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Operations Manager - Food Safety Net Services
Fresno, CA; Atlanta, GA







JOB SUMMARY                           Salary Range:  $50,000-$60,000/year

(Opportunities available in Fresno, CA; Atlanta, GA; and Phoenix, AZ)


Responsible for management of daily laboratory operations consisting primarily of the execution of microbiological and chemical methods, including techniques, processes, quality control, and interpretation  in a commercial laboratory operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Specifically, including:

1.    Maintain and execute proficiency and quality control processes and records.

2.    Manage the execution of all daily operations in the laboratories.

3.    Provide unsurpassed customer service.

4.    Work and interact with other departments such as science/technical, human resources, accounting, and IT. 

Reports to the Laboratory Manager and has frequent contact with the laboratory client base as well as Quality Assurance/Master Trainer, and other corporate support functions.


1.    Manage all daily operations in the laboratories. Manage laboratory operations to maintain quality and efficiency:

1.    Ensure all laboratory day-to-day execution is consistent and in adherence with FSNS’ standard of operations for all microbiological, chemical and nutritional label testing. Approximately, 60% in laboratory supervision and 40% office time.

2.    Effectively execute enhancements to profitability, productivity, and efficiencies throughout the laboratory. Identify bottlenecks in the laboratory to improve overall efficiency.

3.    Partner with Laboratory Manager in meeting operations budgets and satisfactory “FSNS Operations Balance Scorecard” metrics.

4.    Partner with Laboratory Manager to hire, train, engage, empower, and develop all laboratory team members in accordance with FSNS standard of operations; including interviewing, orientation, position specific training, performance reviews, career development, method quarterly training, succession planning, etc. in a matter that promotes high quality, integrity, teamwork and a sense of urgency. Develop training processes and cross train employees, as needed.

5.    Oversight and preparation of scheduling laboratory labor and workflow within the laboratory. Proper placement of laboratory personnel to ensure efficiency and staff success.

6.    Master all positions within the laboratory.

7.    Participate in generating final report summaries for shelf-life evaluations and food borne illness projects, as required.

2.    Maintain and execute proficiency and quality control processes and records in all laboratories.

1.    Maintain “unequivocal technical/scientific standards” in the laboratory.

2.    Manage the ethical execution of sample traceability, including but not limited to all documentation (paper and Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS)), and methodology and maintenance in accordance with FSNS expectations. This includes ensuring the technical accuracy and quality, of laboratory results and final report generation as well as daily execution of sound microbiological and chemical techniques.  Authority to approve final analytical reports and stop delivery of results based on abnormal values.

3.    Work with Quality Assurance/Master Trainer to ensure laboratory execution is in compliance with regulatory and accreditation requirements, including but not limited toISO/IEC 17025; FSIS; AMS; VASP; USDA; ASTA check sample program, and ADAC, API, FSNS and customer programs.

4.    Successful completion of all internal and external proficiency testing.

5.    Participate in the execution of

6.    Alert Laboratory Manager of need for repair services for malfunctioning equipment and non-compliance of supplies and reagents.

7.    Be proficient in the practical applications of vendor test kits, method validation, competitors’ methods, and industry regulations.

8.    Independently pursue and have a working knowledge of processes, procedures, or techniques in accordance with the Food Safety Net Services Methods Manual, Quality Manual, Chemical Hygiene Plan, Safety Manual, and approved laboratory procedures.

9.    Authority to write and deliver performance reviews in collaboration with the Laboratory Manager.

10. Periodically review and visually audit laboratory staff and processes to ensure compliance with methods and FSNS standard operating procedures.

3.    Provide unsurpassed customer service.

1.    Manage sample and testing flow to meet customers’ individual specifications and turnaround time deadlines.

2.    Communicate directly with laboratory client base, particularly in relation to test results and individualize customer needs and meet with customers in person as necessary or as requested by Business Development Managers.

3.    Approve Pathogen Log entries.

4.    Isolate needs for any retests of client samples based on quality control concerns or abnormal results.

5.    Maintain a high degree of technical competence by reading scientific journals, attending professional workshops, and being aware of food industry issues and trends.

4.    Work and interact with other departments such as science/technical, human resources, accounting, and IT.



·         Perform other duties as assigned.

·         Participate in non-routine projects as delegated by the Laboratory Manager.


Directly supervises team leaders and employees. Carries out all responsibilities in accordance with the organization's policies, standard operating procedures, and best practices. Ensures compliance with all applicable laws and regulations at all times. Responsibilities includes interviewing, hiring, training and mentoring employees; evaluate performance of assigned personnel, monitor performance action plans for employees, improve operational efficiencies by focusing on customer service and maximizing production and profit;  will direct work flow; maintain harmony in the workplace and professional business demeanor at all times.




·         BS degree in Microbiology, Chemistry, Food Technology, or related field.

·         Post Graduate degree or graduate level courses in Microbiology, Chemistry, Food Technology, or related field preferred.

·         Experience in a microbiological and/or chemical testing environment.

·         Three years’ experience in a commercial food-testing laboratory.

·         Or equivalent combination of education and experience.


Please apply online at

For questions, please contact Michelle Matthews

199 W. Rhapsody

San Antonio, TX 78216

210-308-0675 x231


Food Safety Net Services is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer including Women, Minorities, Protected Veterans, and Individuals with Disabilities.







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