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07/31. New Chief Executive for Health and Safety Executive
07/31. Can the state mend broken food safety system?
07/31. China to Enforce Regulations to Improve Food Safety
07/31. Colours used in foods could pose health hazards: study
07/31. Attendees at Knox charity fundraiser treated for food poisoning
07/30. Hot dog patrol ensures food safety in Cheyenne, Wyo.
07/30. AMI urges USDA to permit imports of Canadian cattle 30 months and older
07/30. Balancing act: To disinfect, pools must have the right amount of chlorine, pH levels
07/30. Company offers 100,000 free chockie bars
07/30. State: Company kept distributing product
07/30. Whither consumer safety?
07/29. FDA-Recommended seizure carried out by United States Marshals
07/29. Expired products are making people sick and some are blaming the Americans
07/29. Guidelines for consumer organizations to promote national food safety systems
07/29. CSPI says mad cow, avian flu, bioterrorism concerns require global coordination
07/29. Aspartame: New study renews cancer concern, says CSPI
07/29. Consumers get personal about their favorite outdoor ritual - grilling
07/29. [UK] Food Standards Agency as a regulator?
07/29. [UK] Beat the germs with FSA Wales workshops at Techniquest
07/28. More US mad cow mistakes raise credibility concerns
07/28. Food ministers to consider final country of origin label proposal at October meeting
07/28. It's official: Our beef is safe
07/28. Call for end date to OTMS
07/28. Beef is safe: New non-definitive BSE test result should not raise concern
07/28. International Affairs - Import conditions
07/28. Texoma kids roll up sleeves for new vaccine
07/28. BSE results expected next week
07/28. Meat Plant Worker Sentenced to 37 Months in Prison For Tampering, Blackmail
07/28. USDA Announces Non-Definitive BSE Result in 12-Year-Old Cow
07/28. [Australia] Industry behind majority of product recalls: FSA
07/28. NCBA Statement on USDA Announcement Regarding Nondefinitive BSE Test Result
07/28. USDA to run more tests in possible BSE case
07/28. Food makers to test as recalls on Sudan continue
07/28. Bathing cheese raises stink with food agency
07/28. Safety Standards In Halal Food Production Must Cover Entire Process
07/28. [Bangladesh] Mass poisoning of water by arsenic
07/28. [Iraq] Bad Food Flooding In
07/28. The Growing Problem of Food Poisoning: Is Irradiation the Answer?
07/28. Transcript of Briefing With Dr. John Clifford, APHIS, 07/28. Regarding Non-Definitive BSE Test Results
07/28. Statement by John Clifford APHIS Regarding Non-Definitive BSE Test Results
07/27. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling released
07/27. Toxins drove evolution of human taste sense, global study reveals
07/27. Prestigious award recognises George Davey’s outstanding food sector contribution
07/27. Really, don't drink the water
07/27. Is there an extra ingredient in nonstick pans?
07/27. New vaccines required for kids in day care
07/27. AMO Statement on ruling by U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit
07/27. Symposium on relating microbiological testing and microbiological criteria
07/27. Health Canada investigates new research findings on Aspartame
07/27. Unfiltered water is unsafe
07/27. Food authority campaign reduces meat substitution
07/27. Senate told food security threats exist
07/27. Kids camp struck with flu
07/27. Another possible mad cow case found
07/27. Consumers Union demands cattle surveillance data
07/27. Appeals court opinion should not affect border trial, R-CALF says
07/27. Law pushes companies to integrated software [for tracing]
07/27. US Codex Office Seeks Comments on Antimicrobial Resistance
07/27. Releasing mad-cow test results debated
07/27. Finding Foodborne Illness Outbreaks Sooner, Faster
07/27. Govt. to assess food chain security in 50 states
07/27. Chinese beer safe to drink, says S.Korean food safety authority
07/27. Avoiding food poisoning while travelling
07/27. Medical Encyclopedia: Food poisoning
07/26. Court of appeals explains its Canada border decision
07/26. AMI Calls Ruling ‘Stinging Indictment’ of Lower Court Ruling
07/26. U.S. Appeals Court Says Judge Erred in Mad-Cow Ruling
07/26. Little mad cow risk from Canada, U.S. court finds
07/26. FDA Approves New Drug For Cryptosporidium Outbreaks
07/26. Food-Borne Illness-Causing Bacteria May Find Protection in Protozoa
07/26. Settlement proposed in E. coli case
07/25. Restaurants sign up; system helps prevent dining disasters safety checks
07/25. Interest In Raw Milk Spurs Debate
07/25. [BC - Canada] Buyers told to check beef after E.coli cases reported
07/25. NASA seeking food research proposals
07/25. Food safety gnaws at Kiwis
07/24. S. Korea to support research into BSE-resistant cattle
07/24. K-State looks to eyes for bovine age-testing
07/24. Learn to fight agroterrorism via your computer
07/24. New case of mad cow disease detected in France
07/23. Arkansas poultry scientist receives salmonella research grant
07/23. Russian police seize 100 tonnes of pork infected with salmonella
07/23. Disease Detectives Report on Progress in Fighting Foodborne Sickness
07/23. Cider house rules: No more raw cider sales starting in 2006
07/23. The business of food safety
07/23. HK remains vigilant in food safety
07/22. Sheep feed and scrapie, France
07/22. HACCP-based SOPs
07/22. Picnicking, hiking & camping food safety tips
07/22. Shigella food safety facts
07/22. Notice to food editors
07/22. Hepatitis A advice issued
07/22. Marler Clark files lawsuit against Orchid Island
07/22. Care needed when handling lye water to avoid serious burns
07/22. Marshfield Clinic works to protect nation's food supply
07/22. Tainted tomato case headed for mediation
07/22. FDA works to trace source of foodborne illness in Florida
07/22. Sudan, the banned red dye, turns up in Italian gnocchi
07/22. Editorial Notes Harm Inflicted By Cattle Embargo, R-CALF Isolationist Efforts
07/22. Saints set up food-free zone as safe place for allergic kids
07/22. Gov. Schweitzer orders inspection of Canadian beef
07/22. U.S. Food Supply Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack, Experts Say
07/22. Experts say food supply could be hit
07/22. Avant, Harvard to develop cholera vaccine
07/22. W.Va. woman sues over tainted orange juice
07/22. Beach sand can be a petri dish of bacteria
07/22. Meetings to discuss progress on BSE testing
07/21. [UK] BSE cluster triggers fears over contaminated feed
07/21. Inspections make for cleaner Durham dining
07/21. BANGLADESH: BSTI changes aimed at tackling substandard food
07/21. 'Gaps' in anaphylaxis program
07/21. Teacher gives evidence in peanut butter inquest
07/21. Sesame food allergies rise, food labels essential
07/21. Judge waits for beef opinion
07/21. U.S. judge may cancel hearing on cattle
07/21. Attack on U.S. food supply 'easy,' senators warn
07/21. Seoul To Back Research Into Cattle Resistant To Mad Cow Disease
07/21. S Korean Expert Conducts BSE-Resistant Cattle Experiment
07/21. Tainted tomato case headed for mediation
07/21. Banquet hall will pay E. coli vicitms $1 million part of settlement
07/21. Health Tip: Keeping Baby Food Safe
07/21. [UK] Chinese lesson in law for food shop owners
07/21. Health 101: Safety issues limit food pantry donations
07/21. [Abu Dhabi] Food distribution companies told to meet safety requirements
07/21. What We Don't Know About Handling Food Can Hurt
07/21. Food detectives
07/21. Salmonella infection in humans linked to natural pet treats, raw food diets for pets
07/20. Canadian food companies escape food poisoning litigation
07/20. Putting a price tag on food poisoning fallout
07/20. Bacteria-free apple cider aim of law: GI illness last year prompts lawmakers
07/20. One-third of private wells contaminated in southern Ontario region
07/20. Biological safety of the food chain - BSE/Scrapie
07/20. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF)
07/20. Best laid plans include food defense
07/20. Protecting food from terrorism a delicate balance
07/20. Restaurateurs start code class
07/20. Perspective: reopened border does not solve NA beef industry’s problems
07/20. Council urges creation of centralized animal health agency
07/20. Wall Street Journal Editorial Praises 9th Circuit Ruling
07/20. Egg Allergy
07/20. UK warns blood donors over human form of mad cow
07/20. UK regulator targets Campylobacter in poultry
07/20. 777 Food Outlets In Brunei
07/20. USDA CONSUMER ALERT: Keeping Food Safe During An Emergency
07/19. [China] New regulation to boost food safety
07/19. US May Need Animal - Health Czar To Protect Consumer
07/19. Big win for science-based rule
07/19. Feed bans good BSE control
07/19. Meat Hygiene Directives for 2005
07/19. Mediterranean fruit fly may transmit human pathogens to fruit
07/19. Some Chinese fishermen still use banned malachite green: official
07/19. Health awareness changing the menu
07/19. Canning expert says beware of Internet recipes
07/19. Australian chocolate bar extortion bid linked to Sydney casino
07/19. Sesame allergy is significant, serious and growing globally
07/19. 2,500 fine levied under Provincial Meat Inspection Act
07/19. Petting area slated to reopen for patrons - Testing on animals negative for bacteria
07/19. From raisins to rations: Tracking food will never be the same
07/19. Cleaning up Westchester’s habitually dirty restaurants
07/19. EU outlines plans to relax BSE restrictions
07/19. FPA Welcomes Confirmation of Dr. Lester Crawford as FDA Commissioner
07/19. National Restaurant Association Joins Food Allergy Buddy to Raise Awareness
07/19. Japanese Government Moves On BSE Testing
07/19. Border reopens to Canadian beef
07/19. U.S.-Japan beef flap intensifies
07/19. “Ticked at R-CALF? You’re not Alone”
07/19. World's biggest UV water treatment plant coming
07/19. Spring Valley food manufacturer shuttered
07/19. [UAE] Hotline for complaints about unfit food
07/19. Class to Teach Food Processing
07/19. Mexican candy might be poisonous
07/19. Chile Opens Borders To U.S. Beef
07/19. Meetings to discuss progress on BSE testing
07/18. Call for tenders - Food Standards
07/18. Call for tenders - HACCP
07/18. Williamson County food for thought
07/18. La Verne diners make grade
07/18. Board meets final time before fair
07/18. “The Team Approach to Food Safety”
07/18. ACMSF publishes second Campylobacter report
07/17. Food violations must remain public for the sake of digestive systems everywhere
07/17. Restaurants fined for unsanitary conditions
07/17. [Europe] FRESH LOOK AT BSE
07/17. Struggling to Label Food Allergens
07/16. Myths Vs. Facts: Is Plastic Safe For Food Storage?
07/16. Canadian farmers, American processors exult over border decision
07/16. Japanese study says U.S. testing protocols would have missed native BSE cases
07/15. Cattle ruling prompts reaction
07/15. Seminar: Food Safety in the U.S. - Does Litigation Help?
07/15. EU mulls easing mad cow rules to fight new threats
07/15. AMI: 9th Circuit decision a victory for industry and consumers
07/15. Region may reveal restaurant ratings; Dinewise results may go public
07/15. OzFoodNet: Enhancing foodborne disease surveillance across Australia
07/15. Bluegrass Fair scraps animal exhibits
07/15. INTERVIEW: Palm Oil Industry Needs To Upgrade Facilities
07/15. THE VOCAL POINT: Appellate ruling (finally) signals judicial sanity on BSE
07/15. Oh Canada! 9th Circuit overturns ban; Johanns vows to quickly resume trade
07/15. Condoleezza Rice: No optimism about Japanese market
07/15. FPA: Canadian Beef Imports
07/15. Federal Court Lifts Ban on Canadian Cattle
07/15. U.S. lifts Canada mad cow ban
07/15. New rules on sewage in eateries
07/15. Fresh fears raised about aspartame
07/15. Press Release Source: Global Food Technologies
07/15. Wanted: Certified food handlers
07/15. Japan Questioning Safety of U.S. Beef
07/15. Global warming could boost oyster toxicity
07/15. Johanns Announces Next Steps For Importing Canadian Cattle
07/15. Statement By Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns On Ninth Circuit Court Ruling
07/14. Safety Alert: Presence of Salmonella Bacteria in Certain Pet Treats
07/14. Advisory - Salmonella infection in humans linked to natural pet treats
07/14. Greenstreet water contamination E. coli
07/14. Retailer fined $3000 for risking public health in fish substitution scam
07/14. Restaurant gets 26 critical violations during inspection
07/14. California orders Whole Foods to pull ice cream after bacteria found
07/14. Food allergy 'link' to bowel pain
07/14. Schools Nationwide: Back-to-School Food Allergy Safety Plan
07/14. Legible Edibles
07/14. $8 billion mad cow disaster blamed on Canadian Food Inspection Agency
07/14. Philippines bans U.S. beef
07/14. Appeal judges sympathetic to both sides at Canadian border hearing
07/14. Expert: Canadian authorities blew it on BSE issue
07/14. U.S. court reserves decision on mad cow appeal
07/14. CWD experts gather in Madison
07/14. EU hygiene regulations threaten traditional French cheeses
07/14. 10 Foods Fail Safety Tests
07/14. Global Food Technologies Inc. Presents at Vietnam Fisheries International Exhibition
07/14. EU ban angers health food makers
07/14. Orange County compromises with Little Saigon over food rules
07/14. Marler Clark Calls on FDA to Ban Sale of Unpasteurized Juices
07/13. Seattle sits in the spotlight this Wednesday, July 13
07/13. Testing finds no lead contamination in milk produce in Belledune, N.B.
07/13. Restaurants will be hoping for greenlight
07/13. U.S. reconsiders cattle ban
07/13. Huge crowds expected for Canadian border appeal
07/13. FDA Should Establish Thresholds for Major Allergens in Food Products, Says FPA
07/13. Strawberry allergy is set off by red colour, study claims
07/13. Believe It or Not, Almost ALL These 'Too-Old' Foods Are Still Safe to Eat
07/13. OJ contamination sparks industry fears
07/13. Pill found in food order
07/13. [Barbados] Food safety campaign launched in time for Crop OverR
07/13. July FSA News now published and online
07/13. FSA: Scientists say risk from BSE in goat is very low
07/12. Food Advisory Committee to meet this week
07/12. Japanese government moves on BSE testing on all cattle
07/12. Texas cattle are negative for BSE; NCBA estimates same for cattle born after ban
07/12. Ag Economists: Profit Motives Behind Efforts to Keep Canadian Border Closed
07/12. Quarantine lifted after ranch cleared of mad cow
07/12. New bill would allow beef to carry 'no mad cow' label
07/12. Codex Adopts More Than 20 Food Standards
07/12. Defending Food Supply Against Terrorist Attack
07/12. Global warming increases oyster sensitivity to pollution
07/12. How safe is your sandwich?
07/12. [Brunei] Food Poisoning In Schools Growing Danger
07/12. [UK] Five hundred dossiers submitted to Agency on safety of food supplements
07/11. Food labelling - community legislation
07/11. The response to BSE in the United States
07/11. Opportunities for the coregulation of food safety: Insights from the UK
07/11. Supply chain contracts and food safety
07/11. Economics of private strategies to control foodborne pathogens
07/11. Incentives, policies, and strategies to control foodborne pathogens
07/11. The case in support of restaurant hygiene grade cards
07/11. Rock Springs cafe closes amid salmonella reports
07/11. Nexus Seafood Trading Ltd. fined 5,000 for illegally processing seafood
07/11. Mad cow
07/11. Keeping healthy, safe while visiting the zoo
07/11. U.S. senators appeal to Taiwan, Egypt to resume beef trade
07/11. USDA kills 29 herdmates of Texas BSE animal
07/11. New Zealand Will Accept Canadian Beef Effective Immediately
07/11. Parents say 'nuts' to nuts
07/11. U.S. Says 67 Animals Test Negative in Mad Cow Investigation
07/11. Outdoorsmen could face new prevention regulations
07/11. 'Digester' solves U's animal disposal problem
07/10. Piercing Staph Bug's 'Golden Armor'
07/10. Stoddard County in good shape to avoid strange disease
07/10. Judge Allows 92 to File Claims In Tainted Tomatoes Case
07/10. Spring Valley food maker issues 3rd listeria recall
07/10. Will Polk County eatery inspections slip in quality?
07/10. S. Korean Food Watchdog Orders Recall Of Chinese Beer
07/10. Death sentence for drink spiker
07/10. AAFC: New Zealand lifts import restrictions on Canadian beef
07/10. Millions of chocolate bars destroyed in Australia after poison threat
07/10. Consumers beware: E. Coli tainted meat sold locally
07/10. Grocery store shut after health violations
07/10. FDA Issues Nationwide Alert on Orchard Island Unpasteurized Orange Juice Products
07/09. AAFC: New Zealand lifts import restrictions on Canadian beef
07/09. Millions of chocolate bars destroyed in Australia after poison threat
07/09. Fund set up to help mother, recovering sons
07/09. Consumers beware: E. Coli tainted meat sold locally
07/09. Grocery store shut after health violations
07/09. A Taste of Food Poisoning
07/08. EFSA: safety and nutritional contribution of wild and farmed fish
07/08. Speed Up Mad-Cow Traceback System, Groups Tell USDA
07/08. Food Safety: From the farm to the fork - Training strategy – Programme
07/08. New Mexico State University department watches for threats to food supply
07/08. No link between chocolate and illness
07/08. NZFSA 'comfortable' with fines
07/08. Nine countries now have restriction on imports of US beef
07/08. EFSA publishes further evaluation on semicarbazide in food
07/08. Canada urges Japan to resume Canadian beef imports
07/08. Verification Guidance Regarding Ingredients Associated with Food Allergies
07/08. Senators Appeal to Leaders in Taiwan and Egypt to Maintain Science-Based Trade
07/08. New Zealand lifts all remaining restrictions on Canadian beef
07/08. Former Texan's tracking device can tell you what cow
07/08. 29 Cows Killed, Tested for Mad Cow Disease
07/08. Incidents of BSE fall in Europe
07/08. Shellfish harvesting ban extended in part of Delaware Bay
07/08. Raw milk stirs Prohibition-style fervor
07/08. Summer Food Safety Guidelines Stressed
07/07. Restaurant inspections lax: official: Says public could be at risk
07/07. BSE - Monthly reports of member states on BSE and scrapie
07/07. Alert to parents pet turtles may be harmful to your children’s health
07/07. One enforcement order served in June
07/07. Update on the CFIA monitoring activities for malachite green
07/07. Avoid raw shellfish
07/07. Fourth extortion threat
07/07. Canadian slaughterhouse license revoked
07/07. Canadian agriculture ministers strategize for worst-case scenario
07/07. AMI Meat Tech 2005 Will Feature 13 Companies in Chicago, Ill.
07/07. Food formulations to use new allergen-free apple?
07/07. Food supply for pets safe from mad cow disease, experts say
07/07. Canada to Fines BSE Safeguard Violators
07/07. Legislators Approve Tougher Petting Zoo Regulations
07/07. New recalls reflect EU food chain still exposed to risk
07/07. Regulator concerned about safety of BioProtein
07/07. [Azerbaijan] Food Safety Management Training Course Underway
07/07. [UK] Events catering fails food tests
07/07. FDA Issues Nationwide Alert for "Liqiang 4" Due to Potential Health Risk
07/07. USDA CONSUMER ALERT: Keeping Food Safe During An Emergency
07/06. Prusiner weighs in
07/06. BSE fallout
07/06. How to avoid salmonella at the cookout
07/06. Teflon as a "likely carcinogen": Do the charges stick?
07/06. AUSTRALIA: Police say Snickers contaminant like pest poison
07/06. China to continue ban of U.S. beef
07/06. Allergen-free apple within reach
07/06. Food intolerance: a scientific void
07/06. Neogen to Acquire UCB's Dairy Antibiotic Testing Business
07/06. Canada to Keep Border Open to U.S. Beef
07/06. Cambodia to enforce law on bottled water quality standards
07/06. Mission in the kitchen
07/06. You can't judge a burger by its color
07/06. PERSPECTIVE: task ahead for Codex Alimentarius in its meeting this week.
07/06. Salmonella warning over Spanish lettuce
07/06. Summertime Safety - Avoiding Salmonella
07/06. Salix Pharmaceuticals Moves Forward with Travelers' Diarrhea Prevention Study
07/06. Hot Summer Weather Can Make Food Dangerous
07/06. marcus evans Is Proud to Present Food & Beverage Quality Summit
07/06. [Ireland] Drop in food safety enforcement orders
07/06. Farmed fish safe to eat says EU food regulator
07/06. CAC opens 28th session in Italy over food safety
07/06. FDA Issues Nationwide Alert on Possible Health Risk Associated with Cold Stone
07/06. USDA CONSUMER ALERT: Keeping Food Safe During An Emergency
07/06. [UK] Latest research requirements published
07/05. Panama-US-Mad Cow
07/05. NTF statement: Appointment of USDA Undersecretary for Food Safety
07/05. Meat company handled recall immediately
07/05. Experts Don't Expect To Find Any More Cases Of Mad Cow Disease
07/05. Mad cow in States only to be expected
07/05. Changes to Canadian cattle identification program
07/05. Free handwashing signs for community petting zoos
07/05. FSA welcomes EFSA opinion on semicarbazide
07/05. FSA report aims to control food poisoning caused by L. monocytogenes
07/05. Get away from the grill with new thermometer
07/04. Experts question science behind bio-germ
07/04. Dispelling some myths about plastic
07/04. Denview meat packers loses slaughter licence
07/04. Applebee's may have found fingertip source
07/04. Experts don't expect more cases of mad cow
07/04. City drinking water safe, officials say after tests
07/04. Profiler called in to help solve mystery of Mars extortion plot
07/04. More cattle tests urged by scientist
07/04. Mad beef policy
07/03. Round 2 for mad cow disease
07/03. Mad cow-Johanns
07/03. Foodborne Pathogens: Microbiology and Molecular Biology
07/03. Health Dept. issues warning on tap water
07/03. safefood advises public of positive findings on jarred food
07/03. Attributing illness to food
07/03. Senate confirms Raymond for U.S. food safety chief
07/02. Listeria risk: authority tells food industry to toughen controls
07/02. Fatal bacteria warning to food industry
07/02. Listeria risk: authority tells food industry to toughen controls
07/02. Updated Programme for RMUG Meeting
07/02. [UK] Improving imported food controls at Heathrow
07/02. [UK] Chemical in jar lids not a threat to human health
07/01. Ban On Downer Cows Will Remain
07/01. Fire up that bar-b-q! But be careful what you may be cooking up
07/01. EU: BSE-related health risks from goat meat
07/01. What is malachite green?
07/01. Pesticide residue levels detected in bread
07/01. THE VOCAL POINT: Can we possibly drill down any deeper on BSE?
07/01. Guidance Available for Relative Humidity During the Production of RTE Products
07/01. Japan to ease all-cow mad cow testing Aug. 1
07/01. Jolley: Asian Reaction To Second Case Of BSE Muted
07/01. Officials to Survey Texas Herd for Mad Cow
07/01. Violations Found Even At High-End Eateries
07/01. [Thailand] GM papayas in Khon Kaen found unsafe
07/01. USDA: Mad-cow case no threat to safety of nation's food supply
07/01. U.S. Must Assure Nervous Trade Partners Over Beef

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