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UK: Imported dried figs from Turkey and aflatoxin testing


03/31. AMI Tells Ag Secretary It Opposes Expansion of FSIS E. coli

03/31. FSIS begins posting salmonella performance results

03/31. Hepatitis in Idaho and Ohio in the News

03/31. Pasteurization Nation

03/31. Health alert issued due to possible salmonella contamination

03/31. Stopping Salmonella in Wales

03/31. US regulators to consult public over E. coli concerns

03/31. Industry lobbyists and White House try to keep food safety a

03/31. Guangdong food safety watchdog warns against tainted dairy p

03/31. State's Food Safety Division demands top quality standards

03/31. Food Supply Safe with Room for Improvement

03/31. Yum! China Releases Food Safety White Book

03/31. Japan Tobacco executives to take pay cuts over food poisonin

03/31. Put out to pasteurize


03/28. FSIS to Host Public Meeting to Discuss Challenges and Soluti

03/28. Italy avoids EU Mozzarella ban

03/28. NZ: Distributor fined for selling salmonella-infected food

03/28. French minced meat batch infected with E.coli

03/28. USDA may broaden scope of meats deemed adulterated by E. col

03/28. USDA reconsidering retailer disclosure in Class II, III reca

03/28. USDA lists school districts that received recalled beef

03/28. Food safety worries makes consumers label-savvy

03/28. Food safety is a right, not a privilege says watchdog

03/28. Leading US Supermarket Chain Selects MetricStream for Food S

03/28. Sushi chefs warn on side-effects of raw fish boom

03/28. UPDATE: Italy To Recall Possibly Contaminated Mozzarella


03/27. Update on emergency measures on Chinese rice products

03/27. News briefs: Chocolate, nut and cracker recalls

03/27. Salmonella Litchfield and Cantaloupe: What Can Consumers Rea

03/27. Salmonella and Cantaloupe: What Can Consumers Really Do?

03/27. Raw Milk: To Drink or Not to Drink

03/27. Fatal diseases conference begins

03/27. Law firm announces plans to sue over salmonella outbreak

03/27. Honduras sends top ministers to Washington to lobby against

03/27. Canada: Black pepper may contain salmonella bacteria

03/27. Meat Wagon: Waste makes haste

03/27. Cargill agrees to joint food safety training program in Chin

03/27. Feeding dried distillers grains does not increase E. coli in

03/27. Salmonella Strains In Humans Distinct From Strains In Animal

03/27. NZ: Fresh-produce study targets global bug surge

03/27. Belgium up checks on Italian mozzarella in dioxin scare: off

03/27. Keep 'chlorine chickens' out of Europe

03/27. Hort growers' safety program endorsed

03/27. NZ: Food Safety Review Lacks True Independence

03/27. Fresh Express food safety specialist dies

03/27. Produce Safety and Security International, Inc. Provides Cos

03/27. Australia: Editorial: No need to rush into honey trap

03/27. UK: Farmers don't mince words

03/27. Many young adults take chances with food safety

03/27. Pittsburgh Family Finds Buckshot In Ribs From Wal-Mart

03/27. UPDATE: EU: Could Ban Mozzarella Unless Gets Info

03/27. USDA Might Limit Meat Recall Information


03/26. Meiji recalls GM sweetener in Japan

03/26. Researchers validate process for small jerky processors to f

03/26. Italy's 'Mad Buffalo' cheese disease

03/26. Canada’s food not the safest in the world: prof

03/26. PURAC helps to control Listeria in Food Products

03/26. Group releases list of "foul fowl" facilities

03/26. Welsh salmonella programme

03/26. April 9 Public Meeting to Seek E. coli O157:H7 Solutions

03/26. Small may not be beautiful

03/26. India: Activists concerned over GM crop safety

03/26. Nashville Convention Center Fails Food Safety Inspection

03/26. IT Force provides helpdesk for Food Safety Authority

03/26. EU Seeks Urgent Info From Italy Amid Mozzarella Scare


03/25. Research focuses on hog plant holding pens to reduce salmone

03/25. Castleberry's expects restart

03/25. Town set to clean pipelines

03/25. E. coli victims need isolating

03/25. Alert over French E.coli meat sales

03/25. Honduras wants compensation for melons that sickened U.S., C

03/25. Parents, scientists question safety of commonly used plastic

03/25. Korea to step up food safety efforts

03/25. Cargill launches food safety programme with China

03/25. Bahrain: 43 food outlets closed

03/25. Beef recall case: Cattle abuse wasn't a rare occurrence


03/24. Sausage-maker shuttered for selling poached meat

03/24. Inspectors didn't catch cattle abuse in California

03/24. Concerns raised over pork handling

03/24. Got Raw Milk?

03/24. NZ: Bugs in leafy veges cause safety concern

03/24. Honduras dismisses U.S. cantaloupe warning

03/24. Pennsylvania improves job it's doing on restaurant inspectio

03/24. You May Already Be Eating Nanoparticles

03/24. Beef Jerky Safety Boosted Simply: Heat For Longer To Kill Sa

03/24. How HIV Turns Food-poisoning Into Lethal Infection

03/24. Slaughterhouse Worker Gets Six Months in Jail


03/21. Rapid Typing of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy Stra

03/21. Spotting A Food Allergy

03/21. What Is The Life Cycle Of Salmonella Like In The Internal Or

03/21. Researchers Boost Beef Jerky Safety

03/21. Schools fail test on food safety

03/21. Lawson Software launches new software to improve food safety

03/21. Chinese export food factories open to Japanese media after d

03/21. Raw milk dairies win latest battle over state bacteria stand


03/20. Control of Hepatitis A by Universal Vaccination of Adolescents

03/20. 'Downer' bill introduced by Sen. Diane Feinstein

03/20. Applied Biosystems expands food testing presence

03/20. USDA says more tainted beef likely

03/20. UK: E.coli firm’s staff weren’t told of hygiene issues

03/20. UK: E.coli inquiry's 'horrific' news

03/20. New Web Site and Video Introduce Hand Sanitizing System

03/20. FDA lax in spinach safety, U.S. government report says

03/20. Applied Biosystems Responds to Global Challenge of Food Safe

03/20. Hong Kong: 99.5% of food passes safety tests

03/20. Sanitation Solution for Raw Coffee and Coco Beans

03/20. S. Korea: Going 'China-Free' Cannot Solve Problems

03/20. Visit by the Legislative Council Panel on Food Safety and En

03/20. Outdated safety processes contribute to rising public concer

03/20. Produce food safety leaders to speak April 4 at PMA’s Consum

03/20. Food makers say won't overreact to safety scares

03/20. Australia: Limit put on cyanide in vegie chips


03/19. USDA CONSUMER ALERT: Keeping Food Safe During An Emergency

03/19. Flies and Salmonella: A Bad Combo in Poultry Houses

03/19. Thermal processing of RTE meat short course planned

03/19. Milliken, G&K To Supply BioSmart™ Textiles To Food Servi

03/19. Superbug found in Canadian pork products

03/19. UK: E.coli inquiry: Softly, softly approach defended

03/19. Leafy Veggie Contamination Rate Rising

03/19. FDA report revealed consumers are not behind clones

03/19. Applied Biosystems responds to global challenge of food safe

03/19. Food safety system near "breaking point": FDA


03/18. Monthly report of specified risk material and other BSE control breaches

03/18. Critics say "don't test, don't find" is rule for mad cow

03/18. Seafood exporters told that NZ waters are botulism bacteria free

03/18. What is the life cycle of salmonella enteritidis like in the

03/18. UK: Children at NI nursery tested for E.coli

03/18. UK: 'Light touch' at E.coli abattoir

03/18. Grocery Group Lobbied on Food Safety

03/18. NZ: Study reveals high rate of stomach upsets


03/17. Allergen-free: time for clarity

03/17. Legislators pose animal handling legislation

03/17. Listeria in the News

03/17. More Money For Food Safety?

03/17. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Finds Fault

03/17. New Insights Into Mad Cow Disease: Diversity Of Creutzfeldt-

03/17. EU: Tender: support for surveillance of enteric pathogens

03/17. UK: Viewpoint: Beating the E.coli bug

03/17. E.coli abattoir 'was UK's worst'

03/17. USDA resists deep changes to meat, poultry rules

03/17. Food-borne Illnesses From Leafy Greens on Rise in U.S.

03/17. UK: Inn the Park restaurant fined for breaching food safety

03/17. EFSA: Call for food safety experts

03/17. Food additive study 'inconclusive'

03/17. Raw milk law eased


03/14. UK: Board agreement on Scores on the Doors

03/14. More people likely to accept nano than GM, say researchers

03/14. FSIS acts on US meat scares

03/14. Raw milk camembert poses safety concern says manufacturer

03/14. A Fingerprint of S. Enteritidis Reveals its True Nature

03/14. Researchers confirm virulence differences in E coli O157:H7

03/14. Wis. Family Sues Minnesota Meat Company

03/14. E. coli found in tests on beef at Guelph packing plant

03/14. Risky cattle use needs tough penalty -US lawmakers

03/14. NZFSA urged to admit it erred on milk safety

03/14. Castleberry's canned goods on hold at Augusta plant

03/14. Support, explanation given for USDA's actions in beef recall

03/14. Lockhart Family Finds Bullet In Rump Roast

03/14. Donair safety report on way

03/14. China to use GPS to monitor transport, store of Olympic food

03/14. Report slams FDA inaction after inspections

03/14. EU body doubts food additives' impact on children

03/14. US: Farmers who sell seasonal crops need food safety trainin

03/14. Report: Minnesota ranks high for food poisoning

03/14. California Listed As Dangerous Place To Eat Out

03/14. Butler Co. dairy's raw milk tests positive for bacteria

03/14. Sioux City firm's irradiated food passes test

03/14. Irradiated spinach passes a taste test


03/13. Safer food means better business in Wales

03/13. Senators Call For Stiffer Slaughterhouse Penalties

03/13. Penn Ag Dept Warns Consumers of Tainted Raw Milk

03/13. Lawmakers deliver taste test on irradiated spinach

03/13. UK: GP unaware E.coli outbreak had been declared

03/13. Lawmakers scrutinize state leafy greens pact

03/13. Eating out? First take a look at sites' inspections online

03/13. Chino meat plant owner testifies before Congress, admits bre

03/13. Too little testing for mad cow, critics say Recall Renews Ma

03/13. Bart wants to know more about food irradiation

03/13. Harris County Puts Restaurant Report Cards Online

03/13. USDA Creates New Office for Small Meat Plants

03/13. Development of European database for improved food safety

03/13. Green NGO demands nanotech legislation

03/13. Safety at spinach facilities faulted

03/13. China, Japan to exchange food safety experts

03/13. Meat Packer Admits Slaughter of Sick Cows


03/12. DuPont Qualicon to Host at Food Quality Awards

03/12. Are we 'bad science' junkies?

03/12. Free from claims misleading, says charity

03/12. India: Spices Board moves to check chilli aflatoxins

03/12. Slaughterhouse Owner Backs Off Claims

03/12. Meat Packer Admits Slaughter of Sick Cows

03/12. Chill factor: Air-chilled chicken is hot

03/12. Raw milk cheesemakers work to sustain their ways

03/12. Salmonella – A Tough Egg to Crack

03/12. Space Shuttle Studies Danger of Salmonella

03/12. LIVE FROM AMI: E. coli in 2008: Fasten your seat belts, expe

03/12. Most Virulent Enterohemorrhagic E. coli on the Rise, Phyloge

03/12. Son's Death Prompts Woman to Track Food Borne Illnesses

03/12. FDF congratulates UK FSA for food hygiene DVD

03/12. Are you going to eat that?

03/12. Green group issues warning over nanotechnology in food

03/12. Stricter Food-Safety Requirements Urged

03/12. China: MOH will oversee food, drug safety

03/12. What they didn't tell you about recent meat recall

03/12. Slaughterhouse Exec Defends Himself

03/12. For dairymen, Chino slaughterhouse an 'asset'

03/12. Private Food Standards Gain Favor


03/11. Blowtorched sheep safety testing moved forward

03/11. Introduction of cloned animals concerns interest groups

03/11. Sekiya's Restaurant & Delicatessen Linked to E. coli Out

03/11. It is still safer to eat is China - Really?

03/11. When is a Recall Not a Recall?

03/11. When the Elephants Dance


03/07. Fermenting takes the allergy out of soy: studies

03/07. USDA creates new office to reach out to small processors

03/07. Kansai customs stymie bootleggers packing pricey beef on way

03/07. USDA Won't Disclose Who Sold Recalled Beef

03/07. U.S. Humane Society Sues to Close Mad Cow Rule Loophole

03/07. Listeria found in hospital cafe

03/07. Germany: Salmonella monitoring of Pigs

03/07. Probiotics: Live organisms as feed supplements to fight Salm

03/07. Speakers urge producers to seize the agenda concerning food

03/07. Fewer Food Inspectors, More Recalls

03/07. $40 Million Food Safety Lab in Jeopardy

03/07. Japan Tobacco May Cancel Biz with Tianyang Food

03/07. Taming Food Poisoning and Bioterrorism Toxins

03/07. Sewage - Based Fertilizer Safety Doubted


03/06. Update on further research into skin on sheep meat (smokies)

03/06. Silliker acquires Portuguese company EGI

03/06. IFT issues advisory on fake 2008 Nano & Food Meeting web

03/06. U.S.D.A. announces new steps to ensure meat safety

03/06. MIT student develops process to combat antibiotic-resistant

03/06. USDA to Hallmark: We want our plaque back

03/06. Soaking spuds cuts cancer-risk chemical in chips

03/06. Soaking French fries may cut acrylamide risk

03/06. UK: Mason denied home visit three times

03/06. UK: E coli Inquiry - all Complaints to be Published

03/06. UK: Mother's anger at son's E.coli death

03/06. Lawmakers demand USDA list beef recall stores

03/06. Canadian consumers wary of food safety: focus groups

03/06. Mindanao stakeholders support Angara's unified food safety b

03/06. House Committee Subpoenas California Meat Packer

03/06. Raw-milk law enforced for 1st time


03/05. Using a model to estimate acrylamide levels in French fries

03/05. USDA Should Improve Procedures for Helping Schools Manage

03/05. California lists possible recipients of recalled Hallmark be

03/05. Back to Salt Lake City

03/05. Incredible, Hypoallergenic Egg: New Process To Help Egg-alle

03/05. Polyphenols may be the key to low acrylamide bakery

03/05. WSU prof says downer cattle need inspection

03/05. New regulations: eliminating salmonella in turkeys

03/05. Salmonella problematic in the case of fattening pigs and tur

03/05. UK: Managers 'not told about E.coli'

03/05. UK: E.coli inquiry: Communication system 'shambolic'

03/05. Federal Meat Inspectors Spread Thin as Recalls Rise

03/05. Closure orders served on two food premises last month

03/05. Philippines: DOST pushes SMEs to upgrade skills on food safe

03/05. China to Enact New Product Safety Rules

03/05. India: Food Safety Authority to be operational soon

03/05. China again vows to beef up product quality and safety stand

03/05. FDA to probe how soft cheese is made

03/05. Tracing [Recalled] Beef Supply Is Hurdle for U.S.


03/04. Online resources aim to help small processors with HACCP

03/04. More brands added to Hallmark/Westland recall, CEO to be sub

03/04. The Raw Economics Driving the Use of Downers

03/04. Little Rosemary Can Go A Long Way In Reducing Acrylamide In

03/04. USDA lab near Clay Center developing E. coli tests

03/04. UK: Councils were unaware of hygiene report

03/04. Foreign Foods Causing Foodborne Illnesses

03/04. Spokesperson: China to deal with food safety problems in res

03/04. Making food safe

03/04. Followup care suggested for food-poisoning victims

03/04. JT to raise own food production after dumpling scare

03/04. States Move to Label Cloned Food

03/04. Alternatives gain attention amid Chino abuse case

03/04. Retracing the Beef-Supply Trail


03/03. USDA and FDA Public Meeting of Codex Committee on Contaminan

03/03. Processed foods being yanked due to meat recall

03/03. HSUS kept abuse information from USDA on purpose

03/03. At least two Hallmark/Westland inspectors suspended: union

03/03. FSIS reopening comment period on salmonella initiative progr

03/03. Should ALL "Downers" be banned from the food suppl

03/03. Retailer Recall in Motion and Inspectors being Shocked

03/03. DOST man reveals presence of aflatoxin in rice, other food p

03/03. Local rice is high in aflatoxin: study


03/02. NZ Campylobacter Rates Highest In The World

03/02. Salmonella Bacteria Turned Into Cancer Fighting Robots

03/02. School Lunch at Risk for Years

03/02. UK: E.coli butcher certificates 'not checked' inquiry told

03/02. Chateau yuck: Restaurant hit with 38 food-safety violations

03/02. Not-so-fine dining cited at many top restaurants

03/02. Food additives 'probably here to stay': expert


03/01. Study examines world perceptions of U.S. beef

03/01. FDA chief urges quick congressional action on food safety po

03/01. A scrambled mess of food safety agencies

03/01. Kosher firm fails on food safety

03/01. US lawmakers demand further food safety measures

03/01. Food-Safety Violations, Tyson Plant Closing, Beef Recall

03/01. U.S. food safety policy faulted

03/01. Rise of food-borne illness belies official outlook


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