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07/30. New England Journal of Medicine on Nationwide Salmonella Outbreaks

07/30. DeLauro Introduces Meat Testing, Traceability Bill

07/30. Straight From The Farm Can Take You Straight To The Hospital

07/30. Reid Promises E. coli Survivor Action on S. 510

07/30. New Food Safety Registry A Success So Far, FDA Says

07/30. ESPN Investigates Stadium Food Safety

07/30. Mechanism uncovered behind Salmonella virulence and drug susceptibility


07/29. Food Safety Tips for Storm- and Flood-Impacted Areas

07/29. Despite Recalls, Tainted Food Sometimes on Shelves

07/29. Raw Milk Controversy: Raids and Regulations

07/29. Reports Alert FDA to Possible Contamination

07/29. IL Attorney Says Recent Salmonella Outbreaks Show Need for Food Safety Improvements

07/29. Remove turmeric from your diet during food-borne diseases

07/29. Don't Eat That! Most Americans Worry About Safety of Food Supply

       07/29. Lawsuit settled in Hepatitis A outbreak at Milan McDonald's


‎07/28. Reid Wants to Pass Food Bills Before Recess

07/28. FDA pleased with success of Reportable Food Registry so far

07/28. Tribune article highlights post-recall risks to consumer health

07/28. Liquid mercury found in Hong Kong canned meat

07/28. Emerging food safety issues 2010: What's lurking on the horizon?

07/28. Study sheds light on Alicyclobacillus spoilage in juices

07/28. More data need on emerging marine biotoxin, says EFSA


07/27. Verizon Center Is No. 1! In Mouse Droppings!

07/27. Liquid mercury found in Hong Kong canned meat

07/27. More data need on emerging marine biotoxin, says EFSA

07/27. Measuring Pathogens in Poultry

07/27. Hepatitis A Settlement May be Near in Quad Cities

07/27. Schlosser Urges Senate to Act on S. 510

07/27. $500,000 Setlement Reached in Hepatitis A Class Action

07/27. Key steps in the fight against campylobacter


07/26. Washing Raw Chicken Increases Food Poisoning Risk

07/26. 3M Presents Food Safety Symposium at IAFP

07/26. What's lurking in your stadium food?

07/26. No magic bullet to fight Campylobacter, says UK

07/26. Nanotechnology in food: What’s the big idea?

07/26. Chicken “parts is parts”, but are they safe?

07/26. Dogging the HACCP issue: A Q&A with AAMP’s Jay Wenther

07/26. Risk of Food-Poisoning from Re-Usable Grocery Bags Questioned

07/26. How Goes Peak E. coli Season?

07/26. One-Third of Closed Gulf Fishing Area Reopened

07/26. 2010 Pasteurized Milk Problems?

07/26. Has the nail been driven into the coffin of the conventional wisdom that grass-fed beef is safer than grain-fed beef?


07/21. Dairy Farmers Can Fight Johne's Disease Threat with Chlorine and Stainless Steel

07/21. Denmark warns consumers off black cohosh

07/21. UK: Wrexham E. coli victim calls for tougher controls

07/21. EU Places Warning Labels on Foods Containing Dyes

07/21. Louisiana Calls on FDA to Expedite Seafood Testing

07/21. Tick Bite Causes Meat Allergy

07/21. Wisconsin Woman Sues Baker Street Restaurant

07/21. Study finds no clear safety advantage for grass-fed beef

07/21. Farmer's fight over raw milk lands in courtroom

07/21. LJ Anderson: Rise in food imports heightens contamination risk

07/21. China Calls for Crackdown on Unsafe Cooking Oil

07/21. Benefits Of Organic Food Overhyped?

07/21. UK: Contractors needed to carry out foodborne disease research

07/21. UK: New strategy to tackle food poisoning bug


07/20. Study sheds light on Alicyclobacillus spoilage in juices

07/20. UK Food Standards Agency carved up but keeps safety role

07/20. Lawsuit to be filed in Kenosha, Wisconsin Salmonella Outbreak

07/20. Lawmakers Spar Over Holdup on Food Safety Bill

07/20. Buffets and Cross-Contamination

07/20. Texas Goes After Unlicensed Food Manufacturers

07/20. USDA lobbied for withdrawal of raw chicken standards

07/20. Raw Milk Enthusiasts Drink Up, Despite Health Warnings from the FDA

07/20. Food Standards Agency 'will remain' government promises

07/20. China sounds alarm over filthy cooking oil


07/19. Gum rosin not safe as food additive, says EFSA

07/19. China lowers dairy protein requirement to curb melamine

07/19. Food companies go quiet on nanotech research activity

07/19. Antibiotics in food animals

07/19. Debate Over Antibiotics in Ag Rolls On

07/19. Five-Second Rule Not Safe for Food

07/19. RW 2010: Feed breakthrough to combat E coli

07/19. As E. coli concerns mount, produce finds itself in crosshairs

07/19. N.J.'s oyster industry faces shutdown if federal health requirements not met

07/19. China Sends Mixed Messages on Food Safety

07/19. Singapore: AVA launches mobile exhibition to promote food safety

07/19. UC Davis Lab to Test Gulf Seafood

07/19. Exclusive: Hundreds of Texas food makers were unlicensed

07/19. Germs eyed to make foods safer

07/19. UK: Compensation for food poisoning


07/16. USDA, CDC and FDA Outline Efforts to Ensure Judicious Use of Antimicrobials; Detail Efforts to Combat Resistance at Hill Hearing

07/16. Safety in the sky: food is your biggest risk

07/16. Congressman Presses FDA on Gulf Seafood Safety

07/16. Latest Fresh Express Recall a Lot Like One in May

07/16. Europe nearly free of madcow disease: EU

07/16. Geographic determinants of reported human Campylobacter infections in Scotland

07/16. UK: Listeria hits ethnic minorities the hardest, study says

07/16. Bugged to death

07/16. Antibiotics in livestock affect humans, USDA testifies

07/16. Several lawmakers and lobbyist groups try to limit proposed FDA ban on antibiotics in livestock

07/16. Incidence of Most Foodborne Pathogen Infections Declined in 2009


07/15. IFST: Dismantling FSA would be "huge loss" to industry

07/15. Support Voiced for UK Food Standards Agency

07/15. Food Allergies Could Make Kids Smaller

07/15. CDC: Waterborne Diseases Could Cost over $500 Million Annually in U.S.

07/15. Promising Corn Varieties To Fight Aflatoxin Showcased At Field Day

07/15. First Case Filed in Bison Meat E. coli Outbreak

07/15. Irondequoit teen's plight exposes food safety gaps

07/15. Almond industry praised for food safety efforts

07/15. Contaminated pork spreads Salmonella

07/15. China Advances Process To Indict Man Over Tainted Food Case


07/14. More voices join antibiotics debate

07/14. UK: Stop the killer bug: Wrexham E.coli mum speaks out

07/14. Australia Set to Phase Out Bottles with BPA

07/14. Food safety remains top of mind for grape growers

07/14. AMI: Performance Standards Should Be Based On Sound Science

07/14. India to enforce law on food quality soon

07/14. Nanotech in our Food: Should We Be Afraid?

07/14. We will all be losers if the FSA is abolished

07/14. Opposing view on food safety: Don't bar animal antibiotics

07/14. An Update on the Senate Food Safety Bill


07/13. Researchers Try to Explain E. coli in Produce

07/13. China officials pledge to tighten rules on food safety

07/13. Hydrocarbons in Cereal Stoke New Debate Over Food Safety

07/13. Food Poisoning Outbreaks Increasingly Linked to Guacamole, Salsa


07/12. Obama says new food safety legislation would promote prevention

07/12. Don't shoot the watchdog - food industry needs a tight leash

07/12. EFSA delays bisphenol A verdict until September, maintains TDI

07/12. NAMP conference to tackle E. coli O157:H7 (updated)

07/12. The Legal Implications of Secondary Infections

07/12. Federal Agencies Tout Food Safety Progress

07/12. Backyard Chickens Lead to Arsenic in Children

07/12. Is Food Irradiation the Future? Part II

07/12. Is Food Irradiation The Future?

07/12. UK Food Standards Agency set to be abolished

07/12. Feinstein's call for BPA ban bill riles lobbies

07/12. Vietnam: New food law slaps time limit on safety certificate validity

07/12. Chicken to be cleaned with antimicrobial wash

07/12. Salsa, guacamole tied to food poisoning: CDC


07/09. Red Lobster tests menu allergy info

07/09. UN food norms may not impact Indian exporters much

07/09. Codex extends aflatoxin code based on new Brazil nuts data

07/09. Bison E. coli Lawsuit Filed Against Rocky Mountain Natural Meats by Pritzker Olsen Attorneys
07/09. Denmark, UK take steps to fight foodborne bugs

07/09. Review into safety of chemical delayed

07/09. FDA: New Final Rule to Ensure Egg Safety, Reduce Salmonella Illnesses Goes Into Effect

07/09. Consumer food safety confidence remains steady

07/09. Peanut allergy therapy not yet viable, say researchers

07/09. China uncovers more melamine tainted dairy materials

07/09. FSIS does not "target" ground buffalo or bison for E. coli O157:H7 testing - Why?

07/09. Millions Chronically Exposed to Arsenic in Water

07/09. Poll: Most NV Voters Support Food Safety Bill

07/09. EU Rejects Cloned Meat and Milk


07/08. Study questions food firms on HACCP experiences

07/08. Heinz Australia vows bisphenol A phase out in baby food packaging

07/08. On Antibiotic Resistance in Food Animals

07/08. Obama Nudges Senate on Food Safety Reform

07/08. Food Dyes Linked to Cancer, ADHD, Allergies

07/08. Sen. Schumer wants tougher fines for filthy airline kitchens

07/08. Obama heralds Food Safety Act

07/08. China May Impose Fine on Exporters Who Violate Food Safety Rules

07/08. Thermo Fisher Scientific Activates Global Food Safety Response Center

07/08. Food Poisoning Lawsuit Filed Over Recalled Marie Callender's Dinner

07/07. India publishes guar gum contamination restrictions

07/07. Codex sets limits for melamine and aflatoxin in food

07/07. Gulf Seafood's Future Remains Unknown

07/07. The Doctor, Sanjay Gupta, tries to get the Senate to move forward on Food Safety

07/07. Camel milk approved for European export

07/07. New Florida budget eliminates food safety inspections at nursing homes

07/07. Schlosser: 'We Need a Modern Food Safety System'

07/07. EU lawmakers call for ban on meat from cloned animals over safety concerns

07/07. Ireland: Seven outlets closed over food safety

07/07. China and NZ co-operate over food safety

07/07. FSA commissions campylobacter research


07/06. California Assembly terminates BPA as spotlight falls on Schwarzenegger

07/06. Food-safety symposium at I.A.F.P.

07/06. FSIS issues notice about general food defense plans

07/06. FDA Sued for Failure to Regulate BPA

07/06. Is the Food Industry Salting Us to Death?

07/06. EPA Finds Dispersants no More Toxic than Oil

07/06. Campylobacter can remain in various organs

07/06. Poisonous Picassos: The artworks made from E. coli

07/06. Food safety concerns mount as oil found in Gulf crabs

07/06. Congress may put some bite into food-safety regulations

07/06. McDonald's China Says McNuggets Additives 'Harmless'

07/06. Florida Cuts Critical Food Safety Inspections

07/06. UN sets new guidelines for packaged salads, melamine in food


07/02. Raw Milk Consumers: 'Don't Turn Us Into Criminals'

07/02. Functional Technologies’ Yeast Test Demonstrate Reduction in Acrylamide by 90%
07/02. The Battle of Over Raw Milk Heats Up
Government Launches Product Safety Mobile App
Senator Seeks Better Oversight of Airline Food
UN food safety meeting to consider melamine limit
Food safety concerns mount as oil found in Gulf crabs


07/01. Biden Visits Gulf, Discusses Seafood Safety

07/01. Canned butter research

07/01. Will Oil-Eating Bacteria Plague the Gulf?

07/01. Campylobacter hotspots highlighted in French study

07/01. EU opens talks with Turkey on food safety

07/01. Group urges ban of 3 common dyes

07/01. Top USDA Food Safety Nominee Clears Ag Committee

07/01. Canada: Meat packing plant caught fudging ‘best before’ dates


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