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04/30. UK: Arsenic in rice

04/30. USDA still mum on 'downer cow' rule change

04/30. Major food safety changes called for in report

04/30. Efficacy of common additives against acrylamide gains more s

04/30. USDA isn't on board with beef industry's downer cow ban

04/30. Bureaucracy Hampers an E. coli Weapon

04/30. Half of US food-borne illnesses traced to restaurants

04/30. FoodLogiQ and Smart Online Unveil National Food Safety Syste

04/30. UK Food Safety Chiefs Calm Fears over Arsenic Levels in Rice

04/30. Report Slams U.S. Food Safety System

04/30. Malaysia: School milk programme: Safety still an issue


04/29. UK: Steep fine for owner of dirty restaurant

04/29. Fruit flies show salmonella process

04/29. Culprit protein behind many infections identified

04/29. How E. Coli Attaches To Host: One Catalyst Protein Greatly A

04/29. GMA Introduces Food Safety Site

04/29. Warning on NZ food safety watchdog


04/28. FDA issues regulation to protect against BSE

04/28. FDA Director speaks on Chinese seafood safety

04/28. Retailers lining up to join 'Be Food Safe' initiative

04/28. FSIS to co-host public meeting on improved food-borne outbre

04/28. Ag Dept Warns Consumers of Tainted Raw Milk Sold by Berks Co

04/28. Excessive intake of aspartame may damage your brain

04/28. Food safety official stresses FDA’s funding needs

04/28. Jamaica: How safe are our foods?

04/28. Spain lifts sunflower oil warning, olive oil rises

04/28. FDA sued for food inspection work plans

04/28. Germany: BfR sets up national expert committees for food saf

04/28. New Bipartisan Food Safety Bill Holds Promise: United Fresh

04/28. Legislation introduced to modernize America’s food safety ne

04/28. NZ: Food safety staff eye regulation of tutin poisons in hon

04/28. UK: Provision of services related to exercise support for food incidents

04/28. UK: Food Safety Week 9-13 June 2008

04/28. Multisorb Technologies Appoints Robert Sabdo as Business Development


04/25. State: Farm's milk tainted

04/25. Raw milk trend concerns many

04/25. State, dairies clash in court on raw milk regulations

04/25. FDA Amends Feed Rules

04/25. Alternatives to Ciprofloxacin Use for Enteric Fever, UK

04/25. Risk Factors for Sporadic Shiga Toxin–producing E coli Infec

04/25. Increasing Incidence of Listeriosis in France and Other Euro

04/25. Tyson antibiotic-free labeling dispute heats up

04/25. Today Wendy's makes $2,340,000,000 from Arby's and Yet Offer

04/25. UGA Researchers Seeking Allergy-Free Peanut

04/25. Food dyes may protect against cancer

04/25. With White House Blessing, FDA Finalizes Mad Cow Rule

04/25. FDA Changes Animal Feed Rules in Move to Prevent Mad Cow Dis

04/25. What bad things lurk inside ..... protozoa????!!

04/25. What's On Your Lemon?

04/25. SDSU research focuses on enterotoxigenic E. coli

04/25. Raw milk trend concerns many

04/25. Protozoa May Enable Food-Borne Pathogens on Leafy Vegetables

04/25. Costa's bill would tighten safety rules for imported food

04/25. NRA Applauds Food Safety Legislation

04/25. Freedonia Market Research Analyzes Food Safety Products

04/25. Food safety bill garners supporters

04/25. UK: New rules on specified risk material

04/25. UK: Possible feed contamination incident


04/24. CA DOH Provides Additional Info for Meat and Poultry Recalls

04/24. GMA Testifies Before Congress Regarding Food Safety

04/24. Marler Clark Again Calls for Mandatory Vaccinations of Food Workers

04/24. EU relaxes rules on backbones in T-bone steak

04/24. FDA expands feed ban to reduce mad cow disease risk

04/24. Abu Dhabi: 5-year strategic plan for food safety launched

04/24. Bipartisan Food Safety Bill Introduced Today Holds Promise

04/24. 1 in 3 kebab shops 'only just passing safety laws'

04/24. Democrats push food safety bill despite concerns


04/23. FSIS Launches Podcast Service to Enhance Communication with Stakeholders

04/23. UK: Monthly report of specified risk material and other BSE control breaches

04/23. Swiss food retailers demand information on nanotech

04/23. GMA: Canadian Risk Assessment Reaffirms Safety of BPA

04/23. Study supports safety of saw palmetto

04/23. AMI Files Citizen Petition to Keep All Non-Ambulatory Cattle

04/23. Acrylamide Study Suggests Breast Cancer Link

04/23. Japan says banned part found in U.S. beef

04/23. Beef industry joined call to ban downer cows from food suppl

04/23. Keep food safety in mind when planning vegetable garden

04/23. FBI Agent Urges Food Safety Vigilance


04/23. FSIS offers food safety podcasts

04/23. China: For better food safety


04/22. GMA Releases Science Policy Paper on Bisphenol A (BPA)

04/22. Raw Milk to be a Marler Clark Growth Sector?

04/22. updated too

04/22. Efficacy of common additives against acrylamide gains more s

04/22. EU wary on artificial food colors, no ban seen yet


04/21. Antimicrobial agents feed resistant bacteria: E.F.S.A.

04/21. Bioniche Appoints U.S. President of Food Safety

04/21. Is U.S. food safest? No one knows

04/21. Debate over safety of chemical in plastic bottle

04/21. UAR: Civic body drive to ensure food safety

04/21. Boost for Argentine Animal Health and Food Safety

04/21. China’s food-safety draft has death penalty for violators

04/21. China opens new draft food safety law to public comment

04/21. HCM City launches food-safety project


04/18. Reports Available On Proposed Public Health Risk-Based Inspe

04/18. Ireland: likely reduction in compulsory BSE testing

04/18. Some Food Dyes May Help Prevent Cancer

04/18. Rare 'atypical' mad cow case reported in Canada

04/18. Vietnam: Food inspectors mobilise to improve food hygiene, s

04/18. Sushi Are Dangerous!

04/18. Mom learns the hard way: Raw milk can be dangerous

04/18. Fruit Flies Show How Salmonella Escapes Immune Defenses

04/18. USDA Considers More Changes to E. Coli Policy

04/18. UK: 130 eating places fail food hygiene standards


04/17. Food Borne Illnesses and Food Safety

04/17. Consumers have right to know where their food is coming from

04/17. Safety Questions About Unpasteurized Milk

04/17. Alabama Gov. Addresses Food Safety Issue During Trip to Chin

04/17. GAPS guide touted for on-farm food safety

04/17. EFSA calls for caution on bacterial resistance

04/17. Food can pass resistant bacteria to people - EU

04/17. Canada may brand bisphenol A 'toxic'

04/17. Food Safety on the Butcher's Block

04/17. Food safety official says no more oversight of slaughterhous-

04/17. FDA fees eyed to boost food, drug safety

04/17. Meat Inspectors Can't Keep Up, Official Says

04/17. County farm’s raw milk fails test


04/16. Oxoid RA Director to speak at 1st European Micro. Conference

04/16. Essential oil combinations offer shelf-life prolongation

04/16. Researchers Use Fruit Flies To Show How Salmonella Escapes I

04/16. Draft National Toxicology Program Report Supports Safety of

04/16. Senate Panel Assails FDA Funding

04/16. FDA cannot handle massive funding boost

04/16. Food Safety Testing Market to Reach $1.67 Billion by 2010

04/16. New technology driving US food safety sales

04/16. Time to eat, drink and be wary


04/15. UK: Views sought on new Food Safety Act guidance

04/15. Board discusses colours advice

04/15. Anticipating the aftermath

04/15. Penn Ag Dept Warns Consumers of Tainted Raw Milk Sold by Leb

04/15. New salmonella rules for broilers explained

04/15. E. coli test to add type that killed Iowa teen

04/15. USDA gets feedback on proposals to control E coli

04/15. Government faces limits on action for E. coli strains

04/15. DuPont, USDA ARS to collaborate on new E. coli test in beef

04/15. Washing produce - even in bleach - won't kill E. coli, other

04/15. FSA: Views sought on new Food Safety Act guidance

04/15. Legislators Introduce Food Safety Recall Bill

04/15. Food safety rules require vigilance

04/15. Azerbaijan Increase Subsidies for Food Safety

04/15. Germany's Merck Selling Biotecon Molecular Food Safety Tests

04/15. French food firms preoccupied by safety

04/14. UK: Listeria-infected cheese seized from Elstree company

04/14. New guidelines to help food industry communicate safety risk


04/11. UK: Untested cow aged over thirty months enters food supply

04/11. CBW Exclusive: USDA accounts for recalled beef

04/11. Some clay each day may keep doctor away

04/11. Bacteria Survive on All-Antibiotic Diet

04/11. US Combats Food-Borne Illnesses, But Rates High

04/11. Demand for raw milk up, despite risks

04/11. FDA guidance on listeria called unworkable

04/11. Food, Sex, and Salmonella

04/11. Follow-Up Planned for Food Summit

04/11. Meat safety chief: Increase E. coli testing

04/11. Disruptive food colourings not seen as a safety issue in NZ

04/11. USDA scientists say irradiation could be key to food safety

04/11. Underwater Microscope Helps Prevent Shellfish Poisoning

04/11. Food Poisoning Risk

04/11. Dairy Farms Stand to Lose in Downer Ban


04/10. FSIS Revises Directive 5500.2: Non-Routine Incident Response

04/10. Fighting the resistance

04/10. FSIS outlines why it might broaden definition of E. coli as adulterant

04/10. Will Malt-O-Meal Release Salmonella Serotype? Why not?

04/10. Oatmeal cancer claim questioned

04/10. Beef import ban jeopardizes preserved cow artwork

04/10. Merging bacteria species reverse evolution

04/10. Gut bacteria species becoming one

04/10. Dr. Mom Was Right -- And Wrong -- About Washing Fruits And V

04/10. USDA Meetings Highlight Importance of Prevention in E. coli

04/10. 3663 to stock the Timestrip food safety system

04/10. Poll: Japanese have low interest in food safety

04/10. Sri Lankan Airlines catering service gets new food safety ce

04/10. Cattle Update: “We Have Met The Enemy”

04/10. Food Safety for Olympic Sailors

04/10. Vietnam to intensify ensuring food safety

04/10. Riley in China, discussing improved food safety

04/10. Researcher looks to use nanoparticles for food safety

04/10. Vietnam: Public awareness on food hygiene needs to be raised

04/10. Top food safety experts meeting to determine why illnesses a

04/10. Canada proposes crackdown on food safety

04/10. No Surge of Food-Borne Illness in 2007

04/10. Irradiation Almost Erases Risk of Food Poisoning

04/10. Senate doubles raw milk threshold

04/10. Raw Milk Demand Grows Despite Concerns


04/09. FSIS Alerts ID Warehouses On Policy Concerning E. coli

04/09. Prion diseases transmitted in milk

04/09. USDA audits humane handling at 18 slaughter plants, takes ac

04/09. USDA to start testing for non-O157 E. coli in beef

04/09. Cancer-Causing Substance Found in Oriental Medicine

04/09. Encouraging results aflatoxin protected corn

04/09. Trader Joe’s dumps sprout products after recall

04/09. Red mites could spread salmonella

04/09. Purac helps cut salt without raising listeria risk

04/09. Produce Safety & Security International Provides Follow

04/09. PureSafety Launches New Online HACCP Suite to Address Critic


04/08. Downer Animal Measure Advances in California Assembly

04/08. Conference on foods contaminated by biological threat agents

04/08. California Threatens Raw Milk Producers

04/08. Is eating beef safe?

04/08. Food Safety Conference at Seattle University Draws Experts f

04/08. R-CALF: Imported Colombian Beef Will Pose Food Safety Issue

04/08. Food Safety Summit Comes to Washington

04/08. China: Food safety system put in draft law

04/08. USDA Finds Violations in Slaughterhouses

04/08. Federal food safety bill tabled


04/07. UK: Agency appoints contaminants laboratory

04/07. New prebiotic insight – protecting birds from Salmonella

04/07. India: Beware of paan!

04/07. U.S. loosens cloned food rules / Descendants of cloned anima

04/07. Braley talks food safety during visit to McKinstry

04/07. Food Additives As Damaging As Lead

04/07. Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” Revisited: California Legislat

04/07. Jamaica Not 'Meating' Standards

04/07. Beijing goes for the gold on food safety

04/07. St. Louis to Host Public Health/Food Safety Summit

04/07. Ireland: 4 food safety notices issued in March

04/07. Vietnam Innovation Day 2008 to tackle food safety


04/04. Braley talks food safety during visit

04/04. Hanoi launches Action Month for Food Safety

04/04. Pet Owners Not Thrilled with Poisoning Settlement

04/04. EFSA Panel: Antimicrobial Agents Do Not Increase Bacterial T

04/04. Irish food authority tackles cryptosporidium

04/04. FSIS announces agenda for E. coli meeting

04/04. In the raw


04/03. UK: Imported dried figs from Turkey and aflatoxin testing

04/03. Antimicrobial meat decontaminates step nearer after EFSA ver

04/03. Chinese 'Puer' Tea Found to Harbor Insecticides: KFDA

04/03. Scientist Urges More E-coli/Distillers Grains Research

04/03. Food Safety Label Aims To Reassure US Consumers

04/03. Abu Dhabi announces stringent law to ensure food safety

04/03. New Strains of E. Coli are a Worry

04/03. Feta Cheese Made From Raw Milk Has Natural Anti-food-poisoni

04/03. Japan to study lifting ban on cloned animal food


04/02. Rapid Typing of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy Stra

04/02. FSIS Issues Guidance on Requesting a Waiver of Regulatory Re

04/02. FSIS issues Import Alert Tracking System directive

04/02. Cantaloupe Tests Positive for Salmonella, But Not Outbreak S

04/02. Abernathy Family Sues Chili Maker Responsible for Botulism L

04/02. FDA confirms presence of salmonella in melons

04/02. Red mite may spread salmonella in poultry flocks

04/02. USDA names chicken plants with Salmonella problems

04/02. Overcoming food-safety stereotypes

04/02. FDA seeks comments on food safety plan

04/02. Are Food Safety Rules Making Greens Less Safe?

04/02. Japan to study safety of cloned animals for food

04/02. Food Hygiene and Global Health

04/02. Philippines: One-stop shop for food safety helps companies

04/02. Australians positive about safety of food supply

04/02. Korean Children Face Poor Food Safety

04/02. Prebiotics -- the key to fewer food poisoning stomach upsets


04/01. Researchers boost beef jerky safety

04/01. Produce Food Safety Discussion Set For April 4

04/01. Positive Test On Cantaloupes

04/01. Gov. Gregoire signs allergy legislation

04/01. Researchers working to develop less-allergenic peanut

04/01. Study Shows Flies Can Pass Salmonella to Chickens

04/01. Microwave your foods safely

04/01. CFIA approves herb growers' safety program

04/01. Health ministry seeks cloned meat ruling

04/01. New Abu Dhabi food safety rule to be announced

04/01. Delegation of LegCo Panel on Food Safety and Environmental H

04/01. 'VeriPrime Certified Safeguards' Food Safety Label Unveiled

04/01. DNR: Venison OK'd for Iowa food pantries

04/01. Recalls Raise Talk Of Mainstreaming Food Irradiation

04/01. Congress pushes for more irradiation approvals; Feedstuffs

04/01. Quotable Quotes


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