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02/29. Food Safety Official's Ties to Monsanto Spur Petition for Ouster

02/29. Avoid high-risk foods, food-safety expert recommends

02/09. Hundreds of Dallas restaurants not inspected in years; broken system leaves food safety gap

02/29. Funding boost for technologies to rapidly detect food pathogens

02/29. EU conference aims to challenge food crime 'phenomenon'

02/29. Basic Information about Water Security

02/28. Higher BPA Levels Increase to Heart Disease Risk

02/28. Three-quarters of carbendazim-tested OJ shipments enter the US - FDA

02/27. Drinking green tea protective against lead poisoning

02/27. Six State Outbreak of Shiga Toxin-producing E. coli O26 Infections Linked to Raw Clover Sprouts

at Jimmy John's Restaurants


02/24. Expert urges farmers to take lead on food safety

02/24. Back to basics to tackle coming shortage of food safety auditors

02/23. Got (raw) milk? Think twice before serving it

02/23. Love you, honey

02/23. 134 arrested in China in continued 'gutter oil' crackdown

02/22. Six steps to create your own organic permaculture garden

02/22. Pasteurizing Almonds With Infrared Heat

02/21. Wisconsin Warns Of Castle Rock Unpasteurized Milk

02/21. GreenSpace: Labeling the modified foods

02/21. U.S. meat supply widely contaminated with mad cow disease prions

02/21. EU: Food safety authority urges sprout safety notification

02/21. FDA to review safety of inhalable caffeine

02/21. APNewsBreak: FDA to probe safety of inhalable caffeine, which is sold as a dietary supplement

02/20. Exposure to Nanoparticles in Foods May Harm Health

02/20. US and China Sign 5 Year Ag Agreement on Food Safety, Security

02/20. Arsenic fears sparks call for ORBS limits in organic foods

02/20. Questions & Answers About Dioxins and Food Safety

02/20. Rice-sweetened baby formula may contain arsenic: U.S study


02/16. Wash your hands of these food safety 'facts'

02/16. Tainted sprouts again linked to Jimmy John's

02/16. UK meat processor found guilty of cold chain violation

02/16. Investigation of Multistate Outbreak of E. coli O26 Infections Likely Linked to Consumption of Raw Clover Sprouts

02/16. Coalition finds BPA in baby food, launches effort to further curb chemical's use in Maine

02/16. U.S. Food Recalls Skyrocketed at End of 2011, ExpertRECALL Index Shows

02/16. Feds shut down Amish farm for selling fresh milk

02/14. Renowned 'Standard Methods´ Water Manual Updated, 22nd Edition Now Available

02/14. New Rapid Analysis of Foodborne Pathogens

02/14. 'No reports of injury' says Fonterra after massive butter recall

02/13. Caterers reminded of the dangers of Ecoli

02/13. Tests find mold, fecal bacteria in children's lunch boxes


02/10. CDC Criticized For Outbreak Reporting Policy

02/10. New bill would limit arsenic and lead in juices

02/10. Sainsbury's changes food freezing advice in bid to cut food waste

02/10. World Consumers Doubtful About Food Safety, UL Study Finds

02/10. Congressman Frank Pallone (D-NJ) and Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) Fight to Protect Children from

Arsenic in Apple Juice

02/09. China's Li Urges Tough Food-Safety Rules as Guangzhou Tests Eggs

02/09. Quality assurance in food processing industry

02/09. Reminding Canadians of the Importance of Food Safety for Older Adults

02/09. Movie-theater food: A scary story

02/09. Consumer Groups Petition FDA to Ban GE Salmon as an Unsafe Food Additive;

Groups Say Fish Couldn't Pass Proper Review

02/09. Junk food plentiful at nation's elementary schools despite anti-obesity campaigns, study finds

02/08. Food irradiation standard addresses processing and packaging issues

02/08. Hard-boiled eggs recalled across 34 US states over Listeria fears

02/08. Brazil trade body questions carbendazim double standards after US OJ breaches import limit

02/07. Whole-genome sequencing of 2011 E. coli outbreaks in Europe provides new insight

02/06. Japanese dairy firms address consumer radiation concerns

02/06. Keller Rohrback L.L.P. Announces Investigation of Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Taco Bell Chain

02/06. Latest illnesses point to raw milk's popularity

02/06. Organic foods-need for a new approach


02/02. IFT Submits Comments on Sodium Reduction Initiatives

02/02. EFSA Re-evaluates Safety of Food Additives

02/01. FDA Seeks Permanent Injunction Against NY Cheese Maker

02/01. Social media could enhance foodborne outbreak detection - report

02/01. Urgent overhaul of bisphenol A regs needed to protect public - report

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