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Job Title: QA / QC Food Safety

Location: Sun Valley, CA


Compensation: starting at $40,000 annually



-        Be responsible for safeguarding product safety and quality while meeting company and regulatory standards, and has oversight responsibility for a continuous quality improvement program that includes quality control and quality assurance

-        Monitoring and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations about food safety at a pet treat processing plant


Job Duties:

-        Maintain a safe food supply to our customers

-        Ensure that the production and distribution of products meets or exceeds all quality standards

-        Ensure that GMP, USDA, FDA and HACCP standards are being adhered to in the plant

-        Keep plant up-to-date and aware of municipal, state and federal codes regarding food processing plants

-        Interface with regulatory agencies

-        Interface with and train employees about standards

-        Ensures that proper sanitation procedures are utilized and proper sanitation tests are performed

-        Do regular plant inspections to ensure adherence to all standards

-        Interact with FDA regarding release of imported product

-        Keep records of certifications and other food safety information and releases

-        Be responsible for lab testing



-        Must have 2 or more years of experience in food safety

-        Knowledge of or certification with HACCP, FDA, USDA, GMP

-        Effective communication skills

-        Proficient computer skills, especially with Microsoft Office suite

-        Absolutely needs to be a self-starter


Other Information:

-        Needs to have a car and driverís license


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