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Food and Nutrition Quality Assurance Manager - Aurora, CO

Location: Corporate Services
Type: Full-Time
Shift: Monday thru Friday (some weekends)
Schedule: 8:00 AM-4:30 PM


This position will manage our quality assurance / food safety programs at the central production facility and receptor sites. This shall include but is not limited to monitoring our product quality, micro lab functions, sanitation activities, quality related programs and projects. The Quality Assurance Manager will need to be able to work alone in many of the core functions and also work as a team member with the system management team and with site production personnel. Will be responsible for working with plant management to motivate the plant exempt and non-exempt workforce to assume ownership of all areas of the quality program. The ideal candidate will also have a thorough understanding of food safety (GMP, HAACP and SOPs), food regulations and basic statistic process control. (1/2011)


Education:Bachelor's degree in Food Safety, Microbiology, Chemistry, Food Science, Engineering or related field. Experience:3+ years of food processing experience, in a manufacturing environment under the oversight of the USDA and/or FDA. Training:A thorough understanding of the use of HACCP programming and / or Certification from a nationally recognized, accredited HACCP training firm. A thorough understanding of quality and food safety systems required to meet SQF I USDA I FDA operational and regulatory guidelines. Knowledge and understanding of SQF, ISO 22000, and FSSC 22000 are a plus. Other: Ability to analyze processes for Biological, Chemical, and Physical hazards with an understanding of the science and support behind each type of hazard and each step of a production process. Must have strong organizational and leadership skills. Experience implementing and using state of the art statistical process control tools in a manufacturing environment. Able to work with cross functional departments within the organization. Good problem solving skills and corrective action/resolution skills. Strong computer skills with experience using Word, Excel, Access, Power Point. Job Specifications (Physical & Mental Requirements)

General Requirements (has the ability to.) Sit - Occasionally (i.e. Monthly) Stand - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Walk - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Drive - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) Bend - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) Climb - Occasionally (i.e. Monthly) Kneel - Occasionally (i.e. Monthly) Crouch - Occasionally (i.e. Monthly) Twist - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) Maintain Balance - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Reach - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Sensory Requirements (has ability for.) Far Vision - Occasionally (i.e. Monthly) Near Vision - Occasionally (i.e. Monthly) Depth Perception - Occasionally (i.e. Monthly) Seeing Fine Details - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Hearing Norm Speech - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Hearing Overhead Pages - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Telephone use - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Mental & Emotional Requirements (ability to.) Cope with high level of stress - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Make decisions under high pressure - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) Cope with anger/fear/hostility of others in a calm way - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) Manage altercations - Occasionally (i.e. Monthly) Concentrate - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Handle a high degree of flexibility - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Handle multiple priorities in stressful situation - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) Work alone - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Demonstrate high degree of patience - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Adapt to shift work - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) Work in areas that are close and crowded - Occasionally (i.e. Monthly) Hand Manipulation (ability with.) Simple Grasping - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Firm Grasping - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Fine Manipulation - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) Use of Keyboards - Continually ( i.e. Daily) Required Lifting (ability to lift.) Up to 10 lbs - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) 11 to 24 lbs - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) 25 to 34 lbs - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) 35 to 50 lbs - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) 51 to 75 lbs - Occasionally (i.e. Monthly) 76 to 100 lbs - Occasionally (i.e. Monthly) Pushing/Pulling (ability to push and pull.) Up to 10 lbs - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) 11 to 24 lbs - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) 25 to 34 lbs - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) 35 to 50 lbs - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) 51 to 75 lbs - Occasionally (i.e. Monthly) 76 to 100 lbs - Occasionally (i.e. Monthly) Environmental (may be exposed to.) Infectious Diseases - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) Chemical Agents - Occasionally (i.e. Monthly) Dust, Fumes, Gases Occasionally (i.e. Monthly) Extremes in Temperature or Humidity - Frequently ( i.e. Weekly) Hazardous or Moving Equipment - Occasionally (i.e. Monthly)


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