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07/31. 2008 E. coli O157:H7 Raw Goat Milk Outbreak Sickened Four – Two with HUS

07/31. Ag groups lobby Senate on food safety bill

07/31. DeLauro: Keep Chinese chicken ban

07/31. Jamaica securing food safety standards

07/31. Startup's stickers identify the source of food

07/31. Vietnam: Food Safety Checks Let Consumers Down

07/31. APEC reaffirms commitment to improving food safety

07/31. GMA Supports Training Network to Improve Asia-Pacific Food Safety

07/31. Chinese lawyer who helped poisoned milk victims is held by authorities

07/31. 2 Agencies Take Steps to Improve Food Safety

07/31. USDA To Crack Down on Testing of Meats for E. coli

07/31. House Approves Food-Safety Bill


07/30. Shiga Toxin–producing Escherichia coli, New Mexico, USA, 2004-2007

07/30. FDA warns consumers against steroid-containing supplements

07/30. Food safety bill fails quick vote in House

07/30. Senator proposes mandatory meat recalls

07/30. UK: Credit crunch cocklers risk lives on Sussex shores

07/30. Can industry experts help the FDA? PMA's take

07/30. Give Peanuts A Second Chance

07/30. Webinar to focus on restaurant protection during a foodborne illness incident

07/30. EDITORIAL: Put our money where our mouth is on food safety

07/30. House Ready To Resume Consideration of H.R. 2749, The Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009

07/30. The Congressional Master John Dingell Will Get Food Safety bill Adopted – You Can Count On It!

07/30. House Vote Delays New Power for FDA


07/29. US giving too much food safety control to foreign countries

07/29. Where's the change?

07/29. H.R. 2749 Killed (For Now) on Floor of U.S. Congress

07/29. Mississippi Baptists Sue Over Their January Illnesses: But Actual Cause Remains a Mystery

07/29. Food allergies get curiouser and curiouser

07/29. Summary: Food Safety Enhancement Act HR 2749

07/29. Most fast-food workers don’t wash hands properly, FDA official says

07/29. Food safety to dominate tomato conference

07/29. USDA should reform meat import approvals-lawmaker

07/29. Pizza Hut Food Poisoning Lawsuit Grows


07/28. Dialysis patients perhaps at risk from ‘enhanced’ meat

07/28. Observing Bacteria As They Infect A Living Host

07/28. Resistant Salmonella Linked to King Soopers Beef Recall

07/28. Feds, province fund B.C. food safety systems plan

07/28. Food safety failures often follow breakdown in best practices

07/28. Contaminated Food: A More Watchful Eye Needed

07/28. Avocado industry steps up food safety

07/28. Food Safety Legislation Propped up by Antiquated Estimates Rather Than CDC Data

07/28. Monster Fly Trap Ltd. Welcomes Obama's Food Safety Working Group

07/28. U.S. should give Chinese chicken a chance: meat group

07/28. City Missed Inspecting 1 of Every 5 Restaurants

07/28. Food Safety Bill to Omit Brokers

07/28. McDonalds massive hepatitis A exposure brings lawsuit

07/28. Mississippi Pizza Hut Lawsuit Filed by 15 People Alleging Food Poisoning

07/28. Small Farms Challenge Expansion of FDA's Authority

07/28. House vote expected this week on food-safety bill


07/27. Vilsack names food safety advisor

07/24. The truth about the 'food police' suing hot dog makers

07/24. Pundit’s Mailbag — Clarification Of Sprout Outbreaks

07/24. Researchers expose children to risky foods to cure them of allergies

07/24. Oyster-related illnesses prompt health advisory for recreational harvesters

07/24. ISDA to update raw milk rules

07/24. Farms and Antibiotics

07/24. Evaluating the Dangers of Bisphenol A in Plastic Baby Bottles

07/24. Lawmakers and Farmers Clash on Food Safety Bill

07/24. Clean your reusable bags or risk food poisoning


07/23. Water Hardness Plays a Role in Removing Bacteria from Chicken Skin

07/23. American Meat Institute Says Court Should Dismiss Vegetarian Group's Nuisance Lawsuit Against Hot Dogs

07/23. FSIS announces programs for small and very small plants

07/23. McDonald’s Patron infected with Hepatitis A Files Lawsuit – Teen Sickened after Eating at Milan, Illinois McDonald’s

07/23. Turmeric, garlic, others offer protection against aflatoxin 'damage', breast cancer

07/23. Second suit filed against Milan McDonald’s

07/23. Ground beef contaminated with antibiotic-resistant Salmonella recalled

07/23. It’s consumer safety

07/23. Dr. Ann Wilkinson on Animal Health, Genetics and Food Safety

07/23. ASQ promotes system standards to ensure food safety

07/23. Missouri Focuses on Food Safety

07/23. Ottawa should move fast on food-safety report


07/22. Breakthrough offers peanut allergy hope

07/22. UK authorities in the dark over aflatoxin-contaminated peanut butter

07/22. CIFOR issues guidelines for foodborne disease outbreak response

07/22. Investigator: no charges in Listeria outbreak

07/22. Give Mike Taylor a chance

07/22. Slow response, poor communication blamed for Maple Leaf Listeriosis outbreak

07/22. Korea to Apply for Improved Mad Cow Status

07/22. Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies safe to eat again

07/22. When Food Gets Inspected And Recalled, Consumers May Not Get A Clear Picture Of The Process

07/22. Food safety culture viewed as crucial to business survival

07/22. Food safety dialogue lacking

07/22. 2 Local Restaurants Close, 4 Penalized For Food-Safety Violations

07/22. Food safety report leaves many questions


07/21. AMI Continues to Urge Congressional Leaders to Keep Animal Antibiotics Ban Out of Pending Legislation

07/21. Don’t wait for fall to act on food safety, says CU

07/21. US scientific panel refuses to list bisphenol A as hazardous

07/21. Canadian government vows not to doctor Listeria report

07/21. Marler Clark Files Class Action Hepatitis Lawsuit Against McDonald’s

07/21. TCD researchers find salmonella gene

07/21. Investigating the Salmonella Investigation

07/21. More questions than answers in salmonella scare

07/21. Kate Scannell: Food safety worries: When good cookies go bad

07/21. Vietnam: Blitz begins on food safety

07/21. New federal food safety regs won’t impact small farms

07/21. Listeria outbreak demands food safety upgrades: investigator

07/21. Food Safety Discussion Heats up in House Ag Committee

07/21. FDA Food Safety Chief Heads to Consulting Firm

07/21. Charm Sciences Receives 5-Year USDA Contract for Antibiotic Test


07/20. Film tells how foodborne illness changed former Mt. Horeb Family

07/20. Foodborne Disease Outbreak Response Guidelines released

07/20. Kroger starts food-safety hot line

07/20. On the road in Vista, CA: The fight against E. coli

07/20. AAMP seeks answers on potential FSIS rule

07/20. Food-Safety Bill Spurs Backlash


07/16. Process contaminants in retail foods survey

07/16. AMI Tells Congress Meat and Poultry Industry Is Meeting Challenge of Continuously Improving Food Safety

07/16. Animals not playing a role in H1N1 pandemic: O.I.E.

07/16. New guidelines cover foodborne disease outbreak response

07/16. Marler Clark Files Second E. coli Lawsuit against JBS Swift Washington State Toddler Gravely Ill due to E. coli-Contaminated Beef

07/16. First Responders in Foodborne Disease Outbreaks Now Have Common Guidelines to Work With

07/16. E. sakazakii infection from powdered infant formula: Know the risks

07/16. Birmingham University scientists in salmonella breakthrough

07/16. Private incentives drive food-safety efforts

07/16. NCBA Member Highlights Beef Industry’s Commitment To Food Safety

07/16. Food safety group releases guidelines for outbreak response


07/15. EFSA publishes its first report on pesticide residues in food

07/15. Foodborne outbreak response guidelines released

07/15. How To Prepare For An FDA Inspection And Recall

07/15. Consent Degree Reached Between Listeria Plagued Peregrina Cheese Inc. & FDA

07/15. The Next Foodborne Threat?  MRSA infections from contaminated meat

07/15. Dave Theno had it right – Secretaries Vilsack and Sebeleius should pay attention

07/15. Aflatoxins in Food

07/15. ‘Change culture to avoid E. coli’

07/15. E. coli and Campylobacteriosis: Why Obama’s USDA food-safety pick is so important

07/15. Poultry Top Source Of Food Poisoning

07/15. China to require import permits for dairy products


07/14. UK: Agency publishes response to E.coli inquiry report

07/14. FDA finds E. coli in dough doesn’t match outbreak strain

07/14. Bottled water regulation questioned in Congress

07/14. Antibiotic use in food animals addressed by House committee

07/14. Is the Convenience of Bagged Spinach and Lettuce Worth the Risk and Damage to the Environment?

07/14. Gluten allergy more prevalent, study finds

07/14. New Food Safety Agenda Emphasizes Prevention and Protection

07/14. S. Korea: Food Makers Hit for Lax Safety Standards

07/14. NRA praises new food safety proposals

07/14. Administration Seeks to Restrict Antibiotics in Livestock


07/13. More Doubletalk from USDA on E. coli and Swift Meat Recall

07/13. Campylobacter levels in poultry increase after transport

07/13. FDA: Plant Design does not allow for “appropriate sanitary conditions” and “proper cleaning”

07/13. GMA Webinar series presents: Managing Allergens in Food Processing Establishments

07/13. Research identifies ways of reducing campylobacter in broilers

07/13. Louisiana: Budget cuts could impact food safety

07/13. USDA Deputy for Food Safety Chosen

07/13. Industry Must Promote RFID's Role in Food Safety

07/13. Crops, ponds destroyed in quest for food safety

07/13. Finally Food Safety is the Main Course

07/13. China's dairy farmers getting over tainted milk scandal

07/13. U.S. Beef Safety Plan Languishes Amid New Illnesses

07/13. Cookie Dough E. coli Mystery May Never Be Solved: FDA


07/10. Jerold R. Mande, Appointed USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Food Safety, Will Head FSIS

07/10. E. coli remains a mystery as cookie dough production restarts

07/10. More than 30 new food safety standards adopted

07/10. Obama administration takes action on food safety

07/10. E. coli vaccines, are they worth the trip?

07/10. Bridging the food-safety debate

07/10. Three strains of E. coli O157:H7 found in cookie plant

07/10. As for E. coli in cookie dough, that's still a puzzler

07/10. Farm Bureau questions parts of food safety bill

07/10. New Health Canada Data On Bisphenol A Strongly Supports the Safety of Bottled Water

07/10. Mande Named Deputy Under Secretary for Food Safety


07/08. F.D.A. introduces food safety rules targeting eggs

07/08. U.S. narrows salmonella warning to Mexican jalapenos

07/08. CDC acts to expedite foodborne data sharing

07/08. Government wants cheese plant closed

07/08. Food Safety Lawyer Questions Timeliness of JBS Swift Beef Recall

07/08. Food Safety Advocate William Marler Calls for Public Meat Inspection Records

07/08. New post created to monitor food safety

07/08. Overhaul of Food Safety Rules in the Works


07/07. EFSA clears raising permitted aflatoxin levels in tree nuts by 150 percent

07/07. Helping RTE processors sleep at night

07/07. Something smells fishy

07/07. More E. coli sampling, salmonella program among Obama panel recommendations

07/07. I Never Thought I Would Live to See the Day – Food Safety in the Age of Obama

07/07. First E. coli Lawsuit Filed Against JBS Swift

07/07. Consumer Trust in Food Safety in the U.S. Plummets Because of Rise in Recalls

07/07. Prevent E.coli illnesses from starting in your kitchen

07/07. Governors Urged to Block Sale of Untreated Gulf Coast Oysters


07/06. BLUEWATER: Restaurant fined after salmonella outbreak

07/06. Officials investigating salmonella find in peppers

07/06. Norwalk's Casa Fiesta sued over salmonella sickness

07/06. Meat safety to be 'sixth sense’

07/06. Where's the (Infected) Beef?

07/06. Foodborne illness levels off in past several years

07/06. Marler Clark Files First E. coli Lawsuit against JBS Swift Beef Company on Behalf of Gravely Ill Victim

07/06. Food safety body sets French fries, baby food rules

07/06. Administration Urged to Boost Food Safety Efforts


07/02. FDA’s Pistachio ‘Warning’: The Other Side Of The Story

07/02. FSIS and JBS Swift reveal partial distribution of E. coli Tainted Meat

07/02. Consumers Must Assume More of the Responsibility for Food Safety Issues


07/01. New Zealand backs A1 milk safety

07/01. Study shows celiac disease more prevalent today than 50 years ago

07/01. FSIS, JBS Swift – “Where is the Beef?”

07/01. How to Safely Cook a Burger (NOT according to the USDA)

07/01. Dunkin' Donuts makes a temporary salmonella-based recall

07/01. Salmonella And E. Coli Bacteria Found In Packets Of Shelled Nuts

07/01. Foodborne illness levels off in past several years

07/01. ADB Provides US$96.5 Million For Vietnam Food Safety

07/01. Food Safety Funding Boost

07/01. EU agency reconfirms safety of Monsanto GM maize

07/01. Portland family files suit in Veggie Booty food poisoning


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