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04/30. Role of high hydrostatic pressure in boosting meat quality

04/30. "It is well past time for the USDA to declare that all shiga-toxin producing strains of E. coli are adulterants and ban them from our food supply."

04/30. Coburg poultry farm files suit over tainted eggs

04/30. IHOP Sued For 2008 Salmonella Outbreak

04/30. Combating E. coli (What? No traceback!)

04/30. Walmart to Test for Non-O157 E. coli

04/30. Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Food Safety Response Center Devoted to Helping Contain Costly and Life-Threatening Chemical Contamination Crises

04/30. FDA Takes Steps to Increase Safety of Foods During Transport


04/29. FDA Offers Consumer Tips about Shopping at the Store on

04/29. Statement of EFSA on the possible risks due to ash-fall following the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland

04/29. S. Korea: Memories of Mad Cow Scare

04/29. Data From LigoCyte's Clinical Studies of Norovirus VLP Vaccine Presented at 13th Annual Conference on Vaccine Research

04/29. Lawmakers hope to block proposed raw-oyster ban

04/29. Raw milk stirs passions

04/29. Organic, small farmers fret over FDA regulation

04/29. Walmart and Sam's Club Require Enhanced Beef Safety Measures

04/29. Q&A: NSAC Policy Director on S. 510, II

04/29. UK: Butcher fined over high food poisoning risk

04/29. Raw milk may soon be available

04/29. CDC to lawmakers: Putting drugs in feed not wise


04/28. Quality concerns drop with rising consumer engagement: Survey

04/28. French call for ‘systematic labelling’ of bisphenol A

04/28. Survey shows changing perception of recalls, labels

04/28. FSIS, Mexican counterpart sign pact to improve interaction

04/28. FDA’s Michael Taylor Preaches ‘Scale Appropriate’ Food Safety Standards, Code Words For Exempting Small Farmers And Organics

04/28. Public Health Opposition to Tester Amendment

04/28. Q&A: NSAC Policy Director on S. 510

04/28. Changes to summer oystering debut May 1

04/28. New regulations worry oyster harvesters

04/28. Lawsuit Filed Against Pasture Maid Creamery by Pritzker Olsen Alleges Raw Milk Caused Paralysis

04/28. BPA Ban Brewing Storm for S. 510

04/28. Produce rules aim to stop illness outbreaks


04/27. AMI and National Hot Dog & Sausage Council Release Video on Hot Dog Preparation for Toddlers

04/27. EFSA delivers all-clear verdict on volcano food safety risks

04/27. Consumer food-safety concerns ease: study

04/27. N.Y. senator wants non-O157 STECs deemed adulterants in beef

04/27. Pa. Dept. of Ag suspends raw milk permit held by Lawrence Co. dairy

04/27. Campylobacter, Listeria, found in raw milk from two Pennsylvania dairies

04/27. Every School Needs A Salad Bar AND A Commitment To Operating It Safely

04/27. A new risk assessment centre will analyse the quality of food in Bulgaria

04/27. Consumer safety gaining new eyes

04/27. Tool Tracks Origin of Milk Shipments

04/27. Setting food safety standards simply good policy

04/27. Oyster victory claimed by Sen. David Vitter in food safety proposal

04/27. Food Industry Threatens to Kill Food Safety Bill if BPA Restrictions Included

04/27. Tester's food safety proposal fits Montana

04/27. US Supreme Court Hears First-Ever Case on Genetically Engineered Crops

04/27. Food Safety Still an Issue but Consumers' Concern has Decreased: Deloitte Survey

04/27. Feds bust importers of bacteria-laced cheese

04/27. Comic Book Teaches About Food Poisoning

04/27. Singapore: Indian-origin hawker to be charged in food poisoning cases

04/27. NY Senator Seeks More [non-O157:H7] E. Coli Regulation

04/27. Organic, small farmers fret over FDA regulation
04/27. USDA Cracks Down on Synthetic Fatty Acids in Organic Milk


04/26. Consumers have the final say, so let's hear from them

04/26. EFSA evaluates Indian grapes pesticide risk

04/26. Fluoride in volcanic ash food risk ‘negligible’

04/26. Meatingplace webinar to address salmonella regulations

04/26. FDA to announce new produce safety rules

04/26. Lawyer Battles FSIS on Non-O157 E. coli

04/26. Social Media Guide to Food & Ag Agencies

04/26. Changes to summer oystering debut May 1

04/26. Food safety bill's ban on BPA resisted

04/26. Doyle likely to sign raw milk bill

04/26. HIV patients hold clues to salmonella vaccine

04/26. FDA Small Turtle Ban in Jeopardy

04/26. Putting an end to bacterial antibiotic resistance

04/26. Holidaymakers settle Dominican Republic illness claims

04/26. Restaurant faces extra inspections for 120 days

04/26. Food safety bill nears completion: Michigan Farmers, large and small, wonder about its impact

04/26. Canada To Strengthen Food Safety And Biosecurity Systems

04/26. Study: food safety costs to continue to climb

04/26. Will the USDA doom locally produced meat?

04/26. BPA Poses New Risk To Food Safety -- Legislative Impasse


04/23. E. coli study by Seattle law firm leads to recall of ground beef

04/23. A New Beginning for Food Safety Education

04/23. UK: Chinese Restaurant To Pay Out 65000 For Salmonella Outbreak

04/23. Assembly votes 60-35 to allow the sale of raw milk

04/23. Raw milk: Personal decision or public danger?

04/23. Vietnam: Can promotion of food hygiene inspection create a positive change?

04/23. Organic farming: what's next?

04/23. EFSA Evaluates Possible Risks from the Pesticide Chlormequat in Grapes

04/23. Food sickens many, so Senate bill would beef up FDA

04/23. New Meat Rules Could Mean Fewer Processors, Higher Prices

04/23. Produce Industry Talks Safety, Traceability


04/22. FSIS webinar to focus on recalls, food safety assessments

04/22. Volcanic ash could pose a threat to food safety

04/22. Real Raw Milk Facts dot com Seeks to Bring Science to the Raw Milk Debate

04/22. Woman Sentenced to Jail Time, Home Detention for False Claim of Glass in Bottled Water

04/22. FSIS Nominee Awaits Confirmation Hearings

04/22. Groups Express Concern Over GM Labeling

04/22. Winter babies are more prone to food allergies

04/22. Shelley A. Hearne: Save antibiotics so antibiotics can save us

04/22. Hong Kong: Warning on cocktail sausages with possible Listeria contamination

04/22. EFSA evaluates reduction of Salmonella in laying hens

04/22. Salmonella's "Safety Catch" Could Be A New Drug Target, UK Study

04/22. HIV's link to salmonella offers vaccine clues

04/22. Jamaica: Government to Establish Food Safety Agency

04/22. Government Of Canada Invests $569000 To Boost Food Safety Systems

04/22. Seattle Station Tracks Food Safety

04/22. Leafy greens and food safety

04/22. China: Milk producer suspends operations after food poisonings


04/21. Tannic acid may boost beef quality in high oxygen MAP storage

04/21. Allergen testing guidance offers hope to frustrated food manufacturers

04/21. Beef industry focused on food-safety improvements

04/21. USDA looks to fund school food safety research

04/21. Getting defensive: FSIS offers security help to plants

04/21. R-CALF Says Small Plants Need a Break

04/21. Dingell to Senate: 'Now is the time'

04/21. Mycotoxins Part 2 - Current thoughts on global mycotoxicoses

04/21. Oyster beds reopen after outbreak

04/21. Handle those store makeup testers with care

04/21. K-State receives grant to study E. coli in cow-calf herds

04/21. Hand sanitizer doesn't kill E.coli, 4th grade science project finds

04/21. FSIS Progress Report on Salmonella in Meat and Poultry

04/21. Proving a Food Poisoning Case

04/21. Proposed Bill Would Cut Food Safety Training Hours

04/21. EFSA sees risks to children from lead in food


04/20. Recall readiness: What to do in the midst of a recall

04/20. Marler Clark sponsored E. coli tests prompt recall of Ground Beef

04/20. Jim Orchard in Pittsburgh Hospital with Guillain-Barre Syndrome caused by Campylobacter-tainted Raw Milk

04/20. Taiwan: All imports of US beef tongues to be inspected: official

04/20. Answers to killing seafood bacteria radiate from X-ray studies

04/20. EFSA Assesses Risk of Salmonella from Pig Meat

04/20. Probiotic without effect against Salmonella

04/20. ABC Grills Vilsack on Meat Residues

04/20. FSIS Reports Few Meetings With Outsiders

04/20. China: Vice premier orders efforts to improve food safety

04/20. Bisphenol A battle makes way to Senate

04/20. USDA to Award School Food Safety Grant

04/20. Senate bill strengthens food safety

04/20. Tainted raw milk blamed for Butler County man's paralytic illness


04/19. Food and Food Safety in Mexico

04/19. The food safety fight has gotten more personal

04/19. Recall readiness: Tips for creating a successful recall plan

04/19. BC's Provincial Health Officer Speaks Out on Raw Milk

04/19. School Food Safety Inspections Lacking

04/19. Norovirus Moves from Cruise Ship to Planes

04/19. Heston Blumenthal: I thought my restaurant would never recover after Norovirus outbreak

04/19. Tracing Listeria monocytogenes in a Commercial Chicken Cooking Plant

04/19. Philippines: Food flavoring may contain salmonella, recalled

04/19. Florida Tomato Safety Bill Passes House

04/19. Some Like It Raw

04/19. Raw milk supporters stand strong amid tough scrutiny of product

04/19. HHP Influences Meat Texture

04/19. Debate Over Antibiotic Use Continues

04/19. Food Service Safety: Do We Need a Carrot?

04/19. EFSA give Stevia a positive verdict

04/19. Bisphenol A. Balancing Fact and Fear as We Face a Risk.

04/19. Heinz cooperating with authorities in Saudi Arabia over baby food concern

04/19. NSF Honors Food Safety Leaders in DC

04/19. US: Produce growers discuss new food safety regulations

04/19. Raw Milk: An issue of Safety or Freedom?


04/16. EFSA issues guidance on antimicrobial substances for meat

04/16. EXCLUSIVE: Dave Theno on HACCP validation controversy

04/16. Recall readiness: special considerations when importing ingredients

04/16. Dakota Provisions uses cameras as food safety tool

04/16. CDC: Foodborne Illness Numbers Down

04/16. S. 510 Stalls Behind Financial Reform

04/16. An Outbreak of Acute Bacterial Gastroenteritis Is Associated With an Increased Incidence of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Children

04/16. Thermo Fisher Scientific opens food safety response center

04/16. Research seeks aflatoxin resistance

04/16. State removes dried fish, guts intact, from metro groceries

04/16. Paralyzed man to sue creamery that produced tainted raw milk

04/16. USDA Inspector General: meat supply routinely tainted with harmful residues

04/16. Goat cheese tested for listeria; warning issued to Rougemont farm visitors

04/16. Florida Tomato Safety Law Passes House - to Governor

04/16. Food-safety legislation advances on three fronts

04/16. Vietnam: Food safety bill seeks stronger penalties for violations

04/16. Are U.S. regulators dropping the ball on biocrops?

04/16. Food safety amendments seek breaks for smaller growers

04/16. Economists Study How to Improve China's Food Safety

04/16. Michael Moss on Food Safety (Round 2)

04/16. E. Coli Decreases, but Other Illnesses Rise

04/16. Fujitsu's sensor reads protein to diagnose disease


04/15. U.S. Achieves National Health Objective for E. coli O157:H7 Infections, CDC Says

04/15. Recall readiness: Optimizing supplier agreements

04/15. Calls for Greater Transparency about Foodpoisoning Recalls and Outbreaks

04/15. The Real Face of Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS)

04/15. U.S. standards on beef are lax, inspector general says

04/15. Groups Urge Plan Reversal for Brazilian Beef

04/15. Philippines: Local millers send to FDA samples of Turkish-flour brands for testing

04/15. Reducing stress in corn slows aflatoxin

04/15. Oyster beds closed by norovirus to reopen

04/15. Fish Tale

04/15. 'Overuse' of antibiotics endangering health, Senate told

04/15. Family of Man on Life Support after Drinking Raw Milk Retains Pritzker Olsen Attorneys

04/15. Raw Milk Website Launched

04/15. Switch that enables Salmonella to sabotage host cells revealed in new study

04/15. Restaurant inspections down due to hiring freeze

04/15. Lack of Regulation Allows Sale of Tainted Meat

04/15. Antibacterial soap chemical may have long-term health effects

04/15. Nigeria: 'Contaminated food kills 500 people '

04/15. Small meat plants feel threatened by USDA's new regs

04/15. Quality-Food Safety Med Study Day in Istanbul

04/15. Vietnam: UN to support food safety

04/15. EFSA cuts melamine TDI by 60 per cent

04/15. Follow EFSA's lead on bisphenol A – Danish plastics body

04/15. FL lawmakers to strengthen tomato safety standards

04/15. 'Raw milk' advocates, health officials step up dispute

04/15. Food safety bill could take bite out of small producers

04/15. KLA: Residue Testing Program Under Scrutiny

04/15. Farmers Gain in Senate Food Safety Battle

04/15. CDC Reports Decline in Foodborne Illness


04/14. Harnessing the Web and supercomputers to track pathogens as they evolve

04/14. EC revises restrictions on guar gum imports

04/14. PM Beef earns second Food Safety Certification

04/14. Gulf Areas Closed to Oyster Harvest

04/14. Peanut Allergy Misdiagnosed in 2 out of 3 Cases

04/14. Salmonella-Spiced Food

04/14. Washington DC consumer protection: FDA fails to check food makers for years

04/14. New laws could hurt Western North Carolina food producers

04/14. Food Safety Oversight

04/14. China: Expo food on course to be safe

04/14. Whole Foods, PCC Pull Raw Milk

04/14. Tomato food safety bill set for House vote

04/14. Officials order raw milk pulled

04/14. Peter Hurley Continues Push For Food Safety Reform

04/14. Demand For Food Safety Products to Reach $2.9 Billion In 2014

04/14. Celiac Disease and Food Safety...Connecting Dots

04/14. Audit Finds Tainted Meat Reaching Consumers

04/14. Time to freshen up the nation's outdated food safety laws


04/13. 'Growing concern' over marketing tainted beef

04/13. Summary of Food Safety Modernization Act (Senate debate pending)

04/13. Q&A: IBM's Food Traceability System, Part II

04/13. Pulitzer Awarded for Food Safety Expose

04/13. Tighter biosecurity needed to tackle campylobacter

04/13. Meat Producer Forms Food Safety Team

04/13. Contaminant limits needed for US beef

04/13. Senate Gears Up for Action on Food Safety

04/13. Q and A on Food Safety with Michael Moss


04/12. Phylogenetic Analysis of Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157, Germany, 1987–2008

04/12. Use of Norovirus Genotype Profiles to Differentiate Origins of Foodborne Outbreaks

04/12. Two new volumes examine dairy quality and safety

04/12. Time for Europe to send bisphenol A into the sunset

04/12. Federal court drops ‘frivolous’ hot dog lawsuit

04/12. JUST COOK IT is not the correct answer

04/12. Diabetes a Concern for Thailand

04/12. Q&A: IBM's Food Traceability System

04/12. Should Limits Be Put On 'Spent Cows?'

04/12. Obama Has a Beef With Tokyo

04/12. Food Safety Act Proposed

04/12. Food Safety in the US: We're on Red Alert

04/12. Food for Thought: Is What We Eat Safe?

04/12. Brazil - JBS-USA leading the way in food safety

04/12. Got raw?: Debate rages between raw milk advocates, food safety experts over drinking unpasteurized milk

04/12. Food safety proctor accused of letting students cheat

04/12. U.S. Foodservice Advocates for Behavioral-Based Food Safety

04/12. FDA Inspection Gap Could Allow More Food Poisoning Cases: Report


04/09. Federal Court Dismisses Frivolous Hot Dog Lawsuit

04/09. Food safety regulation expert questions FSIS approach to HACCP changes

04/09. Implementing a Hand Washing Plan

04/09. Kroger Endorses Rapid Recall Exchange

04/09. Warning Letter Addresses Botulism Risk

04/09. PA Dairy's Raw Milk Permit Suspended

04/09. Kellogg Faces Lawsuit Over Salmonella-Tainted Peanut Snack

04/09. Law firm creates searchable foodborne illness database

04/09. A genetic gift for sushi eaters

04/09. Small Farms Balk at Food Safety Bill

04/09. FDA says studies on triclosan, used in sanitizers and soaps, raise concerns

04/09. Pegg focuses on food safety as AMS leader

04/09. Pregnancy Cook Book Recalled Down Under

04/09. Vegetable Growers Meet to Discuss New FDA Standards on Food Safety

04/09. Meat processors worried over proposed safety rules


04/08. FSIS Will Extend Comment Period on Draft Guidance for HACCP System Validation

04/08. International coalition of scientists calls for bisphenol A ban

04/08. FDA food safety inspections and enforcement declining, auditors say

04/08. UK Scientists Meet to Discuss Problem of Campylobacter Food Poisoning

04/08. Report Shows Decline in FDA Inspections

04/08. USDA Releases Open Government Plan

04/08. More Raw Milk Problems: Pennsylvania Dairy's Permit Suspended

04/08. You Are What Microbes You Eat

04/08. Tainted Produce More Likely for Low-Income Shoppers

04/08. Pulverized lime used to bleach Chinese flour: media

04/08. Part III: Q&A With Mark Jarvis, Steritech CEO

04/08. Leading scientists urge Government to ban gender-bending chemicals from baby products

04/08. Man laced gyoza 3 times, China says


04/07. Part II: Q&A With Mark Jarvis, Steritech CEO

04/07. Philippines: Millers warn bakers, noodle makers vs Turkish flour

04/07. Louisiana oyster grounds closure biggest in 10 years

04/07. Feeding cattle fruit could eliminate Salmonella, E. coli

04/07. FDA places another Canadian canola crushing plant on import alert list

04/07. Report Finds 'Significant Weaknesses' In FDA Food Inspections

04/07. Celebrate National Public Health Week, Pass S. 510

04/07. Oman: Food experts form Advisory Committee to organize Food Safety Conference in October

04/07. Food Safety Issues and Solutions Take Center-Stage at the 12th Annual Food Safety Summit in Washington

04/07. Fresno Hosts Food Traceability Boot Camp

04/07. Food-Safety Certification Reimbursement Program

04/07. Brazil - JBS lead the way in food safety

04/07. Food authority to review ban on Chinese milk

04/07. Babies seem to absorb the most Bisphenol A

04/07. China: Genetically modified foods need a sieve

04/07. Alarm at plan to allow three more GM foods

04/07. Leafy greens agreement plans food safety meetings

04/07. Regina grocery stores reviewing safety practices following food-tampering cases in Calgary

04/07. Agriculture Secretary Prods Japan to Accept More US Beef

04/07. Dubai- Drive to educate housewives and maids on food safety


04/06. EFSA approves biocide for use in food contact materials

04/06. Kroger Endorses Rapid Recall Exchange and Encourages All Suppliers to Join Exchange

04/06. 1st Quarter Recalls Top 9.1 Million Pounds

04/06. Q&A With Mark Jarvis, CEO of Steritech

04/06. About-E. coli, About-Campylobacter, About-Hepatitis and About-Salmonella updated with client stories

04/06. Smartphone app scans barcodes for food allergens

04/06. Japan says it has no plans to ease US beef restrictions

04/06. Listeria Concerns In Deli Meat Imported From Canada

04/06. Canada invests in food safety for food banks

04/06. FDA seeks help on produce safety regulation

04/06. RFID: Food Safety and Product Recalls

04/06. UK Paper Finds BPA in Canned Food Products

04/06. Egg industry calls for better labeling

04/06. Transparency in food recalls: important on both sides of the Atlantic


04/05. Validation of CCP’s and prerequisite programs

04/05. IDDBA program reimburses retailers for food safety certification

04/05. Potential Dangers of Dietary Supplements

04/05. NC Farmers Take S. 510 Concerns to Consumers

04/05. Food Allergens? There's An App For That!

04/05. New Rules for Virginia Oysters Considered

04/05. Raw milk fans undeterred

04/05. The battle over raw milk will spill into the future

04/05. E Coli Heath Risk from Rhode Island Flood

04/05. Right place, right time for this new food safety technology?

04/05. India: Food safety standards for panchayats to be set

04/05. Monterey company gives guidance on food safety

04/05. Food Bank Community Program Funded to Improve Food Safety

04/05. Pest Control for Food Poisoning


04/02. No need to reconsider aspartame opinion, experts

04/02. EU: Illegal dioxin levels found in 8 per cent of foods

04/02. Packaging and processing advances to help cut campylobacter

04/02. Food safety expert weighs in on HACCP, prerequisite validation

04/02. Court Rules Against Meat Industry

04/02. No April Fools' Joke, Classes Canceled for Possible Norovirus Cases

04/02. Fresno Fair E-Coli Poisoning Lawsuit Far From Over

04/02. Food safety on the farm

04/02. JBS partners with CSU on food safety

04/02. Mande: A 'Watershed Moment' for Food Safety

04/02. RP eyed to become SEA food safety hub


04/01. Campden reports on health risks from contaminated cheese

04/01. France calls for caution over nanotech

04/01. BPA a 'Chemical of Concern' Says EPA

04/01. How Sulfa-Loaded Beef Gets To Market

04/01. Bobo's Oat Bars 'Adulterated'

04/01. Salami Maker Sues Pepper Suppliers

04/01. One Tenth of Cooking Oil in China Comes from Waste

04/01. Study profiles another air-travel hazard: norovirus

04/01. Essential Oils to Fight Superbugs

04/01. IN-MI Raw Milk Trade May Be Over

04/01. Federal Government Seeks Permanent Injunction Against Texas Egg Roll Manufacturer

04/01. Vancouver Deputy Edward Bylsma Sues Burger King

04/01. Hawaii ranked among top 7 states in oversight of food-borne illnesses

04/01. Report breaks down sources of foodborne illness outbreaks

04/01. Doyle says he might allow farmers to sell raw milk, if the circumstances are right

04/01. HACCP advice for packaging makers

04/01. Food Safety Issues at the Border


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