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05/28. New E. coli legislation would include more strains

05/28. Antimicrobial-resistance discovery concerns USDA microbiologists

05/28. Chef at Miami Area Chili's Worked While Ill With Typhoid Fever

05/28. The legality of raw milk sales

05/28. Settlement in CAFO Clean Water Act Case

05/28. Canadian scientist hoping to crack egg allergies

05/28. States pushing allergen labeling at restaurants

05/28. Technique Detects More Than 700 Antimicrobial-Resistance Genes

05/28. Lincoln Pushes for USDA Catfish Inspections


05/27. Salmonella Finds 'Niche' in Hazelnut Facility

05/27. Idaho Reports Strategy Helps Prevent E. coli in Cattle

05/27. In E. Coli Fight, Some Strains Are Largely Ignored

05/27. Fighting for Food Safety: Bill Marler's Personal Quest

05/27. Japan, China to hold 1st ministerial food safety talks on Mon.

05/27. Nutrient Retention of Safer Salads Explored

05/27. The legality of raw milk sales

05/27. Ag Committee to Consider USDA Food Safety Nominee


05/26. Genetic Screening Technique Can Detect More Than 700 Antimicrobial-Resistance Genes

05/26. Most Food Allergy Diagnoses Are Incorrect

05/26. The Prevalence of Norovirus in returning international Travelers with Diarrhea

05/26. Breastfeeding beats diarrhoea

05/26. 25% of Londonderry folk unaware of lethal bacteria

05/26. Bottled water has high level of bacteria, researchers find

05/26. Louisiana House Allows Year-Round Oyster Sales

05/26. GAO report flags FDA science gaps

05/26. Qiagen acquires rights to molecular food safety tests

05/26. USDA Hits the Road for Food Safety

05/26. Study Finds Supplements Contain Contaminants

05/26. Hidden Dangerous Link in Food Chain


05/25. FDA Launches New Safety Reporting Portal

05/25. Slick Solution: How Microbes Will Clean Up Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

05/25. US government declares ‘fishery disaster’ in Gulf of Mexico

05/25. Food Safety in the Era of Transparency

05/25. EFSA Delays Decision on BPA Safety

05/25. Registry to Include Animal Drugs, Pet Food

05/25. Few options open for reducing high acrylamide levels in coffee

05/25. Acrylamide levels drop with exceptions, says EFSA survey

05/25. Germany: Legal action over listeria cheese deaths

05/25. Much water under the bridge since E. coli crisis hit Walkerton 10 years ago

05/25. USDA estimates E coli, Salmonella costs at $3.1 billion

05/25. E. coli 0157:H7 present but not common in wildlife of nation's salad bowl

05/25. Danger zone Asian noodles could be legal in California

05/25. How Much Does Food-Borne Illness Cost?

05/25. Food Fight: Food Safety provisions debated

05/25. Senator Harkin: Another Salmonella Outbreak, Another Reminder of Urgency for Food Safety Reform

05/25. Produce Safety Is Still a Hard Goal to Reach

05/25. Dingell Warns of Continued Inaction on Food Safety Legislation


05/24. New food-safety rules threaten small, organic farms

05/24. Acrylamide levels drop with exceptions, says EFSA survey

05/24. US-based food safety training for foreign food manufacturers

05/24. Finns develop food safety model to plug data gaps

05/24. Illnesses up despite less Salmonella on poultry

05/24. Irradiated or not: who can tell?

05/24. Mobile Slaughter Units compliance guide available

05/24. FDA's guidance to the sprouts industry

05/24. Where Do These Bugs Come From?

05/24. New Poultry Pathogen Reduction Standards Issued

05/24. Q&A With the Produce Safety Project's Jim O'Hara

05/24. Stage Set for Food Safety Bill


05/21. USDA Study Shows Gaps in Local Meat Infrastructure

05/21. Parents, Schools Deal With Skyrocketing Peanut Allergies

05/21. More precise food-allergy diagnoses

05/21. Sick cruise passengers take legal action before liner docks

05/21. Exploring a way to prevent Campylobacter's antibiotic resistance 21 May 2010

05/21. Salmonella Lawsuit Filed In Oregon

05/21. USDA Visits Indiana to Highlight Efforts to Improve School Meals and Health of Nation's Children

05/21. Niger's junta creates food safety authority

05/21. Phages: A New Means of Food Safety?

05/21. World Bank Lends China $100M for Food Safety

05/21. Food Safety Issues Prompt Change

05/21. Food Poisoning May Rise With Global Warming


05/20. Can the Report, Not the Facts on BPA

05/20. Taylor's Maid-Rite Open With Red Violation

05/20. Nut allergies may be on the rise in children: US study

05/20. Government Report Finds Dangerous Residues in Meat

05/20. China takes out $100m food safety loan

05/20. University of Michigan graduate joins push for food safety legislation passage

05/20. Wisconsin Gov Nixes Raw Milk Legislation

05/20. Six Immokalee tomato vendors cited for violating food safety rules

05/20. EFSA announces delay in bisphenol A verdict

05/20. India: Study finds 88 percent of Mumbai's street food is unsafe

05/20. UK: Update on investigation into increase in salmonella

05/20. Agency asks European Commission to legalise ‘smokies’


05/19. Researchers embark on work to control the prion epidemic affecting deer in the USA

05/19. Wisconsin may soon allow easier sale of raw milk to consumers

05/19. Does Pre-Cut Lettuce Pose Food Poisoning Risk?

05/19. Florida State College at Jacksonville and Eurofins Scientific Collaborate to Provide Food Safety Training in Real World Setting

05/19. Food safety attorney advice for companies caught in a recall

05/19. Summit to address food safety regulatory compliance

05/19. Feinstein Aims to Ban BPA

05/19. Experts Address Oil Impact on Fish, Wildlife


05/18. Antibiotic susceptibility profiles of some Vibrio strains isolated from wastewater final effluents

05/18. Method found to stop E. coli in cattle

05/18. Fresh Express receives food safety award

05/18. Could taurine help reduce acrylamide in foods?

05/18. Harvard scientists raise alarm about meat preservatives in heart disease study

05/18. Processed meat is not a dietary villain: A.M.I.F.

05/18. Some spices inhibit carcinogenics on cooked meat: Research

05/18. Study Links ADHD and Produce Pesticides

05/18. Oil Spill Containment Does Not Shrink Closure Area

05/18. Dairy Farmer, FDA Score Points in Raw Milk Case


05/17. The Squishy Science of Food Allergies

05/17. Inside Walkerton: Canada's worst-ever E. coli contamination

05/17. Switch to risk-based meat inspections “will take years”

05/17. Study questions safety of UV-treated, HFCS-sweetened juices

05/17. A.M.I. supports E. coli sampling methods

05/17. UDSA addresses poultry safety; here are 12 tips

05/17. Stephanie Smith Gets Her Day in Court (Almost)

05/17. Report Takes Lessons from EU Food Safety Reforms

05/17. Queso Fresco: Cheese with a Reputation


05/14. Study praises indicator approach to food safety evaluation

05/14. Romaine lettuce outbreak: is lettuce at grocery retailers contaminated too?

05/14. Food Allergens Focus of New Study

05/14. 'Nature's Bar Code' Aides Traceability

05/14. Senior Citizens May Be Endangered by Increase in Deadly Foodborne Disease: Listeriosis

05/14. Canada: On-farm food safety

05/14. Saving lives with safe food

05/14. How Did E. coli O145 Contaminate Lettuce? Part III

05/14. Groups urge veto of Wisconsin raw milk bill

05/14. Hong Kong Offer 5 Keys To Food Safety

05/14. Is it safe to eat lettuce amid E. coli outbreak?

05/14. USDA toughens guidelines for ground beef purchases

05/14. Family of two-year-old E. coli victim wins lawsuit


05/13. Does Washing Lettuce Get Rid of Bacteria?

05/13. Vulnerability of organic and local produce to E. Coli

05/13. Ohio State Student Sues Company For E. coli Tainted Lettuce

05/13. Hazelnut industry mounts safety push

05/13. Less than 10% Americans suffer from food allergies

05/13. AMI Defends Current E. coli Tracing Procedures in Comments to FSIS

05/13. New Web Site Provides Factual Look at "Raw-Mik"

05/13. How Did E. coli O145 Contaminate Lettuce? Part II

05/13. Stephanie Smith and Cargill Meat Solutions Settle E. coli Lawsuit


05/12. Freshway’s Traceability System Worked Like A Charm: FDA And Buyers Don’t Care

05/12. E. coli Lawsuit Filed Against Lettuce Supplier

05/12. More on the Raw Milk Issue

05/12. Study: Food Allergy Guidelines Needed

05/12. Capitol Hill staff briefed on aflatoxin

05/12. Strong evidence appears to be lacking regarding diagnosis, effective treatments for food allergies

05/12. Employee in New York Store May Have Spread Hepatitis A

05/12. Bacteria could feast on oil in Gulf spill

05/12. Oyster disease fight here model for nation

05/12. Avoid Uninspected & Raw Milk/Dairy Products At Farmer's Markets

05/12. UT Southwestern researchers find mechanism that may stop E. coli from developing in cattle

05/12. U.S. Food Safety System Needs To Integrate Human Health, Animal, and Plant Pathogen Data

05/12. NMPF, IDFA Criticize Wisconsin Raw Milk Bill

05/12. FDA Tries to Catch Up on Food Safety

05/12. US Food Regulation Should Take Reform Lesson From Europe, Report Says

05/12. FSIS Launches Food Safety Mobile

05/12. China launches campaign on school food safety

05/12. How Did E. coli O145 Contaminate Lettuce?

05/12. Singapore: Food seller banned for life


05/11. Dodd highlights Food Allergy Awareness Week

05/11. Food Allergy Awareness Week [video]

05/11. Raw-milk advocates rally for access to their drink

05/11. 'Team Diarrhea' Funding Jeopardized

05/11. Research to stop E. coli O157:H7 in cattle hopeful

05/11. Salmonella, Campylobacter poultry standards set

05/11. Marler Clark Files First E. coli O145 Lawsuit against Freshway

05/11. NOAA Testing Gulf Shellfish Areas for Oil

05/11. U.S. Urged to Back GM Labeling Agreement


05/10. Is Free-Range Meat Making Us Sick?

05/10. Misinformation abounds: Raw milk debate continues to churn

05/10. Romaine lettuce recall emphasizes need for food safety bill

05/10. Senate moves on food safety -- finally

05/10. Almanza is going for the record

05/10. E. coli and Lettuce and Spinach - A bit(e) of history

05/10. Michigan Daily links lack of USDA regulation to E. coli O145 outbreak

05/10. 'Super Weeds' Concern for Farmers

05/10. Food 'Safety' Reform and the Enclosure Movement

05/10. Future of Gulf Shrimp Uncertain As Oil Spills

05/10. E. coli in Lettuce - A Study of Yuma Lettuce Production, 2006


05/07. Bisphenol A exposure could affect male hormone levels - study

05/07. Will air-chilled chicken ever become mainstream?

05/07. USDA interactive food safety vehicle to hit the road

05/07. Lettuce E. coli O145 outbreak has a high hospitalization rate

05/07. Fight Over Raw Milk "Buying Clubs" in Massachusetts

05/07. House Hearing Focuses on FDA Oversight

05/07. CSPI Threatens Safeway with Shopper Card Lawsuit

05/07. Austria: Firm claims listeria in its trout is isolated case

05/07. Senate food safety legislation faces questions

05/07. FAQ: Measures in place to keep Gulf Coast seafood safe


05/06. "USDA Food Safety Discovery Zone" to Deliver Food Safety Messages Across the Nation

05/06. Secretary Vilsack Reappoints Almanza as FSIS Administrator

05/06. APHIS to Host Public Meetings on Traceability System

05/06. Antimicrobial resistance a growing threat: study

05/06. Dr. Ed Cake: Oysters' Only Hope

05/06. Oil Spill Science: Carcinogens in the Food Chain

05/06. Canada Gathers Food Allergy Data

05/06. Could Wisconsin bill spark more raw milk sales across nation?

05/06. Denmark: Salmonella chicken shipped abroad

05/06. Lettuce and leafy greens E. coli outbreaks: a continuing problem

05/06. A Vital Step Toward Safer Food


05/05. Longmont Man Sentenced for Removing and Replacing Labels on Gatorade Bottles

05/05. Director of FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Stephen Sundlof Resigns

05/05. Slicers and belts prove high risk for Listeria contamination, study
05/05. Food safety still an issue but consumers’ concern has decreased

05/05. FDA details personnel changes

05/05. What's Wrong with the Tester Amendments

05/05. NOAA to Sniff Out Oil-Tainted Seafood

05/05. Contaminated Shrimp Will Not Be Processed

05/05. As Oil Spills, Locals Buy Up Seafood

05/05. Listeria Lawsuit Filed in Milk Post Pasteurization Contamination


05/04. Children taking antibiotics may be more susceptible to E. coli, study says

05/04. E. coli outbreaks focus attention on food-safety rules

05/04. Hort crop growers' food safety program funded

05/04. Help wanted: time for government to act on food safety

05/04. Beef Quality Assurance Assures Beef Safety

05/04. Food Safety Bill Would Ban BPA

05/04. China tainted-milk victims sue in Hong Kong

05/04. Steak fajita caused diner pain and suffering, suit claims

05/04. Raw milk's popularity spurs debate over safety, health


05/03. FDA seeks industry comments on food safety during transport

05/03. Why Walmart has it right

05/03. Tester Amendment Picks Up Cosponsor

05/03. NOAA Closes Gulf Spill Area To Fishing

05/03. The USDA should declare that all illness causing shiga-toxin producing E. coli are adulterants and ban them from the meat supply

05/03. UK: Water firms blamed for poisoned oysters

05/03. Salmonella found in chocolate product at Nestlé plant, report

05/03. Food safety training to boost EU-Africa trade

05/03. Failure to test for six strains of E. coli leaves gaps in nation's food safety network

05/03. Editorial, 5/03: Senators too slow on food safety

05/03. Impact of Crude Oil on Seafood

05/03. PA to Host Produce Safety Listening Session

05/03. School Salad Bars, Food Safety Regulation Make United Fresh 2010 Day Two a Success

05/03. Safety Fears Halt Fishing in Areas Affected by Spill

05/03. Food Safety Concerns Now More Refined

05/03. State health officials issue guidelines on mold and food safety after flooding


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