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04/30. Health Department Closes 3 Restaurants For Critical Violations
04/30. Chi-Chi's to settle lawsuit
04/30. 'Safety Nazis' set egg-sample
04/30. Listeria found in Danish wild smoked salmon, says EU food safety monitor
04/30. BAC Down! Government Officials Back National Food Safety Campaign
04/30. Charges filed in jail kitchen poisoning case
04/29. Goose poop could be superbug soup, researchers caution
04/29. Paper on FAO’s strategy for a safe and nutritious food supply
04/29. Health officials issue warning after restaurant server diagnosed with Hepatitis A
04/29. In pursuit of safe veggies
04/29. Barriers to Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease autopsies, California
04/29. BC-Mad 
04/29. Are Noroviruses emerging?
04/29. Dishonouring Dave
04/29. Gloucester County, Va., seafood plant faces shutdown after sanitary violations
04/29. Glavin to head up U.S. FDA regulatory affairs branch
04/29. FDA claims no safety concerns with Bt10 corn
04/29. K-State: BSE has cost industry billions in lost exports
04/29. Study urges food industry to multiply peanut testing
04/29. Europeans say ignorant about GMO foods, crops-poll
04/29. Study Shows Mad Cow Testing May Provide Economic Gain
04/29. GAO faults FDA handling of BSE-linked feed ban
04/29. US cattle group attacks Canada BSE testing rate
04/29. Seafood Safety Focus Of Workshop
04/29. Salmonella victims want mediation OK
04/29. Would you eat irradiated food?
04/29. FDB to perform inspection of sites of imported food products
04/29. Doctors Dispel Myths About Microwaving Food In Plastic
04/29. Health Advisory - Lead in Candy Imported from Mexico
04/28. Japan Govt: Panel May Recommend Easing Testing Rule -Kyodo
04/28. Codex Committee on Residues of Veterinary Drugs in Foods (CCRVDF)
04/28. Training is top of the agenda to improve profitability for the British red meat industry
04/28. U.S. to celebrate return of beef to Taiwan
04/28. AMI Spoofs R-CALF’s Isolationism in “Wizard of Billings” Comic Strip
04/28. Acrylamide, the way forward
04/28. Wild New York deer found with wasting disease
04/28. Water bottles should be kept clean in summer
04/28. How to avoid waterborne illnesses
04/28. Attorneys for Sheetz salmonella victims want to start mediation
04/28. Parish shines in restaurant report
04/28. Bacteria holds key to dairy hygiene analysis
04/28. Family sues over hepatitis death
04/28. Warning Issued after Restaurant Server Diagnosed with Hepatitis A
04/27. Marler Clark Calls for Hepatitis A Vaccinations for All Foodservice Workers
04/27. Questions and Answers - The CFIA Enforcement Act
04/27. Local consultations to examine public health goals for Canada
04/27. Leader Cold Storage Ltd. fined for illegal processing of seafood
04/27. Improper labelling: I.D. foods fined $6000
04/27. Brussels wants GM ban lifted
04/27. USDA official says technical beef debate with Japan 'over'
04/27. Russia bans Moldovan meat imports
04/27. Web Symposium Poses Questions to Industry Insiders
04/27. New "Binky Goes Nuts" Site and TV Episode Teaches About Peanut Allergies
04/27. [Philippines] Health office warns v. eating noodle-based street food
04/27. [Philippines] Bolder comm’l use of irradiation sought
04/27. Spotless ships have not curtailed disease outbreaks
04/27. Irradiated food hot topic
04/27. [Philippines] Put canteens in all schools by June, says councillor
04/26. Canadian Cattle Associations file brief in appeal of border closure
04/26. BC-Japan-US-Beef
04/26. Survival at stake
04/26. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
04/26. Funding feeds the next generation of foods
04/26. Perilous produce
04/26. US Urges Japan To Speed Up End Of US Beef-Imports Ban
04/26. Texas A & M University Assumes Sole Ownership of Irradiation Facility
04/26. Japan safety experts to visit U.S. in May
04/26. First U.S. beef arrives in Taiwan
04/26. AMI and Six Other Amicus Brief Partners Not Alone
04/26. UNL Soy Oil Research Helps Shape Food Allergen Labeling Rules
04/26. EU says testing method for unauthorised corn GMO available to member states
04/26. Veterinary health benefits everyone
04/26. State Disinfects Fairgrounds; E. Coli Victim Leaves Hospital
04/26. Queen's boffins lead battle to improve food
04/26. Produce Safety and Security Int'l. Prepares Proposals for 5 NZ Meat Packers
04/26. [UK] University to lead £7m food safety research
04/26. IRAQ: Contaminated flour taken out of bread basket
04/26. Detroit, Wayne County spar over city food inspections
04/25. Customs won't let man get away with b-o-l-o-g-n-a
04/25. Japan Farm Official: Nothing Set In BSE Talks With U.S.
04/25. Tyson Foods files brief: "No basis" for barring Canadian cattle imports
04/25. NSW Food Authority: First year in review
04/25. Indian chefs learn to curb 'Delhi belly'
04/25. Lupin flour anaphylaxis
04/24. GTC responds to prebiotic/Salmonella study
04/24. Man says he found skin on sandwich
04/24. FSIS calls for cooperative agreement proposals
04/24. South Korea says no to reopening border, but accepts key U.S. assertions
04/23. Beef industry, Canadian politicians turn up heat over border closing
04/23. Dozens of U.S. groups support Canada in mad cow legal battle
04/23. US provides more data to Japan on beef safety measures
04/23. Warnex sells rapid bacteria detection technology to new U.S. turkey plant
04/23. [Ireland] Online crash course in food safety unveiled
04/23. Warm weather signals time for food poisoning
04/22. American Meat Institute and six other organizations file amicus brief
04/22. Statement by Andy Mitchell, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food
04/22. Powerful U.S. farm groups take action to re-open trade with Canada
04/22. December trial set in butcher shop case
04/22. CDC readies for 21st century health threats
04/22. His dream burger is rare indeed
04/22. CSI: Wendy's Restaurants
04/22. US Envoy Says Beef Ban Talks With S Korea 'Productive'
04/22. Tories seek role in Montana BSE case
04/22. [Canada] Directives (meat)
04/22. Strongest proof yet found for prion hypothesis
04/22. New communicable disease notification system launched in Turkey
04/22. Advisory Group on the Food Chain and Animal and Plant Health
04/22. Japan investigates additional mad cow cases
04/22. [Ireland] BSE case in Monaghan
04/22. Hand washing is more important than cleaner wards in controlling MRSA
04/22. Coalition Urges Steps Against E. Coli At County Fairs
04/22. W. Jakarta has highest E-coli
04/22. EFSA delivers opinion on harmful foodborne bacteria
04/22. [Philippines] 8 street food stalls dismantled in QC
04/22. Food Science Minor: Food Safety and Product Development Laboratory
04/22. HK food safety standards remain high
04/22. Woman who found finger arrested
04/22. AMI: Self-Proclaimed Expert Pedals Fear, Not Facts With Processed Meat Warning
04/22. Bacon, Sausage, Hot Dogs and Processed Meats Hike Cancer Risk by 6700%
04/21. FSIS Issues Public Health Alert For MN and MI Salmonella Cases
04/21. [UK] Monthly report of Specified Risk Material and other BSE Control breaches
04/21. No grounds to suspect Americans hiding BSE
04/21. Japan still bans U.S. beef, chafing American officials
04/21. There's quality chicken in the bucket
04/21. Major recall for minimal risk
04/21. Blood mercury levels and neurobehavioral function
04/21. Real-time Video of Ozone Destroying E. Coli O157:H7 with VeriPure™ Technology
04/21. USDA plans to ease restrictions on slaughter of downer cattle
04/21. Smithfield's Polish subsidiary halts production in sausage scandal
04/21. Heavy meat consumption raises risk of pancreatic cancer?
04/21. Human 'mad cow' victim: Netherlands
04/21. Need seen to study humans with deer disease exposure
04/21. E coli concerns cause school to halt pet project
04/21. State continues to bust stores for selling ephedra
04/21. Produce Safety and Security Int'l Announces First Ozone Truck Wash Facility
04/21. Produce Safety and Security International, Inc. Announces Marketing Agreement
04/21. New seafood safety warning alerts for Danish trout
04/21. New ISO Food Safety Auditor Training in San Francisco, CA
04/21. New food codes tighten safety rules
04/21. Top chefs protest food laws
04/21. Gold seal raises bar on food safety
04/21. UT Scientist: Food poisoning occurs frequently
04/20. University Captures Video of Ozone Destroying E. coli with VeriPure Technology
04/20. Japan attempts to speed up Food Safety Commission's beef decision
04/20. South Korea still cool to U.S. beef
04/20. Japan: Two cows suspected of having BSE have tested negative
04/20. Shigella Infections
04/20. FDA Launches Campaign to Inform Hispanic Community about Risks of Listeriosis
04/20. Taiwan Orders Celia Infant Formula Off Shelves As A Precaution
04/20. Japanese Govt Reviewing Food Safety Commission's Exam System
04/19. UK's first food safety degree course gets expert sponsorship
04/19. Province takes a big step forward in food safety
04/19. Agriculture Organizations request formal dispute settlement with United States
04/19. McCain ready to bet on new technology
04/19. Province takes a big step forward in food safety
04/19. EFSA debates risk tools
04/19. U.S. to send scientific, trade experts to Japan next week
04/19. Commission publishes GM ingredient list
04/19. [Japan] Two cows tentatively test positive for BSE in Miyagi
04/19. OPED: Finding the source of infection
04/19. Dover scientists on the case of shellfish disease
04/19. Make sure souvenir you go home with isn't a nasty germ
04/19. [Australia] Banned corn in food chain
04/19. Risk of foodborne illness falls as food safety makes inroads
04/19. Japanese Govt Reviewing Food Safety Commission's Exam System
04/19. [India] Compensation, part of new Food Safety legislation
04/19. One fish, two fish, too much mercury?
04/18. US To Send Expert Team To Japan On Beef Import Ban-Kyodo
04/18. Dairy Cow Bedding Affects Safety Of Meat
04/18. Keeping Your Dairy Products Safe
04/17. Farms feel the pain of E. coli, too
04/17. Caution urged in eating fish from Adirondacks and Catskills
04/17. Harris Wins Harry L. Rudnick Educator’s Award
04/17. Japan uncertain when it will resume U.S. beef imports
04/17. Additional FSIS Workshops Address Food Security Planning
04/17. Schools make effort to safeguard students with allergies
04/17. U.S. Vet Claims He Was Misquoted on Mad Cow Cover-Up
04/16. Got milk? They drink it straight from the cow
04/16. Neurosurgeon Identifies Aspartame & MSG in Sudden Cardiac Death
04/16. 2004 ranks as banner year for food safety
04/16. POLAND: Smithfield shuts plant shut in food-safety scare
04/16. Food safety push ditched to avoid election backlash by big business
04/15. BSE class action hurts producers
04/15. Food traceability will provide safety from 'farm to fork'
04/15. S.T.O.P. response to newest Foodnet Surveillance Report
04/15. Canadian Water Network receives $3.7 M per year to continue research projects
04/15. Class action lawsuits against Canadian Federal government and Ridley Inc.
04/15. Codex is failing consumers – trade takes precedence over health
04/15. IFT holds Research Summit on food defense
04/15. USDA sets new inspection limits
04/15. NCBA presses Johanns to act on Canada, Japan, other issues
04/15. USDA releases food security plans
04/15. USDA urges processors to follow food security plans
04/15. Change In Requirements for Off-Site Irradiation of Meat and Poultry Products
04/15. FSIS Clarifies That Poultry Must Be Chilled 36 Degrees or Lower
04/15. Major Foodborne Illnesses on "Continued and Sustained Decline," Says CDC
04/15. Facility-Specific Model Food Security Plans Available From FSIS
04/15. Regulating the Hazards of Dining Out
04/15. EU to scan turmeric now for banned dye
04/15. [Ireland] Number of BSE cases has halved in past year
04/15. Research Finds Correlation Between Contaminated Food and Alzheimer’s
04/15. Titan Corporation Transfers Electron Beam Equipment to TAMU System
04/15. USDA urges processors to follow food security plans
04/15. [Scotland] DVD puts food safety on menu
04/15. Japan: food safety vital in lifting US beef ban
04/15. [South Africa] Food safety watchdog to be put in place
04/15. CDC: U.S. Food Safety Improving
04/15. Dioxin: A Piece of Cake
04/14. The other Sudan crisis
04/14. Perspective: Tough talks concerning BSE are on the global horizon
04/14. Prebiotics may increase Salmonella infections
04/14. Common plastic may not be safe; Bisphenol A used in food containers
04/14. [Canada] Directives (meat)
04/14. B.C. man arrested after two became ill from shellfish poisoning
04/14. Tighter rules for food
04/14. USDA vets charge U.S. BSE cases bungled
04/14. Wendy's 'finger' finder drops claim, police eye leopard owner
04/14. Illegal GM ingredient Bt10 unlikely to pose risk, says EFSA
04/14. USDA Denies Allegations of More Mad Cow Cases
04/14. U.S. denies having 2 BSE cases in 1997
04/14. 'For life' bacteria neutralize 'bad guys'
04/14. Family Files Suit Against Petting Zoo After Kids Become Ill
04/14. County looks at weekend barbecues
04/14. Know who's clean: Eateries can apply for county's 'Gold Seal' of approval
04/14. [Scotland] Safety first for takeaway owners
04/14. Shanghai pinpoints food safety in checks
04/13. Food Standards News 53
04/13. Cheese shop seeks better precautions
04/13. Farm food safety programs on the front lines: Biosecurity measures
04/13. Bringing safe food home and keeping it safe
04/13. [Canada] Certain ruminants and their products importation prohibition regulations
04/13. Being too clean could be hazardous to your health and the environment
04/13. Keep Canadian food inspection system independent, say scientists
04/13. Social workers and agricultural security
04/13. IAFP student professional development group executive elections 2005/06
04/13. IAFP announces three workshops at IAFP 2005
04/13. International Association for Food Protection elects Stan Bailey to executive board
04/13. Danish supermarket chain bans German eggs after salmonella scare
04/13. EU Food Safety Panel Wants Bt10 Details From Syngenta
04/13. Lupin flour and allergic reactions, case building continues
04/13. U.S. officials demand 30-month standard on BSE testing in Japan
04/13. R-CALF may launch class-action lawsuit
04/13. Cloned beef, dairy cattle produce receives safety endorsement
04/13. AMI Editorial Cartoon in Feedstuffs: “The Domino Effect"
04/13. EU to propose scientific checks on US corn imports after GMO scare
04/13. Concerns raised about 1997 U.S. mad cow tests
04/13. [South Africa] Strong reaction to food hygiene report
04/13. 'Magic two-hour rule' regulates fund-raiser food safety
04/13. Eire and Northern Ireland link up to tackle food pathogens
04/13. [Alaska] Committee to Hold Meeting on Food Codes
04/12. US Ag Secretary: Want To Resume Japan Beef Exports By Jul-Kyodo
04/12. 40 days and counting
04/12. Lawsuit mystifies Alta. beef producers
04/12. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
04/12. Safefood announces forum for harmonisation of Irish food safety systems
04/12. Safe Food Act proposed again
04/12. [Canada] Regulations amending the Meat Inspection Regulations, 1990 - 2
04/12. [Canada] Regulations amending the Meat Inspection Regulations, 1990
04/12. Federal government's gross negligence was the cause of Canada's mad cow outbreak
04/12. Gastrointestinal illness while travelling
04/12. Ontario government continues to strengthen food safety system
04/12. Paralytic shellfish toxins cause mutation in some clams
04/12. Ontario issues warning against unpasteurized milk
04/12. Global Inspection Service to Provide Monitoring and Evaluation of Produce and Food Products
04/12. Glaxo working on human mad cow drug
04/12. FSIS Updates List of Safe and Suitable Ingredients Used in Meat and Poultry Production
04/12. Food allergy concerns
04/12. U.S. urges Japan to raise age limit for mad cow testing to 30 months
04/12. Cloned Cows Yummy and Safe
04/12. Lessons of the Kissing Bug's Deadly Gift
04/12. Ontario to have chief veterinarian, new food safety division
04/12. Sidewalk foodstuffs may be ‘hotter’ than they appear to be
04/12. Report advocates all-Ireland food safety programme
04/11. US Farm Secy Urges Japan To Lift Ban On American Beef-TV
04/11. Are we making the most of food safety inspections?: A glimpse into the future
04/11. Assessing compliance with food safety legislation in small businesses
04/11. Protecting consumers: A review of hygiene award schemes
04/11. Food safety information and food demand
04/11. The Toronto food inspection and disclosure system: A case study
04/11. Town's venison banquet puts a state on alert
04/11. $7-billion class-action accuses government of letting disease devastate cattle industry
04/10. Codex Committee on Food Additives and Contaminants (CCFAC)
04/10. 'We all know the regulations,' says dairy farmer
04/10. U.S. in mad cow denial
04/10. US Farm Secy Urges Japan To Lift Ban On American Beef-TV FSIS shifting focus to poultry
04/10. Coalition demands FDA reduce antibiotics in animal feed
04/10. USDA and HHS Continue No-cost Food Security Awareness Training
04/10. APHIS Environmental Assessment Finds No Significant Impact for USDA's Final Rule
04/09. Three Additional [Captive] Deer test positive for CWD
04/09. Canning best means of fighting foodborne bacteria, says EFSA
04/09. Computer Keyboards Spread More Than Words
04/09. E. coli outbreak definitely linked to petting zoo animals
04/09. CHINA: Monitoring system established for children’s food
04/09. Produce Safety and Security Int'l Announces Distribution Agreement Bulgaria
04/09. Reducing risk on Bacillus cereus to food chain, EFSA opinion
04/08. Groups Urge FDA To Curb Animal-Feed Antibiotics
04/08. Wendy's-Finger
04/08. People with peanut allergy at risk of allergic reaction to lupin flour
04/08. Taiwan Lifts Ban on U.S. Boneless Beef
04/08. New allergen labelling rules will have implications for seafood industry
04/08. Marler Clark Calls for Legislation to Protect Visitors at Petting Zoos
04/08. Use North American BSE testing method: U.S.
04/08. OIE proposes changing safety standards for mad cow disease
04/08. Japan finds 17th case of madcow disease amid US pressure to buy beef
04/08. U.S. Agriculture Department denies allegation it's hiding mad-cow cases
04/08. Cattle Update: Former US Vet Alleges USDA BSE Cover-Up
04/08. Focus Food Research to Defend Against Terrorists
04/08. 16 Tons of Jacksonville-Bound Contamined Food Seized, Destroyed
04/08. Yee Calls On Food Industry To Meet World Standard Quality
04/08. French food body questions CLA safety
04/08. Walnuts' Secret Defense Explored
04/07. Fibril shape is the basis of prion strains and cross-species prion infection
04/07. U.S. hiding BSE, says whistleblower
04/07. Single food agency needed, says CSPI: Safe Food Act of 2005
04/07. Two food businesses closed in March
04/07. Restaurants now rated online
04/07. US Lawmakers Eye Beef Sanctions Resolution In Bill-Kyodo
04/07. Mutation in clams raises human health risk
04/07. Man faces jail for contaminating milk in NZ
04/07. Meat rules not new
04/07. Two Queens Restaurants Given Health Safety Award
04/07. Taiwan Buys U.S. Beef, Eases Mad Cow Ban
04/07. Koizumi says he made no promises to U.S
04/07. Durbin, DeLauro introduce bill to revamp food safety bureaucracy
04/06. Preharvest food safety and security
04/06. A lesson in dealing with a PR crisis
04/06. New rules provide reminder of fish benefits, risks, especially for women
04/06. Alcohol hand gel use tied to fewer family colds
04/06. China discovers 88 food products containing cancer-causing dye
04/06. Europe's alert system highlights aflatoxin risk to EU food chain
04/06. UK beef 'banned in 84 countries'
04/06. Baby's parents slam milk report
04/06. Decision not to warn of killer bacteria based on wrong information
04/06. [New Zealand] Formula case 'may not have been first'
04/06. EUROPE: Better hygiene needed to avoid campylobacter contamination
04/06. Raeford turkey plant ordered closed by U.S. food inspectors
04/06. Company to manufacture genetic tests for agricultural services
04/06. [Louisiana] Restaurants now rated online
04/06. [Greece] New food boss downplays fears
04/06. [Brunei] Empire Staff Undergo Food Safety Training
04/06. New Pathogen Testing Technologies and the Market for Food Safety Information
04/05. Antimicrobial-resistant invasive Escherichia coli, Spain
04/05. Childhood hemolytic uremic syndrome, United Kingdom and Ireland
04/05. Web-based investigation of multistate salmonellosis outbreak
04/05. Epidemiology of Escherichia coli O157:H7 outbreaks, United States, 1982–2002
04/05. Plant food safety scheme for NSW
04/05. The impact of meat and poultry safety regulation
04/05. Foodborne disease across Australia, Oct – Dec 2004
04/05. Britain changing BSE inspection regime
04/05. NAMP and AMI file amicus briefs
04/05. NMA final brief filed; the R-CALF surprise!
04/05. Frederick Country, Md., health inspectors regulate local restaurants
04/05. Food safety: From the farm to the fork - training strategy
04/05. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
04/05. E. coli cases hit home for families
04/05. Commission extends Sudan dye measures and reminds food operators
04/05. Call for comments on making regulatory decisions
04/05. Cruise inspectors are in short supply
04/05. USDA Announces Effort to Harmonize BSE Policies in North America
04/05. Canada, U.S. and Mexico agree to import standards related to mad cow
04/05. Second case of CWD confirmed
04/05. Infected CWD deer consumed in N.Y.
04/05. Research breakthrough in the understanding of the spread of cholera
04/05. Latest EC rapid alert system found toxins in seafood
04/05. Feds accuse South Florida smoked fish company of violating health codes
04/05. Time for action on food safety
04/05. Foodborne infection by E.coli linked to lethal toxin from virus invasion
04/04. California Regulators Set Perchlorate Drinking Water Goal
04/04. Kansas To Test Thousands Of Cattle For TB
04/04. BC-US-Beef
04/04. Supermarket extortion
04/04. Kids in the kitchen
04/04. Food Safety Highlighted in 2005 Dietary Guidelines
04/04. Food safety issues for cancer and organ transplant patients
04/04. Rinsing meat: Food safety help or hindrance?
04/04. A closer look at produce washes
04/03. Shiga-toxin-producing Escherichia coli and haemolytic uraemic syndrome
04/03. Still safe to eat Norwegian farmed halibut weighing less than 35kg
04/03. Japan to poll public over BSE-testing initiative
04/03. Got Milk Allergies?
04/03. Mad cow fears prompt cow ID program
04/02. Fair focus turns to cleanliness
04/02. Practice Safe Grilling
04/02. Random checks for banned food dye
04/02. Cornell Researchers Fight Food Poisoning
04/02. Liverpool scientists uncover how E. coli became lethal
04/02. Clostridial Infections
04/01. Appointment of new Food Standards Agency Chair
04/01. Joint Statement by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the USDA
04/01. In Florida, petting zoos close amid new reports of infections
04/01. New meat hygiene directive available
04/01. Canadians, R-CALF partisans strike back on border issue
04/01. House of Raeford chicken plant shut down for sanitation violations
04/01. Japanese researcher identifies substances that could prevent BSE
04/01. Researchers team up to prevent food-borne illnesses
04/01. India to triple food labs to tighten quality assurance
04/01. Pool Grain Facilities Achieve Quality and Food Safety Recognition

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