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04/30. Gov't to Consider Food Irradiation

04/30. Semifinalists Named in Government Innovations Award Program

04/30. NFPA Stresses Need for Cooperative Efforts on Food Allergen Labeling

04/30. Square-H Brands Joins Food Industry Movement to Provide Higher Quality Foods

04/29. BIZFEATURE-U.S. wheat farmers see biotech as friend and foe

04/28. 100 Tons of Ground Beef Recalled

04/27. Higher costs for cattle pressure IBP earnings

04/27. IBP Announces First Quarter Results (

04/26. FDA: Lollipop Wrappers May Be Tainted with Lead

04/26. Boston Biomedica Announces Development of Novel Sample Processing Procedure (

04/26. SureBeam to Open Its Third Electronic Pasteurization Center in Southern California

04/25. 'Immunity Challenge' for Older Americans: Take Control of Home Food Safety

04/25. School Meat Standards on Par

04/25. Gov't To Keep Strong Meat Standards

04/25. Monsanto replacing GMO canola seed in Canada

04/25. Meat Food Safety Project Strengthens Biacore's Opportunities in The Food Analysis Market

04/25. EPS from Continuing Operations Up 15 Percent, Aided by Record Nitrogen Revenue

04/24. Aventis asks for bio-corn residue limit

04/24. Aventis Asks for Bio-Corn Residue Limit

04/24. New Fruit Coating Won't Bug You

04/24. Shareholders Push Hershey to Report On Genetically Engineered Ingredients

04/24. ABC Research Corporation Announces New Test to Detect (CNST) In U.S. Meat Supply

04/23. Japan adamantly against biotech wheat - US report

04/23. Changes Fast & Furious: Promar Study Readies Food Manufacturers For Industry's Wild Ride

04/23. Canadian Firm Recalls 204,000 Lbs of Ground Beef

04/21. US Says Prepared to Negotiate with Brazil


04/20. Ecolab Unveils New estat Pest Reporting

04/20. Salmonella prevalence in meat and poultry on decline, Veneman says

04/20. Child contracts salmonella poisoning

04/20. The Legend of the Killer Lox: Seniors Are Said to Be at Extra Risk From Food-Borne Illness

04/20. CDC warns of E-coli risk at petting zoos, county fairs

04/20. E. coli warnings target kids

04/20. FSIS to sponsor conference to discuss meat and poultry product safety

04/20. USDA to Require Nutrition Labels on Some Meat...

04/20. Chief vet says foot-and-mouth crisis under control...

04/20. Bush Supporting Nutrition Labels For Ground Meat...

04/19. Oklahoma firm recalls products for possible Listeria

04/19. Salmonella Risk in U.S. Meat Continues to Decline

04/19. Get It Out, Get It Right, Get It Over! Food Institute Guide Helps Avoid Food Product Recalls

04/19. Newest Home Food Safety Study By Audits International Shows Improvement On The Decline

04/19. Scared Of Mad Cow Now?...

04/19. McDonalds feels mad-cow fever...

04/19. Geneticist proposes third way on GM crops...

04/18. U.S. Farmers Step Up Foot-Mouth Precautions

04/18. Bush Praised on Livestock Threat

04/18. Look to farms for food safety...

04/18. Fuji Natural Foods, Inc. Recalls Alfalfa Sprouts

04/18. National Advisory Committee on microbiological criteria for foods

04/17. Washington travelers are key to preventing foot and mouth disease

04/17, IAFP elects Glass as executive board secretary


04/16. Farmers urged to consider vaccination...

04/16. E. coli vs. E. coli

04/16. World Championship of Hand Hygiene To Be Held Tuesday, April 17

04/16. Genetically Modified Fish

04/16. Farmers told to step up fight against disease...

04/16. If you cant stand the meat...

04/16. Meat eaters worried, but still eating...

04/15. S.Korea Recalls U.S. Meat for Listeria Risk-Yonhap -

04/15. NFPA urges consumers to follow FDA advice on...

04/15. Food Safety Experts to address food safety...

04/15. FDA approves disclaimer for folic acid...

04/14. 14.5 Million lbs. Luncheon Meats, Hams, Sausages, Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs etc. Recalled

04/14. A Way to Prevent E. coli Illness

04/13. RELíS Foods Inc. Recalls Chicken Salad Sandwiches

04/13. Primo Hearty Soups Recalls Two Ready-To-Serve Soups

04/13. Blair fails to convince on food safety...

04/13. USDA releases rice supply/demand outlook...

04/13. Major Meat Recall...

04/13. 14.5 Million Pounds of Meat Recalled...

04/12. Water breakthrough for food safety

04/12. CDC report: Causes of food poisoning remain steady

04/12. Here are some tips for avoiding E.coli

04/12. Study Sheds Light on Carcinogen in Beef, Chicken

04/12. John F. Woodhouse Elected to Food Institute Board

04/12. Neogen Licenses Monsanto Technologies

04/12. NFPA 'Strongly Supports' Funding In FY 2002 Budget For Food Safety Programs



04/12. Japan Shuns US Corn Over GE Issue

04/12. Excel (Cargill) Beef Kills A Three Year-Old Girl in Milwaukee

04/12. Michigan Health Investigators Still Searching for E. Coli Source

04/12. Foot-And-Mouth Will Force Farmers to Leave the Land

04/12. Two more products affected by Starlink corn recall


04/11. The Worlds' Largest Food Manufacturers Will Gather in DC to Discuss Solutions to Food Safety

04/11. GMA's Molpus Lauds Funding Increase for Food Safety

04/11. A protein from cow's milk may become a weapon in the fight against the killer hamburger

04/11. IBA wins U.S. approval to irradiate pet food

04/11. Rochester Meat Co. to Evaluate Irradiation

04/11. U.S. Meat With E. Coli O157:H7 Sickens 129 in Japan

04/11. Irradiation in the production, processing and handling of food

04/11. NFPA comments regarding FDA irradiation proposal

04/11. GMA's Molpus lauds funding increase for food safety

04/11. GMO food giants unmasked...

04/11. Dairy: Cornell University takes precautions on foot-and-mouth...

04/11. Dutch foot-and-mouth spreads...

04/11. Food safety compulsory for BRL Hardy...

04/11. Food safety meeting slated for May

04/11. BSE status of Vermont sheep not determined...

04/11. FDA official seeks broad ban on animal feed...

04/11. US Senate votes to create commission on mad cow, foot/mouth diseases...

04/10. International Association for Food Protection announces three annual

04/10. Duck products recalled for possible Listeria

04/10. Scientists Uncover Break-and-Entry Strategy of Disease-Causing Bacteria

04/10. Fewer salmonella infections, but no E. coli decline

04/10. CDC report: Causes of food poisoning remain steady

04/10. Salad Safety Strategies. Sidebar: How Food Can Make You Sick

04/10. E. Coli Worries Oakland County Officials

04/10. Canada seeks ways to identify, trace GM crops

04/10. SureBeam Exits Quiet Period - Participate in Titan's Financial Outlook Conference Call -

04/10. USDA, NSF become rivals in processing equipment certification

04/10. International Association for Food Protection announces three annual

04/10. Mad cows and marketing...

04/10. Bushs USDA Budget Proposal Cuts 10 Percent for Fiscal Year 2002

04/10. Bush Seeks More Funds to Keep Out Animal Diseases...

04/09. USDA flunks on question of school food safety

04/09. Precautions taken to guard against foot-and-mouth

04/09. USDA backs irradiation, not salmonella test, for school meat

04/09. Steps to Ensure the Safety of Foods in Metal Cans

04/09. HIGHLIGHTS-Bush asks $63.25 Bln for USDA in FYO2

04/09. BOC's Expert Discusses New Cryogenic Food Freezing Technique at UK

04/09. Anatomy of an Outbreak

04/09. An Outbreak Waiting to Happen

04/09. NMA 'Disappointed' in USDA's School Lunch Salmonella Reversa

04/09. Senate Passes Bill to Fund Study of BSE, Foot-and-Mouth Prev


04/08. FDA: Food Labels Lack Allergy Warnings...

04/08. Mad cow raises awareness of another mysterious killer...

04/08. Mad cow blood risk for humans, study shows...

04/08. Experts Downplay Mad-Cow Threat...

04/07. Canada Finds First Case of 'Mad Deer' Disease in Wild


04/06. Preliminary foodnet data on the incidence of foodborne illnesses

04/06. Foot-and-mouth graphs...

04/06. U.S. Drops Plan to Scrap Beef Salmonella Tests

04/06. Plan To Ease Meat Testing Abandoned

04/06. First Food Safety Consultative Council Established

04/06. AMI issues draft revised specifications for commodity ground beef and pork

04/06. BioShield to seek EPA/FDA registration for antimicrobial technology

04/06. USDA drops proposed changes to school meat testing program

04/05. NFPA Announces Industry 'Code of Practice' for Managing Food Allergens

04/05. California Firm Recalls Duck Breast

04/05. Crash likely to reduce dairy supply

04/05. Arizona Iced Tea Potential Subject of FDA Review

04/05. WW Johnson Meat Company to Use SureBeam(R) Electronic Pasteurization System

04/05. Plan To Ease Meat Testing Abandoned

04/05. Cattlemen 'Discover' Extra $8 Million for Promotion, Research

04/05. FDA amends regulations for use of food starch...

04/05. Trying to Keep Mad Cow Disease Out of U.S...

04/05. A survey of consumer views about meat safety in the midst of the foot-and-mouth

04/05. USDA would allow irradiation of school meat...

04/05. U.S. Mad Cow Risk Eases But More Research Needed...

04/05. Cookie and Tasty Cookie Brand Cookies Recalled

04/05. Haifa Smoked Fish Inc. Recalls Cold Smoked Sea Bass

04/05. Green Kingdom Herbs Recalls 13 Varieties of Herb Products

04/05. Dairymen's Lemon Flavor Diet Iced Tea Recalled


04/04. USDA to Tighten Dairy Import Rules on Foot-Mouth

04/04. Global green groups urge Bush to halt bio-corn exports

04/04. USDA Amends Soup Recall Due to Metal Contamination

04/04. Food Industry is 'Leading Efforts to Address Issue of Allergens in Foods,' Says NFPA

04/04. USDA Verifies New GMO QuickCheck Bt9 Test Kit for StarLink


04/04. Hoof and Mouth Disease in Humans

04/04. USDA Guidelines For Listeria Parallel Industry Food Safety Efforts...

04/04. USDA Organic Seal Is Good News For Consumer Choice...

04/04. New USDA Recall Plan Contradicts Govt. Food Safety Strategic Plan...

04/04. Approval of Use of Irradiation on Red Meat...

04/03. Smuggled meat threatens UK with catastrophic viruses

04/03. Seven in 10 Americans Concerned About Mad Cow and Foot-and-Mouth Disease

04/03. Mad cow disease could be in Canadian Food Chain Health Canada


04/03. ADM sees small gains from Mad Cow, but Asia still key

04/03. New York firm recalls beef sausage for possible...

04/03. State and federal officials continue to hold the line on foot-and-mouth...

04/03. F.D.A. Finds Faulty Listings of Possible Food Allergens

04/03. FDA: Many food producers dont list all allergy-provoking ingredients...

04/03. Frozen Burritos Affected by...

04/03. Call for German beef exports ban...

04/03. Stakeholders Across Canada to be Consulted on Regulation of Genetically Modified Food...

04/03. Marie Callenderís Hearty Chicken Ďn Homestyle Noodles Soup Recalled

04/02. Whole Foods Opposes Genetically Engineered Food Rule

04/02. US Food Safety Talks with Bush Administration

04/02. Monsanto Moving GM Food Forward

04/02. UL Sets American National Standard for Infrared Thermometers Used in Food Applications

04/02. Flow International with Seafood Companies for Fresher Under Pressure Food Safety Systems

04/02. Scrapie (Mad Sheep Disease) May Pose a Risk to Humans

04/02. Post-Packaging Interventions a 'Must' in Battle Against Harmful microoorganisms

04/02. Mississippi Poultry Plant Employee Sentenced for Adulterating products

04/01. 55,000 Cans of Chicken Soup Recalled



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