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05/29. Irish food safety system condemned after pork dioxin scandal

05/29. Bill bids to strengthen ‘dangerous’ US food safety regime

05/29. Connecticut BPA ban moves forward

05/29. Inspection impossible?

05/29. New butter popcorn flavoring may be no saver than the lung-injuring diacetyl it replaces

05/29. USDA Continues to Expose U.S. to Unnecessary Risk

05/29. Listeria source baffles Massachusetts' Chang Farm

05/29. Peanut Corporation of America subsidiaries file for bankruptcy

05/29. AFIA's Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program Garners Key Pork Committee Endorsement

05/29. Infographic: Food safety enhancement act

05/29. Scientists follow live infection by food-poisoning bacteria Listeria


05/28. AMI Tells Canadian House of Commons That Meat and Poultry Industry Has Made Great Food Safety Progress

05/28. FDA failed over salmonella outbreak, says new chief

05/28. New FDA bottled water rules to combat E. coli

05/28. OIE upgrades Japan’s BSE status

05/28. IFT launches food safety videos for consumers

05/28. EFSA Results on the Monitoring of Acrylamide Levels in Food

05/28. Keeping food supply safe requires strong system, vigilance

05/28. Oystering ban effective June 1

05/28. Exposure to bile influences biofilm formation by Listeria monocytogenes

05/28. Fresh tomato sales warming, as is produce industry to FDA

05/28. UK: CHELSFIELD: £40,000 fine after nursery salmonella outbreak

05/28. Klobuchar proposes Minnesota model to track food-borne illness

05/28. Danger lurks in home freezer

05/28. Food Safety Bill Under Review

05/28. One in ten food businesses fail safety checks in Australian state

05/28. Group In Food Fight Over Safety Regulations

05/28. Santa Cruz scientists rely on 'tea bags' to test for toxins

05/28. House Calls for Closer Watch on Food Supply


05/27. IDFA questions raw milk viability for US processors

05/27. Obama administration launches food safety working group Web site

05/27. NMA to host listeria workshop

05/27. ‘All Clear’ Signal Still Not Given On Sprouts

05/27. Survey probes raw milk attitudes

05/27. New Rule Looks to Curb E. Coli Germs in Bottled Water

05/27. Transportation industry deals with increased food safety demands


05/26. Diphyllobothriasis Associated with Eating Raw Pacific Salmon

05/26. Settlement in 2007 Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) Case

05/26. EU may ban Indian groundnut imports due to aflatoxin

05/26. Canadians don't trust food firm safety: Poll

05/26. Americans Falling Behind on Food Safety Practices

05/26. Setton Pistachio Suffered from Many Food Safety Issues

05/26. New FDA chiefs stress science, better food safety

05/26. Despite Known Pistachio Problems, Manufacturer Continued Shipments


05/22. UK: Three cattle from same herd as BSE-infected cow have entered food chain

05/22. Is food safety a consumer’s responsibility?

05/22. Food Safety Working Group holds first Listening Session

05/22. Chasing E. coli

05/22. Food safety improvements in beef slaughter and carcass chilling

05/22. BSE case confirmed in Canada

05/22. Testing Sprout Seeds

05/22. Testing for Norovirus and Enterovirus is becoming increasingly important and commonplace

05/22. Unpasteurised cheeses a step closer in NZ

05/22. FDA: pistachio plant knew some nuts were tainted

05/22. Salmonella lawsuit still possible

05/22. Denmark: eggs to be salmonella-free

05/22. Cantaloupe Plant Free of Salmonella

05/22. White House takes food safety online

05/22. Reusable grocery bags may cause food poisoning

05/22. Nevada Food Poisoning Victim Files Salmonella Lawsuit


05/14. World's food safety labs ready to detect melamine

05/14. GMA Outlines Wide-Ranging Initiatives to Bolster Food Safety

05/14. FDA’s 2010 budget proposal focuses on food safety

05/14. Minnesota bans BPA from bottles

05/14. EFSA assesses health risks linked to nicotine in wild mushrooms

05/14. Western Colo. dairy resumes raw milk distribution

05/14. New rules aim to keep salmonella out of food


05/13. Checkoff hones in on beef safety

05/13. Incidence of foodborne illness indicates need for reform

05/13. Salmonella No. 1 Foodborne Illness in EU

05/13. Despite Recent Outbreaks, Food-Borne Illness Declining

05/13. The Case for an International Food Safety Agency

05/13. GMA Aims to Beef Up Private-Sector Food Safety Efforts

05/13. Ag Secretary Says Prevention is Key to Food Safety

05/13. Top U.S. regulator pledges to revamp food safety


05/12. China opens new food test lab

05/12. Alfalfa Seed Company, FDA, USDA And Supporting Cast Comment On Seed Withdrawal

05/12. Recommendation For An ‘Appropriate’ Seed-screening Program Shows FDA Unwilling To Take Responsibility

05/12. Scotland: Chicken found key source of Campylobacter

05/12. US: Pistachio proposal could reduce food safety risks

05/12. Salmonella outbreak prompts demands for more scrutiny of food processing plants

05/12. Hoping to Make Food Safer, States Decide to Go It Alone

05/12. NJ bill would allow sale of raw milk

05/12. Outbreaks Put Worry on the Table


05/11. President's FY 2010 Budget for FDA Invests Substantially in Food and Medical Product Safety

05/11. Outbreaks Put Worry on the Table

05/11. Improving food safety in retail stores


05/08. FDA’s 2010 budget proposal focuses on food safety

05/08. The Community Summary Report on Food-Borne Outbreaks in the EU

05/08. Obesity May Cause Allergies in Children

05/08. First Salmonella Rissen Spice Lawsuit Filed

05/08. WHO changes tune, now says pork safe to eat

05/08. Grants aim to increase food safety in greens

05/08. OTA Weighs in on Internet Clamor Over Food Safety Legislation and Organic

05/08. The Case for an International Food Safety Agency

05/08. US to revamp food safety


05/07. FDA: More than $1.5 Million of Adulterated Food, Food Ingredients Seized

05/07. Obama Eating a Burger – A “Teachable Moment” in Food Safety

05/07. Salmonella Spills Its Secrets On Shuttle

05/07. Dairy Scandal Casts Lasting Shadow over China's Food Exports

05/07. Beef Board: Checkoff Hones In On Beef Safety

05/07. Study suggests consumers don’t take food safety warnings seriously

05/07. FDA nominee pledges to revamp food safety

05/07. Salmonella Lawsuit Filed Over Spice Recall

05/07. Raw milk bill moves to Senate

05/07. FDA is failing to meet its food-safety inspection audit goals


05/06. Secretary Vilsack and Minister Ritz Reaffirm Support for Pork Industry

05/06. Richard Raymond: Food Traceability

05/06. Courts approve $27 million Maple Leaf Foods Listeriosis settlement

05/06. US: Pistachio growers could gain key self-regulation

05/06. Peanut Salmonella Litigation Status

05/06. Eating sprouts leads to lawsuit

05/06. SSE09: All Eyes on China's Quality, Food Safety Issues

05/06. Berry industry steps ups preemptive safety measures

05/06. PSU food safety expert says nation's food supply safe from H1N1 flu


05/05. Daily dose of peanuts may ward off allergy in kids

05/05. Cheese’s high level of contaminant fuels worries

05/05. Canada: New independent food inspection agency needed: Expert


05/04. AMI, 53 Groups Tell President Obama to Oppose Efforts to Block Imports of Cooked Poultry from China

05/04. Food safety reform: Not a century too soon

05/04. James Marsden; Bench trimmings and raw ground beef

05/04. Canada confirms H1N1 in swine herd, farm worker may be cause

05/04. New Zealand; Allergy fears turn Kiwis off national fruit

05/04. Spinach repacker given OK to ship after salmonella find

05/04. Mobile food-safety labs get FDA up to speed


05/01. Possible Seasonality of Clostridium difficile in Retail Meat, Canada

05/01. Clostridium difficile in Retail Meat Products, USA, 2007

05/01. Clostridium difficile in Ready-to-Eat Salads, Scotland

05/01. Well-Done: Unsafe?

05/01. Recalls? We don't need no stinkin' recalls

05/01. FDA issues final guidance for feed ban

05/01. Building A Better Understanding Of Salmonella In Pistachios

05/01. E. coli O157:H7 Litigation Linked to Hamburger Settled

05/01. FDA Botulism Report – Castleberry’s Canned Chili

05/01. The Last of the Salmonella Serotype I 4,5,12:i:- Pot Pie Cases Settled

05/01. Petting Zoos – Still Dangerous – E. coli O157:H7

05/01. FAAN's Annual Food Allergy Conference Comes to Tarrytown, NY

05/01. Acrylamide Gets Clean Bill on Lung Cancer

05/01. Customers of Newmarket Tim Hortons potentially exposed to Hepatitis A

05/01. Range of foods adds to risk

05/01. Wales: E Coli is killing off Conwy's mussels industry

05/01. State Legislature rejects ban on antibiotic treated meats for school lunches



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