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03/31. Polyphenols could lead to allergen-free peanut butter: study

03/31. N.C.C. critical of research linking flies to antibiotic resistance

03/31. Marsden addresses E. coli spike

03/31. FSIS to focus on retailers to improve meat safety

03/31. First Lawsuit in Salmonella-Tainted Sprout Outbreak To Be Filed by Marler Clark

03/31. Czechs confirm BSE case, will cull around 200 cows

03/31. Oklahoma Restaurant Linked to Historic E. coli Outbreak is Sued

03/31. Foodborne Illness Litigation: Manage Your Risk From Day One

03/31. Police arrest 9 in tainted Chinese pork scandal

03/31. Raw milk debate rekindling in Missouri Legislature


03/30. A look at the Food Saftey Bills in Congress HR 875 and HR 759

03/30. Over at Crooks and Liars – More on Food Safety and HR 875

03/30. Myths & Facts About HR 875 – The Food Safety Modernization Act

03/30. Local/Organic Farming: Part of the Solution, Not Part of the Problem!

03/30. Bottled water producers dismiss hormone mimic claim

03/30. Report calls for food safety system reform

03/30. Consumer confidence in supermarket food-safety slips


03/29. No evidence eating, handling M.R.S.A.-tainted food ups human risk

03/29. USDA official sums up FSIS targets for 2009

03/29. Listeria testing rules don’t go far enough: Food expert

03/29. More Changes Needed in Food Safety Audits

03/29. Check Out Line: Supermarket food vs. restaurant fare

03/29. Dirty Dining: Seafood safety questioned

03/29. FDA issues peanut safety guidelines

03/29. Experts Call for Food-Safety Czar


03/27. Low risk of MRSA contamination from food, says EFSA

03/27. Kellogg CEO testifies in Salmonella hearing

03/27. U.S. bill would ban BPA; Europe and Australia find no risk

03/27. Dave Babcock – Food Traceback in USA is Worthless

03/27. New Report Calls Food Safety System Antiquated, Calls for Reform

03/27. As China grapples with food safety, consumers wonder and worry

03/27. AMI Letter To President Applauds Creation Of Food Safety Working Group

03/27. Inspector General Finds Food Safety Lapses

03/27. Trafficking in Raw Milk


03/26. Food industry 'supports sensible fees' to boost safety: GMA

03/26. Blueprint for Fixing the Food Safety System

03/26. Allergic girl’s dog protects her life from peanuts

03/26. Salmonella Evolves into Something More in Space

03/26. Researchers Warn of Bacteria Found in Desserts in Mexico

03/26. Peanut Corp.’s leaky roof a suspect in salmonella cases

03/26. FSIS Launches RSS Feeds and Twitter Presence to Enhance Food Safety Awareness

03/26. Investigators say food tracing system full of gaps

03/26. NSW restaurants forced to study food safety

03/26. CDC: Sexual Pain a Reported Symptom in Food Poisoning Outbreak

03/26. Investigators Find Source of Many Foods Untraceable


03/25. Federal inefficiency fosters seafood fraud –GAO

03/25. GMA Committed to Working with Obama Administration to Improve Food Safety

03/25. COOL rule in effect

03/25. Vibrio parahaemolyticus-killing virus identified

03/25. CFIA delays implementation of key food-testing requirement

03/25. UK: Abergavenny hotel fined £40,000 for salmonella outbreak

03/25. After salmonella, Ga. officials defend inspectors

03/25. Groups urge FDA changes to boost U.S. food safety

03/25. GAO Study Links Duty Circumvention with Evasion of Food Safety Laws

03/25. What Would a Separate Food Safety Agency Look Like?


03/24. Study of peanut allergy gets mixed reaction from parents

03/24. Many Canadians not eating Maple Leaf meats since listeriosis scare: poll

03/24. How Salmonella Survives In Environment

03/24. Tyson: Order AG to testify in lawsuit


03/23. Thermal processing short course set for March 31

03/23. United States Food Safety Legislation 2009 – Quite a lot to “chew” on!

03/23. What if Nestle Had Told the FDA?

03/23. Nestlé's Inspectors Saw Rat Droppings, Rejected Peanuts

03/23. Philippines: 2 more batches of peanut butter products positive for salmonella

03/23. Raw Milk Is Gaining Fans, but the Science Says It's Dangerous

03/23. U.S. food safety system too flawed for a quick fix

03/23. China Fires 8 Top Regulators Over Milk Scandal

03/23. Food Industry Opposes Fee for More Inspections


03/20. Kellogg CEO testifies in Salmonella hearing

03/20. ‘No Link’ Between Facts and Scares on Acrylamide

03/20. Listeria class action is before Quebec judge

03/20. Finland: Salmonella Spreads to 7 More Poultry Farms

03/20. Peanut recalls still trickling in

03/20. Stress May Encourage E. coli Illness

03/20. Canada: Food safety plan rolled out

03/20. Lawmakers Criticize Food Industry Over Inspections

03/20. Congress scolds food makers on safety lapse

03/20. House Panel Questions Industry on Food Safety

03/20. A healthy resistance to antibiotics

03/20. Bill would abolish limits on raw milk


03/19. Report published following inquiry into 2005 outbreak of E.coli in Wales

03/19. FDA to delay enhanced feed ban rule

03/19. Georgia Makes Food Safety Changes – Real or Imagined?

03/19. Salmonella Outbreak: Role of Industry in Protecting the Nation’s Food Supply

03/19. Korea Seeks New Mad Cow Disease Rating

03/19. FDA brochure warns of Salmonella from pet turtles

03/19. E. coli update: FSA to consider Pennington report

03/19. Food safety in China

03/19. Wales: Safety call after E. coli inquiry


03/18. USDA issues conditional license for cattle vaccine for E. coli

03/18. Obama in weekly address, discusses food safety, names head of FDA

03/18. F.D.A. warns processors using peanut-derived ingredients

03/18. People, pigs would be hurt by antibiotics ban: N.P.P.C.

03/18. Black Male Children Particularly at Risk for Food Allergies

03/18. US food fears in line with ‘war on terror’ concerns

03/18. Food safety bill headed for governor’s desk

03/18. Kellogg's CEO calls for major food safety reforms

03/18. Ga. moves closer to tightening food safety rules after salmonella outbreak

03/18. U.S. lawmaker blasts China food safety

03/18. Country of Origin Label Law Goes into Effect


03/17. USDA to increase ground beef sampling for E. coli

03/17. UK: DEFRA consults egg sector on salmonella enforcement rules

03/17. E. coli Vaccine for Cows

03/17. Scrutiny inconsistent in food safety

03/17. NASA Working to Better Understand Salmonella

03/17. Cows With DNA Checks Yield Old-Time Camembert


03/16. E. coli victim's mum calls for 'zero tolerance' towards rogue butchers

03/16. Final Rule for Non-Ambulatory Cattle – The Final “Downer Ban”

03/16. Food Allergy Labeling Not Always Accurate

03/16. New Therapy May Knock Out Peanut Allergy

03/16. Acrylamide not linked to endometrial cancer

03/16. Finland- Research into animal disease

03/16. Salmonella found at nine Finnish poultry farms

03/16. Debate over U.S. food safety system heats up

03/16. Obama’s edict for FDA pick: Act on food safety

03/16. Government bans `downer' cows from food supply

03/16. Obama Targets Food Safety


03/13. Judge upholds almond pasteurization law

03/13. Dueling E. coli O157:H7 Vaccines – Time to have a Vaccine-off?

03/13. Judge Rules US Almonds Must be Pasteurized

03/13. Our Pigs, Our Food, Our Health

03/13. Bill Proposes Restrictions on Raw Milk Sales

03/13. Food Safety Expert: Americans Not Aware of Ongoing Risk

03/13. Some Question Food Safety Over Potential Ag Program Cuts

03/13. Japan: Food Safety Commission says cloned meat risk-free

03/13. New Peanut Safety Guidelines set by FDA

03/13. USDA approves shot for cows aimed at E. coli

03/13. Bill Proposes Restrictions on Raw Milk Sales


03/12. UK: Dounreay restrictions to stay in place

03/12. Spotlight again on cloned animals

03/12. Obama to nominate Hamburg for FDA

03/12. Most consumers critical of U.S. food recall process: survey

03/12. MRSA - The risk to our food supply and to us

03/12. E. coli O157:H7 Testing in Raw Ground beef – Real or Imaginary Changes?

03/12. Space Research May Help Explain Salmonella Illness

03/12. Salmonella fears resonate with local residents who've suffered from food-borne

03/12. Canada: Fruit and vegetable safety program rebranded

03/12. Florida growers embrace food safety audits

03/12. A comprehensive approach to food safety needed

03/12. Food Safety: Majority of Americans Feel Industry Doesn't Do Enough

03/12. Food safety revamp on way, Obama says

03/12. Bipartisan Call for Food Safety Fixes


03/11. Dead Birds Found Across State Prompt Bird Food Recall

03/11. EFSA publishes opinion on nano risk

03/11. The missionaries


03/10. Focus on food contact surfaces, advises Canadian listeria expert

03/10. WA man files suit vs. Kellogg, claiming salmonella poisoning

03/10. USDA OKs cattle E. coli vaccine

03/10. Health Canada Releases Fact Sheets on Safe Handling of Produce

03/10. FDA seeks rapid test for Salmonella

03/10. China urged to thoroughly enforce food safety law

03/10. State starts new food-safety guidelines

03/10. Mutton suspected in food poisoning at school


03/09. FDA Warns Consumers About Potentially Contaminated Cheese

03/09. FDA Shuts Down a Flour Tortilla Manufacturer for Repeated Violations

03/09. HACCP module eases food safety compliance

03/09. Private 3rd-Party or Government Audits – Choose Your Poison

03/09. Associations Praise Food Safety Bills

03/09. China's Food Safety Comes Vice-Premier: State Media

03/09. FDA Sues Tortilla Maker for Safety Violations


03/06. New Canadian listeria rules said to lack bite for big companies

03/06. Bipartisan bill proposes more power for FDA

03/06. Consumers confident in beef safety, but not food safety

03/06. GMA Applauds Bipartisan Food Safety Proposal

03/06. Uni scientists discover fatty food allergy link

03/06. Salmonella victim's mother calls for better investigations

03/06. Inspector failed to flag salmonella-linked plant

03/06. Calif. senate holds food safety hearing

03/06. Fresno legislator helps push tougher food safety laws


03/05. Antibody breakthrough in 'mad cow disease' research
$25M Listeria lawsuit against Maple Leaf about food safety
Sen. Ted Kennedy Takes on the FDA
Laws to tackle tainted-food cases seem to lack much bite
China's new law must give courts real enforcement authority
Congressman Putnam re-introduces food safety bill
Food Safety Problems Slip Past Private Inspectors
UK: One in 20 kebabs contains food poisoning bugs

F.S.I.S. pursues performance standards for poultry processors

03/04. Food safety survey targets state programs

03/04. Food safety reform bill garnering industry backing

03/04. Peanut Recall: Many Unhappy Returns - $1 Billion in Losses

03/04. Dead Mice, Feces Found at Salmonella Plant

03/04. It’s Organic, but Does That Mean It’s Safer?


03/03. UK: Carcass of cow aged over 30 months exported without test for BSE

03/03. Bipartisan Group of Senators Introduces FDA Reform Bill

03/03. Canadian meat industry critiques CFIA Listeria draft

03/03. Food-Safety Proposal in Senate Empowers U.S. to Force Recalls

03/03. Jolley: Will There Be One Food Inspection Service?

03/03. History shows few food safety jailings

03/03. Will China's New Food Safety Laws Work?


03/02. Obama’s budget boosts FDA funding

03/02. Canada crafts more rigid Listeria policy

03/02. Non-toxic fungus may hold key to aflatoxin contamination

03/02. UK: Food scam warning for businesses

03/02. Proposed Maple Leaf Foods Settlement Inadequate–Victim

03/02. Listeria testing rules don’t go far enough: Food Expert

03/02. Salmonella Lawsuits Targeting Kellogg Company

03/02. Will tainted peanuts land anyone in jail?

03/02. Minister Wants Food Safety Task Force

03/02. Some skeptical of China's new food safety Law

03/02. Beijing Tightens Food-Safety Laws

03/02. The raw milk debate rages on


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