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Food Safety and Sanitation Manager
Confidential-Manufacturing - Long Island City, NY




Job Summary

The Food Safety and Sanitation manager is responsible for the management and improvement of all Food Safety and Sanitation activities practiced throughout the entire baking process. This includes but is not limited to Food Safety and Sanitation training for all departments, management and supervision of the sanitation staff, implementation and maintenance of our HACCP program, auditing of Quality and Food Safety practices in various processes, food safety and sanitation complaints, and the scheduling and management of all aspects of various Food Safety and Sanitation Audits and documentation. The Sanitation Manager is an integral part of the management team and works directly with the sanitation Team, the R&D Manager, and the Production, Packing, Warehouse, and Maintenance Teams. The Food Safety and Sanitation Manager will lead all departmental teams in monitoring and improving the Food Safety and Sanitation practices operating throughout the bakery.

Job Duties
-Conducts formal documented daily audits to evaluate the effectiveness of the various food safety and sanitation process controls being practiced throughout the bakery.
-Creates and implements corrective actions in response to any food safety complaints and or observed deficiencies found in the daily auditing of the various bakery ingredients, products, processes, employees, and facility.
-Solicits feedback from all departments on the effectiveness of the food safety and sanitation practices and activities.
-Makes formal reports on all Food Safety related complaints and deficiencies
Interface with Quality and Food Safety Auditors for various clients and regulatory bodies providing Food Safety evaluations and documentation when required.
-Leads and Manages HACCP program which includes all the various meetings, audits, training, exercises, and documentation process reviews.
-Works as an integral member of the management team accountable for and providing action plans and recommendations for continuous improvement in the design and implementation of food safety and sanitation practices demonstrated by each area of the bakery.
-Conducts bi-annual CGMP’s, Food Safety and Sanitation training.
-Provide clients with information and documentation related to Food Safety and Sanitation, and HACCP.
-Maintain all regulatory requirements for Food Safety and Sanitation throughout the bakery.
-Directly manages Sanitation department including scheduling, training, performance, and departmental budgets for both payroll and purchases.
-Responsible to Hold and Release products with any food safety non-conformances

Knowledge Skills & Abilities
Thorough knowledge of food safety and sanitation practices in and for the baking industry. Some familiarization with manufacturing software and other production related programs. Operational, sanitation and safety knowledge of all equipment used throughout the bakery(including mixers, proof boxes, temperature controllers, dividers, rounders, molders, silos, slicing machines , delivery vehicles etc) . Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing on all food safety and sanitation process instructions and requirements. Current requirements HACCP certification and thorough knowledge of all Food Safety and Sanitation related to all the products and bakery facility. Able to create and provide training in English and Spanish to facilitate the Food Safety and Sanitation process controls required. Have the knowledge and ability to create and provide training on all Food Safety, sanitation and HACCP related practices.

The Quality Assurance Manager will demonstrate leadership through his expertise in defining the required quality food safety and sanitation targets and processes that are required to successfully produce the desired product. This manager is a role model for other supervisors and group leaders and consistently demonstrates a high energy level, a passion and dedication to following the process, and a commitment and dedication to promoting the QUALITY and FOOD SAFETY goals defined by the company. Consistently models diplomacy and perseverance in his communications within the group and with other departments. Skilled at being able to unite and rally individuals to function as a team motivated to practice our core values while achieving all of our agreed upon Food Safety and Sanitation goals. Able to communicate clear definitions and measurable targets for all critical food safety and sanitation issues.

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:

  • Food Safety and Sanitation Supervision: 5 years

Required education:

  • Bachelor's


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