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04/30. Chinese food companies should step up safety

04/30. Ritz to meet with head of government probe into listeriosis outbreak

04/30. Wales: Make announced inspections illegal, demands E. coli group

04/30. State health agencies are ill-equipped to handle food safety, SPHHS study says

04/30. Inspection report of Maple Leaf meat plant not altered: food agency

04/30. Woman lobbies for safe food

04/30. Severe illness gets U-M senior to lobby for food-safety bill

04/30. Iowa food-poisoning victim pushes FDA overhaul


04/29. Ghana: Research promises end to aflatoxin contamination

04/29. More Mad Cow Likely, Panel Warns

04/29. Food Safety Legislation Could Be Next

04/29. U of M Extension study finds consumers concerned about produce food safety

04/29. Safe to eat pork

04/29. Pork Lobby Bristles at Swine Flu Label


04/28. 'You Can't Get Swine Flu Eating Pork' Says a Louisiana State University Agcenter Extension

04/28. Is the sky falling?

04/28. Insights On The Alfalfa Sprout Advisory

04/28. Hundreds turn out after hepatitis A scare

04/28. Inspector amended notes after Listeriosis deaths: documents

04/28. Waterloo woman lobbies for safer food

04/28. Farmers, consumers, store owners fight raw milk ban


04/27. Raw Alfalfa Sprouts Linked To Salmonella Contamination

04/27. Developing a Salmonella vaccine in space

04/27. Raw alfalfa sprouts linked to Salmonella

04/27. S Korea Destroys Contaminated Chinese Beef Products

04/27. USDA, NPPC say pork is safe

04/27. USDA has answers on swine relationship to hybrid influenza

04/27. Vaccine could prevent traveller's diarrhea

04/27. Viet Nam catfish meets Italian safety standards

04/27. FDA warns of salmonella in sprouts

04/27. NPPC: Pork Safe To Eat, Says USDA, CDC

04/27. Mother, daughter advocate for food safety

04/27. Improving food safety depends on culture change, speakers say

04/27. Broken links in food-safety chain hid peanut plants' risks

04/27. Oregonians go to D.C. to push food safety

04/27. New Welsh food safety centre

04/27. U.S. needs ranking of riskiest food products: USDA


04/24. Arcobacter: Foodborne Pathogen's Genome Exposed

04/24. Industry discusses food safety advances in House hearing

04/24. Portugal: Deadly bacteria discovered in school canteens, hospitals and retirement homes

04/24. Attorney: Mice, leaky roof found at Ga. Nut plant

04/24. Food safety bills may heat up this summer

04/24. U.S. needs ranking of riskiest food products: USDA

04/24. UK: Toxin forces mussel bed closure


04/23. AMI Tells Congress That Meat and Poultry Industry Has Made Great Food Safety Gains and Continues to Progress

04/23. China issues draft law regulating the implementation of Food Safety Law

04/23. FSIS requests comment on listeria risk assessment

04/23. FDA confirms April 27 effective date for final feed ban

04/23. Albertsons Hepatitis A threat wider than admitted

04/23. FSA Board gives Pennington reaction

04/23. Leafy-greens growers fear cuts to food-safety program

04/23. Schumer calls for a director of food safety oversight


04/22. Exploring the World of Food Safety through Science

04/22. Report calls for local, state, federal food safety integration

04/22. Anti-antibiotics

04/22. Richard Raymond: Inspecting smarter

04/22. Richard Raymond: Checking the math on Foodborne illness

04/22. Richard Raymond: Chchchchanging who inspects what

04/22. Richard Raymond: Bigger isn’t better

04/22. Tracing Of Foodborne Illnesses Falls Under A Patchwork Of Poorly-run, Under-resourced State Labs

04/22. “Purac Act” cuts toxins in french fries and heat-processed foods

04/22. Health Department Warns Of Exposure to Hepatitis A

04/22. Australia: Gastro bugs in most chicken meat

04/22. New Florez bill may let state order food recalls


04/21. Report calls for local, state, federal food safety integration

04/21. Supervalu executive proposes food safety changes

04/21. More Confusion Pours From Press Reports Of Pistachio Recall

04/21. Marler Clark Files Peanut Butter Salmonella Lawsuit for Family of MN Man

04/21. Clostridium difficile in Food – The Next Thing to Worry About May Already Be Here

04/21. McCain takes aim at Listeria oversight

04/21. MSU prof makes vaccine for deadly E. coli strain

04/21. Lax co-ordination delayed action on listeria: reports

04/21. Listeria uptick logged in binder months before outbreak: Maple Leaf

04/21. Food safety resources vary by state

04/21. Making California pistachios safe again

04/21. Cancer-causing agents in drinking water

04/21. Iowa jury awards $50k in food poisoning lawsuit

04/21. Milk in the raw


04/14. Grocery Manufacturers Association Gathers Scientific Experts to Tackle Food Safety

04/14. Many consumers ignore food-product recalls: study

04/14. News Flash: Every Plant Handling Raw Pistachios Has Salmonella! (But Roasting Kills The Pathogen)

04/14. FDA ‘Spokesperson’ Justifies Reasoning Behind Pistachio Recall

04/14. Does FDA Put Its Reputation Above Enhanced Food Safety?

04/14. ‘Salmonella’-free Food through Irradiation (Philippines)

04/14. UK: ‘We need a two-pronged approach to avoid another E.coli outbreak’

04/14. MSU researcher develops vaccine for E. coli diarrheal diseases that kill up to 3 million children annually

04/14. Rutgers Study Finds Many Consumers Ignore Food Product Recalls

04/14. 'Maple Leaf was responsible for the loss of 21 lives’

04/14. UCD food safety course will train Chinese experts in EU laws

04/14. Food safety: stringent testing welcomed

04/14. Some see lack of progress in reducing food safety risks

04/14. Raw milk drinkers have new source


04/13. Nine arrested in tainted Chinese pork scandal

04/13. Raw Milk, Campylobacter jejuni, President Roosevelt and Guillain-Barré Syndrome

04/13. Irradiation makes food ‘Salmonella’-free

04/13. Canada: Restaurant owners fined $15,000 for E. coli outbreak

04/13. International Travelers Can Say Good-Bye to 'Montezuma's Revenge'

04/13. Wildlife found to be unlikely E. coli culprits

04/13. Food Industry Needs To Be Aware Of Upcoming Changes In Food Safety Law

04/13. FDA Safety Rules for Juice, Seafood Industries Don’t Affect Peanuts

04/13. Safe Plastic


04/10. Europe: Illegal yellow prompts spate of spice

04/10. Preliminary FoodNet Data on the Incidence of Infection with Pathogens Transmitted Commonly Through Food

04/10. CDC report shows ‘plateau’ in foodborne disease prevention

04/10. PCA Texas Plant Fined $14.6 Million Due to Salmonella contamination

04/10. No salmonella found in New York pistachio plant

04/10. UK: Butcher admits 'lapse' which led to E. Coli outbreak

04/10. FDA, states creating teams for foodborne disease

04/10. Peterson opens hearings on food safety

04/10. Trojan horse "food-safety" bill


04/09. Survey shows consumer concern about preparation, not supply

04/09. Food concerns boost disinfectant sales

04/09. Preliminary study finds little [pathogenic] E. coli in [wild] animals

04/09. State, UC Davis partner on food safety

04/09. U.S. Food Safety No Longer Improving, Data Show

04/09. CDC: US food poisoning cases held steady in 2008


04/08. FDA Serves Warrant for Inspection of Westco Fruit and Nuts Inc.

04/08. Calls for market withdrawal of nano products

04/08. No evidence eating, handling M.R.S.A.-tainted food ups human risk

04/08. Inspection is working but has room for improvement

04/08. FDA Serves Warrant – Is this the future if Recalls are Not Voluntary?

04/08. Investing in Food Safety – Why You Cannot Afford Not To

04/08. Corn producers advocate for alfatoxin research funding

04/08. Woman on ‘PD Diary’ did not die of mad cow

04/08. Canada: Ground beef E. coli scare

04/08. Ex-FDA official calls for harmonized food-safety strategy

04/08. Bio-Rad purchases food safety line from SafePath Laboratories LLC


04/07. Salmonella Strain's Path to Virulence Uncovered

04/07. Pistachio Industry Sets Up Website To Clear Companies

04/07. What NOT To Do When Handling Crisis Communications

04/07. Much Ado About Two Cockroaches: Setton’s New York Affiliate Caught Up In The Inane

04/07. Setton’s Kosher Certifier Sheds Light On Company’s Operations

04/07. The Failure Of The FDA and The Nature Of Information

04/07. FDA Leaks New Info About Test Results

04/07. AMI's Hodges Tells Farm Foundation That U.S. Food Regulatory System is Working

04/07. GMA Outlines Food Safety Reform Agenda at Industry Conference

04/07. F.D.A. ignoring negative impacts of feed ban: N.C.B.A.

04/07. FDA officially delays feed ban

04/07. Tired of Recalls, the “Real Washington” Makes a Move on Food Safety

04/07. FDA Finds Smoking Gun Salmonella at Pistachio Plant

04/07. Kraft Foods offers salmonella timeline

04/07. As Food Recalls Continue to Sprout, What Can a Consumer Do?

04/07. Food Workers' Sick Pay Would Serve The Public

04/07. Sprout Food Poisoning Lawsuit Filed in Nebraska


04/06. NSF announces 2009 Food Safety Leadership Awards winners

04/06. Antibiotic use addressed by U.S.D.A., academics

04/06. FSIS seen as 'Rodney Dangerfield' of food safety

04/06. E. coli O157:H7 Season is Nearly Upon Us – Will it be 2005 and 2006 or 2007 and 2008?

04/06. Philippines: Technology vs aflatoxin now in the making, experts say

04/06. Pistachios found to have salmonella 3 times in recent months before recall

04/06. CDC: Rocket Fuel Chemical Found in Baby Formula

04/06. New Zealand; Contaminated peas prompt food safety investigation

04/06. Green Party urges amendment to food safety bills

04/06. Pistachio Salmonella Food Poisoning Scare Widens Recall


04/03. Kraft puts prevention, not testing, at heart of contamination battle

04/03. Supervalu executive proposes food safety changes

04/03. Major grocer wants USDA rules applied to other foods

04/03. Kraft At Crux Of Pistachio Recall; Hasn’t Fully Audited Supplier In Almost Four Years

04/03. Producer Contamination Of Pistachios Is Rather Odd

04/03. Pistachio Industry Effectively Shuts Down Because Of FDA Recommendation

04/03. Will Mr. Pistachio be sharing a Prison Cell with Mr. Peanut?

04/03. Rats and Cockroaches and Pistachios – Oh, My!

04/03. Michael McCain: Learning from Listeria

04/03. Calif. nut firm: Kraft found salmonella in 2008

04/03. Stronger oversight is a way to improve U.S. food safety

04/03. Small farms fear bearing brunt of new food safety regulations

04/03. FDA says it won't meet latest food registry deadline

04/03. FDA Hasn't Intensified Inspections At Peanut Facilities, Despite Illness

04/03. Food safety reform is on the table again

04/03. Food Safety Bill Draws Strong Reactions

04/03. FDA goes directly to Asian food industry in salmonella scare

04/03. Legislature Must Rein In Risk Of Raw Milk


04/02. Report calls for food safety system reform

04/02. U.K. consumers remain cautious about emerging food technologies

04/02. Kraft Saves the Day and Likely Lives and FDA Does Its Job Well

04/02. A Much Needed Shift of Focus at USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service

04/02. Cuba Asks to Join International Mad Cow Preventive Project

04/02. Equipment blamed for botulism in food

04/02. How Probiotics Can Prevent Disease

04/02. Stronger oversight is a way to improve U.S. food safety

04/02. Food Safety: majority of Americans feel industry doesn’t do enough

04/02. Food safety bill introduced after pistachio recall

04/02. Salmonella outbreaks lead to food-safety changes

04/02. California Woman Sues Nagila Pizza for Food Poisoning


04/01. Chronic Wasting Disease Prions in Elk Antler Velvet

04/01. US-wide pistachio recall shows how FDA should work, claim officials

04/01. New findings challenge studies linking mercury to HFCS – CRA

04/01. T.F.A.H. report calls for major food safety reform

04/01. Recalled Irish pork still held in overseas warehouses

04/01. HACCP expert discusses roles in food safety assurance

04/01. Richard Raymond joins Meatingplace with food safety blog

04/01. New study to investigate growth of noroviruses

04/01. Parasites Hinder Immunity Against Cholera

04/01. Kroger expands pistachio recall, adds mayo

04/01. FDA: Don't eat California-grown pistachios

04/01. Paid sick leave bill gains support

04/01. AIV Microbiology's Paul Hall Receives 2009 NCFST Award for Food Safety

04/01. USDA chief cites problems in food safety system

04/01. Food safety bill introduced after pistachio recall

04/01. Feds move quickly to combat latest salmonella scare

04/01. Vietnam: Food hygiene program fails to deliver


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