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Food Safety Specialist 
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Food Safety Specialist
The Food Specialist will be responsible for overseeing all food safety policies, procedures and regulatory compliance for the facility in collaboration with facility management and corporate food safety team. The successful candidate will be the gatekeeper for food safety standards, policies, and programs including but not limited to HACCP, food safety training programs, SOPís, SSOPís, product inspections, etc. She/he will have the ability to collaborate with multiple stake holders and thrive in fast pace business environment. As America's largest field tomato grower, we take great pride in our people and our processes that protect our customers and brand.

Some Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop/ maintain documentation policies and procedures as relate to food safety for the facility.
  • Monitor and verify activities to ensure that all products coming in and out of the facility meet company/customer food safety and quality standards
  • Gatekeeper of all food safety documentation and regulatory compliance for the facility
  • Collaborate with facility management and corporate food safety on updating and or implementing food safety training and or procedures
  • Perform internal and external food safety audits as needed.
  • Provide training to management personnel and employees regarding varies programs that are foundational to food safety such as GMPís, HACCP, pest management, preventive maintenance, sanitation practices.

Education & Skills Required:

  • Bachelorís degree in biology, food science, chemistry, or other related sciences is required however we will consider candidate with adequate industry experience
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office especially excel
  • Strong analytic skills and ability to make quick decisions with best available information
  • Good oral and written communication skills that can be used customize to fit multiple stakeholders such as production staff, food safety professionals, management etc.
  • Internal auditing experience. * Familiar with microbiological testing programs.
  • Experience with Approved Supplier Programs
  • Ability to increase and evaluate employee GMP's.
  • Proven track record on management and execution of GMPs and HACCP.

Other Requirements: Bilingual (Spanish) preferred, open to travel ~10-15%

Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

  • Bachelor's

Required language:

  • Bilingual; Spanish


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