. DNV and Michigan State University Release Initial Findings of U.S. Food Safety Survey

02/17. Mass Makes Restaurant Food Safety Priority

02/17. Independently Owned Ethnic Restaurants Have More Food Safety Violations, Kansas Researchers Find

02/17. Battle Creek, MI on target to become hub for food safety

02/17. Lidl warns Germans over suspect cheese


02/16. Meatingplace webinar to address control of pathogens on beef carcassesb

02/16. BPI's Eldon Roth's Talks About His Controversial Food Safety Process At The National Meat Association's Annual Conference

02/16. 2010 beef recalls (due to E. coli contamination) continue

02/16. Cargill Adds 'Set of Eyes' for Food Safety

02/16. Is your child's food allergy real? Tests trigger false alarms

02/16. Colleges accommodate more students with food allergies

02/16. Franklin firm meeting nation's 'Raw Desire' for oysters

02/16. Why Some Foods Are Riskier Today

02/16. Providing Facts on Antibiotic Use in Livestock

02/16. Pallet Wars: Wood vs. Plastic for Food Safety

02/16. Smoke-Flavored Foods May Be Toxic

02/16. FDA warns Kellogg over contaminated Eggo waffles

02/16. Food safety rules to emerge from fight over imported catfish

02/16. Food Poisoning Risk Targeted by New School Lunch Rules

02/16. State crackdown on raw milk sale stirs protest


02/15. Massive recall triggers more questions over US meat safety

02/15. Retail Frozen Ground Beef Patties and Risks of E. coli O157:H7

02/15. BPI's Eldon Roth's speech at the National Meat Association's Annual Conferencef

02/15. Maine woman files suit over E. coli poisoning from tainted beef produced by NY-based Company

02/15. FSIS Curious, Not Too Curious

02/15. Cities look to get meals to seniors after discovery of listeria

02/15. Cage ban will not lead to increase in salmonella

02/15. Indians ready to pay premium for safe food: The Nielsen Company

02/15. Could California Be a Step Closer Toward Determining its Own Food Safety Standards?

02/15. Who Benefits From Raw Milk?

02/15. Guest column: Antibiotic ban will endanger food safety

02/15. British food safety 'being threatened by dwindling vet influence'

02/15. New safety rules for school lunches due by July

02/15. China says "most" melamine-tainted milk destroyed

02/15. Thomson sued over hotel food poisoning


02/12. Black pepper producers reject salmonella allegations

02/12. French bisphenol A opinion puts debate back on scientific ground

02/12. Beef Products Inc. to post pathogen test results on Web site

02/12. Traceability: Is One Standard the Cure?

02/12. Group Calls on FSIS to Ban 6 More E. coli Strains

02/12. Chicago Man Sues Over Salami Illness

02/12. Sask. university listeria experiments probed

02/12. Listeria ends lunches for Cleveland-area seniors

02/12. NJ spice company is named in lawsuit involving national salmonella outbreak

02/12. Hurd responds to CBS antibiotic allegations, Part II

02/12. Jolley: Five Minutes With Harlan Clemmons & The Irradiated Food Question

02/12. Acrylamide Formation Higher In Dry Fat-Rich Foods: Study

02/12. New Study Confirms Bisphenol A Link To Heart Disease

02/12. FDA Commissioner Lays Out “New Approach” To Safety Of Imported Foods And Drugs


02/11. Antibiotics experts take issue with CBS News report

02/11. Peanut research helps allergy

02/11. Cattle Feeding: Botulism- The Deadly Toxin Of Inadequate Fermentation

02/11. Bill in GA House would Legalize Raw Milk

02/11. Preview of Target 12: Deli Dangers

02/11. China: Vegetable tests show pesticides

02/11. Farm to fork traceability 'impossible' claims food safety expert

02/11. Japan, China discuss food safety

02/11. Key Facts Disagree with CBS Evening News

02/11. NAIS Dead, Food Safety Not A Goal

02/11. State urges food allergy safety in restaurants

02/11. China Launches Food Safety Commission

02/11. Denmark's Case for Antibiotic-Free Animals

02/11. Animal Antibiotic Overuse Hurting Humans?

02/11. Mercury found in canned tuna samples

02/11. The Fake-Food Detectives


02/10. USDA Unveils Food Safety Initiatives

02/10. Chinese dairies shut down on melamine discovery

02/10. Food Safety & Organic Management

02/10. India Suspends Introduction of GM Crop

02/10. New Item on Pediatric Menu: Food Allergy

02/10. Scientists close in on easing peanut allergies

02/10. Biological Risks of Eating Reptiles

02/10. Editorial: McKillip's raw milk bill is better choice

02/10. Ensuring safety of all foodstuffs an Olympic task

02/10. USDA Announces School Lunch Food-Safety Initiatives

02/10. Food safety regulations eat away at small farmer wallets

02/10. Find source of contaminated meat, safety experts urge

02/10. Heavyweight commission highlights China's determination to ensure food safety

02/10. China declares new national food-safety campaign

02/10. Lawmaker introduces bill to legalize raw milk in Georgia

02/10. Brunei: Food safety serious global concern, says minister

02/10. Singapore: State coroner records misadventure in rojak poisoning deaths


02/09. Bill Looks At Food Allergy Awareness

02/09. The great food allergy myth: Many are just fantasies that can wreck the way you eat and end up giving you a REAL illness

02/09. Susceptibility & Antibiotic Resistance

02/09. Family Fights To Make Food Safer Following Salmonella Outbreak

02/09. USA - More money wasted on research instead of improving procedure

02/09. Alberto's license suspended until Wednesday

02/09. India Rejects First GM Vegetable, Hampering Monsanto Expansion

02/09. India: Merchants oppose Food Safety Act

02/09. Global Food Safety Conference Wrap-Up

02/09. China calls for checks amid milk scare

02/09. China vows new food safety campaign

02/09. Pet-food-poisoning perpetrators receive probation


02/08. USDA to Develop New Framework for Animal Disease Traceability

02/08. French dismiss bisphenol A studies but highlight ‘warning signs’

02/08. Congress urged to research antibiotic use in cattle

02/08. If I’d only known then what I know now

02/08. Meat Industry Braces for CBS Antibiotics Series

02/08. Food intolerance: the new epidemic?

02/08. Area schools take more precautions for kids with food allergies

02/08. New reporting requirements for adulterated food

02/08. Is deer corn a quail killer?


02/07. Could cows hold the cure for Crohn's?

02/07. Australia: Beef imports from BSE nations not traced

02/07. China threatens world health by unleashing waves of superbugs

02/07. Dubai: Food Safety Conference programmes to focus on inspection system and legislation

02/07. Tax Incentives for Food Safety

02/07. Ferreting Out the Truth about Food Safety

02/07. New methods aim to keep E. coli in beef lower all year

02/07. Mobile Lab Tests Food Safety in the Field

02/07. Food safety requires cooperation

02/07. China Finds 170 More Tons of Tainted Milk Powder

02/07. School Lunch Safety Initiative Launched


02/05. Manufacturers lack sufficient product recall cover

02/05. Meat irradiation petition on hold as parties blame each other

02/05. Lack of Visibility + Product Recall = Perfect Disaster

02/05. Beef, cattle groups not waiting for CBS series to lobby antibiotics

02/05. Program Emphasizes Hand Washing

02/05. U.S. Marshals Raid Wisconsin Warehouse

02/05. US Cuts Animal-Tracking Plan Created After Mad Cow

02/05. Dead iguanas may prove fatal to dogs, vets warn

02/05. Why Is It So Difficult to Eradicate Salmonella?

02/05. Researcher Faults US Bureaucracy In Vaccine Holdup

02/05. USDA Announces Food Safety Initiatives for School Lunch and Other Food and Nutrition Assistance Programs

02/05. Ammonia-Treated Beef In School Lunches

02/05. UPDATED: Study finds bacteria in bagged salads

02/05. White House budget’s proposed user fees concern industry

02/05. How Virulent Food-Borne Bacteria Listeria Monocytogenes Induces Infected Immune Cells to Sabotage Their Own Defensive Response

02/05. FDA Wants $4 Billion to Overhaul Medical Device, Food Safety Monitoring

02/05. PREDICT

02/05. PREDICT Increases Imported Food Safety

02/05. Russian President signed Food Safety Doctrine decree

02/05. Inspections Reveal Harmful Drugs In Ohio Meat

02/05. Burger King faces lawsuit after worker spit in food

02/05. FDA Outreach in Latin America, Part II

02/05. Why Kraft's Opposition to Food Safety Fees is Brain-Dead Politics

02/05. Fresh Talk Blog Donna Garren on the Global Food Safety Initiative

02/05. China jails food safety campaigner

02/05. USDA tightens requirements to assure school lunch safety

02/05. Tests show bagged greens in Oregon, elsewhere have bacteria

02/05. Hidden Risks in Syria - Polluted [Irrigation] Water Causes Food Poisoning

02/05. UK: New resources for national food hygiene rating scheme early adopters

02/05. Tainted milk shows China's food safety challenges

02/05. U.S.D.A. Plans to Drop Program to Trace Livestock


02/04. United States Seizes more than 1500 Cases of Food from Wisconsin Distribution Warehouse

02/04. More Salami/Pepper Salmonella News: Where is the contaminated pepper?

02/04. FDA Outreach in Latin America, Part I

02/04. WA to Ban BPA in Food Containers for Kids

02/04. Scientists: Reduce, don't ban, antibiotics

02/04. Sweden: Listeria Bacteria In Coop Salmon Recall

02/04. Report: Zoonoses & foodborne outbreaks in the EU

02/04. Mobile Food Safety

02/04. Tainted milk resurfaces in China, pointing to perennial food safety challenges

02/04. Oysters, a Simple Food with a Complicated History


02/03. EFSA to convene bisphenol A summit

02/03. USDA’s Mande calls for earlier pathogen intervention, better testing

02/03. 1,636,000 Pounds of Beef Recalled since November due to E. coli O157:H7

02/03. Obama Boosts FDA Food Safety in FY2011 Budget

02/03. PRC on Mission to Destroy Melamine-Milk

02/03. Haggling over haggis

02/03. Seafood Processors Have HACCP Issues

02/03. Indian herb preparation prevents diarrhea

02/03. Controlling pathogens becomes a priority

02/03. Latest Salmonella Infections Final Nail For Nature's Fare Restaurant

02/03. Oregon victims in peanut-related salmonella case will get payout

02/03. China To Rectify Issues With Unsafe Food Products

02/03. Raw cookie dough's emotional appeal

02/03. Salami Food Poisoning Lawsuits Filed as FDA Links Salmonella to Pepper


02/02. Did science change overnight?

02/02. Questions Linger in PCA Salmonella Case

02/02. Peanut Outlook: Impacts of the 2008-09 Foodborne Illness Outbreak Linked to Salmonella in Peanuts

02/02. Marler Clark Clients to Share in $12 Million Settlement against Peanut Corporation of America

02/02. UK caterer to pay 415000 pounds over egg allergy death

02/02. USDA: 'Referee a Safe Super Bowl Party'

02/02. CFIA Announces New Food Safety Regulations for Horses

02/02. Consumer Reports: Packaged Salad Can Contain High Levels of Bacteria

02/02. Groups urge Senate action on food safety

02/02. Federal budget proposal boosts food safety, biodefense

02/02. China: Inspectors sent to provinces for food safety

02/02. China Launches Emergency Sweep for Tainted Milk


02/01. Campylobacteriosis and Salmonella cases fall in EU

02/01. Nanotech risk assessment bill introduced in US

02/01. An historical perspective for the new undersecretary for food safety

02/01. Bioniche E. coli O157:H7 Vaccine Recognized In Prestigious Scientific Journal

02/01. Should We Care About Genetically Modified Foods?

02/01. Impacts of the 2008-09 Foodborne Illness Outbreak Linked to Salmonella in Peanuts

02/01. Salinas Valley, Leafy Green Vegetables, and E. coli

02/01. FBD: Number of food-borne outbreaks in the EU falls

02/01. Pathogens in some restaurant milk in Spain

02/01. Raw Milk Farmer Takes Stand Against FDA

02/01. Mande Warns About Pathogens Off Radar

02/01. Georgia: Food safety improvements slow in coming

02/01. AB SCIEX Technology Helping to Achieve New Food Safety Standards in India

02/01. Food Companies Face Fees Under Obama Budget Proposal

02/01. National Jewish Health researchers discover how virulent bacteria

02/01. China Signs Food Safety Agreement With Japan

02/01. Is Your Food Poisoning You?


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