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07/31. Call for comments on draft regulation on contaminants

07/31. CFIA’s Winnepeg Lab Receives Reference Laboratory Designation for AI and BSE

07/31. USDA Puts Proposed Rule on Hold to Permit Over 30 Month Cana

07/31. FDA releases acrylamide assessment

07/31. Warnings on wine allergens on tap

07/31. Cereal maker sued for acrylamide under Californian law

07/31. USDA hasty in declaring victory over mad cow

07/31. Health groups pan proposals on state restaurant regulations

07/31. FDA accused of scant monitoring of deceptive food labeling


07/31. NOCO Express Gets Food Safety Approval

07/31. Public meetings to explain Japan's decision about U.S. beef

07/31. Report: Livestock that eat biotech crops don't present risk


07/30. USDA: Thirty-month rule withdrawal may be temporary

07/30. FSAI report indicates doubling of HACCP compliance at meat o

07/30. Plan to boost meat research

07/30. Cruise ship returns to sea

07/30. Custom-built pathogens raise bioterror fears

07/30. USDA Halts Work On Rule On Older Canada Cattle

07/30. Mad cow-Canada

07/30. U.K. surveys contaminants in offal


07/29. Halton Region's new dining rules; Certificate of inspection

07/29. Fresh obsessed

07/29. There's a bureaucrat in my soup

07/29. Lassie, go home

07/29. Struggling to stomach a dodgy burger

07/29. Golf course restaurant employee tests positive for hepatitis

07/29. Most Sheetz salmonella cases settled; insurance battles set


07/28. Meat processors push for better traceability in China

07/28. Commission proposes new legislation on food additives, flavo

07/28. "Yuck factor" vote for watershed Australian town


07/28. USDA withdraws rule that would allow older cattle from Canad

07/28. USDA: Japan has accepted U.S. beef system, Korea still has c

07/28. Industry reacts with cautious optimism to Japan beef deal

07/28. FSIS releases new BSE risk assessment

07/28. THE VOCAL POINT: BSE risk update is upbeat

07/28. Expert calls for kava clinical trial to establish safety

07/28. Mad cow interrupts plans to boost imports

07/28. Debate rages over Burr's FDA standards proposal

07/28. Health groups pan proposals on state restaurant regulations

07/28. Practice Safe Grilling

07/28. NSF Vice President Named Adjunct Assistant Professor For MSU

07/28. Analysis: Food uniformity stirs debate

07/28. CSPI: Food protection act threatens state food safety laws

07/28. Swansea fights superbugs

07/28. Editorial: Food code isn't hard to swallow

07/28. E.coli council 'progress' on measures


07/27. Employee with Hep A leads to recall for Aussie firm

07/27. Dioxins, PCBs, metals still at "safe" levels, UK r

07/27. Japan again lifts ban on U.S. beef

07/27. South Korea still undecided on U.S. beef

07/27. Senate Uniformity Hearing

07/27. Drinking a fish? Labels will tell you

07/27. Boxer, Feinstein fight food-safety bill

07/27. Importance of healthy swimming behavior

07/27. Oakdale: Water worker fired

07/27. Focus: Can Cadbury's bosses avoid meltdown?

07/27. Salmonella infection can ruin a picnic

07/27. Safeguards vastly cut BSE risk to people

07/27. Food Patrol: Diners now able to get latest on restaurants

07/27. Perspective: ongoing debate about low-oxygen modified atmosp

07/27. Dioxin diminishes in market meats

07/27. Japan Lifts Ban on U.S. Beef Imports


07/26. Ban on kava kava in food to remain

07/26. Metals, dioxins, and PCBs surveys published

07/26. Heatwave increases food safety concerns

07/26. Eatery to appeal verdict on food poisoning

07/26. Japan may reopen beef market Thursday

07/26. Food Standards News

07/26. NZFSA summarises submissions on Domestic Food Review

07/26. World's first DNA-based meat traceability system in N Americ

07/26. Government, industry and academia joined forces to ensure th

07/26. Radiation-killed bacteria vaccine induces broad immune respo

07/26. Health inspectors making rounds at fairs, festivals

07/26. Raw chicken products need adequate warnings and instructions

07/26. O.C. restaurant hit with $3.2 million verdict


07/25. Food Safety Poster Competition Prize Presentation

07/25. National Jewish Study Could Unveil Allergy Mystery

07/25. Botswana: Psi Launches in-Home Water Purifier

07/25. Cadbury apologises for Salmonella outbreak

07/25. Uniform food label legislation will protect consumers

07/25. Japan to OK U.S. Beef Import Resumption

07/25. After bottled water? Purified ice cubes

07/25. Awards for Food Science Australia at AIFST Convention

07/25. Clean food exists across from pig pens at fair

07/25. Meat packer closer to trial


07/24. Agency advises against eating raw fly agaric mushrooms

07/24. Will Japan import U.S. beef?

07/24. Science extends shelf life of fresh meat

07/24. Meat treatment raises freshness fears

07/24. Demand high for new tomato-safety guidelines

07/24. Japan appears reassured about U.S. beef, may reopen trade

07/24. BSE surveillance will concentrate on symptomatic cattle


07/23. PigPass to identify food safety risks

07/23. Ag Dept to Reduce Mad Cow Testing by About 90 Percent


07/23. Namibia: Country Lacks Modern Food Safety Laws

07/22. 'Fruit poisoning' alert sounded

07/22. Company recovers second batch of submerged cheddar

07/22. EPA assessment of dioxin may overstate human cancer risk

07/22. Health advisory issued on consuming wild mushrooms


07/21. Scolari's honored for dedication to food safety, quality

07/21. Seafish produces new guide to EU food safety laws

07/21. Bite-sized training that’s easy to swallow

07/21. Spot check on city diners

07/21. USDA to revamp BSE surveillance program

07/21. New FPA Senior Scientists

07/21. US mad cow pull-back won't affect Japan beef move

07/21. Scientists crack down on global impact of food borne pathoge

07/21. Researchers Demonstrate Potential Mechanism Of Food Allergy

07/21. EU organisations meet to discuss food safety

07/21. Report: Japan to lift ban on U.S. beef

07/21. Revisiting the Meat Inspection Act: Burden or benefit?

07/21. Mecklenburg increases staffing, sets priorities as eateries

07/21. Combating campylobacter with common sense


07/20. Agency’s food hygiene video goes online

07/20. Mad Cow-Testing

07/20. Restaurant inspections falling behind

07/20. Food Safety Essentials Online Training in English, Spanish



07/20. Mad cow-testing

07/20. USDA hurt Mich., says legislator

07/20. Health unit warns of spoiled food

07/20. Petting zoo rules aimed at E. Coli

07/20. Reduction in Mad Cow Tests Planned


07/19. Food Safety Supply Chain Conference

07/19. Figuring out function from bacteria's bewildering forms

07/19. Fresh produce industry's concern over the presence of E.coli

07/19. UK decides to keep burger cooking standard

07/19. Ridley loses bid to appeal court ruling in mad cow class-act

07/19. China vegetables to get Olympic identity

07/19. Smooth sailing: 'cruise ship virus' tackled by UH, Baylor Co

07/19. Damage control


07/18. Fighting prion diseases such as BSE, prionet Canada announce

07/18. B.C. poultry exporter fined $100,000

07/18. Experimental drug probably doesn't stop human BSE

07/18. R-CALF calls on Congress to reform beef import regulations

07/18. Confused? Concerned? The Food Law guy has answers

07/18. Demand for safe food with extended shelf life drives growth

07/18. New life for meat irradiation?

07/18. Creekstone asks for summary judgment in BSE testing case

07/18. Conn. man arrested for tainting juice


07/17. House fly control

07/17. Cooking in a Vacuum: Connecticut chefs experiment with a cut

07/17. Officials: Oregon residents should avoid eating raw oysters,

07/17. University's cash boost to battle Salmonella

07/17. Boil water advisory set in QW region

07/17. Misinformation about BSE needs clearing up

07/17. 8 ways to prevent food poisoning at home

07/17. Cadbury Schweppes reputation suffers following salmonella sc

07/17. FSIS's Raymond pledges better communication with smaller pro

07/17. Creekstone files for OK to test for mad cow

07/17. Japan - US - Beef

07/17. Canadian Integrated Program for Antimicrobial Resistance Sur

07/17. Food safety legislation

07/17. Action already taken on oyster imports

07/17. Grandma's cookies welcome at this summer's fairs and festiva


07/14. USDA posts guide to pre-harvest security

07/14. Canada confirms BSE case in 50-month old animal; U.S. worrie

07/14. THE VOCAL POINT: To ban or not to ban?

07/14. Class action status granted in Spraypark case

07/14. E. coli information available on Web

07/14. Experts warn farmers of the dangers of corn fungus

07/14. Campylobacter problems not easily resolved

07/14. A closer look: How safe are the places where you dine?


07/14. Regulatory Committees - SCFCAH - Biological safety of the fo

07/14. Russia to audit Cdn beef plants

07/14. BSE confirmed in Alberta animal

07/14. Alberta cow tests positive for BSE

07/14. Protecting the food supply

07/14. Human milk a risky buy: Health Canada warns viruses may exis

07/14. Food safety tips important for summer fun

07/14. Indian and Chinese take aways pose health hazards to Brits!

07/14. Restaurant in salmonella scare closed

07/14. Health inspection found E. coli in ground beef

07/14. Raw Milk Rules Divide Farmers

07/14. Canada Reports New Case of Mad Cow Disease


07/13. Monthly report of specified risk material and other BSE Control breaches for June 2006

07/13. Takeaways fail the hygiene test

07/13. EU orders Antwerp abattoir to shut down

07/13. Canada takes new steps to curb the spread of major cow disea

07/13. FSIS will hold briefing on new BSE risk assessment

07/13. 'Mad Cow' Treatment May Prolong Lives

07/13. Suspected case of mad cow disease in Slovenia

07/13. US Dept Of Agriculture To Host BSE Risk Assessment Meeting

07/13. Unsafe food poses ongoing threat

07/13. Restaurants Offered Incentives to Fight Food Poisoning

07/13. O-157 food poisoning victims still refrain from hard exercis

07/13. Judge Rules Against Farmer in Raw Milk Case

07/13. Food and Drugs Act: Regulations amending the food and drug r

07/13. CFIA: Regulations amending certain regulations

07/13. Fight blazes over hormone ban

07/13. CAST issue paper examines safety of consuming foods


07/12. Updated Harvard Risk Assessment of BSE Released

07/12. FSIS Suitable Ingredient List Updated

07/12. Food Safety Net Services opens new lab

07/12. Fort Payne woman files lawsuit, says tainted dog food killed

07/12. Canada gets up to snuff with BSE standards


07/12. Leading Poultry Processors Receive Instant Salmonella Tests

07/12. The '5-Second Rule' — Fact Or Fiction?

07/12. Mass Food Poisoning

07/12. FSA open Board meeting

07/12. Conference for Community Readiness Communications

07/12. FDA/EPA's mercury advice on tuna doesn’t hold water

07/12. Canada quarantines possible BSE farm; industry worried about

07/12. Poultry flocks and food supply are protected from avian infl

07/12. Hunt for poultry raises flu concern: Frozen cache hit Troy


07/11. Kemin Receives Superior Rating For Food-Safety Practices

07/11. Kwik Trip Hires New Food Safety Director

07/11. Advocacy groups claim imported tuna has high mercury levels

07/11. Canada says Alberta animal may be its seventh BSE case

07/11. Taiwan legislators to travel to the United States to discuss

07/11. Canada concerned its beef may be segregated from U.S. produc

07/11. Sudan still being detected in food supply

07/11. Processed fruits and vegetables

07/11. SCFCAH - Biological safety of the food chain

07/11. Codex Alimentarius: Further improvements in consumer protect

07/11. Canada says Alberta animal may be its seventh BSE case

07/11. Senator Harkin introduces Safer Food Act

07/11. Pregnancy nutrition: Foods to avoid

07/11. Killer e-coli outbreak recalled 10 years on

07/11. Cancer victim hit by food bug outbreak

07/11. Fresh chicken still high on shopping lists despite bugs

07/11. Re: 'No interest' in names of dodgy eateries

07/11. KDHE, USDA alert consumers to safely cook frozen chicken

07/11. Food safety facts for cantaloupe

07/11. She had places on her tongue where skin was missing

07/11. Are food handlers taking the same precautions with ice?

07/11. 'No interest' in names of dodgy eateries

07/11. Banning fresh chicken 'not the answer'


07/10. Food safety gets million pound boost

07/10. Guide on allergy labelling published

07/10. Nut allergy warnings 'too widely used'

07/10. Citric acid, glycine addition could cut acrylamide

07/10. New case of mad cow disease suspected in Canada

07/10. King calls for report on chicken study

07/10. Options in fight against Campylobacter

07/10. NZFSA has the power to stop campylobacter epidemic


07/09. Australian cash cleaner than ours - study

07/09. Drug-resistant E. coli likely started in poultry

07/09. Food Inspectors Find Roaches at the Buffet Line

07/09. Brazil to use DuPont’s food safety monitoring system

07/09. Battle Over Raw Milk Begins In Ohio

07/09. Irradiation’s “speed” achieves feed, food safety


07/08. Sri Lanka gets first gamma irradiation facility

07/08. Brazil may use irradiation for pest control

07/08. Quotable Quotes

07/08. B.C. issues guide to dumpster-diving

07/08. Food Safety Network helps keep people safe

07/08. Beware of motel breakfast buffets


07/07. Food-code violations noted at restaurants

07/07. Oyster imports on hold after fans get ill


07/07. Appeals court sets R-CALF suit timetable

07/07. FSIS requests cross-contamination information

07/07. Cadbury vows to improve salmonella testing

07/07. Food safety issues

07/07. EFSA launches GM food consultation

07/07. Praise for area's health inspectors

07/07. Restaurants Eyed For Sanitation, Violations

07/07. Health Unit still has duty to protect public’s health from f

07/07. Codex sets new standards on lead, cadmium, aflatoxins

07/07. Experiments raise hopes for pre-symptom vCJD blood test

07/07. Nation Facing Shortage of Livestock Veterinarians

07/07. Canada Cows Complicate US, Seoul Beef Trade


07/06. VPC report on growth hormones in meat

07/06. IAFP launches new online job service

07/06. European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recruiting database ma

07/06. Hot cold clean: Enjoy a picnic without food borne pathogens

07/06. CSPI Urges FDA to provide clear information about mercury in

07/06. K-State expert explains psychology of consumer food safety a

07/06. Online database collects food hygiene guides across EU

07/06. UK guideline sets out temperature control requirements


07/06. Canadian BSE case involved animal born 'well before' feed ba

07/06. U.S. beef quality control improving, Japanese inspectors say

07/06. Korean oysters consumed raw may cause illness

07/06. New EU-wide effort aims to reduce acrylamide

07/06. USDA won't send mad cow experts for Canada probe

07/06. US Vows Faith In Canada Beef Safety After Latest BSE Case

07/06. USDA must be tougher on salmonella: Consumer group

07/06. Produce Safety and Security International CEO to Be Intervie

07/06. Surveillance program identifies BSE case in Manitoba

07/06. Three enforcement orders served in June: Closure orders incr

07/06. Why Listeriosis rates are 20-fold higher during pregnancy

07/06. Institute leads Kansas Univ efforts in food science

07/06. Group releases names of chicken producers that failed Salmon


07/05. Cross-Contamination Studies Requested By FSIS

07/05. UK food regulator publishes scientific research programme

07/05. EU food safety notifications rise by 22 per cent



07/05. Acrylamide issue tackled at IFT

07/05. Concern at increase in campylobacter infection

07/05. Meal appeal

07/05. Summer Travel Season Increases Incidents of Foodborne Illnes

07/05. Salmonella cases fall in Germany, risk agency reports

07/05. The '5-Second Rule' — Fact Or Fiction?

07/05. Cadbury blasted for incorrect safety procedures

07/05. K-State's Biosecurity Research Institute

07/05. Vet named to EU food-safety group

07/05. IFT addresses food safety concerns


07/04. Protecting Ourselves From Shellfish Poisoning

07/04. Salmonella Outbreak Hit Cadbury's Plant in 2002

07/04. vCJD in transgenic human prion protein 129 heterozygous mice

07/04. Cadbury rapped over Salmonella scare

07/04. Japan-US-Beef

07/04. Public comment sought on mandatory folic acid fortification

07/04. Appeals court sets dates in Canada-cattle case

07/04. Investigating the molecular structure of foods

07/04. Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) - Introduction

07/04. Beef scandal shows it's time to put public health over profi

07/04. Report prompts call for labels on case-ready meat

07/04. 'Friends' should be certified in food safety

07/04. Canada Confirms 6th Case of Mad Cow


07/03. FSIS Issues Public Health Alert for Frozen, Stuffed, Raw Chicken Products

07/03. Cadbury's mistake

07/03. FDA updates dioxin exposure estimates

07/03. CFSAN releases summaries of food defense reports


07/03. Koizumi won't say when U.S. beef imports will resume

07/03. Johanns 'disappointed' in provisions of China trade accord

07/03. Sweetener safety major concern for most Americans, report

07/03. Japan Inspection Team Visits Swift Plant

07/03. Salmonella found in bag of carrots

07/03. More Cadbury's Brands May Have Salmonella



07/02. Some food-borne illnesses to watch out for

07/02. Dioxin analysis results/exposure estimates

07/02. NZFSA concerned over increase in human campylobacter

07/02. Handling Pet Treats Can Cause Human Ills

07/02. Ecolab and Times to cooperate on food safety

07/02. Cultural values, food safety collide over rice cakes

07/02. UAE invited to attend FAO meetings on food safety

07/02. Food safety from the experts

07/02. SKorean education minister offers resignation over food pois


07/01. 1st International Halal Science Symposium

07/01. CFIA: Potential BSE suspect identified in Manitoba

07/01. EU countries warn consumers more on food scares

07/01. Food handling exemptions called dangerous

07/01. Cadbury salmonella bug may have affected up to 30 brands

07/01. Koizumi-bush-beef

07/01. Consent decree filed in tissue residue case against Jay Park

07/01. Ensuring safer food for everyone

07/01. Food safety standards need continual improvement, say scient

07/01. Why Willy Wonka would have been in terror of the FSA

07/01. New Zealand oysters safe, says industry


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