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06/30. FSIS launches food-safety videos in sign language

06/30. Update - MI and OH Health Departments Report on Kroger E. co

06/30. GA Investigation Into E. coli - Tainted Meat Continues

06/30. Raw Milk Cons: Review of the Peer-Reviewed Literature

06/30. Raw shellfish poses danger

06/30. Codex discusses labelling and safety standards

06/30. FDA report shows limits of canneries oversight

06/30. Food safety inspectors struggle with swelling volume of impo

06/30. UK: Food poison alert

06/30. Tomato Outbreak: Sen. Menendez asks FDA for Answers

06/30. New law permits farmers to sell more unpasteurized milk


06/27. Post-Chernobyl monitoring reports published

06/27. Protecting Romaine Lettuce From Pathogens

06/27. Calif. bill that would have required cameras in slaughterhou

06/27. Who Supplied the E. coli Contaminated Meat to Kroger This Ti

06/27. Supplier of Salmonella Saintpaul Tomatoes to be Named Soon

06/27. City officials promise tight watch on Taste food


06/26. UK: FSA warns about food fraud activity

06/26. FSIS to stand firm with key E. coli policies for now: Raymon

06/26. Even vegetarians may not be safe from 'mad cow' prions


06/25. Northern Ireland coldstore conviction upheld

06/25. Soy milk allergy myth debunked

06/25. India: Spices Board sets up lab in Navi Mumbai

06/25. Food safety requires a strong supply chain

06/25. Vietnam, U.S. sign agreement to improve food and drug safety

06/25. US, Central America partnering on food safety

06/25. Raw Milk: Panacea or Poison?



06/24. Industry on-board with anti-acrylamide enzyme, says Novozyme

06/24. Canada probes new mad cow case; no threat seen

06/24. US Considering Food Safety Office in Latin America

06/24. Canada Confirms New Mad Cow Case


06/23. Food safety guidelines can overwhelm processors, says group

06/23. US searches for salmonella in Mexico

06/23. E. Coli Testing Protocols Lacking

06/23. Salmonella can ride water into tomatoes

06/23. Raw milk: Should the state ban it? Or drink it up?


06/20. Bacteria, parasites raise concerns over pork safety

06/20. Cyprus: Aflatoxin peanuts seized at port

06/20. DSM gains Preventase go-ahead from Swiss

06/20. Salmonella fear traps some 30,000 tons of tomatoes in Mexico

06/20. E. coli survivor returns home after months in hospital

06/20. Disinfectants and diagnostics expected to push food safety m

06/20. House Vote for More Food Safety Money Praised


06/19. Salmonellosis Outbreak in Tomatoes: Q&A for Consumers and Industry

06/19. Import Safety Summit slated for July

06/19. Conquering egg allergenicity without compromising functional

06/19. USDA mad cow madness

06/19. WA couple plead guilty in E. coli milk case

06/19. “Natural” Does Not Equal Worry-Free

06/19. Long-term health problems may haunt some food poisoning

06/19. U.S., China Sign Food Safety Progress Statement

06/19. Australia: Record fine for chicken shop owner as food safety

06/19. Americans Lacked Confidence In System For Protecting Food Sa

06/19. GAO Pushes For Food Safety Details

06/19. Government seeks GMO debate but safety still paramount

06/19. Food safety

06/19. Farmers could face prison in raw milk case

06/19. Food scares could drain local raw milk supply; farmer fears


06/18. Scientists aim to stop Campylobacter infections

06/18. Okla. Tomatoes Cleared By FDA In Salmonella Outbreak

06/18. Mexico's Minister Says Mexican Tomatoes Not Salmonella-Taint

06/18. FDA Expects to Open China Offices in '08

06/18. UAE: Graduating students to get food, meat safety training i

06/18. Ha Noi honours food safety drive

06/18. China to send food, product inspectors to US: official

06/18. Veganic farmers work without animal fertilizers


06/17. Yo! Sushi defends food-safety procedures after Independent a

06/17. New guide to help food processors clean up

06/17. Consumer group calls for global safety rethink

06/17. VIDO partner in food safety project

06/17. Food recalls leave bad taste in Americans' mouths

06/17. Ozone Technology Designed As a Solution to Prevent Salmonell


06/16. Survey results on iodine levels in UK foods

06/16. Why Does Antibiotic Resistant Campylobacter Persist in Poultry?

06/16. FSIS discusses staffing, labeling, E. coli and outreach

06/16. Scientists say bacteria from Delaware Bay oysters 'no risk'

06/16. NZ: It's time the poultry industry came clean

06/16. $13.5 Million Settlement Sizzler E. Coli Death

06/16. Guidelines Target Infected Food Handlers, UK

06/16. Raw Milk Linked to E. Coli


06/15. Marler to Speak at Royal Institute of Public Health and Food

06/15. Food Safety: Status Quo Needs Shaking Up

06/15. Where's the Food Safety Net?

06/15. NZ Cafe sentenced for dishwashing liquid poisoning

06/14. FDA still hunting source of salmonella in tomatoes

06/14. Tyson Files Suit Against USDA On Chicken Label

06/14. Bacteria in Pork Showing Resistance to Antibiotics

06/14. Illegal milk? US foodies risk it for the 'real' creme de la


06/13. USDA CONSUMER ALERT: Keeping Food Safe During an Emergency

06/13. Food Czar: Salmonella SaintPaul Tomatoes Grown in One Place

06/13. Mexico, parts of Florida eyed as Salmonella source

06/13. Salmonella: Trickier Than We Imagined

06/13. Salmonella scare hits salsa makers

06/13. How Do Tomatoes Get Salmonella?

06/13. Restaurant Lemons May Come with a Side of E. Coli, Fecal Mat

06/13. Tomato contamination reveals food safety gaps

06/13. Burger King begins to restock tomatoes after scare


06/12. CDC Weighs in on the Raw Milk Debate

06/12. Tomato CSI - Much of Florida Cleared - Mexico on the Block?

06/12. UK: Putting cleanliness under the microscope

06/12. WV Tomatoes on Safe List in Salmonella Outbreak, Ag Commissi

06/12. Health officials crack down on unpasteurized milk

06/12. 'Traveller's tummy' may be cured by E. Coli patch

06/12. Consumers Urged to Avoid Raw Milk and Raw Milk Products

06/12. Food Safety Plan by U.S. FDA Lacks Costs, Timeline

06/12. Lawmakers approve subpoenas over food testing

06/12. Pigs Raised Without Antibiotics More Likely To Carry Bacteri

06/12. >1M Cases of Foodborne Salmonella, Resulting in 550 Death

06/12. India: No compromise with food quality, safety norms: Minist

06/12. Food-Safety Measures Faulted

06/12. FDA hit for slow progress on improving food safety

06/12. For safety, how tomatoes are handled is big issue

06/12. Engineering a Safer Burger


06/11. FSIS Issues Update on Nationwide Turkey Microbiological Base

06/11. FDA expands warning about three types of tomatoes

06/11. Ag Secretary declares U.S. beef safe, calls Korean protests

06/11. GMA Co-Sponsors First-Ever Inter-Industry Summit on Import S

06/11. Tomato/Salmonella: FDA Adds 19 FL Counties To ‘Safe’ List

06/11. Tests continue on milk across Cyprus

06/11. Cyprus: 700 litres of milk destroyed at Limassol farm

06/11. Questions on U.S. Beef Remain

06/11. Meatpacker and USDA battle over right to test for mad cow di

06/11. Bacteria strain shows promise as natural meat preservative

06/11. Potentially deadly bacteria found in oysters, Delaware Bay

06/11. Chemical engineering researchers identify biofilms that caus

06/11. Researchers link E. coli, ethanol by-product

06/11. Health officials crack down on unpasteurized milk

06/11. Analyzing what went wrong at Topps Meat

06/11. Born with Bacteria: Study Opens Door to Health

06/11. Ottawa's restaurants, kitchens, not well inspected: city aud

06/11. Foodborne Illness On The Rise: NY Academy Of Sciences

06/11. Food safety on back burner

06/11. NJ Agriculture Department: State's tomato crop is safe

06/11. Correction: McDonald's-Tomatoes story

06/11. McDonald's pulls tomatoes from sandwiches over salmonella sc

06/11. Canada: Confused consumers question tomato safety

06/11. Salmonella Tomato Probe Getting Close to Source, FDA Says

06/11. Issue Alert: Florida Counties Can Ship Tomatoes


06/10. Tomato salmonella scare stirs FDA's critics

06/10. Bush Administration Pumps Money in Food and Drug Safety

06/10. New food safety scare takes toll on consumers

06/10. FDA seeks increased funding for food safety

06/10. Food recalls heighten consumer concerns: survey

06/10. Restaurants, markets pull tomatoes in salmonella scare


06/09. Don't make your mealtime a horror story

06/09. Update: Advice to Consumers - Outbreak of salmonella Saintpaul in theUSA

06/09. Where did the Salmonella Tomatoes and E. coli Romain

06/09. More Revelations on 2007 Topps Meat E. coli Outbreak

06/09. Counting the Days to this E. coli Trial

06/09. Tomato food safety document ready by end of June

06/09. Food safety fears transform consumer choices


06/06. Raw milk camembert rule approved

06/06. Raw Milk Pros: Review of the Peer-Reviewed Literature

06/06. Australia: Army chief sued over cadet's peanut allergy death

06/06. Aunt Millie's withdraws product due to labeling oversight

06/06. New Zealand: Chicken is back on the menu

06/06. Possible contamination threat sparks smoked fish recall

06/06. Alamosa tallying costs from salmonella outbreak

06/06. Marler Clark: A Long History of Tomatoes and Salmonella

06/06. Foodborne outbreak should prompt reform: lawmaker

06/06. Food Poisoning Bacterium Become Resistant To Antibiotics, Th


06/05. UK: Cloned animals research report published

06/05. FDA establishes food allergen thresholds

06/05. F.S.I.S. pulled plug on Tyson 'no antibiotics' claim: Raymond

06/05. FSIS offers regulatory help for small plant owners

06/05. Outstanding Lawyer: William D. Marler

06/05. Cyprus: Two yoghurts recalled in aflatoxin scare

06/05. Australia: Cash for mad cow tests - it's a no brainer

06/05. Tomato Salmonella Outbreak Affecting Some Local Restaurants

06/05. The food police

06/05. FDA warning on raw red tomatoes after salmonella alert

06/05. Energy drinks safety questioned by German agency

06/05. UK: Consumers 'reject food from cloned animals'

06/05. Wales: Not so nice ice found in health study


06/04. FDA Warns Consumers in NM and TX Not to Eat Certain Types of Tomatoes

06/04. Canada: Outbreak of salmonella Saintpaul in the United States

06/04. Antibacterial Wipes Often Misused, Spread Disease

06/04. Tyson label withdrawal shows need for labeling protocol


06/04. Suit: Airline endangered boy with peanut allergy

06/04. Cyprus: Food scientist: aflatoxin risks are tiny

06/04. Purina recalls horse feed because of aflatoxin

06/04. Limit acrylamide in diet

06/04. MRSA Superbug Found to be Widespread in Pigs, Pig Farmers

06/04. Current control measures effective against aerial microbes

06/04. Inside the Egg: Chicks Born with Healthy Bacteria

06/04. CSPI Petitions FDA To Ban Certain Artificial Food Dyes

06/04. Council debates safety of chemical found in baby bottles

06/04. FDA takes more methodic approach to safety of animal feed

06/04. FDA & EFSA Affirm Safety of Certified Food Dyes

06/04. Globalisation raises food safety fears, says microbiologist

06/04. Food dye rebellion may color U.S. action

06/04. Canadians critical of food safety system

06/04. KSA- Experts urge raising food hygiene level


06/03. AMI: Letter to Dr. Richard Raymond, USDA

06/03. AMI: Tested Product Should be Kept Until Negative Results

06/03. Orange essential oils show promise as natural antimicrobials

06/03. Study shows low levels of BPA migration into baby bottles, s

06/03. Acrylamide risk opinion remains unchanged, says EFSA

06/03. New York Woman Sues Airline for Serving Peanuts

06/03. Globalization Exposes Food Supply To Unsanitary Practices

06/03. Experts call for increased efforts to tackle emerging zoonot

06/03. Canada Supports Launch of Be Food Safe Program to Educate Co

06/03. Cyprus needs tougher food safety protections

06/03. Azerbaijan prepares draft state program on provision of food

06/03. Food Allergies: A One Day Course For Food Safety Professiona

06/03. EU food chief: Lift BSE ban to cut grain prices

06/03. Worker attitude affects food safety

06/03. Canadians critical of food safety system

06/03. Public Health Officials are Key to Reviving Irradiation Tech

06/03. Unwarranted Fears Drive Food Shortage

06/03. Quotable Quotes

06/03. Tyson Pulls Antibiotic-Free Label

06/03. Raw-milk: Raid stirs debate on farmer rights


06/02. CA State Senator Supports Raw Milk "From Ass to Glass" Bill

06/02. Utah Wendy's E. coli O121:H19 Outbreak Litigation Settled To

06/02. One small nut so many fears

06/02. Cyprus: Authorities conducting checks on animal feed

06/02. Raw milk raw deal for many consumers

06/02. New food equipment sanitizing range cuts down-time

06/02. Salmonella In Garden Birds Responsive To Antibiotics

06/02. Groups chart ways to improve foodborne illness probes

06/02. IBM Researchers Helping Middle East Fight Disease (Update1)

06/02. Healthy Intestinal Bacteria Live Within Chicken Eggs

06/02. New York State First In Nation To Reach Food Safety Mileston

06/02. Acrylamide risk opinion remains unchanged, says EFSA

06/02. Second Food Safety Report Issued In Hong Kong

06/02. Philippines: Safety drive for coco-based food products launc

06/02. Thermo Fisher Scientific Demonstrates its Leadership Positio

06/02. Ensuring the safety of ingredients

06/02. New Report Gauges Consumer Sentiment on the Issue of Food Sa

06/02. Proposed legislation would overturn state's new raw milk reg


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