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07/31. SEAC meeting notes findings from sheep scrapie research

07/31. Safe cooking of burgers

07/31. Reports criticise Italy, Greece for poor food safety regs

07/31. Reducing foodborne illnesses from produce

07/31. U.S., China begin food safety talks aimed at agreements by D

07/31. EU to reduce age on cattle spinal cord removal

07/31. Nitrite free: Where does the truth end?

07/31. Still no answers on contamination of local firm's onions

07/31. Atlantis Foods exec pleads guilty to selling tainted food

07/31. Growers discuss produce-carried bacteria

07/31. Diners should thank restaurant health inspectors

07/31. Food handlers permits needed - not only by professionals

07/31. U.S. team in China for food safety talks


07/30. Reducing foodborne illnesses from produce

07/30. FDA issues message about botulism hazard

07/30. China establishes food-safety team

07/30. Recalled Canned Foods Continue to Be Found on Grocery Shelve

07/30. Biotech vs. Peanut Allergies

07/30. Canada completes probe of May mad cow case

07/30. Bursting Cans and Botulism Warnings

07/30. Restaurant inspections coming to county's Web site

07/30. Autumn Valley Farm Suspends Direct Sale of Raw Milk to Consu

07/30. Restoring confidence in food

07/30. Cranberries Help Create Safer Summer Barbeques

07/30. FDA To Begin Tomato Safety Initiative

07/30. Beijing Scurries To Improve Food Safety

07/30. Seal to indicate food safety

07/30. Food safety is now verifiable

07/30. Home Food Safety: Knowledge Grows, Action Trails

07/30. Beware those fruits and veggies

07/30. Chinese Food-Safety Fears Stand To Help Big Firms, Trusted B


07/26. A Message for Retailers and Foodservice Establishments on the Removal of Recalled Product Due to Botulism Hazard

07/26. Agency study into acrylamide and domestic cooking

07/26. FDA Nanotechnology report released

07/26. Studying acrylamide formation in a model system

07/26. FSIS to discuss possible changes to slaughterhouse inspectio

07/26. Scientists look to salt to reduce acrylamide

07/26. Killer bugs in flood waters

07/26. Disease fears in Britain as floodwaters recede

07/26. Swine Manure Unlikely as Major Contributor to Antibiotic Res

07/26. Groups Blast Effort to Dismantle Federal Inspection System

07/26. Food regulations ‘killing’ local producers

07/26. Biotech crop sector sets standards, seeks to ease fears

07/26. ISO standard set for food traceability

07/26. Ghana: Selling Cooked Food

07/26. Consumers Endangered by Confusing Food Safety Regulation, Co

07/26. [Saudi Arabia] Committee Set Up to Deal With Food Poisoning

07/26. Bills Calls for Meat to be Labeled by Origin


07/25. [UK] Food safety advice for people affected by flooding

07/25. Companies need to regain public trust, survey shows

07/25. Genetically modified feed does not affect meat

07/25. Russia bans beef from Ukrainian processor

07/25. Congressmen introduce bill to label carbon monoxide packagin

07/25. Food labels too stingy with info about allergens

07/25. Trent professor urges acrylamide warning labels on Canadian

07/25. Agency study into acrylamide and domestic cooking

07/25. The enemy of my enemy is my friend

07/25. [UK] Flood Victims 'Could Face Cholera'

07/25. [UAR] Right measures on food safety

07/25. FDA raises alarm as officials track rare food recall

07/25. Food safety panel created, but labs could close

07/25. Nation had better make food safety a high priority again

07/25. [Lebanon] Economy Ministry holds summit on food safety

07/25. China passes draft law on food safety

07/25. FDA Calls Hot Dog Chili Sauce Botulism an “Urgent Public Hea


07/24. Manufacturers urged to go 'mass-market' with food intoleranc

07/24. Johanns to talk on farm bill, food safety

07/24. More illegal meat imports seized

07/24. Castleberry's closes chili plant

07/24. Nut allergies get attention in Grand Blanc district

07/24. N.C. A&T Food Scientist Develops Allergen-Free Peanut [Process]

07/24. Company widely expands botulism recall

07/24. Serbian cookies salmonella-free

07/24. Growers Sign New Rules To Prevent E. Coli Outbreak

07/24. Time to Go Easy on the Sushi? Study Finds High Mercury Level

07/24. [Barbados] Keep food safety in focus

07/24. Can Communist China Control Its Toxic Exports?

07/24. Stupak, Marley Introduce Bill to Label CO Blasted Meat

07/24. Russian inspectors say Vietnam seafood safety improving

07/24. Americans should demand less danger on their dinner plates

07/24. COLUMN: FDA’s structure is unsafe

07/24. Safety concerns hit Chinese eel processors

07/24. Gov't committed to food safety, home and abroad

07/24. Safety of Chinese imports gets high priority

07/24. Beijing promises greater efforts to ensure food safety

07/24. Leafy greens handlers ready for food safety audits audits


07/23. Mycotoxins sampling advice published

07/23. Red 2G food colouring to become illegal

07/23. UK revises food safety regulatory guidance

07/23. House committee ties FDA funds to food safety plan

07/23. Could the E-number be up?

07/23. Stump Acres Dairy stops giving away raw milk

07/23. Botulism in Human and Dog Food - Recall Expansion and Update

07/23. Food allergies pose a mortal risk to some children

07/23. Qld business owner charged with aflatoxin breach

07/23. Castleberry's Shuts Ga. Plant in Botulism Investigation


07/22. Ships to get vomiting bug guide

07/22. International Agencies Issue Warning About Food Contaminatio

07/22. Salmonella QA threat scrapped and three-tier system zapped

07/22. State tells Stump Acres Dairy to stop raw milk giveaway

07/22. Mark Dolliver's Takes: Groceries Made in America

07/22. Keeping greens clean

07/22. E.Coli outbreak butcher pleads guilty

07/22. Protection from food-borne illnesses

07/22. Food safety bureau promises healthier Chinese hairy crabs


07/21. Japan holds emergency meet on PRC food safety

07/21. NAM Testifies Before Congress On Safety Of Chinese Imports

07/21. For import product safety, we're largely on our own

07/21. Illegal additive sparks baby food furore

07/21. China asks tainted food and drug firms to shut down

07/21. Local food safety improving, expert says

07/21. UN bodies call for tougher food safety legislation

07/21. One in 10 salads has poisonous bacteria


07/20. Castleberry's recalls products including chili, corned beef

07/20. Red 2G food colouring to become illegal

07/20. FSA publishes new guidance notes on general food law

07/20. Board approves changes in meat hygiene regulation

07/20. Safeway pulls product packaged in CO

07/20. Cashews cause stronger reactions than peanuts - study

07/20. New moves to reduce salmonella in poultry

07/20. Is your favourite restaurant unsanitary?

07/20. Is that meat and seafood rotten?

07/20. Countries urged to be more vigilant about food safety

07/20. EU to bans food coloring used in burgers over fears of cance

07/20. Japan meets on imports amid China concerns

07/20. China-Product Scare Hits Home, Too

07/20. China Says US Food Has Its Own Problems

07/20. Imports balloon from countries with questionable food safety

07/20. Baby food alert done for 'safety'

07/20. Blue-ribbon diversion

07/20. US food watchdog targets all countries

07/20. China Closes Companies for Unsafe Exports

07/20. [Saudi Arabia] Experts Give Guidelines on Food Safety


07/19. Beijing's Cardboard-Stuffed Buns a Hoax

07/19. White House Release: Establishing an Interagency Working Group on Import Safety

07/19. FDA Release: Risk of Botulism Poisoning from Hot Dog Chili Sauce

07/19. President Establishes Interagency Working Group of Import Sa

07/19. No change on beef hormone risk

07/19. Secondary Transmission of Bacterial or Viral Illnesses Commo

07/19. Common Sense for Petting Zoos and Fairs

07/19. Judge Hears Dispute Over Raw Milk Sales

07/19. Filling Holes in the Food Supply

07/19. Health Officials Urge Vigilance on Food Safety (Update1)

07/19. Cockle bed re-opens after e.coli scare

07/19. FDA to relax labeling

07/19. Don't eat that chili sauce!

07/19. Red alert on additive

07/19. [New Zealand] Random tests of Chinese food unlikely

07/19. Restaurant owner 'failed to comply with hygiene improvement'

07/19. Butcher fined after cat uses meat as litter tray

07/19. Cheese makers face raft of legal changes

07/19. [Pennsylvania] Department Of Ag Information On Food Safety

07/19. Food Safety Regulator Fails GM Lysine Corn Test

07/19. Nutrition expert says authority right to worry

07/19. Food safety czar just may be your stomach's best friend

07/19. Chinese PM pledges better food safety amid global concern

07/19. 2 UN agencies say food safety systems weak


07/18. Scientific panel advises keeping ban on growth hormones

07/18. Common Sense for Petting Zoos and Fairs

07/18. Chrome Crooner Trace Adkins Walks For Food Allergy Awareness

07/18. Warning: Food Allergy Blood Tests Sometimes Unreliable

07/18. Baby picked for part in peanut allergy study

07/18. Food labeling gets attention from feds, grocers

07/18. Russia may lift ban on rice imports

07/18. Judges Hear Ranchers in Mad Cow Case

07/18. [Australia] Free vaccine available for rotavirus

07/18. Drug-resistant Campylobacter persists in poultry

07/18. UK outlines salmonella reduction programme

07/18. Salmonella control consultation announced

07/18. Food safety mystery offered children

07/18. Congressional Panel Faults FDA on Food Safety

07/18. Editorial: Congress needs to step up to ensure food safety i

07/18. [South Africa] 'Not enough labs to ensure food is safe'

07/18. Philippines bans Chinese sweets over food safety

07/18. Made in Canada?

07/18. Bush Sets Up Panel To Ensure Safety Of Imported Goods

07/18. Bush to target import safety amid China worries

07/18. Codex adopts new food safety and quality standards

07/18. China, U.S. to Discuss Seafood Exports

07/18. FDA plan raises food safety concerns

07/18. U.S., China Plan Talks to Defuse Food-Safety Row (Update2)


07/17. Food for Thought -- Understanding Food Allergies in Kids

07/17. Warning may lose effect

07/17. Garlic-olive oil mix can produce toxin if left at room tempe

07/17. NZ leads the fight against campylobacter in poultry

07/17. Playing chicken with your health

07/17. 'Of Tov' smoked turkey contains dangerous germ

07/17. U.S. group says China's meat import ban groundless

07/17. Shoppers more cautious in wake of food scares

07/17. Food safety a big problem worldwide: WHO officials

07/17. Congress: FDA Lab Closure Plan Too Risky

07/17. Namibia: Country to Get Streetwise On Street Food

07/17. Vietnamese food safety must improve, say experts

07/17. Warning over food additive widens

07/17. China Defends Its Safety Record

07/17. China says food safety media reports hurt exports

07/17. Kebab van owner fined £3,500 for safety risk

07/17. School milk scheme is back

07/17. Consumers must know the origin of their food

07/17. Committee to look into food poisoning in school canteens


07/16. Untested over thirty months (OTM) animal enters food supply

07/16. New rules on bovine hides in Scotland

07/16. New rules on bovine hides in England

07/16. Rapid Methods and Automation Workshop

07/16. EU examines tougher biosecurity measures for food

07/16. FSIS publishes final rule prohibiting processing of downer c

07/16. The World is a Dangerous Place to Eat

07/16. Do allergy warnings on food labels help?

07/16. Food Label Warnings Seen As Confusing

07/16. FDA: Many Vietnamese food products unhygienic

07/16. FSIS Finalizes Rules to Prevent Spread of Mad Cow Disease


07/15. New Mad Cow Disease Slaughter Regulations

07/15. Canada expands Mad Cow safeguards, new regulations enacted

07/15. Justified caution on beef by-products

07/15. Overview Of BSE In North America

07/15. Cost-cutting led to Cadbury's salmonella scare, court told

07/15. Cadbury 'sorry' over bug outbreak

07/15. Guidelines take aim at norovirus outbreaks


07/14. Guidance For Management Of Norovirus Infection In Cruise Shi

07/14. Could Purses Be a Cause of Foodborne Illness?

07/14. China Escalates Food Fight With U.S.

07/14. On-Farm Food Safety a Top Priority for Saskatchewan Research

07/14. PLA sets sights on food safety for soldiers

07/14. China tells food companies to put safety first


07/13. Olympic trials to host new food-safety tests

07/13. China Bans Jarrow Supplements in Rising Trade Row (Update2)

07/13. China Seeks Food Safety Coordination

07/13. EC rejects IFA call for Brazil beef ban

07/13. [South Africa] 'Food safety needs to be taken seriously'

07/13. McGauran ill-advised on food safety again: O'Brien

07/13. Food Safety Authority warns against Karicare baby food

07/13. Food safety gone bad

07/13. Alert issued over baby formula

07/13. Safety Becomes a Hot Trade Issue

07/13. Food safety lacks teeth, critics say


07/12. Chinese food [literally] 'made from cardboard'

07/12. Joint antimicrobial resistance report published

07/12. Advice on food colouring

07/12. China expects to close half of smaller processors

07/12. Americans are COOL with labels for imported meat and poultry

07/12. European agency flags Red 2G food dye as carcinogen

07/12. Manitoba cattle producers to get money to help prevent mad c

07/12. FSIS makes mad cow rule permanent

07/12. Pathogen resistance to drugs rising, according to UK study

07/12. E.coli in drinking water probed

07/12. China says its food not safe to eat

07/12. China to begin food safety checks during Olympic trials

07/12. US Food Safety Official: China Takes Problem Seriously

07/12. EU should not relax safety standards, say food technologists

07/12. "International Humiliation" on Food Safety May Be

07/12. Bad food is everywhere

07/12. Ghana: Vegetable Growers, Sellers Tasked to Prevent Food Poi


07/11. Traceability could be the recipe for trust

07/11. Incidence of food allergies nothing to sneeze at

07/11. Regulatory 'loophole' could drive cattle herds to U.S.

07/11. BSE funding on the way

07/11. Food Safety Begins as Vegetables Grow

07/11. E.coli fear stops pub landlord's meat line

07/11. Food additives to come under strict health scrutiny

07/11. Latest China food scare: Don't eat pickled veggies

07/11. US could approve clones as food

07/11. Edwards pushes food safety and country-of-origin labeling

07/11. Food safety accountability now

07/11. Food-safety laws ‘now up with Europe’s best’

07/11. China's food safety beset by challenges

07/11. Food poisoning - it only takes one bad egg


07/10. Codex adopts standards, sets risk analysis principles

07/10. bioMérieux’s to offer Food Safety Handbook

07/10. Concerns raised over food colour

07/10. China - "Wild West Capitalism"

07/10. Vegetables, groundnuts and dried fruits on watch list

07/10. Pamphlets target acrylamide reduction in bakery and snack se

07/10. Swim diapers may not keep pool water clean, UF experts say

07/10. Scientists make rice strain with cholera vaccine

07/10. Vancouver-area seafood eateries ordered to post oyster warni

07/10. Shellfish threat rises with temperature

07/10. Codex adopts new food hygiene standards keep chicken, eggs s

07/10. Food Safety Authority bans use of E-128 additive

07/10. China says food safety inadequate

07/10. Food safety body bans colour additive

07/10. Food safety for 2008 Olympics 'fully guaranteed'

07/10. China executes former drug and food safety boss

07/10. Weaponized hamburgers?

07/10. Poisonous food and drugs threaten social stability


07/09. FSIS Announces Increased Raw Ground Beef Sampling in July

07/09. FDA Advice: What You Need to Know About Food Allergies

07/09. Sometimes ‘M.D.’ Stands For 'Medical Dodo'

07/09. Costly new mad-cow rules a 'fiasco,' slaughterhouses complai

07/09. Vancouver eateries told to issue shellfish warnings

07/09. Experts in E-number cancer warning

07/09. USDA to check state meat plants


07/08. The aspartame science kerfuffle

07/08. This FDA official is your stomach's best friend

07/08. China food crisis begins at family level

07/08. Food safety a worthy reason for new rules

07/08. [Bangalore] Food safety Act to be implemented

07/07. Food Safety Authority Won't Follow US Ban on Chinese Seafood

07/07. [Jamaica] Gov't Setting up Food Safety Agency

07/07. Codex adopts new food safety and quality standards

07/07. China: food safety crisis could trigger social unrest

07/07. China's food safety scares damaging: Official


07/06. "Bad Booty Baskets" - Is Alerting

07/06. Food allergy wordlist for international travellers

07/06. Many ignore allergy warnings

07/06. Vital Molecule For Resistance To Food Allergy Identified

07/06. Keeping E. coli out

07/06. Cooking, Not Freezing, Remains Key to Food Safety

07/06. Uganda: UNBS to Strengthen Food Safety System

07/06. Proactive Steps Needed To Address Food Poisoning In Schools

07/06. Ghana: Vegetable Growers, Sellers Tasked to Prevent Food Poi


07/05. Monthly report of specified risk material and other BSE control breaches for May 2007

07/05. Labelling powdered infant formula as 'non-sterile'

07/05. U.S. Congress to question GRAS process

07/05. Food safety requirements add value, says meat association

07/05. China standards unveiled, but safety woes continue

07/05. New case of BSE in France

07/05. Illegal Chinese pork sales rise

07/05. China says: "Media overblow food safety problem" -

07/05. Allergen Free Foods


07/04. Guide helps processors avoid allergen risks

07/04. Listeria bacteriophage approved for food use

07/04. How Much of Your Food is Being Nuked Before it Hits the Shel

07/04. UN food standards commission to tackle safety of infant form

07/04. Sweetener safe, says food watchdog

07/04. Riyadh Health Officials Launch Food Safety Drive

07/04. Food recalls damage consumers' confidence in safety

07/04. Amid menu of hazards, he is ordering food safety

07/04. Made in China: tainted food, fake drugs and dodgy paint

07/04. Canteen operators' contracts terminated


07/03. COT statement on chemical risk workshop published

07/03. Press Release: EFSA and FDA Strengthen Cooperation in Food Safety Science

07/03. Scientists claim cure for food allergy

07/03. Eat To Live: Good news for peanuts?

07/03. FDA examines allergy labels in new study

07/03. Consumers Ignoring Allergen Labeling

07/03. Pinning down the norovirus

07/03. Cadbury to admit hygiene charges

07/03. Toothpaste tainted with E. coli, antifreeze poison, Health C

07/03. First round of restaurants are graded in the county

07/03. Seafood ban latest threat to China's reputation in U.S.

07/03. Irradiated Foods

07/03. Shake ups loom as UN rolls out food safety standards

07/03. U.S. Needs An "Import Czar," Senator Says

07/03. China vows, a bit defiantly, to work on food-safety issues

07/03. China says media is overhyping food safety issues, warns cov

07/03. Beijing promise safe and healthy food

07/03. FDA Extends GRAS Approval LISTEX(TM) to all Food Products

07/03. You can learn about food safety with instructional video

07/03. Labels Lack Food’s Origin Despite Law

07/03. Durbin: U.S. needs stricter food safety regulations

07/03. [India] Book on food safety released

07/03. FDA, EFSA sign food safety science pact

07/03. Deadly germs thrive in vacuum-packed foods

07/03. Ordinary people paying price for a flawed system

07/03. Improving Safety of Complex Food Items using Electron Beam T

07/03. Another Unnecessary Beef Recall; From the "Perishable P

07/03. Quotable Quotes


07/02. Outdoor Eating Food Safety Tips

07/02. Food allergy signal discovered

07/02. Asian food law and regulation course

07/02. Proteins behind mad cow disease may protect against Alzheime

07/02. Salmonella Fears Expand Recall

07/02. Local meat processor upgrades safety after recall linked to

07/02. Some find pasteurized almond rule unsavory

07/01. Nuking Food

07/01. E. Coli and the Future Health of America

07/01. Report points fingers at dirty fridges

07/01. Health Department helps restaurants improve safety


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