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05/31. New Technologies, Demands Lead To Food Identity Crisis
05/31. Sorry, can't give you those public records
05/31. New technologies, demands lead to food identity crisis
05/31. Pesticides in perspective
05/31. RBG, caterer face lawsuit
05/31. Beef producers develop food safety plan
05/31. Codex Committee on Food Import and Export Certification and Inspection (CCFICS)
05/31. CAC - Codex Alimentarius Commission
05/31. Ministers and Official applaud the adoption of new International Health Regs
05/30. Canadian Food Inspection Agency - Health of Animals Act
05/30. Frequent flipping means safer burgers
05/30. Is manure safe for your garden?
05/30. Water crisis still victimizing residents of Walkerton
05/30. Restaurant's patrons warned about hepatitis A risk
05/30. Scientists identify phthalates as a gender bender
05/30. BAN TO END?
05/30. Japanese meatpacker sentenced to seven years
05/29. Johanns names Meat and Poultry Inspection Advisory Committee
05/29. Richard Raymond to be Nominated USDA Under Secretary For Food Safety
05/29. OIE Adopts Changes to International Animal Health Code Chapter on BSE
05/29. Edmonton school may ban sale of milk
05/29. Lower Cooking Temperatures May 'Chill' Fried Food Carcinogen
05/29. Take a few precautions at petting zoo
05/29. [UK] Boffins probe cluster of 'mad cow' infections
05/28. Gov't official denies impact of new BSE rules on Japan-U.S. talks
05/28. Is Mad Cow Disease Caused by a Bacteria?
05/28. Rainwater tanks often host to harmful bugs
05/28. Antibiotic use promotes resistant strains of Campylobacter
05/28. Texas Cooperative Extension to offer food manager certification training course
05/28. Facing food poisoning
05/28. Here's help for victims of food poisoning
05/28. [FDA] Outdoor Eating Food Safety Tips
05/27. New International Health Regulations: World Health Organization
05/27. Glenn N. Slack: President and Chief Exec National Institute for Animal Agriculture
05/27. Food Marketing Institute Mercury and Fish Brochure offers consumers guidelines
05/27. Statement of AMI on changes to Office of International Epizootics Animal Health
05/27. Bhopal, Ontario: The Walkerton tragedy
05/27. Walkerton: Five years later
05/27. International wooden packing changes could hit some exporters
05/27. Legislation the wrong tool to deal with allergy problem
05/27. Poisoned hotdogs left out for Lethbridge canines
05/27. Food handlers are the key to reducing hepatitis A and many foodborne illnesses
05/27. Philippines ends ban of Canadian beef
05/27. OIE alters BSE standards
05/27. Risk management advice soothes food recall dangers and diasters?
05/27. Secretary Johanns Appoints Members to the NACMF
05/27. Johanns Appoints Members to the NACMPI
05/27. HACCP Plan Reassessment Required for Mechanically Tenderized Beef Products
05/27. Biotech food debate spices up scientist meeting
05/27. World Health Body Backs Beef Trade From BSE Countries (Update2)
05/27. World animal agency sets new guidelines on mad cow, bird flu
05/27. Ex-meat packer chairman gets 7 years in prison on beef fraud
05/27. Officials urge precautions like hand washing at petting zoos
05/27. State's chief medical officer may also go to D.C.
05/27. Vigilance reduces risk of poisoning
05/27. Food Poisoning Concerns
05/27. [UK] Campylobacter seminar for local authorities
05/26. Agriculture’s role in managing Antimicrobial Resistance Conference 2005
05/26. Directives (meat) / Directives (viandes)
05/26. Meat groups unveil a new publication to help consumers safely cook
05/26. A new real-time beef traceability program is gaining popularity momentum in Japan
05/26. "Don't just accept change - Create it!"
05/26. CSPI announces food-safety conference at the WHO
05/26. [Botswana] Ministry to establish test procedures for all suspicious food products
05/26. Japan unlikely to resume import of U.S. beef until August
05/26. Hormel phasing out preservatives from its Bread Ready meats [using high pressure instead]
05/26. Indiana health officials: Beware of door-to-door beef
05/26. Advocacy group blasts US animal tagging proposals
05/26. Chemical pollutants in food focus of EU-backed network
05/26. Organic Consumers Association Reacts to Monsanto's Latest GMO Deception
05/26. OIE sets new standards on mad cow risk
05/26. Japan needs scientific basis to oppose int'l BSE rule: OIE official
05/26. FOCUS: Australia Sees Little Threat In Return Of U.S Beef
05/26. Belgians unaware of bottled water dangers
05/26. WHO warning on infection risk of infant formula
05/26. Good bacteria may help against travelers' diarrhea
05/26. [Japan] Ministries' request for BSE risk assessment puzzles some experts
05/26. SWITZERLAND: ISO sets September 2005 target for food standard publication
05/26. Produce Safety and Security Int'l Announces Its First Ozone Unit to be Installed
05/26. [Malta] Food safety concerns at old people's home
05/26. A Variety of Food Preservation Processes Are Under Development
05/26. [Jamaica] Inter-ministerial agreement reached on single food safety agency
05/26. Fats and oils, new food safety risk?
05/26. 1 in 10 chance food will make you ill 
05/26. [UK] Working with diverse communities: local authority good practice
05/25. BC-OIE-BSE
05/25. Ritz wary of CFIA control
05/25. Wendy's finger
05/25. Meat cleared from Denview packing plant
05/25. Industry unveils new consumer guide to safe handling of meat and poultry
05/25. Hurdles remain in resuming US beef imports
05/25. Japan in final stages of reopening market to U.S. beef
05/25. Upcoming EU ban fuels interest in probiotic feed market
05/25. Food safety programs for producers of manufactured and fermented meats
05/25. Monsanto fights back over controversial GM study
05/25. Q & A for E. coli Testing Directives Available From FSIS
05/25. Food allergies can be serious, even fatal, business
05/25. Cancer label for foods is considered State could require warnings in markets
05/25. Allard, Salazar pleased that beef ban could end
05/25. Tokyo launches final procedure for resuming N. American beef imports
05/25. U.S. Pressures Japan on Beef Import Ban
05/25. Cure for antibiotic-resistant bacteria on way
05/25. Edible bivalves as a source of human pathogens
05/25. Ozone Safe Food, Inc. Increases Sales & Marketing Efforts in OH, MI,& IN
05/25. Infant formula may need to carry warning-WHO
05/25. That refreshing swim could be a source of water-borne illness
05/25. First Technology to Remove Prions that Cause vCJD From Blood Launched
05/25. Having a cookout? Don’t poison your guests!
05/25. Grants to improve food quality Source
05/25. Get the ‘Grill’ of a Lifetime with Summer Cooking Safety
05/24. BC-Mad
05/24. Ontario Food Protection Association - Third Annual Golf Tournament
05/24. University of Wisconsin scientists seek jerky samples
05/24. FSIS issues Q & A for E. coli O157:H7 testing and others
05/24. Cargill invests in food safety research at the University of Alberta
05/24. Sudan 1: banned food products, already withdrawn, appear again on shelves
05/24. Australia adds new regulations to National Livestock Identification System
05/24. Data Shows That Consumers Don’t Know Proper Burger Cook Temps
05/24. DIY kit nails your allergy
05/24. Egg Allergy Diet
05/24. Benton Restaurant Ready to Reopen
05/24. Probiotics That Modify Disease Risk
05/24. Home, cottage wells should be tested for illness-causing contaminants
05/23. [UK] Workshop to discuss contingency options on BSE and sheep
05/23. [UK] Local authorities offered cash support to promote new food safety tool
05/23. Finding the Source of Campylobacter
05/23. Walkerton marks grim 5-year anniversary
05/23. B-C Centre for Disease Control: make sure fiddleheads are cooked properly
05/23. Unlicensed beef on market, police warn
05/23. Border closed to Canadian cattle and beef products 600 days too long
05/23. Philippines resumes importing Canadian beef
05/23. Officials consider ways to fight deadly bug in drinking water
05/23. Restoring trust in water supply, step by step
05/23. CHINA: China ratifies protocol on biosafety
05/23. Chance to Learn More on Food Preservation Processes to Control Bacteria
05/23. Japan set to urge commission to allow U.S. beef imports
05/23. FSA create food contamination task force
05/22. Comments Requested by FSIS and FDA for Standards of Identity for Foods
05/22. Vitamin E form safe for foods and supplements, says EFSA
05/22. Living with food Living with food allergies
05/22. Sukiya restaurant chain opposes gov't plan to ease test for BSE
05/22. Tokyo twisted BSE safety report: panel member
05/22. [NY] State Tackles Chronic Wasting Disease
05/22. Contaminated airline food sparks lawsuit
05/22. Firmer warnings urged over baby milk powder risk
05/22. [Switzerland] Illegal meat trade sparks health fears
05/22., Inc. and Ozone Safe Food, Inc. Complete Patent Transactions
05/22. Warning over untreated water in Tas[mania]
05/21. The perils of owning a pet
05/21. [Arizona] Disease responders ready to help
05/21. Special report: Global biotech battle heats up in Montreal
05/21. Finnish food agency clamps down on traceability
05/21. New food standards to drive US innovation
05/21. Europe's food safety agency clears GMO maize
05/20. BC-Mad
05/20. Water treatment process called potential risk
05/20. Recreational Water Illness Prevention Week - May 23--30, 2005
05/20. Alberta announces plan to verify cattle ages
05/20. AMI launches Web site to urge reopening of Canadian border
05/20. French Food Safety Agency adds weight to inulin claim potential
05/20. Food agency forms taskforce to tackle risk and recalls
05/20. US agencies propose changes to food labelling standards
05/20. USDA Will Host a Roundtable Discussion About U.S. Beef Safety and BSE
05/20. AMI Launches To Highlight Critical Need
05/20. Food Security Course Offered At No Cost From USDA and HHS Is Online
05/20. Uganda bans importation of dairy products to keep mad cow disease at bay
05/20. Food Lion Helping Shoppers Give Bacteria the Cold Shoulder
05/20. Cleared to cook
05/20. Great Wolf Lodge Cited For Food Code Violations
05/20. Japan to urge watchdog to allow U.S. beef imports
05/20. U.S. Proposes General Principles for Food Standards
05/20. Stop & Shop to Participate in National Food Safety Campaign
05/20. Agency sets up incidents task force
05/19. Get the Lowdown on Chill for Food Safety: "Keep it Cool" - That's the Rule
05/19. First Food Irradiation Park Set Up by The Government of Haryana State
05/19. Two Mexican irradiation plants to open; government will help fund facilities
05/19. Ethical and professional practices for the sensory analysis of foods
05/19. Chinese man gets death for selling poison liquor
05/19. Alberta To Check Age Of All Cattle Slaughtered After 07-CP
05/19. US Sees More Terrorism By Animal Rights, Environment Grps
05/19. Government of Canada consults on new import policy for bovine
05/19. Mother: Wendy's finger used to settle debt
05/19. Concerns raised over effective use of HACCP in meat-processing plants
05/19. Food thermometers assure better, safer burgers
05/19. [S. Africa] Sudan Red found in dozens of food products
05/19. OIE may relax BSE standard
05/19. Idaho governor lobbies for fries
05/19. [Japan] Mission finds removal of SRMs from all cows in U.S., Canada
05/19. EU: EFSA Issues Guidance for the Risk Assessment of GMO
05/19. Produce Safety and Security Int'l, Inc. Announces Final Stages of Proposal
05/19. Ecolab offers new services for food industry
05/19. Alert over poor food safety in the home
05/19. Proposals to replace Code of Practice for local authorities in England
05/18. Food Contaminants
05/18. Food Contaminants
05/18. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) - week 19
05/18. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) - week 20
05/18. Food for thought
05/18. Ontario health units to monitor water safety
05/18. Welcome to a cook's worst nightmare: food poisoning
05/18. U.S. FDA warns airline food supplier over filth
05/18. U.S. food supply: Steps should be taken to reduce overlapping inspections
05/18. USDA on BSE offensive
05/18. R-CALF requests early judgment on Canadian border
05/18. Brussels alert on annatto confuses food industry
05/18. Gluten allergies can be avoided in babies
05/18. Peanut allergy can be deadly
05/18. [Kenya] Munyao absolves WFP from aflatoxin saga
05/18. How Safe Is Your Shrimp Dinner?
05/18. Plans to Expand its North American Network
05/18. Food safety imperative when the power goes out
05/18. Kenya loses 8.4m bags to pests
05/18. Biology of the bloom still baffles experts
05/17. R-CALF roulette
05/17. USDA food security workshops
05/17. FSIS notice 29-05
05/17. Sabrina's Law 'will save a life,' MPP predicts
05/17. Eating at home a risky business?
05/17. E. coli O157:H7 food safety facts - Preventing foodborne illness
05/17. Quarantine Act
05/17. Hockey takes a shot from Hepatitis A
05/17. Canadians: Who cares about R-CALF suit?
05/17. New AMI Guest Opinion Column: Handing Canada Its Golden Opportunity
05/17. [Kenya] NCPB challenged on quality control
05/17. Cattlemen, Farm Bureau join brief in beef trade case
05/17. 'Aquaholics' warned not to drink themselves to watery grave
05/17. Study finds medication prevents travelers' diarrhea
05/17. PSU extension offers Cooking for Crowds workshop
05/17. N.H. health programs at risk
05/17. Outdoor Food Preparation Can be as Risky as It Is Appetizing
05/17. 17 shops breach food regulations by not removing expired products
05/17. Nanoscale technology: the future of food safety
05/17. The Attack of the Potato Salad
05/17. [UK Food Standards Agency] Board update May 2005
05/16. Quarter of China's health supplements are fakes
05/16. Silliker, Inc. honors Cavendish Farms with two awards for food safety
05/16. South Africa looks to EFSA model for food safety?
05/16. Korean researcher claims discovery of 'BSE-immune' cattle
05/16. Japanese to end BSE testing of some imported cattle
05/16. Active vaccine prevents mice from developing prion disease
05/15. KLA Cattle Update: Research Could Lead To Live BSE Test
05/15. Proponents say raw milk a more healthful alternative
05/15. Local restaurant health inspections to be available online
05/15. Bill would abolish regulations on potlucks
05/14. Fiddleheads [ferns] may cause mild illness
05/14. Memorial Day starts with vacation food safety
05/14. Organisms in Soil May Protect Lettuce from E. coli
05/14. Salmonellosis
05/13. Police: Wendy's chili finger identified
05/13. Japan confirms 18th case of BSE
05/13. Japanese political committee endorses beef import plan
05/13. Assessment of epidemiologic capacity in state and territorial health depts.
05/13. Brief report: Terrorism and emergency preparedness
05/13. Irradiated beef: What's not for dinner
05/13. Parks Canada issues fish warning
05/13. Campaign promotes benefits of fish for pregnant women and their children
05/13. Rules killing traditional bake sales
05/13. Mad Cow-Resistant Calf Is Inspected in Japan
05/13. Gene-Altered Cow to Undergo BSE Immunity Test in Japan
05/13. BSE: Just The Facts
05/13. Divided court rules pair can't sue over E. coli
05/13. City Health Inspectors Close Restaurant, Store For Violations
05/13. Russia crackdown as food fraud runs rife
05/13. Abandoned Water Wells a Threat to Water Safety
05/13. Food Safety Week 2005 grants for Scotland
05/12. AMI Op-Ed and Editorial Cartoon: The Great Flight North
05/12. Japan confirms 18th case of mad cow disease
05/12., Inc. CEO Announces Membership with IAFP
05/12. Local Woman Claims She Found Worm in Fast Food
05/12. Home canner testing aids in food safety
05/12. UK chemical dye food safety scandal hits the EU
05/12. BC-Mad (2)
05/12. BC-Mad (1)
05/12. EU sets strict limits for banned dyes in spicy food
05/12. Beware pets spreading germs: all can carry salmonella
05/12. Cleanliness tops
05/12. Commission To Discuss Lifting Beef Ban
05/11. Conclusions of Committee on Food Chain and Animal Health, Toxicological Safety
05/11. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
05/11. May Lifting Of US Import Ban On Canada Beef Unlikely
05/11. 9th Circuit denies NMA's request to expedite
05/11. R-CALF again distorts numbers to mislead
05/11. FSAI appoints Director of Consumer Protection
05/11. May FSA News now published and online
05/11. Won't be back
05/11. False fat, and bogus advice
05/11. Food labs push out Para Red tests
05/11. Commission reminds food industry of duty to supply safe food
05/11. Two Agricultural Biotechnology Reports Available From USDA
05/11. Oman Reopens Market For All U.S. Beef Products
05/11. Food Allergies Week is designated
05/11. Vigilance combats food allergy
05/11. Food Allergen Sensitization May Increase Asthma Severity in Children
05/11. Japan finds a new possible case of mad cow disease
05/11. Bacteria may harm elderly
05/11. More Indonesian Food Products Denied Entry Into US
05/11. [Uzbekistan] Human feces fertilizer poses risk
05/11. "Children on the Frontline Against E.Coli": Typical Hemolytic- Uremic Syndrome
05/11. State easing into food safety training requirement
05/11. Health matters: Proper license ensures concession food safety
05/11. EU Commission, food safety experts agree stance on illegal dyes in spices
05/10. Congress Is Staying Clear Of Dispute Over Mad Cow
05/10. Food companies' top five fears
05/10. BC-Mad
05/10. 12th Australian HACCP conference – update
05/10. USA: Finger in chilli woman appears in court
05/10. Universal testing to end in Japan, but consumers, local governments disapprove
05/10. State bills seek harsher penalties for attacks on food processors, farmers
05/10. 'PETA Kills Animals,' Times Square billboard charges
05/10. Para Red: UK spice industry encourages transparency
05/10. Codex to discuss GM food labels
05/10. FSIS Offers Guidance for Pathogen Computer Modeling Programs
05/10. Recipe For Fighting Food Allergies
05/10. New Movie Insensitive to Millions of Americans With Food Allergies
05/10. Top Restaurant Violators Rarely Fined Or Disciplined
05/10. Philippine Scientists Boost Fight Vs E-Coli, Food-Borne Diseases
05/10. City Closes 3 Establishments For Health Violations
05/10. Learning More about Cryptosporidium in Cattle
05/09. Raw Milk Called Naturally Better
05/09. Japan Local Govts Plan Continued Blanket BSE Tests-Kyodo
05/09. Beef claims dangerous: official
05/09. Woman in Wendy's finger case transferred
05/09. [Canada] Meat products from Mount Elgin abattoir should not be consumed
05/09. Food poisoning, Cassava - Philippines (Negros Occidental)
05/08. Japan ready to drop universal testing for BSE
05/08. New food safety campaign emphasizes proper home refrigeration
05/08. Web Symposium: What Is Your Position Regarding BSE Testing, and Why?
05/08. What is your position regarding BSE testing, and why?
05/08. Northwestern States At Higher Risk Of Mad Cow Exposure
05/07. Japan to toughen controls on meat-and-bone meal as anti-BSE step
05/07. Sun-baked bottled water could help treat millions
05/07. Soft drink makers to limit heavy metals, says EFSA panel
05/07. Before you book be your own food inspector
05/07. Food safety topic of ICN session
05/07. FDA finds squalor at Mexican farm in hepatitis probe
05/07. [UK] Disinfectants in the food chain
05/06. General food law - Implementation guidelines
05/06. Food flavouring - Scientific advice
05/06. ECDC first Advisory Forum meeting focuses on future surveillance
05/06. Crop producers urged to be proactive on food safety issues
05/06. Politics and science fight on a food safety battleground
05/06. THE VOCAL POINT: 'Bad bills' a distraction from search for serious solutions
05/06. Take this quiz on food allergies
05/06. Mad-cow tracking system proposed
05/06. [New York] Second wild deer tests positive for disease
05/06. Health officials: Dozens got bacteria from 'pocket pets'
05/06. Japan's food safety panel paves way for a resumption of U.S. beef imports
05/06. Safety tips for oysters
05/06. Foodborne Illness Related to Seafood
05/05. FREE Food-Safe schools action guide workshop
05/05. Agency on alert for undeclared allergens; Unidentified food ingredients can prove fatal
05/05. Food additives-The Canadian situation
05/05. $3,400 fine levied under Provincial Meat Inspection Act
05/05. [New Zealand] Sabotage scare at Kaikoura reservoir
05/05. Food watchdog group announces litigation initiative
05/05. GAO sees deficiencies in efforts to guard agriculture from terrorism
05/05. Farm-raised salmon poses increased health risks for consumers
05/05. EFET on alert over dye scare
05/05. FDA Extends Deadline To Submit Data and Comments on Listeria Control
05/05. Eating Quorn can damage your health, says US protest group
05/05. Politics and science fight on a food safety battleground
05/05. FDA proposes in-lid labeling for eggs
05/05. [Alaska] Restaurateurs unhappy with flavor of new regulations
05/05. Clean eggs just common sense
05/05. FDA Proposes In-Lid Labeling for Eggs
05/04. 60th INCDNCM
05/04. Ottawa must protect Natural Health Products Regulations
05/04. Toward Safer Food: Perspectives on Risk and Priority Setting
05/04. Restaurateurs unhappy with flavor of new regulations
05/04. Denview meat products banned
05/04. Agroterrorism
05/04. Illegal slaughter activities prompt suspension for Canadian meatpacker
05/04. Canadian beef industry loses patience over border dispute
05/04. US cattle group attacks Canada BSE testing rate
05/04. PERSPECTIVE: Traceability programs may mean advantages for meat companies
05/04. Researcher May Have Found Key To Testing For Mad Cow Disease
05/04. French cheeses fall victim to import rules
05/04. Hygiene important during picnic months
05/04. St. Petersburg woman is latest to file lawsuit over petting zoo infection
05/04. Fish-cleaning tables serve as bacteria breeding ground
05/04. Kitchen safety applies in the wilderness, too
05/04. Hygiene on the menu
05/04. Report: Body parts in food? Still rare
05/04. [Ireland] Five enforcement orders served in April
05/04. 'Food safety road' in Phuket
05/04. British boy finds snake in cereal box
05/04. Consent Decree Filed in Tissue Residue Case at Alvin Souza Dairy
05/03. Desperate rhetoric from R-CALF
05/03. WSU and UI Food Safety Farm to Table Conference May 25-26 2005
05/03. Canadian Food Inspection Agency Annual Report 2003 – 2004
05/03. Food law overhaul proposed
05/03. Don't cry "fowl"
05/03. The cult of clean: Just how sane is all this fear of germs?
05/03. Makeup testers 'yucky': Herpes, E. coli lurk at cosmetics counter
05/03. Girl Scouts: Anti-bacterial soaps lacking
05/03. N.C. man finds finger in frozen custard
05/03. Ontario Government acts quickly to safeguard public health
05/03. Canada increases BSE surveillance by almost 800%
05/03. Estrogenic chemicals linked to prostate deformities in mice
05/03. Thesis leads to food security study
05/03. Food firms 'need better dye test'
05/03. US heavyweights to discuss agroterrorism threat
05/03. Food fried in vegetable oil may contain toxic compound
05/03. Manage Food Allergies with Safe Substitutes, Says Savory Palate, Inc.
05/03. Snail porridge restaurant acts swiftly over food bug menace
05/03. Produce Safety and Security Int'l, Inc. Nears Completion for Truck Washer
05/03. Stink over rat fails to sink cafe
05/03. Foodborne Illness Web Site Offers Resources on Common Causes of Food Poisoning
05/02. AllergyExpo - healthcare & industry professionals forum
05/02. Is your baby's food safe?: Parents want recall noticesl placed in all stores
05/02. Deliberate contamination of the food supply chain
05/02. Salmonella victims want judge to OK mediation system
05/02. Chi-Chi's to Pay $800K for Hepatitis Shots
05/02. DeLauro renews call for mandatory testing of cattle
05/02. BASF plant earns food safety accolade
05/02. Fast-food worker didn't have hepatitis
05/02. DeLauro Renews Call for a National BSE Testing Program
05/02. Study: Voluntary testing for mad cow would help beef industry
05/02. Japan panel to draw conclusion on safety of beef Fri.
05/01. Feds probing alleged mad cow cover-up
05/01. Federal suit claims crab processor violating sanitary codes
05/01. Salmonella Saga Continues for Sheetz
05/01. School cafeterias ace town health tests

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