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07/31. Study Lends Support To Mad Cow Theory
07/31. New board member appointed to FSAI
07/31. USDA mum on renewed call for voluntary BSE testing
07/31. Irish Food Safety Authority produces comprehensive informati
07/31. Synthetic prion causes neurological disease in mice
07/31. Prion finding offers insight into spontaneous protein diseas
07/31. Media Advisory - Food Court passes health inspection
07/31. USDA blames Canada for burger recall
07/31. LCBO lab conducts 368,000 tests to help ensure product quali
07/31. Three-nation recall over contaminated corn
07/30. Chinese food court to reopen; Six eateries shut down for fil
07/30. 14 restaurants cited for health violations: Hong Kong Chines
07/30. New advice on listeria and food
07/30. FBI: baby food in Calif. contained poison
07/30. Beef import compromise?
07/30. Inconclusive test result should not cause consumer concern
07/30. Food quality and safety - call for specific support actions
07/30. Quality cooperation
07/30. Give food safety job to Basrur
07/30. Japan asks qualifications of food handlers
07/29. Danger lurks from farm to fork: Inspection process questione
07/29. Toxic teflon chemical found in blood of people from Asia, th
07/29. Agency advises against eating hijiki seaweed
07/29. B.C. sets new standards for meat inspection
07/28. Seniors at greater risk of foodborne illness
07/28. Irradiated food for thought
07/28. Food safety experts cannot concede that organic is safer tha
07/28. Targeting E. Coli Bacteria at Their Source
07/28. New American National Cattlewomen(ANCW) food irradiation brochure
07/27. Teen finds different kind of roach in food
07/27. Suit claims man found maggots in Denny's milk in Norfolk, Va
07/27. "Plain language" book protects kids from nut allergy
07/27. Advisory - Health Canada advises consumers not to use produc
07/27. Chemical safety - dioxins
07/27. Vets support food safety
07/27. BSE update
07/27. In defense of the U.S. BSE program
07/27. FSIS honors Dr. Dell Allen with food safety achievement awar
07/27. New York lawmaker has beef with butcher inspections
07/27. Food safety fact sheets: E. coli O157:H7; Barbeque; Hiking
07/27. Food quality and safety - call for IPs and NoEs
07/27. Food quality and safety - call for STREPs, CAs and SSAs
07/27. Food quality and safety - call for specific support actions
07/27. Inconclusive Test Result Should not Cause Consumer Concern
07/27. Judicial review urges reform in Ontario meat industry
07/27. AMI Launches a New Web site:
07/27. Seafood allergies affect 1 in 50 adults
07/27. Celiac Disease Officially Earned a Spot in Mainstream Americ
07/27. Cleaners take on peanut allergen
07/27. Mad cow linked to 1 death: report
07/27. U.S., Japan could be near deal to end Tokyo's ban on U.S. be
07/27. State may take steps to thwart import of chronic wasting dis
07/27. Infectious Vibrio bacteria transmitted through salt water
07/27. Simple Tips Can Help Prevent Listeria
07/27. Dr. Elsa Murano talks to MeatNews about recalls, HACCP, and
07/27. Salmonella: Strategic, stealthy invasion
07/27. What's on your plate?
07/27. Take steps to avoid food-borne woes
07/27. Reminder from the Partnership for Food Safety Education: To
07/27. Food Safety: While vacationing, stay on the road to food saf
07/27. Japan asks qualifications of food handlers
07/27. Safe food-handling is focus of workshop
07/27. [UK] Council Awards Cheshunt Marriott Hotel with Silver Good
07/27. [Ireland] Labour calls for regulation of food safety consult
07/27. Perchlorate Threat Looms For Farmers
07/26. Activist group report rips USDA for cozy industry ties
07/26. NCFST to hold food safety workshop in August
07/26. Tokyo talks conclude; Japan expected to drop 100 percent BSE
07/26. U.S. study supports reopening border to live Canadian cattle
07/26. Beef groups to press USDA for private BSE tests
07/26. Farmers and consumers want action: Food safety must be top p
07/26. FSANZ issues advice to fructose intolerant people to avoid n
07/26. Beyond HACCP
07/25. Report: USDA regulatory policy has been¡ hijacked¡ by agribus
07/25. Flies and campylobacter infection of broiler flocks
07/25. USDA statement on U.S.-Japan BSE talks
07/25. The pork quality and food safety summit and antimicrobial re
07/25. New AMI-sponsored web site:
07/25. Implement recommendations on meat inspection, OPSEU urges
07/25. Report calls for new food agency
07/24. What is Escherichia coli O157:H7?
07/24. Editor’s Note: Organic Food Safety
07/24. US - Food and Wine Reviews and News
07/24. FDA commends passage of food allergen labeling
07/24. New Review - Pathogens on Fresh and Prepared Produce
07/23. U.S., Japan Compromise On Mad Cow Tests
07/23. Prior Notice of Imported Food
07/23. 100 Percent Testing for BSE Not Justified,says Meat and P
07/23. U.S.-Japan BSE Working Group talks conclude
07/23. US-Japan BSE Discussions
07/23. Second possible UK case of vCJD transfer via blood
07/23. Food allergen labeling bill passed
07/23. Irradiation of food
07/23. Ont. needs better enforcement of food safety: report
07/23. Food safety a government priority since day one
07/22. Food Safety While Hiking, Camping & Boating
07/22. FDA Alerts Consumers Not to Feed Infants Chinese Infant Formula
07/22. FAO and INEA sign agreement to promote food security in the
07/22. Fear of catching mad cow disease overblown: study
07/22. No epidemic predicted
07/22. NFPA applauds passage of Food Allergen Labeling Legislationb
07/22. The continual challenge of emerging infectious diseases
07/21. Food Irradiation Education Activities
07/21. Food Irradiation
07/21. Quotable Quotes
07/21. Congress Requires Clear Allergen Labels
07/21. Food allergen labeling and consumer protection -
07/21. U.S. and Japan set to begin third round of beef trade talks
07/21. On second thought, hold the pickles
07/21. Reminder from the Partnership for Food Safety
07/21. Peterborough warned of sewage contamination
07/20. AAMP conference: FSIS pledges more training, greater outreac
07/20. Summer, burgers -- what's not to love?
07/20. Call for abstracts - 2005 Annual Educational Conference & Ex
07/20. Congressional ethics violated
07/20. BSE update
07/20. U.S.D.A.'s testing problem
07/20. New foodborne diseases journal
07/19. Ruby Tuesday restaurant in York, Pa., fails health inspectio
07/19. Sheetz sinks teeth into salmonella image problem at Pennsylv
07/19. Europe Approves Genetically Modified Corn As Animal Feed
07/19. IFT 2004: Seminar focuses on intricacies of U.S. BSE situati
07/19. Organic baby food 'worst for toxins'
07/19. Dynamic new website for the chilled food industry
07/18. Restaurant inspections skipped, fines for infractions infreq
07/18. Canadian PM takes tough line against U.S. cattle ban
07/18. Mad cow expert decries ban: 'World must learn to live with'
07/18. Thai, Chinese officials near agreement on food-inspection is
07/18. New Zealand: Sewage virus in food supply
07/17. BSE and vCJD in France
07/17. Like the tests themselves, impact of House hearing on BSE 'i
07/17. Listeria can persist in stores and processing plants
07/17. EU eases food imports from China after significant improveme
07/17. 4 companies are charged with food safety violations
07/16. Japan: Why Didn't USDA Test High-BSE-Risk Cattle?
07/16. Health Officials Warn Residents About 'Bathtub Cheese'
07/16. Restaurant industry supports new BSE safeguards
07/16. BC-Mad
07/16. [UK] Sir John Krebs to stand down
07/16. Meat recalls
07/15. 25 Years of Culture
07/15. The Continual Challenge of Emerging Infectious Diseases
07/15. Comprehensive Sampling Manual Now Available
07/15. Listeria Found To Persist in Environment For a Year
07/15. Witnesses in BSE hearing say surveillance system comprehensi
07/15. Minister Of State at the Department Of Health and Children r
07/15. NCBA Statement on USDA’s Expanded BSE Surveillance Program
07/15. Albertsons to assess fee for removal of recalled products
07/15. OzFoodNet: enhancing foodborne disease surveillance across A
07/15. Official: Mad Cow Tests Would Miss Cases
07/14. Mad Cow Maze: U.S. Agriculture Chief Concedes Testing Progra
07/14. No linkage seen between low mercury levels and reduced neuro
07/14. USDA to spot-check its mad cow testing program
07/14. Perspective
07/14. Where salmon is sold, playing the wild card
07/14. June restaurant closures
07/14. Vaccine for food poisoning effective in mice
07/13. Novel technology that reduces infectious prions `mad cow dis
07/13. USDA's Mad Cow Detection Challenged: Animal Wasn't a 'Downe
07/13. Agricultural Dept.'s Inspector General Calls Mad Cow Testing
07/13. Codex adopts more than 20 food standards
07/13. AMI: U.S. response to BSE extraordinary; reflects decade of
07/13. Ontario to have safer food supply: Government invests in foo
07/12. Statement on Bush administration "broken promises" on mad co
07/12. CQA clears phase one of Canadian Food Inspection Agency reco
07/12. Wilshire Technologies launches DuraCLEAN(R) With LYCRA(R) gl
07/12. IAFP food safety awards
07/12. UCSD biologists discover cell's defense mechanism against cl
07/12. Warnex sells food safety technology to U.S.-based West Liber
07/12. Fines levied in health probe: Restaurant, bakery plead guilt
07/11. Unlicensed eateries can't be closed; Safety violators had no
07/11. Before eating, check a restaurant's grade as well as a menu
07/11. U.S. Moving To New Ban For Mad Cow, Officials Say
07/11. Sources say Japan may abandon blanket BSE testing
07/11. Professors accused of altering student's work
07/11. Walt Disney food safety chief to headline agenda at Washingt
07/10. Groups blast delay of FDA mad cow rules
07/10. Canadian offal ban may restore confidence
07/10. On new announcements by USDA and FDA to strengthen BSE firew
07/10. FDA delays mad cow feed rules, seeks more input
07/10. Canada to enhance BSE feed controls
07/10. Meat Hygiene Directive: 2004 - 30
07/09. Cambodia protects 75% of children against parasites
07/09. Defending against the terrorist we already know
07/09. Frontal and stealth attack strategies in microbial pathogene
07/09. Milestone in campaign to reduce food-borne illness
07/09. Risk low of contacting Hepatitis A
07/09. Japan Govt: No Change To Conditions On US Beef Imports
07/09. U.S. May Tighten Feed Rules To Cut Mad-Cow Risks
07/08. Communicable disease surveillance, prevention and control in
07/08. Laboratory detection of bacteria with extended-spectrum beta
07/08. DuPont responds to EPA complaint, denies allegations
07/08. DuPont failed to report Teflon health risks-US EPA
07/08. FDA seizes adulterated crabmeat in Louisiana
07/08. FDA-Mad Cow
07/08. New labeling requirements for meat, poultry products expecte
07/08. Miller disputes Missouri judge's allegation of mouse in bott
07/08. More food allergy education needed
07/08. Restaurants clean up act for inspectors
07/08. USDA Inspector General to investigate Canadian beef imports
07/08. GUEST COMMENTARY: Why BSE is big news but shouldn't be
07/08. Acrylamide angle in gingerbread
07/08. MPs slam English BSE tracking system
07/08. Peanut bans ineffective: doctors
07/08. Study Reports Seafood Allergies Often Begin Later in Life
07/08. Egg Allergy
07/08. High risk cattle to be tested for BSE in Montana
07/08. Canadian PM says BSE cow likely contaminated by US feed
07/08. Japan Not Testing Young Cattle for BSE
07/08. Senators criticize early release of false positive BSE tests
07/08. Have an Oyster
07/08. Irradiator goes about its work
07/08. Germ killer or chemical additive?
07/08. Microwave Isn't Best Way To Cook Chicken Strips
07/08. Spano calls for boycott of 'Spidey' souvenir
07/08. Farmers' fears over fruit rules
07/07. Chemical safety ?Contaminants
07/07. Guidelines for food allergy testing
07/07. BSE technical working group
07/07. Revised compliance for bioterrorism act
07/07. Ridge, Veneman mark launch of food and ag security centers
07/07. [Canada] Meat Hygiene Directives
07/07. [EU] BSE - monitoring results
07/07. Chemical safety
07/07. July issue of FSA News available online
07/07. Scrutinizing of local restaurants questioned: Health ministr
07/07. India-children dead
07/07. FDA has yet to enact mad cow safeguards
07/06. Human error likely caused mad cow scare
07/06. Was it the restaurant that made you sick?
07/06. Prison abattoir hopes to put inmates back to work after shut
07/06. Food rules cancel fundraising event
07/06. Tyson meat workers at Wallula, Wash., plant protest testing
07/06. Food Safety Conference 2004 11-12 October 2004 Gold Coast
07/06. Publication of new hygiene legislation
07/05. Philippines promises cleaner octopus to US
07/05. Delays plague Aylmer meat probe
07/05. [Ireland] Closure orders served on four food businesses last
07/05. [Philippines] Belmonte orders crackdown on expired food
07/05. FDA to hold meetings on current state of GMPs
07/05. EU releases BSE monitoring results
07/05. Meat industry and government agencies need to be transparent
07/05. Despite 'limitations,' Japan to continue blanket BSE testing
07/05. NCBA study: Beef buyers, consumers know little about irradia
07/05. INDUSTRY SURVEY: Announcing inconclusive BSE tests fuels unw
07/05. McDonald's debuts beef traceability program
07/04. Japanese restaurants display cattle information for beef men
07/04. AMI Submits Comments on Food Labeling Regulations
07/04. FSIS Issues Two Directives
07/04. Xolair is Being Evaluated in Patients Suffering From Peanut
07/04. Bill calls for nut warnings to be posted at restaurants
07/04. Use of vitamins in cradle linked to allergies
07/04. Labeling rules likely for food allergies by next week
07/04. Guidelines for food allergy testing
07/04. Low health risk from acrylamide in food: expert panel
07/04. FDA to Publish Long-Delayed Mad Cow Rules
07/04. Canada to Unveil Mad Cow Safety Guidelines Friday
07/04. [UK] Watchdog to urge overhaul of BSE checks
07/03. Inconclusive BSE tests spark debate
07/03. Second BSE test negative; expect more inconclusive results
07/03. Stalemate for UK as analysis turns BSE spotlight on France
07/03. British mad cow safeguards criticized
07/03. County hears more on bovine disease
07/03. Food hygiene survey dishes the dirt on British TV chefs
07/03. Some shoppers not scared by food warnings
07/03. U of M To Launch Center For Food Protection And Defense
07/03. Class-action suit filed over Chili's salmonella outbreak
07/03. Hepatitis: A Common Virus
07/03. July is hot month for homemade ice cream
07/03. Escherichia coli O157:H7 Frequently Asked Questions
07/03. Putting additives in food highly regulated by FDA
07/03. UofM receives $15 million for food safety studies
07/03. [China] 82% of the public is most worried about food safety,
07/03. Local food handlers adhere to state law with crash course in
07/03. Safeway fined ?,500 for selling out-of-date food at three s
07/02. Early registration deadline nears for IAFP 2004
07/02. US-Japanese talks on resumption of beef trade moving forward
07/02. NCBA statement on USDA announcement regarding BSE negative t
07/02. Court tosses 6.1m judgment for egg farm
07/02. May restaurant closures
07/02. Eateries may lose licences; Uninspected meat store closed
07/02. Irradiated Food Ban Puts Pupils at Risk
07/02. Second Opinion: Radiation and food safety
07/02. Irradiation Beef Industry Study
07/02. Children Deserve Irradiated Foods
07/02. Quotable Quotes
07/02. Norwegian regulator determined to ensure food safety
07/02. BSE Inquiry
07/02. Debate rages over USDA decision to announce inconclusive BSE
07/02. Japan said to have backed off 100 percent BSE testing demand
07/02. USDA's public airing of BSE 'results' bone-headed bargain
07/02. Food safety focus for new EU science network
07/02. Second Inconclusive BSE Test Is Negative
07/02. GM food is heading for your fridge -
07/02. Mad cow disease case in a dwarf zebu
07/02. Mad cow rapid test needs adjustment, says Purdue expert
07/02. USDA Won't Stop Airing Inconclusive Mad Cow Tests
07/02. France's first wave of madcow disease went undetected: study
07/02. Second mad cow test negative, US officials say
07/02. Province 'BSE free': Wowchuk
07/02. Guinn: Beware of unsafe canning methods
07/02. USFilter Filtration Systems To Protect NYC Drinking Water
07/02. Woman Claims She Found Toad in Salad
07/02. Nutrition Q&A: How to rescue foods after the flood
07/02. New Drug May Prevent Montezuma's Revenge
07/02. McDonald's: Follow that beef! -
07/02. Perspective: Two unconfirmed bovine spongiform encephalopath
07/02. Greece's food safety agency to fine hundreds of eateries for
07/02. Food safety body faces difficult balancing act
07/02. Consumers cause own food poisoning: study of chicken nuggets
07/01. SURVEY: Should USDA disclose inconclusive BSE tests?
07/01. First inconclusive test confirmed negative for BSE
07/01. NCBA media advisory on USDA announcement of second inconclus
07/01. Report: Public comments show support for 'downer' ban
07/01. City closes Spadina food court; Rodent, roach infestations f
07/01. Get out that brush
07/01. Uncooked chicken poses risk, study says: Consumers often don
07/01. Don't believe everything you see on TV


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