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Food and Flavor Chemist/Scientist
PanaceaNano - Aliso Viejo, CA



PanaceaNano, Inc is a fully funded startup aiming to develop and commercialize a novel class of nano-porous, sponge-like crystalline compounds called cyclodextrin metal-organic framework (CD-MOF). CD-MOFs have very high porosity and exhibit excellent adsorbing and encapsulation properties that make them useful for a wide range of applications from petrochemicals to cosmetics, food, and home/personal care products. They are economically manufactured from abundant, environmentally benign materials.

PanaceaNano is seeking a full-time Analytical Food and Flavor Chemist to be the lead in innovation of new food products based on the unique properties of CD-MOF. The candidate will be hands-on and formulate new food/flavor compounds, perform analytical measurements, and improve upon current recipes.


  • Develop and enhance food and flavor products, such as flavor enhancers, preservatives, additives, and dietary supplements, by leveraging the use of CD-MOFís food encapsulating properties.
  • Investigate and source raw materials for development of new CD-MOF based food and beverage products.
  • Conduct research in current industry food and beverage products and develop and demonstrate improvement with new innovative products.
  • Independently conduct analytical methods to characterize performance, stability, component concentrations in food system, and quality control of new recipes and report results to the group


  • Must have Bachelorís or Masterís degree in food science, chemistry or science-related field.
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of product development experience in the food industry.
  • Strictly adhere to GMP environment and follow necessary safety protocols.
  • Must have experience and be knowledgeable in scientific principles of food and flavor systems
  • Must have experience in using analytical techniques and instrumentation to support food product development, including gas and liquid chromatography
  • Knowledgeable in food and beverage industry
  • Ability to thrive in exciting entrepreneurial environment and focus on technology development

Excellent benefits include:

  • Generous Stock Option Plan
  • 401K Benefits
  • 100% premium coverage for Health Insurance (including dependents , and family members)
  • 100% premium coverage for Dental and Vision Insurance Plans.
  • Life, accident, and disability plans

Required experience:

  • food science: 3 years

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