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Food Safety Manager - Irvington, NY


Irvington, NY, USA | 02/20/15 | Full Time


Responsible for leading food safety projects and initiatives for Planet Organic Markets.  Administer all food safety and sanitation activities in compliance with established laws, regulations, and corporate policies and procedures; maintaining a safe food and a healthful environment for all customers, employees and vendors.

·         Perform as the primary lead in food safety under the direction of Operations assisting in food safety projects and strategy.
·         Provide leadership for assigned corporate food safety initiatives.  Coach, facilitate, collaborate and deliver results in accordance with the project deliverables.
·         Must be aligned with Natural Markets Food Group regarding strategies and tactics and understanding food safety and quality assurance.
·         Conduct frequent and unscheduled food safety and sanitation visits to stores with particular emphasis on those locations with below average food safety survey results, potential evidence of safety problems, guest complaints, regulatory action, history of non-compliance or referral by other company employees or management.  Review visit findings with key store personnel and provide assistance to correct deficient conditions. Communicate findings to Operations for follow-up and support, as needed.
·     ·         Monitor third-party sanitation providers in their day-to-day services to stores, communicating to them store needs for training, supplies and service. Implement plans to address noted deficiencies to ensure compliance with Company policies and applicable health regulations.
·         Monitor and assist stores to comply with local, state and federal food safety and health standards, including personal hygiene and hand washing, temperature control of potentially hazardous foods, cross contamination control, pest control and chemical use training.
·         Develop and deliver food safety and sanitation training to employees as required by Local/State Regulations.
·         Monitor and assist with food safety and sanitation training programs and on-the-job training of new employees with respect to food safety and sanitation policies and procedures.  Determine need for additional or renewed training, considering changes in cleaning programs or equipment, new health regulations or concerns, and repeat inspection deficiencies or lack of ability to demonstrate required knowledge.

·         Bachelor’s degree in public health, environmental health, food science, or equivalent preferred.  Previous experience or education in food handling, sanitation, or public health preferred.  Familiarity with retail grocery operations preferred.  Must obtain all professional licensure required by local law or regulation.
·         Must possess leadership ability to motivate others to achieve desired results.  Deal effectively with a wide variety of people on a daily basis.
·         Strong analytical skills required for data interpretation and analysis.  Computer skills in word-processing and spread sheet software preferred.
·         Possess excellent communication skills, including verbal and written plus the ability to speak effectively before groups.  Must be able to interface effectively with a wide variety of personnel.  Possess ability to communicate concepts, systems, procedures, etc., in a training environment.

·         Transformational Leader

o    Owner, thinks like its “their company”, loves this lifestyle

o    Leads Change through process, communication and most importantly by example

o    Evangelist – speaks the vision, to everyone and very often

·         Builds and Leads Great Teams

o    Attracts great people, spots the best easily, people want to work for them

o    Develops the bench

o    Raises the bar on performance and celebrates the wins

·         Figures It Out

o    Always learning, loves getting smart on a topic, intellectually curious

o    Proven technical/functional leader, can crack the code quickly

o    Strategic Visionary, obsessed with trend, detail and what it “could be”

·         Gets It Done

o    Fast answer, right answer

o    Prioritizes to win, knows the “need” to do’s vs the “nice” to do’s

o    Understands the ROI and makes decisions using analytics and financial data

If the prospect of helping to create an exceptional customer experience while improving your knowledge on healthy living, you will love us! We are obsessed with our products, our customers and the benefits that organic foods deliver to the earth, our communities and the planet.
Why we do what we do:
Love the Lifestyle

·         We are consumed with our products: the taste, the benefits to ourselves and to the earth

·         We choose to work at Mrs. Green’s because it is part of our lifestyle, not just a job

·         We apply what we learn about our products each day to ourselves as well as our customers

Learn & Teach

·         As associates we learn new things about our products and we teach our customers not only “what” we sell but “why” we sell it

·         Our favorite thing to say is, “Did you know that..?

·         We commit to learning new things every day to make ourselves and our customers better at making healthy choices for themselves and their families

Laugh & Live Healthy

·         Our commitment to our customers is to make every visit to Mrs. Green’s an awesome one, every time

·         We strive to make our customers smile (or even laugh) and truly be glad they came

·         Have fun


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