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Quality Assurance Director - (00002728) - San Antonio, TX



Summary Description:  Provides oversight for quality management systems including compliance, corporate quality assurance and field quality management systems. Directs the design, development and implementation of all Quality Assurance, Food Safety programs, Compliance, and QA Reporting. Oversee the maintenance of the nutrition and food allergen information database and website. Provides strong leadership and a teamwork approach with all subordinates and coworkers within the department and other departments.  Directs the development and implementation of policies, practices, and procedures needed to ensure quality control of products and ingredients supplied to the company by vendors.



·         Develops  positive  relationships  with  direct  reports  through  frequent  and substantial 1:1 coaching to establish goals and objectives for personal and professional growth.

·         Anticipates program delays and adjusts resources to stay on course.

·         Reviews food safety & nutrition reports and recommends action as needed.

·         Schedule and manage in-house and third party product evaluations and the communications of deficiencies to the suppliers.

·         Implements product specification changes with manufacturers as required, i.e., changes in packaging, labeling, processing, and ingredients.

·         Determines and coordinates changes as they occur between Whataburger, Inc. suppliers and distributors.

·         Determines and coordinates the communication regarding Quality and Food Safety activities with franchisees, distributors, and other Whataburger, Inc. departments.

·         Maintains knowledge of commodity markets through industry publications and communications with manufacturers, seminars, and conferences.

·         Effectively communicates Whataburger, Inc. food and supplies specifications to all suppliers, franchisees, and other Whataburger, Inc. departments.

·         Maintains a working knowledge of industry manufacturing processes.

·         Inspects the physical plants of all manufacturers of Whataburger, Inc. products to ensure that generally accepted practices of good manufacturing are being employed and that manufacturing of Whataburger, Inc. products is done in a clean and sanitary environment.

·         Monitors food labeling and safe production and handling laws and regulations to ensure Whataburger, Inc. is in compliance with such laws and regulations.

·         Reports all changes in manufacturing procedures by any manufacturer.

·         Inspects physical plants of prospective alternate suppliers prior to approval.

·         Direct and negotiate for the third party Health Department Score program and provide communications as needed to Operations and Sr. Management

·         Reviews quality assurance reports and communicates deviations from Whataburger specifications to manufacturers.

·         Contracts for the services of independent analytical laboratories for the testing of Whataburger, Inc. products.

·         Regularly reports the quality of key Whataburger, Inc. products.

·         Communicates product quality issues and resolutions to restaurant operations.

·         Creates tools and programs as needed to improve and maintain consistency in bread quality including QA programs, audits, bread chart, coding and banding on packaging.

·         Visits distributors to review receiving and handling procedures, rotation and food quality.

·         Upgrades suppliers’ quality programs as needed.

·         Provides support for new product development during the Menu Development process including product and supplier evaluations for LTO planning, promotional execution and management.

·         Coordinates with other departments the development of in-store procedures to optimize food safety.

·         Maintains a high level of integrity, positive approach and sensitivity at all times.

·         Visits units as needed to evaluate food safety measures.

·         Attends production runs of new/alternative suppliers, and LTO suppliers.

·         Develops and implements productivity improvement, quality systems, tools and controls for the supplier base.

·         Evaluates products submitted by potential new suppliers or current suppliers with improvements to products.

·         Attends Operations Area Meetings for feedback on Operations’ needs and opinions.

·         Supports Operational needs as necessary.

·         Understands the supply chain at Whataburger and the supplier’s system to search for improvements and cost reductions.

·         Bi-weekly, scores bread with supplier to determine the consistency and quality of product in the system.

·         Maintains knowledge of food safety, HACCP, current industry issues and new technology regarding food and packaging products and restaurants.

·         Collaborates with Operations and Field Training and Communications on emerging food safety concerns, crisis, and current industry issues.

·         Oversees the development and maintenance of Operations Manual and other Technical communications as needed.

·         Oversees the design, development and implementation of unit-level Food Safety programs, such as 3rd party unit audits, regulatory inspection reports and Safe and Sound programs.

·         Maintains overall responsibility for the monitoring, interpreting and managing of technical issues associated with nutrition.

·         Serves as in-house expert on all issues relating to nutrition including diet trends, government guidelines, and consumer inquiries.

·         Produces weekly QAH reports.

·         Oversees the supply/demand and quality of fresh produce and bakery items due to short shelf life.

·         Schedules and conducts business reviews with suppliers regarding QA programs and concerns

·         Travels to other markets to evaluate the consistency of the bread programs, currently Arizona and Florida.

·         Travels and tours supplier manufacturing facilities as necessary to manage business and learn industry trends and capabilities

·         Plans and manages QA/Food Safety/Nutrition budgeting and cost control functions.

·         Monitors monthly expenses and annual budget.

·         Establishes the development, implementation, and maintenance of raw materials, finished product specifications, and label proofs for all food and non-food products.

·         Ensures the maintenance of current Quality Assurance files.

·         Leads the investigation and evaluation of foreign object samples and food illness reports submitted to QA by the Benefits Services Dept. as part of the customer claims resolution process.

·         Analyzes results of corporate food safety audits and reports areas of weakness to upper management, and possible corporate level solutions.

·         Aids Risk Management department, unit, and Operations in addressing claims of illness by workers or customers (eg, workers claiming Hepatitis A or customers alleging food borne illness).

·         Assumes ultimate responsibility in the development, revision, evaluation and implementation of food safety policies, procedures and standards.

·         Acts as liaison with regulatory authorities on behalf of unit manager or Area Manager/DO when there are questions regarding individual inspections, or comments by inspectors, to determine correct answers and to shield operational level from imagined regulatory responses.

·         Analyzes nutrition information for menu items, LTOs, and test items.

·         Prepares and presents pertinent information at PPC meetings for Whataburger Franchisees and Senior Operations.

·         Works with personal and department quarterly objectives, strategies and projects for best interest of Whataburger.

·         Works with distributor and bakeries as needed to maintain the supply chain in case of emergency such as hurricanes.

·         Plans annual monitoring activities for Quality Assurance, Food Safety, and Nutrition programs.

·         Oversees Whataburger, Inc.’s Product Withdrawal and Recall Program. Initiates and assists in the monitoring and resolution of product recalls and/or withdrawals to Operations team as necessary.

·         Actively participates in technical associations such as Conference For Food Protection Board, National Council of Chain Restaurants Food Safety Task Force, National Restaurant Association Quality Assurance Executive Study Group, International Association For Food Protection, Institute of Food Technologists, and American Society For Quality.

·         Develops and/or participates in programs with FDA, USDA, state and local Health Departments to allow units to meet evolving regulatory food safety requirements.

·         Works with each states’ Food Establishment Rules regulatory authorities to modify changes that will impact company operations.

·         Provides leadership role to regulatory authorities by serving on joint industry-regulatory boards, committees and commissions (e.g., San Antonio Board of Health, Conference for Food Protection – 3 committees and committee chair).

·         Actively participates in regulatory-based professional groups in our trading area (National Environmental Health Association, International Association for Food Protection, Association of Food and Drug Officials) and their local affiliates.

·         Provides sponsorship of their activities where possible (e.g., Texas Environmental Health Association newsletter sponsorship, sponsoring breaks at TEHA annual meetings, etc).

·         Participates in other professional associations such as American Dietetic Association.

·         Closely coordinates and controls program change requests with functional users.

·         Champions  long-range  view  of  strategic  impact  on  functional  users  and defends case for change and budget to meet requirements.

·         Coordinates, communicates and schedules with outside consultants/vendors to address questions specific to WB and specific to location.

·         Reviews and responds to SERTEC QA Hotlines regarding bread issues.

·         Oversees QA Hotline/SERTEC trends and supplier quality issues.

·         Develops and maintains an effective working relationship with appropriate federal, state, and local agencies and industry associations to be able to impact new or changing regulatory requirements and assist operations in complying with them.

·         Serves as a liaison with regulatory and industry officials to maintain knowledge of and compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

·         Presents regulatory/legislative comments to proposed rules as necessary.






·         Bachelor’s degree

 Preferred Experience:

·         9 years experience preferably in restaurant industry


·         Proficient in MS Office Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, DAPTIV and JD Edwards preferred

·         Advanced professional or theoretical knowledge and functional concepts, practices and procedures of a particular field of specialization in the execution of assigned duties and responsibilities

·         Advanced understanding of the function’s structure and policies with an intermediate understanding of the structure and policies of Whataburger Restaurants LP

·         Intermediate understanding of budgetary concepts and procedures

·         Advanced ability to implement given strategic direction

·         Intermediate understanding of performance review process

·         Intermediate understanding of portfolio management: input to output, decision making process, logical sequence of activities, interdependencies between activities/tasks, deliverable prioritization and timeline



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300 Concord Plaza Dr 

300 Concord Plaza Dr 

 San Antonio 78216

: Full-time


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: Apr 13, 2015, 3:08:21 PM


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