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06/30. U.S. beef industry plays risky game
06/30. CCA statement on USDA announcement of herd of origin
06/30. Case of mad cow in Texas is first to originate in U.S.
06/30. BSE, bovine - USA
06/30. Chris Harris: lessons to be learned from case of BSE in the USA
06/30. New inspection guidance for establishments dually-regulated by FDA and FSIS
06/30. Denview owner insists he doesn't need licence
06/30. Short-lived ban lifted on egg sales
06/30. Mad cow
06/30. FAO/WHO Regional Conference on Food Safety for Africa
06/30. Outcome of the 65th Joint FAO/WHO Expert Meeting on Food Additives
06/30. New department of Food Safety in WHO
06/30. Early registration deadline nears for IAFP 2005
06/30. What is a primary production and processing standard?
06/30. Seafood industry to operate within national foodsafety regulations
06/30. Improve your inspection skills with United and USDA
06/30. U.S. years away from mad cow trace-back system
06/30. IFT issues comprehensive review of BSE
06/29. DeLauro calls for USDA, FDA to coordinate attack on BSE
06/29. Review of U.S. E. coli O157:H7 Outbreaks Reveals Apparent Decline
06/29. Twelve Year Old BSE-Positive Cow Traced to Texas Herd
06/29. Parent 2 Parent: Children With Food Allergies
06/29. Hospital's Reaction to Food Allergies
06/29. Food allergy scientists to improve food formulations
06/29. Undeclared ingredients the major cause of recalls
06/29. Japan's PM Comments on 2nd Mad Cow Case
06/29. Control test confirms 20th BSE case in Czech Republic
06/29. World’s Preeminent BSE Scientist Prepares Declaration
06/29. Indonesia bans U.S. beef from Thursday
06/29. Italian Cheese Producer Expands Use of Warnex's Food Safety Technology
06/29. Harkin Introduces Bill Strengthening Meat and Poultry Safety Rules
06/29. Brain Wasting Diseases: Public Health, Regulatory and Economic Issues
06/29. Global risk assessor tackles acrylamide
06/29. Mad cow traced to Texas animal at pet food plant
06/29. Shelf life of de-salted cod products limited
06/29. EU rapid alert detects amnesic shellfish poisoning in Scallops
06/29. [UK] Grants reward local hygiene and nutrition schemes
06/28. FDA/USDA Safety Measures Kept BSE-Positive Cow Out of Food Supply
06/28. Tough choices in post-BSE world
06/28. Australia beef backs U.S. in new mad cow case
06/28. North America’s window of opportunity
06/28. Food safety for high risk populations
06/28. Health units get failing grade for food inspection
06/28. Canadian food companies escape food poisoning litigation
06/28. CSPI reaction to new mad cow confirmation
06/28. Shakes still on teen's menu
06/28. Alert In Latest Mad-Cow Case Was Delayed By A Misdiagnosis
06/28. Japan: U.S. Mad Cow Case Won't Affect Ban
06/27. Texas Ranchers Fear Backlash Over Mad Cow
06/27. U.S. Refused To Do Extra Mad - Cow Test
06/27. For Months, Agriculture Department Delayed Announcing Result Of Mad Cow Test
06/27. USDA Seeks Source Of Mad Cow Case
06/27. Beef is perfectly safe: positive test result should not cause concern
06/27. Canadian Cattlemen’s Association statement on positive BSE test result in U.S.
06/27. Statement by the Honourable Andy Mitchell, minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food
06/26. New law aims to protect food, water
06/26. AUSTRALIA: New seafood safety standard announced
06/26. USDA's BSE test protocols spur worldwide rumblings
06/26. USDA still tracing positive BSE case
06/26. Editorial: Complaints over US beef half-baked
06/26. “Complaints over US beef half-baked” Says Taipei Times Editorial
06/26. Beef ban runs out of shelf life
06/26. Denver Post Editorial: “Beef Ban Runs Out of Shelf Life”
06/26. Safeguards to Protect Food Supply from BSE are Highly Effective, Says FPA
06/26. Animals Test Positive For Campylobacter
06/26. Study: Fecal Matter, Bacteria Found In Sample Makeup
06/26. Experts: Mad cow 'minor' health concern
06/26. Health Tip: Don't Let the Norovirus Get You
06/26. Canada says no change needed in its mad cow tests
06/25. Japan food safety experts worried over new U.S. mad cow case
06/25. Listeria and aflatoxins dominate food safety alerts in EU last week
06/25. Food safety topic of conference
06/25. Food industry gears up for new ISO safety standard
06/25. No way out for housewife in curry murders
06/25. Sushi left on display for too long is poisoning diners
06/25. Food cover that kills germs set to take inventors global
06/24. Second Case of BSE Found In U.S. Beef Supply Safe, AMI Says
06/24. USDA Announces BSE Test Results And New BSE Confirmatory Testing Protocol
06/24. Johanns announces positive BSE test results
06/24. Canada exceeds BSE testing target for 2005
06/24. Rapid alert system for food and feed (RASFF)
06/24. Home-canning or bottling seafood in Atlantic Canada ... Is it safe?
06/24. Health authority orders hospital food review
06/24. More plaintiffs seek punitive damages in lawsuit against airline caterer
06/24. Annual Meat Industry Research Conference To Highlight Allergens, Food Defense
06/24. Baby milk powder in China, new recalls?
06/24. New food allergy research consortium focuses on peanut allergy
06/24. Authorities publish fresh food product data on acrylamide
06/24. Tests indicate 20th case of BSE in Czech Republic
06/24. South Korea denies it is reopening its border to U.S. beef
06/24. Poultry's new pecking order: 'Air-chilled' birds
06/24. Scallops caught up in safety alert
06/24. Poll: Food safety Confidence will Improve with Mandatory National Animal ID
06/24. 'Name and shame' grubby cooks
06/23. US Poised To Rule On Cloned Livestock
06/23. Cooking hamburgers on a Weber outdoor grill
06/23. Food safety tips for a safe and healthy 4th of July
06/23. BC-US-Cloned
06/23. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in Austria
06/23. Two readers comment on last week’s Perspective opinion on the BSE retesting
06/23. The virtues of dirt
06/23. Japan offers timeline on US beef imports during talks with Rice
06/23. Food Safety Commissioners attack Japanese government over beef ban
06/23. Food allergies: Can they develop later in life?
06/23. China issues 176 safety certificates for genetically modified organisms
06/23. [Austria] 7 cows slaughtered at farm test negative for mad cow disease
06/23. New guidelines set for park following crypto outbreak
06/23. [Greece] EFET is on lookout for risky spices
06/23. Beijing orders Nestle to recall questionable milk powder
06/23. Avoiding Salmonella
06/23. Produce from flooded gardens may not be safe to eat
06/23. Supervisors split on restaurant grades
06/23. Nutrition Q&A: When power to the fridge goes out, be careful
06/23. GMO foods can bring benefits, vigilance needed-WHO
06/23. [UAE] Sharjah to ban frozen juices
06/23. Old South sued for food poisoning
06/23. CFSAN: Food Safety Tips for a Safe and Healthy 4th of July
06/22. BSE Retest Result Won't Affect Japan Beef Trade-USDA Penn
06/22. Perchlorate: A system to track sampling and cleanup results is needed
06/22. Classic kiwi sausage sizzle under threat
06/22. China denies misusing drug on poultry
06/22. Austrian mad cow case appears isolated -ministry
06/22. Ozone Safe Food Showcase Ozone Technology in Sydney, Australia
06/22. EUROPE: European Food Safety Authority officially inaugurated
06/22. [Australia] Agreement improves beef safety
06/22. Mollusk fishing ban in effect in N.S.
06/22. Sinovac Biotech announces sales of its combined hepatitis A&B vaccine
06/22. Restaurant to stop putting gold in food
06/22. Calculated, risk is worth benefit of eating fish
06/22. NC public health officials give tips on Salmonella prevention
06/22. The Food-Safe Schools Action Guide Kit
06/21. Senate to consider new Food Safety Under Secretary
06/21. European food safety body to be inaugurated in Parma, Italy
06/21. Putting a price tag on food poisoning fallout
06/21. [Australia] MILK PROBE
06/21. Sudan 1 risk still present in EU food chain
06/21. Foodborne tuberculosis
06/21. China under scrutiny after report about drug misused on poultry
06/21. Questions and Answers Available from FSIS for In-Plant Water and Ice Reuse
06/21. Cracking nut allergies
06/21. Food Allergy and Intolerances
06/21. Austria finds second case of mad cow disease
06/21. Extension to offer food manager certification training
06/21. Neogen's Madden Named USDA Advisor
06/21. EU food scientists to receive Brussels funding, new calls
06/21. [Ghana] National Food Safety Week launched
06/21. Health Supplement draft to be part of Food Safety and Standards Bill, 2005
06/21. "Is It Done Yet?" Only Your Food Thermometer Knows for Sure
06/20. World Meat Congress - Australia 2006
06/20. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) – Introduction
06/20. China shuts kitchen of ice-cream maker Haagen-Dazs citing sanitation rules
06/20. New food allergens fact sheets
06/20. Gaps remain in U.S. defense Vs. mad cow
06/20. Caterer countersuing RBG for $3 million
06/20. Case of hepatitis A prompts restaurant to immunize workers
06/20. Sub shop fined for unsafe food
06/20. Ontario lags in food safety checks; Health units can't keep up
06/20. USDA should be applauded, not vilified for protecting food supply
06/20. NCBA, others blast USDA over scattershot BSE policy
06/20. Animal being tested might have new form of BSE
06/20. Canadian health officials to examine new 'live' BSE test
06/20. American cattle being exposed to Mad Cow disease
06/20. 'Shocking' hygiene standards in food industry
06/20. Food Pathogen Test Sales to New Customers Contribute to Increase
06/17. Food safety: From the farm to the fork - Training strategy - Programme
06/17. 90% raw milk reported to be gravely contaminated in China
06/17. Suspect U.S. animal may have rare mad cow strain
06/17. Scientists' report outlines European priorities in tackling infectious diseases
06/17. 'Unusual pattern' prompted OIG to order new test on November cow
06/17. THE VOCAL POINT: Fallout from BSE 'positive' positively dripping with irony
06/17. EFSA: bacteria and moulds face new system for safety assessment
06/17. 'Interlocking Safeguards Worked', Animal Did Not Enter Food or Feed Chain, USDA Says
06/17. Public Health Advocates Cite Lack of Risk Notice on Potato Chip Bags
06/17. Mad Cow Sample Is Hand-Carried to England
06/17. USDA Unveils Plan For Final Tests In Mad Cow Case
06/17. Quarter of water samples show uranium
06/17. Seafood company hit by recall reopens Miami plant
06/17. Scientist warns of salmonella risk from imported eggs
06/17. Toxic Substances In The Oxidation Of Fats And Oils
06/17. IRELAND: Teagasc launches national food residue database
06/17. Philippine Food Exporters Told to Improve Standards
06/17. Meat Safety Still a Hot-Button Issue
06/16. FACT condemns inaction after USDA confirms first US born case of BSE
06/16. What if the mad cow is American?
06/16. USDA Vague On Reasons For New Mad Cow Tests
06/16. 7th Annual Foodborne Pathogen Analysis Conference
06/16. UK: Police arrest man over biscuit factory ‘threat’
06/16. AMI Foundation Issues Request for Research Proposals on Pathogen Control
06/16. Danger can lurk in a lunch bag
06/16. Johanns/USDA bring cattle industry together to discuss BSE
06/16. FDA Approves Treatment for with Diarrhea Caused by Cryptosporidium Infection
06/16. EU alert system finds Vibrio cholerae in black tiger shrimps
06/16. Shanghai tackles food safety concerns
06/16. Pupils to scrub up for classes on food safety
06/16. Health Unit cracks down on barbecues
06/16. Pre-cooked food-Shanghai's new hot zone
06/15. IFF sees tainted paprika hurting sales
06/15. Trusting our food
06/15. Canadian Cattlemen’s Association continues to seek status in R-CALF vs USDA suit
06/15. FDA looks at sprouts for food-borne illness
06/15. PERSPECTIVE: Why did USDA retest a previously declared BSE sample?
06/15. Japan, U.S. farm chiefs discuss beef trade row by phone
06/15. UC Researchers Explore Spread of Mad Cow
06/15. [Bangladesh]: 18 DCC inspectors left to monitor 5,000 food outlets
06/15. Meat products under scrutiny
06/15. Ulster alert on bacteria
06/15. Infant Botulism
06/15. Food Distributor Fined For Rodent-Infested Warehouse
06/15. Safer food tops council menu
06/14. Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease--Nationwide Education and Communication
06/14. Colo. Governor assails U.S. mad cow policy
06/14. Multiple approaches towards replacement of dietary antibiotics
06/14. Food security workshops update: Now webcasts
06/14. Tagging pathogens with synthetic DNA 'barcodes'
06/14. The claim: Bottled water is cleaner than tap water
06/14. Note to Walkerton victims
06/14. Island grocers want to know why Ottawa took 10 days to confirm contamination
06/14. Seminar: Food safety in the U.S. ? does litigation help?
06/14. USDA announces further analysis of BSE test results; sample to go to Weybridge
06/14. Quickly matching the drug with the bug saves lives
06/14. Mixed reaction among trade partners to BSE announcement
06/14. USDA: BSE confirmation could take up to two weeks
06/14. Nineteenth BSE case in Czech Republic confirmed
06/14. Canada says its mad cow test results were clear
06/14. Taiwan under mounting pressure to totally ban US beef imports
06/14. Province set to test for mad cow
06/14. Plant-derived vaccines offer new strategy for the prevention of diarrheal diseases
06/14. [Greece] Did dodgy bacon kill elderly?
06/14. 'Shocking' hygiene of food staff
06/14. [Greece] EFET bites back over bad meat
06/14. Possible Mad Cow Case Won't Affect US-Japan Talks
06/14. Lead found in candy and spices
06/14. Spurious food colouring leads to serious illnesses
06/13. EU food agency says illegal GMO maize probably safe
06/13. 'November cow' tests positive for BSE using Western blot
06/13. AMI Op-ed: Canadian Cattle Ban Risk for U.S.
06/13. BSE Sample Previously Deemed Negative Prompts Questions About Earlier Result
06/13. Kemin Industries and UN World Food Program Form Alliance for Food Quality and Safety
06/13. Safety first for food exporters
06/13. [UK] Food poisoning rates "dramatically" decline
06/13. Statement By Dr. John Clifford Regarding Further Analysis Of BSE
06/12. USDA Says Suspect Mad-Cow Animal Was Born Before 1997 Feed Ban
06/12. More Tests Planned In Suspected Case Of Mad Cow Disease
06/12. Taiwan To Ban U.S. Beef If Mad Cow Test Confirmed
06/12. U.S. ranchers urge stricter tests for mad cow By Sophie Walker
06/12. Kansas agency releases latest list of food violations
06/12. Scombroid poisoning, frozen fish - Israel: recall
06/11. Sides debate beef safety
06/11. U.S. checking possible new case of mad cow
06/11. USDA reconfirms intention to re-open border to Canadian cattle
06/11. Regulatory committees - SCFCAH - General Food Law
06/11. Three food businesses closed in May
06/11. Doner kebabs safer than ever following State Government campaign
06/11. Reduce risks of using manure as a garden fertilizer
06/10. BSE, The Dispute Continues
06/10. Call for posters
06/10. Why the fuss about sudan I?
06/10. Fighting mold - Practical tips for freeing your home from mold
06/10. FMI's Safe Quality Food program
06/10. [Japan] Panel: Expecting moms should limit fish intake
06/10. Rosemary reduces HCAs
06/10. Packer asks Canadian government to let Japanese firms screen cattle
06/10. Bad Florida basil triggers FDA traceback operation
06/10. Sudan 1 turns up in EU recall tracking system
06/10. Experts Speak Out at the BSE Roundtable: Our Industry Is In Crisis
06/10. Lower house lawmakers to check U.S. anti-BSE steps
06/10. City Inspectors Close Another Risky Restaurant
06/10. Dash Of Rosemary Might Boost Burger Safety
06/10. Thailand continues food safety awareness campaign
06/10. Brits make a meal of 'table rage'
06/10. Brits Make A Meal Of Complaining
06/10. [Singapore] Coffeeshop hygiene being improved even as food poisoning cases drop
06/09. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) – Introduction
06/09. AMI says beef is safe, full cattle and beef trade with Canada should be restored
06/09. Unweaving amyloid fibers to solve prion puzzles
06/09. Penn State constructs new food science building
06/09. Food store fined $15K; Guilty of selling uninspected meat
06/09. Quality Systems Manager - Knoxville, TN
06/09. USDA web-casts BSE roundtable
06/09. Appeals court accepts amicus curae briefs in BSE suit
06/09. Lower cooking temperatures combat acrylamide, more evidence
06/09. Deadly Infectious Entity of Prions Discovered
06/09. The Listeria That Won’t Die: How Much Damage They Can Do
06/09. [Estonia] Tallegg struggles to control salmonella
06/09. The Salmonella That Won’t Die: Why They Live
06/09. Smuggled cheeses pose risk, FDA says
06/09. China vows to ensure food and drug safety for people
06/09. Amendment Passes to Ban Cipro-like Antibiotic-Treated Chicken from Schools
06/09. Gardens launches lawsuit
06/08. Canadian cattle producer groups granted status in appeal of continued border closure
06/08. Agency delays publishing scientific paper
06/08. Farmed salmon pose no danger
06/08. Wendy's CEO suspected from start story was a hoax
06/08. Supporters rally for restaurateurs
06/08. 'Food safety can only be achieved if we all work well together': MOH
06/08. Canadian feed lawsuits to cost feedmaker millions in legal fees
06/08. EU may ease SRM restrictions
06/08. When food bites back
06/08. Workshop On GMP Launched
06/07. BSE update 2005 (02)
06/07. Consumer groups support R-CALF
06/07. Court date set: July 13
06/07. Update on BSE Lawsuits against Ridley Inc. and Canadian Federal Government
06/07. Codex seeks comments on sanitary and phytosanitary international standard-setting activities
06/07. Editorial - Surveillance of food hazards in Australia
06/07. Hand washing – we don’t always do the right thing
06/07. HACCP reassessment of mechanically tenderized beef
06/07. FSIS issues establishment notification prior to sampling RTE
06/07. The 2005/06 competition for food safety funding announced
06/07. Nestle apologises over baby milk in China
06/07. FSIS Extends Effective Date for BSE Surveillance Notices
06/07. Mom writes book to help her son, others cope with peanut allergy
06/07. Bt trait can reduce mycotoxin levels in corn
06/07., Inc. Increases Sales & Marketing Efforts in Mexico
06/07. Worries over dirty water
06/07. Missing: The health inspector
06/07. Control Aflatoxins, WHO urges
06/07. Food safety officials look at possibility of terrorists targeting school lunches
06/07. Models Predict Poultry Pathogen Behavior
06/06. Key Industry Regulators to Meet for Feed Code Discussions
06/06. Registration Opens for Worldwide Food Expo ’05
06/06. 2005 AMI Expo Saturday Education Highlights food safety, plant maintenance
06/06. AMI's Expo : New Manufacturing Solutions
06/06. Conference eyes global food trade, safety, security
06/06. IAFP announces 2005 award recipients
06/06. Food Safety Bytes
06/06. Environmental group calls for destruction of reportedly tainted farmed salmon
06/06. Farmed B.C. salmon higher in PCBs than wild salmon, tests reveal
06/05. Extra care urged preparing food for tiny tots and elderly
06/05. Chemical taints B.C. farm's fish: Not deemed an acute health risk
06/05. Call for posters: Agriculture’s Role in Managing Antimicrobial Resistance
06/05. EU scientists conclude food additive used for binding meat is safe
06/05. Court of Appeals to Hear Canadian Trade Case July 13 In Seattle
06/05. Lebanon permits importation of U.S. beef products
06/05. Who is afraid of GMOs?
06/04. EU deadlocked over latest GMO maize approval
06/04. Japan discovers 20th case of mad cow disease
06/04. [Australia] Alert for young and old in salmonella surge
06/04. Conference Eyes Global Food Trade, Safety, Security
06/04. Napoleon was poisoned: toxicological study
06/04. [Bahrain] Disease warning
06/03. EU Food Safety Agency proposes increase in cattle age for removal of SRM
06/03. Variant prion protein causes infection but no symptoms
06/03. Soap and water is a winner for California 8th graders
06/03. South Korea to reopen market to U.S. and Canadian beef, unnamed official says
06/03. Coalition of beef, consumer groups asks court to reject USDA appeal
06/03. Japan confirms 19th BSE case
06/03. Sure cure for biotech bashing is right on the package
06/03. China pulls milk formula from supermarkets shelves
06/03. Food Security and Safety Are Program Priorities for CFSAN
06/03. Irradiated herbal supplements still reaching Ireland
06/03. Exposure to Carcinogenic Crop Toxin Lowered by Simple Intervention
06/03. 19th case of mad cow disease confirmed in Japan
06/03. BSE: Regulator proposes raising cattle age limit for parts removal
06/03. Food place inspections
06/03. FPA Questions Proposed Use of Food Crops to Produce Pharmaceuticals
06/03. Gram-Negative Bacteria Shoot Their Way Into Cells
06/02. Manufacturing Solutions program spotlights plant operations
06/02. Over-fortified corn soy blend
06/02. Public meeting to discuss U.S. positions for the 28th Codex session in Rome
06/02. R-CALF responds to USDA appeal
06/02. USMEF meeting focuses on Japan
06/02. EFSA provides a new scientific assessment on the age limit
06/02. Edmonton school may ban sale of milk
06/02. LM petition to FSIS
06/02. Mechanically tenderized beef notice
06/02. EU Trade Commissioner: export/import health rules must not become trade barriers
06/02. British research grants will help put better food on consumers’ plates
06/02. When and whose science should be used to dictate trade issues?
06/02. A step forward in food safety for Ontario agriculture
06/02. Food for naught
06/02. Bad governing led to bad water, RFK Jr. tells Walkerton crowd
06/02. USDA to host BSE roundtable
06/02. Consumer Federation, Public Citizen weigh in on Canadian border closing
06/02. Portman tries again to reopen Japan, S. Korea markets
06/02. Have A Plan If Your Child Has A Food Allergy
06/02. Dairy-loving ancestors bring lactose tolerance to Europe
06/02. Californian food sector demands acrylamide labeling exemption
06/02. NIH Finds Clue to What Makes Prions Kill
06/02. Korea mad cow experts to visit U.S., progress hoped
06/02. Testing of human mad cow suspect delayed
06/02. U.S. Wants Japan to Resume Beef Imports
06/02. With product dating, food's days are numbered
06/02. Study: Lactose intolerance seems linked to ancestral struggles
06/02. Increase in consumption of fresh produce leads to a rise in food-borne illnesses
06/01. U.S. Allowed Canada Beef Imports Despite 'Mad-Cow' Concerns
06/01. International meeting of consumer NGOs
06/01. Food Safety and Quality Update
06/01. Telling it like it is: Food Law
06/01. DuPont Chairman and CEO: IAFP Black Pearl Award
06/01. IAFP names DuPont as recipient of the prestigious Black Pearl Award
06/01. Total diet studies: A recipe for safer food
06/01. WHO World Health Assembly (WHA) 2005: Int'l Health Regs (IHR)
06/01. NO REST
06/01. WHO tool assesses risk of unsafe chemicals in food
06/01. Don’t trust Tedco, says Canadian government
06/01. HHS Asks PNAS to Pull Bioterrorism Paper
06/01. New IKE Scenario Available Regarding Prior Notification to RTE Product Sampling
06/01. Contaminated coleus forskohlii products cause adverse reactions in Italy
06/01. Italy calls for independent EU research on GMOs
06/01. Japan discovers 19th suspected mad cow case
06/01. Dozens still violating drinking water laws
06/01. Guangzhou strives to guarantee food safety
06/01. The Case of the Suspicious Hamsters

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