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06/30. NOAA, FDA, and Gulf Coast State Officials Affirm Commitment to Ensuring Safety of Gulf Coast Seafood

06/30. Stakeholder Meetings on Food Safety Progress Scheduled

06/30. Food safety metrics and partnerships are key, say US agencies

06/30. Australia introduces voluntary bisphenol A phase out

06/30. F.D.A. antibiotics ‘guidance’ lacks science: N.P.P.C.

06/30. Agencies schedule meetings on food safety progress

06/30. FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Antibiotics in Ag

06/30. Genetically Altered Salmon Get Closer to the Table

06/30. Multiple Salmonella Strains Found In HVP Facility

06/30. No Takers for Food Safety Acreditation in India

06/30. More than half of Americans wary of seafood safety, survey says

06/30. Agencies to Hold Meetings on Food Safety Progress

06/30. Airline Food Lacks Adequate Safety Precautions

06/30. NY Times wins Loeb award for series on food safety

06/30. UK: Two cattle enter food supply breaching BSE testing regulations


06/29. Arsenic in drinking water of millions in Bangladesh, called worst mass poisoning in history

06/29. Gulf Seafood: Who Decides How Safe Is Safe?

06/29. Germany highlights risks from packaged sprouts and salads

06/29. FDA issues draft guidance on ‘judicious’ antimicrobial use in food animals

06/29. FDA Says Antibiotic Use in Animals Threatens Human Health

06/29. Will Bacterial Plague Follow Crude Oil Spill Along Gulf Coast?

06/29. Denmark: Majority passes food control agreement

06/29. Meat and Antibiotics: Getting Our Animals Off Drugs

06/29. Center For Produce Safety Concludes First Research Symposium With Much To Be Proud Of

06/29. Law will increase food safety in Hawaii

06/29. Food safety to go: Guelph researchers are a crucial link in food-safety information chain

06/29. Pundit’s Mailbag — Does a 1,200-item Audit Necessarily Result In More Safety Than A 40-item Audit?

06/29. FSIS, FDA, and CDC Measure Progress on Food Safety


06/28. Be Food Safe This Independence Day: USDA Offers Summer Grilling Tips

06/28. F.D.A. issues guidance on antimicrobial resistance

06/28. U.S. Poultry announces Campylobacter research projects results

06/28. FSIS Validation Requirements Revisited

06/28. Q&A With T&E Meats: Small Meat Food Safety

06/28. Early exposure to cow's milk has benefits: study

06/28. Editorial: Recklessly ignoring raw milk's danger

06/28. Reducing preservatives in foodstuffs may increase their safety

06/28. Eurostat Updates on EU Food Safety Policy

06/28. EU hails success of new food safety regime

06/28. Top 10 safety tips for reusable ‘green’ grocery bags that may be hazardous to your health

06/28. FDA Finds Many Airline Catering Facilities to Have Food Safety Violations

06/28. States ease food safety rules for homemade goods

06/28. Report: Airline food poses health threat


06/25. It's In the Bag: Bacteria Harbored In Reusable Grocery Bags May Be Causing Foodborne Illness

06/25. Mea Culpa: The packers aren’t bad -- Raymond got it wrong

06/25. Russia lifts U.S. poultry ban: Obama

06/25. Recalled ConAgra products still on store shelves

06/25. Questioning the Search for More Strains of E. coli

06/25. Breast Milk Benefits Unmatched in Formula


06/24. Scientists slam EFSA over bisphenol A, call to curb exposure

06/24. Salmonella lawsuits: the long term medical consequences of Salmonella infection

06/24. Consumers as kill step

06/24. Scientists, NGOs Call for European BPA Regulation

06/24. If I were a CEO of a food manufacturing company at the beginning of a food poisoning outbreak what would I do?

06/24. Gulf Coast Oysters Unsafe (But Not For the Reason You Think)

06/24. Food Safety Report: Half of Reusable Grocery Bags are Contaminated

‎06/24. Wis. lab to help test seafood for oil

06/24. Scientists link acetic acid with food poisoning

06/24. Last Chernobyl sheep monitoring restrictions lifted in Scotland


06/23. Further health fears linked to bisphenol A

06/23. ConAgra - Is the issue really that your customers are dumb or is it that you product has s--- in it?

06/23. Raw Milk: Think Before You Drink

06/23. Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers Gain Market Share

06/23. Q&A With Temple Grandin Part II

06/23. Chile: Shellfish exports suspended following norovirus detection

06/23. Regulators consider broadening testing for E. coli

06/23. Senators Ask Obama to Talk Poultry With Russia

06/23. Experts demand European action on plastics chemical


06/22. US food body responds to lead in food allegations

06/22. Lead found in fruit juices and baby food, alleges group

06/22. Q&A With Temple Grandin

06/22. E. coli O157:H7 Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Case Settled

06/22. Studies Analyze Shellfish Safety

06/22. More Foreign Seafood Presents Safety Challenge

06/22. Italy blames bacteria for making mozzarella blue; German maker insists cheese now OK

06/22. Nation's Cities Debate Backyard Chickens

06/22. Bacteria on pigeons said to cause more diarrhoea than Salmonella

06/22. Traceability in the ConAgra Salmonella Outbreak

06/22. MONIQA Tracks Food Safety

06/22. [Food Safety] The HACCP System


06/21. Study Shows Risks of Kids Riding in Shopping Carts

06/21. Consumers at Risk: One in Six Wood Pallets in Los Angeles Discovered With Potentially Deadly Pathogens

06/21. Listeria found in milk sold in Lancaster County

06/21. UK: Petting farm E.coli bug "could have been avoided"

06/21. Should restaurants make health inspection grades visible?

06/21. Foodborne infection victims press Senate to act on food safety bill

06/21. Oil Spill Food Poisoning Concerns Lead to Federal Seafood Safety Plan

06/21. Australia: Food poisoning legal fight not yet resolved

‎06/21. Apple polyphenols may ease food allergy: Nestlé study

06/21. FSIS validation guidance should be rewritten: NAMP

06/21. “Not Intended For Grinding”

06/21. First Salmonella Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Casa Lopez Patron

06/21. On Cronobacter sakazakii

06/21. S. 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act - Santa does not exist and neither does bi-partisanship


06/11. FDA Seizes More Than $32,000 Worth of Bulk Honey from Philadelphia Distribution Center

06/11. Ohio regulators dispute claim over egg safety

06/11. Food Safety Information Posted in Restaurant Kitchens Can Improve Meal Safety

06/11. It's Time To Overhaul Our 100 Year-Old Food Safety Laws

06/11. EFSA calls for fresh data on cloned animals

06/11. Centralised food safety agency for Bulgaria

06/11. No place for nanosilver in food - German risk body

06/11. Spring 2010: A bad stretch for produce

06/11. Pre-Harvest Vaccines in the Pipeline


06/10. UK: Sandwich firm fined following “uncontrolled mice infestation”

06/10. Video study shows foodservice workers cross-contaminate once an hour

06/10. Senator Durbin on the mark on food safety

06/10. Cost of Infant Formula Additives Questioned

06/10. Germany Recommends Limiting BPA

06/10. Scientists unravel solution to maize poisoning

06/10. Harmless Fungus Protects African Crops from Deadly Strain

06/10. Canada: Food safety issues back on the table

06/10. FSA tackles campylobacter with new five-year roadmap

06/10. E. coli found in Springville water

06/10. For safer food, communication is key

06/10. Wisconsin co-op votes to prohibit members from selling raw milk

06/10. Pork safety: Achievements and future challenges // 10 Jun 2010


06/09. New studies fail to challenge opinion on ochratoxin A, says EFSA

06/09. Risk-based approach will improve U.S. food safety: report

06/09. Committee report urges more centralized food safety system

06/09. Report: FDA Reactive, Lacks Food Safety Vision

06/09. EU Member States May Decide on GMOs

06/09. Assembly to Focus on Food Allergy School Safety

06/09. The Benefits Of Low Allergy Peanuts

06/09. Kenyans cautioned over aflatoxin-laden maize

06/09. Harvested rainwater not drinkable

06/09. Report: FDA must be proactive to keep our food safe – Give States more power over food safety

06/09. Purdue in battle to fight egg-borne salmonella

06/09. Bulgarian Food Safety Agency for quality control to be established

06/09. 'Third of India's food industry unaware of safety standards'

06/09. IOM Recommends Food Safety Centralization

06/09. Is contaminated food served in 'clean' restaurants?

06/09. Waiter, there's a potential carcinogen in my soup

06/09. Food Poisoning Gets Congressional Attention

06/09. Strategy for tackling 'biggest UK food safety challenge'


06/08. FSIS issues notice on hog baseline data collection

06/08. The Raw Milk Fights: Economics, Ideology, or Both?

06/08. Group Asks USDA, FDA to Move on Catfish

06/08. UK: Food Standards Agency on Hot Seat over GMOs

06/08. USDA Developing Low-Allergy Natural Peanut

06/08. The Raw Milk Fights: Economics, Ideology, or Both?

06/08. Canada's food safety little improved since 2008 crisis

06/08. FDA should adopt risk-based approach to food safety


06/07. Eating behind the wheel 'puts you at risk of food poisoning'

06/07. FDA Takes Action Against California Soy-Product Manufacturer Lifesoy

06/07. No B.P.A. risks in canned food: Health Canada

06/07. Mr. Bill: Good Cop/Bad Cop?

06/07. Listeria, E. coli, salmonella among topics sought for research

06/07. The eyes have it: New hope for BSE test

06/07. Will USDA's Food Safety Agency Ever Have a Leader?

06/07. USDA to Hold Public Meetings on HACCP Guidance


06/04. HK issues warnings over tainted milk

06/04. Killer Foods: Merkley and Salmonella Victims Talk Food Safety

06/04. Congressional watchdog: Monitoring the government's food safety regulators

06/04. Japan: 7 more people file damages suit over 1968 mass food poisoning

06/04. No risk from bisphenol A in canned food - Health Canada

06/04. Research indicates new approach to preventing E. coli in cattle


06/03. AMIF makes case for food safety research dollars

06/03. E. coli Presence Low Among California's "Salad Bowl" Region Wildlife Population

06/03. Minnesota Raw Milk Dairy Rankles at State Actions

06/03. 'Team D' is Model for Outbreak Investigations

06/03. Is Raw Milk Treated Unfairly?

06/03. Shellfish allergies can dissipate over time

06/03. Scientific breakthrough may hold clues to antibiotic-resistant bacteria

06/03. Debate over raw milk rages on, after E coli outbreak

06/03. Congress: Treating Food Safety Like the BP Spill

06/03. Wal-Mart, Sam's Club Require Enhanced Beef Safety Measures

06/03. Denmark, Australia: Safest food systems

06/03. No Timeline for USDA Food Safety Nominee

06/03. Japan, China Release Food Safety Agreement

06/03. Update: Toronto Police Service issue public safety alert for food product tampering


06/02. Dioxin-tainted eggs pose no ‘acute health risk’, says BfR

06/02. Nano risk assessment a work in progress

06/02. New Web site facilitates reporting of food safety problems

06/02. Egg Industry Scrambles Truth on Salmonella and Cages

06/02. 80% of Moscow chicken meat contaminated with salmonella

06/02. Lab at Purdue is site for FDA-required salmonella testing

06/02. Meat Industry Pushes Back on Non-O157 E. coli Bill

06/02. Bangladesh: 45m people suffer from food poisoning yearly

06/02. S. Oregon farmers wary of food safety bill

06/02. Discovery of two different strains complicates investigation of chronic wasting disease - University of Alberta

06/02. Toronto Police Service issue public safety alert for food product tampering

06/02. UK: Parents reminded that: 'Honey is not suitable for babies'


06/01. Food Safety Solutions: Look At Legal System, Industry Incentives And Effective Government

06/01. Benefits of raw milk are anecdotal, but the dangers are terrible

06/01. Japan and China sign food safety pact

06/01. UK: Chinese takeaways 'far more likely' to give you food poisoning

06/01. UK: Couple Win Compensation for Food Poisoning after Honeymoon Illness

06/01. Dingell calls for food safety action following latest salmonella recalls

06/01. Let’s get serious about educating consumers about food safety

06/01. AMI questions Gillibrand bill on non-O157 E. coli

06/01. Rep. Dingell Renews Push to Pass Food Safety Bill

06/01. Another Look at School Ground Beef Standards

06/01. What the Oil Spill Can Teach Us About Food Safety

06/01. Area of Gulf Closed to Fishing Grows

06/01. Marler's Response to the American Meat Institute Statement on New Bill to Declare Additional Strains of E. coli as Adulterants

06/01. CDC - non-O157 E. coli STECs (like O26, O45, 0103, O111, O121, and O145) cause 36,700 illnesses, 1,100 hospitalizations and 30 deaths in America each year

06/01. Non-O157 STECs (O26, O45, 0103, O111, O121, O145) cause 36,700 illnesses, 1,100 hospitalizations and 30 deaths in America each year


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