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Quality Manager

Quality Assurance, Quality Control | Easley, SC, United States


AdvancePierre Foods, a leader in the food industry, is a rapidly growing company that values a talented, diverse and dedicated workforce. We have an opening for QUALITY MANAGER.  Our rapid growth allows us to provide a wide array of developmental opportunities, and we reward associates who are results-oriented, live up to their commitments, and who can align their work activities with the goals of the organization.



  1. SQF Practitioner on location
  2. Verify and validate the established quality programs, process controls, SSOP, SPS and HACCP Programs.
  3. Document quality department functions on incoming ingredients, production processes and finish goods to ensure compliance to specifications.
  4. Supervise the Quality Supervisors and Quality Technicians
  5. Monitor quality procedures and customer program requirements.
  6. Conduct tests, projects and process improvement work to obtain company’s goals.
  7. Investigate customer complaints and assist in product recall.
  8. Maintain and verify all ingredients, packaging materials and finished products on QC hold in ROSS.
  9. Work with other departments on continuous improvement of quality, yields and efficiencies so the company can be more successful.
  10. Improve the effectiveness of the quality system to better serve the business.


  1. Responsible for Food Safety and Product Quality.
  2. Ensure food safety and personal safety of people in our plant.
  3. Monitor production conditions, specifications, process controls and tracking controls.
  4. Develop and monitor a system that will verify checks on existing production control forms and be audited on the same forms that meets all program requirements.
  5. Assure that finished product specification sheets are correct and verified.
  6. Develop and train quality technicians and production monitors to monitor the HACCP CCP’s and control points. If problems exist then take appropriate measures to correct any problems.
  7. Audit and verify all temperatures recorded on the production line. Take corrective actions whenever necessary and assist in determining the root cause, implementing corrective actions and developing a preventative measure as needed.
  8. Audit and verify weights of ingredient against the weights on the product specification sheet. Take corrective actions when necessary.
  9. Develop and monitor finished product evaluations as determined by customer or in-house requirements.
  10. Verify all net weight checks. Limits must meet those required in the approved program. Keep check on process controls that effect product consistencies, quality and economic losses - product on the floor, over weights, etc.
  11. In the event of absence, the next level down on the organizational chart covers for the next level up. In this case, the Quality Supervisor is in charge in the absence of the Quality Manager.
  12. Employee has an individual responsibility to report all possible deficiencies or practices that could compromise food safety.
  13. Employee is to adhere to all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) at all times.
  14. A supplier rating system based on incoming ingredient inspections and warehouse incoming inspections should be maintained.
  15. Temperature, weights and pack date must be checked on all meats received.
  16. All raw materials, meat and non-meat, must be inspected when received and marked with the in-house item number for tracking.
  17. Random sampling for bacteria of raw meat materials and finished product.
  18. The ROSS hold report must be reviewed and the warehouse department and supply chain notified of releases.
  19. Verify sanitation pre-operational inspections and advise the sanitation management of any deficiencies that need corrected that night.
  20. Monitor all quality procedures and create or update procedures as necessary.
  21. Write an agenda and schedule weekly Quality Supervisor meetings and monthly quality technician meetings. Keep all quality employees informed of company developments or changes affecting finished product specifications, quality procedures or process changes.
  22. Work closely with the USDA in maintaining compliance with federal regulations for labeling, sanitation and operating procedures.
  23. Work closely with Production, Customer Relations, Sales and Warehousing to achieve company goals for quality, productivity and yields.
  24. Possess sufficient knowledge of ingredients and finished products to be in position to act as source of information and trouble-shooter.
  25. Keep abreast of company developments that affect product specifications, quality, processes, yields, etc.
  26. Perform special assignments as needed by the Director of Quality.
  27. Effectively utilize the resources (personnel and lab) of the Quality Department.
  28. Review budgeted line items that are under the quality department.
  29. Verify SSOP, GMPs and HACPP CCP as required.


    1. Daily
  • Conduct plant walk through to verify that the Quality Supervisor and quality technicians are addressing their responsibilities and are at their assigned stations.
  • Monitor employee’s personal GMP practices on the production floor.
  • On line training of the quality technicians (as needed) as well as mentoring team leaders in quality issues.
  • Attend production meetings to address issues that the Quality Supervisors or quality technicians cannot get solved on their own.
  • Verify that the paperwork is completed correctly.
  • Pre-shipment review of HACCP paperwork in a timely manner that does not delay shipping.


  1. Self motivated and work well without close supervision.
  2. Be capable of making sound judgments and decisions.
  3. Be able to direct personnel and discipline fairly, even-handily and consistently.
  4. Be able to communicate effectively to all levels of management.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in food technology/science with meats background is preferred or degreed in a related science
  2. Supervisory experience in quality

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