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R&D Director
Haliburton International Foods, Inc. - Ontario, CA




Great Opportunity for Someone in the Research and Development Department!

Established in 1992 with the goal of marrying food science and culinary excellence to improve the quality and reduce the cost of manufactured foods, Haliburton has grown into a specialty foods powerhouse. We service the nation's largest national restaurant chains and top 100 food manufacturers from our newly constructed 300,000+ sq. ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ontario, California.

The Director of Research and Development plays a key role leading the R&D function including the oversight of a team of food scientists, technologists, commercialization manager and support staff.

The Director of R&D will be instrumental in supporting the company’s overall market vision of developing "scratch quality" best-in-class commercially viable food products to the food service industry as well as, and to a lesser degree, product development in support of the company’s industrial and retail customer segments. The Director of R&D will actively work with cross functional teams including culinary, production and quality assurance.

The role of the R&D Director is,

  • Is capable of developing and formulating savory and sweet food products including hot process "kettle cooked" sauces, salsas and soups, cold process sauces, dips, spreads, hummus, relishes, compotes and jams, pickled vegetables and grains.
  • Is culinary-centric, food savvy and passionate about food and product innovation.
  • Stays current with respect to industry awareness, the business climate, related commodities markets, industry trend data and culinary innovations.
  • Actively participates in the development and expansion of product lines and product categories.
  • Has a strong working knowledge and proven track record of successful product "matching" in related company product categories.
  • Further develops and refines R&D product development processes including but not limited to: formula methodology, formula structure, documentation method, process procedures, product configuration standards, product specification management and product cataloging.
  • Ensures all work tasks are documented in accordance with SQF, company and other regulatory standards.
  • Ensures team members capture and accurately document formulas, product yields, ingredient confirmation, processes and quality attributes.
  • Has a thorough understanding of product preservation methods.
  • Becomes a subject matter expert relative to Haliburton’s processing and product.
  • Understands and is passionate about production commercialization.
  • Ensures there are design and experimentation principles and methods in place to support the commercialization process and manufacturing objectives including: product viability, manufacturing efficiency, equipment selection validation, product performance, and repeatability.
  • Is capable of effectively selecting exemplary staff members through sound situational interviewing practices and character evaluation technique.
  • Focuses on team building ensuring R&D staff is comprised of employees with a complimentary balance of skill sets in the areas of new product development, "matching", ingredient knowledge, cost optimization methods, commercialization and product testing.
  • Ensures project managers and self are capable of developing solid working relationships with customer contacts through rapport building, earning trust and being the customer’s "go to" R&D contact(s).
  • Creates a positive work environment built on trust, mutual respect, collaboration and open and honest communication.
  • Demonstrates sound leadership through effective listening, thorough communication, accountability, organization, forward planning, removal of obstacles, teamwork and rapport building.
  • Mentors team members to constantly improve and polish their presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Collaborates/works with staff and cross-functional teams in a productive, professional and thoughtful way.
  • Is a lifelong student promoting the philosophy of knowledge-seeking to all team members.
  • Constantly pushes team to innovative new product gold standards.
  • Can effectively articulate and deliver on Haliburtons’ product and go-to-market business strategy.
  • Is an engaging presenter capable of speaking comfortably in front of any size or type of audience.
  • Ensures self and project managers can demonstrate a reasonable understanding of assigned key customer operations, menus, initiatives, goals, objectives and business activities.
  • Mentors and develops staff to be efficient and effective in their positions always working toward improving their performance, job knowledge and results.
  • Effectively and efficiently communicates, assigns and monitors team member work.
  • Holds staff accountable to a high degree of execution including work quality and output.
  • Establishes and maintains a work environment that is professional, well organized and collaborative.
  • Ensures self and team are knowledgeable and comply with GMP’s, food handling and food safety practices.
  • Maintains an exceptionally clean and organized lab and related storage areas promoting the "clean as you go" standard at all times.
  • Ensures staff executes product development projects in a manner consistent with Haliburton’s quality and professionalism expectations.
  • Maintains and reinforces Haliburton departmental appearance, behavior and attitude standards.
  • Is capable, comfortable and willing to provide team members with consistent and fair performance feedback.
  • Is capable of influencing employee behavior through positive reinforcement, coaching and teaching.
  • Ensures employee performance is documented as needed and in accordance with company policy.
  • Establishes a growth plan for all team members by clearly defining professional/business goals and objectives.
  • Ensures all team members receive formal annual performance reviews.
  • Ensures all team members participate/complete any mandatory company training programs as directed by human resources.
  • Meets budgeted expenses through conscientious use of company resources, developing and implementing systems and controls and monitoring spending.
  • Develops and manages R&D budget and resources in accordance with company financial plan.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

Education & experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science.
  • Advanced business degree, culinary training and knowledge of USDA preferred.
  • 5 years’ experience in food product development and 3 or more years’ experience in a leadership position.

Technical & Other Skills

  • Strong knowledge of sensory testing and consumer research methodologies.
  • Moderate food cooking skills including knife handling and cook methods.
  • Thorough working understanding of industrial food processing and packaging equipment.
  • Understands principles of food manufacturing, process flow and basic engineering.
  • Extensive knowledge of industrial food ingredient application, functionality and sensory attributes.

Communication, Interpersonal and Professional Skills

  • Must be perceived by others as a leader with positive influence among all departments.
  • Manages and leads by example.
  • Must be capable of effectively communicating in writing and verbally.
  • Must be an attentive listener.
  • Must be a productive attendee at all meetings and professional gatherings by providing clear and concise information when speaking.
  • Holds self accountable and is solution oriented.

Organizational Skills

  • Must demonstrate solid forward planning and time management skills.
  • Must be detail oriented and capable of managing multiple projects with tight deadlines.
  • Capable of establishing computer work calendars/deadlines with aggressive but achievable goals.

Initiative & Creativity

  • Must be a motivated self-starter.
  • Must demonstrate creativity with respect to product development and the commercialization processes.
  • Must be a solution oriented problem solver.
  • Must be capable of developing systems and plans that aid in the running of the department.

Computer Skills

  • Must have a solid understanding of MS Windows, Excel, Word, Access, Outlook and Genesis or similar.
  • Analytical and Accounting Skills
  • Must have a solid understanding of basic accounting principles including how to analyze and interpret income statements, profit and loss statements, business ratios and break even analysis.
  • Is capable of establishing and managing departmental budgets.
  • Is capable of using empirical data to evaluate business performance, employee productivity, success rates, yield analysis, throughput and product costing.

Physical Demands/work environment

  • · Must be capable of demonstrating physical demands typical of food manufacturing.

Job Type: Full-time

Local candidates only:

  • Ontario, CA 91761

Required experience:

  • * 5 years’ experience in food product development and 3 or more years’ experience in a leadership pos: 3 years

Required education:

  • Bachelor's

Required language:

  • Spanish


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