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06/30. Butchers get guide on removal of bovine SRM

06/30. Antimicrobial Resistance: Implications for the Food System

06/30. FDA Commemorates a Century of Protecting and Promoting Public Health

06/30. Ensuring Safer Food for Everyone

06/30. Removing acrylamide from food

06/30. Food mycotoxins: An update





06/30. Schools' food hygiene initiative launched

06/30. EU food safety body forges ahead on developing resources

06/30. Antibiotic-free food not necessarily safer for people

06/30. Canada sets important example for science based BSE rules

06/30. Federal meat inspection act, AMI hit 100 years

06/30. UN commission set to adopt safer food standards against dise

06/30. Food inspections

06/30. Bill to limit use of caterers in schools

06/30. Mystery muffins

06/30. Diseased meat allegedly sold: Officials arrest businessman a

06/30. Phd Student Position

06/30. Brittle prions are more infectious

06/30. Will the real FSIS please stand up?


06/29. Hygiene and speciality cheese making training for enforcement officers


06/29. UK pesticide testing finds 2pc of samples above legal limit

06/29. Poll shows most Japanese consumers don't want U.S. beef

06/29. Taiwan to send delegation to review U.S. beef practices

06/29. EU Consumers Say GMO Food is Risk to Society - Poll

06/29. Austrian presidency fails to stop GMO approvals

06/29. New Finding About E Coli Could Block Infections

06/29. IRAQ: Poor sanitation poses serious health risks, say expert

06/29. Organic food not much safer, study finds

06/29. Breakthrough in Rendering E Coli Harmless

06/29. Food safety 'high on the agenda' at Le Meridien Dubai

06/29. S.Korea conducts stringent checks on food hygiene


06/28. Canada aims to beef up BSE prevention with broader feed rest

06/28. PERSPECTIVE: Canadaís ban on specified risk material

06/28. Mad cow II: The social disease

06/28. New BSE rules still fall short

06/28. New BSE rules mean cattle guts must be discarded

06/28. K-State researchers discover houseflies in fast-food restaur

06/28. Health minister wrong to ease food safety rules

06/28. Scientists renew call for listeriosis reporting network

06/28. Food poisoning investigation does not inspire confidence

06/28. Seoul to launch food watchdog

06/28. How to get rid of 1m chocolate bars?

06/28. Food safety - E. coli O157 H7 and interventions

06/28. 100 Years Later, Most Consumers Don't Recognize Level of Mea

06/28. Ghana: Don't Take Food Safety for Granted

06/28. EU rapid alert finds PSP toxins in scallops from the UK

06/28. Judge Slows Pace of Suit Over Mad Cow Testing

06/28. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)

06/28. FDA Fails to protect Americans

06/28. Companies wake up to food handling risk

06/28. CJ Food ends its catering businesses at schools here

06/28. Oops: Turns out turtles still illegal to sell


06/27. Shipboard shelf life

06/27. Bromide, fluorinated chemicals not a health risk yet, panel

06/27. Canada Issues New Feed Controls

06/27. First Quarter Salmonella Testing Report Issued

06/27. Cranberries May Provide Protection Against Food Poisoning

06/27. Dry pet food tests come up clean in Arizona

06/27. Some Limited Success Removing Acrylamide From Food

06/27. One mistake won't ban U.S. beef imports, Japan's foreign min

06/27. Japan begins inspection of U.S. beef plants

06/27. Roberts to China: Reopen markets to U.S. beef

06/27. Foodservice industry commends Minister Strahl for enacting n

06/27. Canadian Cattlemen's Association - Enhancements to feed ban

06/27. CFIA: Canada strengthens feed controls

06/27. FDA to reduce pesticide monitoring, increase food defense sp

06/27. New finding about E coli could block infections, lead to bet

06/27. Antimicrobial treatments to food are safe to human health

06/27. New food business law follows rash of sickness in Greenville

06/27. Norovirus measures to be enhanced

06/27. Schools inspected only once a year

06/27. Restaurant group: Inspectors fail Inspections

06/27. Farmer Contends Milk Law Goes Against Amish Beliefs


06/26. Conflicting Food Messages May Put Consumers At Risk


06/26. New Food Hygiene Law: Caterer Liable

06/26. Study: vCJD might be more prevalent than previously thought

06/26. Japan's Ag Minister calls sanction proposal 'nonsense'

06/26. Removing acrylamide from food


06/25. Board reappointments: Protecting food standards

06/25. Food mycotoxins: An update

06/25. Antibiotic-free food not necessarily safer

06/25. Eliminating antibiotics from food animals is unwise


06/24. Probe into red meat safety after increase in poisoning cases

06/24. Cadbury defends safety of its products

06/24. Food rules leave public at risk, warns medical officer

06/24. U of A food research centre opens with great ambitions

06/24. Family discovers iguana reason for child's sickness

06/24. Cadbury clashes over salmonella

06/24. Beef-Inspection


06/23. Euro Food Safety Authority restates its on-going strategy

06/23. Can Deadly Peanut Allergies Be Cured?

06/23. IFT opens its doors in Orlando

06/23. Senate Committee Approves Sanctions Measure for Japan

06/23. Meetings target trends in processing, food safety

06/23. Salmonella delivers cancer vaccine

06/23. Food Products Association Responds to FDA Biotechnology Poli

06/23. Nine in 10 Japanese businesses won't sell U.S. beef

06/23. Clerk who tampered with soda gets jail time

06/23. Albertsons issues warning to California customers who bought

06/23. Incubation period for human BSE infection could exceed 50 ye

06/23. Features: We can do better than government inspection of mea

06/23. UM food science specialists warn about omelet-in-a-bag recip

06/23. Meat eaters face immunity scare

06/23. My memories of turtles -- and salmonella

06/23. Japan Says US Beef Sanction Proposal "Nonsense"


06/22. Surveillance of human listeriosis in France, 2001-2003

06/22. Surveillance of listeriosis in Finland during 1995-2004

06/22. Significant increase of listeriosis in Germany - Epidemiolog

06/22. Listeria in Europe: The need for a European surveillance net

06/22. Drinking water E. Coli contamination puzzle solved in Rolett

06/22. The egg salad caper

06/22. US - Japan Pact Means No More Beef Trade Bans: USDA

06/22. EU and US step up fight against counterfeiters, importers

06/22. Japan Slowly Moves Closer To Partial Reopening to U.S. Beef

06/22. Industry skeptical about Japan beef deal

06/22. Senators introduce bill to punish Japan over beef trade

06/22. Food Safety Body Says Works Closely With EU on GMOs

06/22. FDA's new biotech early food safety evaluation


06/22. Japan to keep seeking food safety after resuming U.S. beef i


06/21. Surveys for brominated and fluorinated chemicals

06/21. Schumer: Track U.S. meat to guard against mad cow disease

06/21. Livestock Feed Sent To Kentucky Recalled Over Possible Mad C

06/21. Japan to keep seeking food safety after resuming U.S. beef


06/21. Mad cow-feed

06/21. Knowing the possible risks should change behaviour

06/21. Does it look cooked? A review of factors that influence cook

06/21. "Best if used by Ö" how freshness dating influence

06/21. NZFSA reviews food safety training and education

06/21. U.S. Falls Behind In Tracking Cattle To Control Disease

06/21. Japan, U.S. Agree on Beef Import Resumption

06/21. Westport Company Says Livestock Feed May be Contaminated

06/21. Emerging infectious determinants of chronic diseases

06/21. Letter: Shigellosis and Cryptosporidiosis, Baltimore, Maryla

06/21. Store sees return of the turtle: Tiny red-eared sliders make

06/21. 2006 Food Safety Education Conference


06/20. Heed Safe Cooking and Food Handling Advice For The Summer Grilling Season


06/20. State agency testing pet food

06/20. No deal yet on US beef imports to Japan

06/20. Finding CWD in live animals

06/20. Warmer Waters Threaten Alaska's Oyster Industry

06/20. Constant cleanliness

06/20. U.S. Food Safety Product Demand to Exceed $2 Billion in 2010

06/20. Rules shutting down foods sales from home kitchens

06/20. Food alerts report on aflatoxins in nuts, cheese from the UK

06/20. Asda frozen food left out for the seagulls

06/20. Japan closer to lifting ban on U.S. beef

06/20. Lab workers say bosses threatened them

06/20. A common parasite reveals its strongest asset: Stealth

06/20. Senators introduce interstate meat shipment bill

06/20. Legislation would help track contaminated meat

06/20. KSU, EcoQuest team advanced ionization for food safety

06/20. Japan, US Set To Agree On Beef Import Resumption

06/20. Food and Drug Regulations ó Amendment

06/20. 23 cities tell Starbucks to buy better milk

06/20. On pathogen patrol

06/20. Market madness









06/19. Food Safety Body Says Works Closely With EU on GMOs

06/19. Peanut Allergy Incidents Waning, But Still a Problem

06/19. Schools deal with food allergies


06/18. EU Report Confirms UK Eggs Are Among The Safest In Europe

06/18. More than a fifth of EU poultry has salmonella

06/18. Farmers Market red tape

06/18. Food Safety Exam Caters to Spanish Speakers

06/18. Brits call for ban on imported eggs

06/18. Japan to decide this week on U.S. beef imports

06/18. Japan agency mulls safety checks on beef imports

06/18. CFIA completes BSE investigation


06/17. Proposed health regulations won't be a burden says farmers'

06/17. KFDM investigation-Unsafe food practices

06/17. Contaminated cheese may have been sold in Central Valley

06/17. Out of Tune: Lack of harmonization between Canadian and U.S.

06/17. Barbecuers advised to pay attention to internal temperature

06/17. E. coli work identifies new keys to regulation of bacterial

06/17. Eating out this weekend? You need to read this

06/17. Food detectives: restaurants call in their investigators


06/16. Two diet drinks withdrawn in Ireland due to benzene

06/16. Canada finds benzene in 20pc of drinks surveyed

06/16. Food-Allergic Teens Taking Dangerous Risks

06/16. Canada Cuts Peanut-Allergy Exposures

06/16. Infected feed likely cause of Canada mad cow case

06/16. Salmonella cases prompt cooking warning


06/16. Food and Veterinary Office - Inspection reports

06/16. Instructions for exportation of animal casings released

06/16. Alzheimer's cause unknown

06/16. Large variation in prevalence of Salmonella in laying hen fl

06/16. Ireland changes beef labels

06/16. Safe to drink

06/16. Loblaws suit details on website

06/16. McGuinty government exempts farmers' markets and community g


06/15. Salmonella survey 15 June 2006

06/15. Understanding mycotoxins

06/15. Japanese consumers voice skepticism of U.S. beef at hearing

06/15. Kalsec, legislators appeal to state authorities over carbon

06/15. Food factory worker arrested

06/15. Korea fails to open for Creekstone

06/15. UK regulator considers action against BSE-type disease in sheep

06/15. Some Japanese demand U.S. inspection of each beef animal

06/15. Scots urged to tackle 'food poisoning epidemic'

06/15. Dole settles E. coli lawsuits

06/15. Notice of intent to grant exclusive license

06/15. NCBA calls for trade sanctions on Japan

06/15. Korea puts off beef decision indefinitely

06/15. BBQ to test food rules

06/15. UK has third lowest salmonella rate

06/15. Cafe Barbette reopens after clean inspection

06/15. IFIS teams up with the British Library to offer service

06/15. Help available for decommissioning inactive water wells

06/15. BSI achieves global food safety management system accreditat

06/15. Hand dryers in washrooms a hot health topic

06/15. Farmers' market head cautious

06/15. Standards for safe foods must be maintained

06/15. Jamaican fruit seized at border by customs

06/15. Safety review on the menu: Is Philadelphia's cuisine clean?

06/15. Code of the city: It's easy to break

06/15. Settlements reached with Dole in E. Coli cases


06/14. Creekstone asks Korea to make beef export decisions plant by plant

06/14. Opposition to U.S. beef heats up in Japan


06/14. Food Allergies Could Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

06/14. U.S mad cow instances are abnormal, spontaneous cases

06/14. Testing all cattle will reassure Japan's consumers: Creekstone

06/14. vCJD May Lurk in More People Than Realised

06/14. Japan Holds Last Hearing on U.S. Beef


06/14. Salmonella risk in egg imports

06/14. Food-safety bill introduced

06/14. Raw milk and cheeses: health risks are still black and white

06/14. CFA & SToP letter of support

06/14. Time to chill


06/13. Beverage makers urged to test for benzene

06/13. Two diet drinks withdrawn in Ireland due to benzene

06/13. Two U.S. BSE cases: New questions, no answers

06/13. Minister urged to save the T-bone

06/13. Free cleanliness taster sessions for caterers

06/13. Statement of the AMI on reopening of Korean market

06/13. Japan opposition criticises Koizumi over U.S. beef

06/13. US-Japan-Beef

06/13. FSIS to conduct food defense exercises

06/13. 2006 food safety education conference

06/13. Perspective: Food safety and security -- From 'the jungle' to the Plains

06/13. Walkerton Clean Water Centre announces research project part

06/13. Food inspection agency appeals victory for tough vet

06/13. EU wants Southeast Asia to raise food standards

06/13. Eggs, mayonnaise can cause salmonella bacteria

06/13. Wash produce before eating

06/13. Warning over hygiene as 200 Scots a day get food poisoning

06/13. It's madness to feed cattle with bits of other animals

06/13. We must stop putting animal parts in animal feed

06/13. FSAI issues reassurance on levels of benzene in soft drinks

06/13. [NZ]: Food safety in an emergency

06/13. Fido party of four, your table is ready

06/13. When customers become ill, it's time for legal protections

06/13. Vote of support for health inspectors

06/13. Public lecture: Umu Pasifika


06/12. AMIís J. Patrick Boyle and Author Eric Schlosser Square off on Meat Safety

06/12. Monthly Report of specified risk material and other BSE Control breaches for May 2006

06/12. Report on economic impact of BSE in the U.S.

06/12. Health risk from bad food hygiene

06/12. U.S. Mad Cow Cases Are Mysterious Strain

06/12. Advisory - advice regarding the use of sour spray candy


06/11. Food vendors' carts get little scrutiny

06/11. An economic chronology of bovine spongiform encephalopathy i

06/11. Mad cow strain

06/11. Three-year term for EFSA Scientific Committee and Panels


06/10. Petting zoo blues: barnyard exhibits are bad for people and

06/10. Benzene in drinks killing you softly

06/10. Health Canada releases final results of study of benzene

06/10. Producers warn that an all-out ban could cost jobs


06/09. Kids' food allergies may be rarer than parents think


06/09. Canada may delay its enhanced feed ban

06/09. S Korea to U.S. beef industry: Change your processing proced

06/09. Food Allergies Becoming More Common In Children

06/09. Infants' food allergies rarer than parents believe

06/09. Pepper Man back, with state blessing

06/09. Safety event set to give food for thought

06/09. New food safety law in India soon

06/09. Ban unsafe feed and U.S. beef

06/09. Safe food is a must for farm direct

06/09. Ruling-Duskin

06/09. Bacteria have their own immune system protecting against out

06/09. Salmonella's taste tester


06/08. Minister seeks bacteria ban

06/08. Mayo Clinic: Food poisoning: Common causes and likely symptoms

06/08. Pre-Codex Planning Meeting Scheduled

06/08. South Korea unlikely to resume U.S. beef imports before July

06/08. Sen. Harkin worried over Japanese 'consumer feedback' on beef


06/08. Food allergies among kids feared rising dramatically

06/08. First Mad Cow Case Reported in West Austria

06/08. Scolariís Food & Drug Achieves NSF Certification

06/08. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)

06/08. Ottawa urged to delay ban on high-risk feed: Proposal aimed

06/08. Country of origin food labelling consumer brochure launched

06/08. AMI reiterates safety and benefits of modified atmosphere packaging

06/08. China issues food safety warning for milk powder products

06/08. Let Quebec inspect food in Montreal: auditor-general

06/08. Two food businesses closed in May

06/08. Burger bill dangerous

06/08. Visits from 'pie police' essential to our health

06/08. S Korea-US-Beef

06/08. A nanotech revolution in agriculture and the food industry

06/08. Meat inspectors strike in Norway

06/08. Competency constrains character in Chi-Chi's green onion cri

06/08. Petting zoo claims unfounded

06/08. Restaurant web postings put on hold

06/08. Egg salad daze at health unit


06/07. FDA/EPA Advisory on Seafood Consumption Still Current

06/07. MIT Collaborates with CA Animal Health and Food Safety Lab

06/07. Consumer Reports warns against canned tuna

06/07. R-CALF to appeal Canadian border decision

06/07. New Clue on Babiesí Wheat Allergy

06/07. Fighting for a Food Allergy Cure


06/07. Announcement of call for proposals for the Food Safety Resea

06/07. U.K. will continue fallen stock aid

06/07. Fish Products Inspection amendment 20

06/07. Ethnic-food safety concerns: an online survey of food safety

06/07. Sizzler stays open despite illness concerns


06/06. Hot tips for barbecues

06/06. FSA Wales launches new interactive computer game

06/06. Food Safety Practices Critical Part of Hurricane Awareness

06/06. Pre-Codex Planning Meeting Scheduled

06/06. 'Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity'

06/06. Quotable Quotes

06/06. Consumer Reports Misses the Boat on Mercury, Says Consumer G

06/06. Ozone Food Safety Process for the Retail Food Service

06/06. South Africa: Food Safety Standards Go Global

06/06. Update on BSE lawsuits against Ridley Inc. and Govt Canada

06/06. Unraveling Alzheimer's: Clues may be found visualizing plaqu

06/06. FSIS outreach culminates in positive next steps

06/06. IAFP Announces Fellow and Honorary Life Recipient

06/06. IAFP announces 2006 award recipients

06/06. IAFP Names Ecolab Inc. As Recipient of the Prestigious Black

06/06. AMIF request for pre-proposals released

06/06. Avoid canned tuna, magazine tells pregnant women

06/06. Food safety game targets children

06/06. Egg salad runs afoul of law: Food inspectors ruin sandwiches

06/06. Sewing needle found in roll at Woolworths


06/05. Packaging Using CO is Safe and Criticisms Unfounded

06/05. Comment on sanitary and phytosanitary standards


06/05. Cattle disease might be unknown strain of BSE

06/05. Danger bacterium found in German poultry in Denmark

06/05. Nanostructures Of The Infective Apparatus Of Salmonella

06/05. Food Safety Measures For Fiddleheads, Health Canada

06/05. Food checks to be stepped up

06/05. Warning on eating potato topped pies

06/05. 68 restaurants closed during food safety inspection


06/04. Inspections keep watch on eateries: State, local efforts

06/04. Call for new research into killer E coli

06/04. Butcher to reopen after E coli inquiry

06/04. Of mice, monkeys and cheese

06/04. Bill lets Fla. dogs eat out at restaurants

06/04. Mandatory process control and best management practices


06/03. Police to cite unlicensed food vendors

06/03. Sausage factory owner pleads guilty in inspection case

06/03. Like dine-out burgers rare? New state bill is on your side

06/03. Summer food safety: You know the grill

06/03. Wanted: cautious cadaver handlers

06/03. Clean up or be shut up shop owners warned

06/03. County teams up to teach animal safety

06/03. Pizza pouches contained metal shards: city man

06/03. Wash produce before you eat to prevent E.coli


06/02. New names at the FSA's microbiological safety committee


06/02. Applications Now Being Accepted for 2006 Grad Student Award

06/02. 68 restaurants closed during food safety inspection

06/02. Japan will allow seized meat shipment to be sold

06/02. Evidence of a new human genotype susceptible to variant CJD

06/02. Gut reaction: researchers define the colonís genome

06/02. N.D. meat inspection funding on the chopping block

06/02. Frankensteer comes to a restaurant near you

06/02. Gov. Bush to sign 'Dining With Dogs' bill


06/01. New members appointed to ACMSF

06/01. FSIS Revises Food Safety System Verification Directive

06/01. Report looks at ways to establish food allergy thresholds

06/01. Regulation, traceability drive demand for safety products

06/01. Korean consumer, industry groups call for beef boycott

06/01. New FSIS program to help small and very small plants

06/01. Local kids take on food allergies

06/01. HHS Awards BioShield Contract for Botulism Antitoxin

06/01. Does the food you eat have star quality?

06/01. Shortage of large animal vets could affect food safety

06/01. Muntinlupa City holds food handling seminars

06/01. Prion infection of oral and nasal mucosa

06/01. New survey confirms consumersí distaste for CO in meat packa

06/01. Hot lettuce market obscures 'Dateline' impact

06/01. Pest topping made diner's skin crawl

06/01. Significant changes to food safety music website


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