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08/31. Feds Unable To Pin Down Source Of Mad Cow
08/31. After Delays, U.S. To Toughen Mad - Cow Safeguard
08/31. USDA Gives Private Databases Big Food - Safety Role
08/31. Press Release: Health Group Decries California Acrylamide Lawsuit
08/31. Health and science group condemns acrylamide lawsuit
08/31. USDA, FDA release results of BSE investigation
08/31. Sudan Red testing a priority for food makers to cut risk
08/31. America’s Second Harvest Requests Support in Wake of Hurricane ‘Katrina'
08/31. Partnership With Industry Key to New Animal I.D. System, Johanns Says
08/31. [Yemen] Study links poultry food to cancer among consumers
08/31. California sues food firms over acrylamide
08/31. Some Chinese fish suppliers to Hong Kong do not exist: reports
08/31. Eating off restaurant tabletop poses infection risk
08/31. After the storm: Don't follow up hurricane with food poisoning
08/31. Key Facts About Hurricane Recovery from the CDC
08/31. CDC: Key Facts About Hurricane Recovery (PDF)
08/30. NMA Food Inspection Committee
08/30. Chilean, Brazilian beef downgraded
08/30. Japanese Food Safety Commission says more time needed
08/30. British airline caterer found E. coli in eight different meals last year
08/30. USDA says Texas mad cow was sick before 1997 feed ban
08/30. Feds Unable to Pin Down Source of Mad Cow
08/30. USDA tested 68 cattle for BSE after Texas mad cow
08/30. Marler Clark files second Salmonella lawsuit against Orchid Island Juice Co.
08/30. Journey to China
08/30. [UAE] Food inspectors in surprise visits
08/30. Water and Food Safety After a Hurricane
08/30. Wild food fears
08/30. Hurricane Katrina Aftermath: Keeping Food Safe During Flooding and Power Outages
08/30. FDA Offers Valuable Food Safety Information for Hurricane Katrina Aftermath
08/29. BSE proteins detected in blood
08/29. Planning underway for new biological and agro-defense facility
08/29. Shigella Infections
08/29. Ag Department seizes basa in Mississippi stores
08/29. Key findings may lead to Salmonella elimination
08/29. Hand washing popular at fair
08/29. Handle fruits and vegetables with care
08/29. Six months later, many restaurants out of compliance
08/28. [UK] Revealed: how manufacturers secretly change the 'best before' dates on food
08/28. Consumer Safe Food Handling Practices Focus in September
08/28. Unpasteurized juice poses serious health risk, says FDA
08/28. [EU] Food contaminants - Legislation
08/27. Health Department: Restaurant ratings
08/27. Food to die for — Which restaurants could make you sick?
08/27. Health Dept tracks E. coli source
08/27. Mad Cow Specifics Still Scarce
08/27. NZ free trade overrides Australian food safety laws
08/26. Where would a ton of cheese go to hide?
08/26. HEB offers refund in frozen ground beef patty recall
08/26. Region of Waterloo Public Health Farm Food Safety Booklet available electronically
08/26. Food contact materials - documents
08/26. Vets differ on raw food for pets debate: handling food puts humans at risk
08/26. Widow files suit against Chi-Chi's
08/26. E. Coli attorneys call for legislation to protect visitors at fairs and petting zoos
08/26. U.S. Border Still Closed To Dairy Cattle
08/26. Test For Mad-Cow Disease Is Shown To Have Gaps
08/26. USDA, DHS to Construct New Biological and Agro-Defense Facility
08/26. AMI's Boyle Meets with Japanese Ambassador on BSE
08/26. Maillard reaction on scallop allergens investigated
08/26. [Ireland] Two BSE cases in Republic
08/26. Increased "Mad Cow" (BSE) screening fails first test
08/26. Pan American Health Organization: Technical Cooperation in Food Safety (PDF)
08/25. Americans hold food-related industries in high esteem, according to Gallup poll
08/25. Japan decides more study is needed before reopening its market to U.S. beef
08/25. Saints offer `peanut-free' seats for Friday's game
08/25. Honey, I poisoned the kids
08/25. Drug Abuse on the Farm
08/25. [India] Soft drinks contain excessive E-Coli bacteria: Report
08/25. City's restaurant inspection reports finally online
08/25. FDA Reminds Consumers That Untreated Juices May Pose Health Risk
08/25. What you don't know could really make you sick
08/25. New ISO Food Safety Auditor Training Course in St. Louis, MO, Oct. 10-21
08/25. [India] Government introduces Food Safety Bill in Lok Sabha
08/25. USDA: Tropical Storm Katrina: Keeping Food Safe During An Emergency | En Español
08/24. Food inspector, designer to determine if kitchens need makeover
08/24. Hong Kong, China tighten fish import controls after health scares
08/24. Break your date with Salmonella
08/24. Restaurant inspections
08/24. AMI Supportive of FSIS Rulemaking on Food Standards, Offers Improvements
08/24. Austria says finds mad cow disease in Slovenian ox
08/24. Canadian shipment included eight pregnant cows
08/24. Peanut allergy vaccine
08/24. Nutrition Q&A: Slice through the molds on food
08/24. Sebelius supports Creekstone testing
08/24. USDA moves to close four Montana processing plants
08/24. Japan panel worried U.S. feed rules may spread BSE
08/24. Japanese panel: More study needed before reopening market to U.S. beef
08/24. eFoodSafety.Com, Inc. Announces Sale of Ozone Safe Food, Inc.
08/24. China's top food inspector declares pork free of disease
08/24. Meat plant fined more than $23,000 for safety violations
08/24. FDA: Food Safety for Moms-to-Be
08/24. Food Safety 101: USDA Offers Food Safety Tips For College Students
08/23. Secrets of successful pathogen revealed
08/23. List of specialised committees and task forces
08/23. Hong Kong says China often stays mum on food scares
08/23. Juice company returns after FDA setback
08/23. Codex Alimentarius Commission seeks comments on food additives
08/23. NCBA blasts plan to reopen market to Japanese beef
08/23. University of Georgia Scientist Receives FPA Food Safety Award
08/23. Canada violates US mad cow rules, ships adult cow
08/23. Multi-Agency Group Working to Prevent the Introduction of CWD in PA
08/23. Kansas State Helps Thailand Find a Better Way
08/23. Researchers discover E. coli-related toxin in cattle manure
08/23. Researchers Discover a New Way for Infectious Bacteria to Enter Cells
08/23. E coli bug found in nearly one in four Scottish beef herds
08/23. Finger of blame on food safety points at SAR
08/23. Roundup: Malachite green makes HK gov`t strengthen food safety
08/23. Significant Increase in Students With Food Allergies Reported by School Nurses
08/23. [Barbados] Food safety a priority
08/23. Hong Kong's Chow Flies to China for Food-Safety Talks
08/23. Listeria hijacks transport machinery to invade cells
08/23. Colours used in foods could pose health hazards: study
08/23. Disease scare drops Chinese food from Hong Kong tables
08/22. BC-US-Japan-Beef
08/22. Settlement in E. coli case is now official
08/22. Calif. Ag disputes FDA on tuna warning
08/21. Tips to avoid getting sick at a water park
08/21. Food contact materials - Documents
08/21. Food contact materials - Specific directives
08/21. Food contact materials - Legislative list
08/21. Food contact materials - Documents
08/21. Food contact materials - Framework regulation
08/21. Food contact materials - Scientific advice
08/20. IAFP 2005 sets record registration
08/20. ISU seeks to head off salmonella’s multiple resistance
08/20. Owner of finger found in chili to finger couple
08/20. Border's open, but job's not over, by Andy Mitchell
08/20. AAFC: Canadian Quality Milk Program to benefit dairy farmers and consumers
08/20. Canadian exporters adapt well to US Bioterrorism Preparedness Act
08/20. Agriculture, food supply is vulnerable to terrorism, experts say
08/19. Health inspectors close Outback steakhouse: Fairfax restaurant reopened
08/19. Listeria in milk supply
08/19. HK finds suspected carcinogen in eel meat
08/19. End to OTMS in sight
08/19. Consumer group calls the thousand meat plant violations another example of flaws
08/19. HK tells residents to steer clear of Chinese eels
08/19. Salmonella threat sinks turtle vendor
08/19. Iowa creates new center for food supply protection
08/19. Study reveals a way disease bacteria sense antimicrobials and initiate a counter-defense
08/18. Spell bans basa by two companies
08/18. Defensive bacteria may mean aggresive bacteria
08/18. Johanns meets with Japanese farm minister
08/18. Korea not likely to resume imports of U.S beef this year
08/18. Testing Options For Mad Cow Said Limited
08/18. Pig disease may be linked to antibiotics overuse, experts worry
08/18. Sheep can pass BSE to their lambs
08/18. New Proposal Would Ease Import Restrictions on Japanese Beef
08/18. Animal feed safety management training
08/17. Food irradiation - analytical methods
08/17. JIFSAN announces new initiative for training food safety in exporting nations
08/17. What is aspartame?
08/17. USDA inspectors uncover more than 1,000 BSE violations
08/17. [UK] Mad cow measures is set to be revised
08/17. Sheep can pass BSE to their lambs
08/17. USDA proposes to ease mad cow ban on Japan beef
08/17. FSA consults on campylobacter baseline target in chickens, UK
08/17. Study reveals how bacteria sense antimicrobials and initiate a counter-defense
08/17. BBC survey another blow against UK chicken
08/17. EPA proposes new wastewater bacteria tests
08/17. Foodservice: Twenty Tips to Ensure Food Is Fit to Eat
08/17. Food briefs: Tips help chefs with meat safety
08/17. Antibiotic resistance in the food chain - BBC ‘Real Story' Investigation
08/17. Tech to thwart food poisoning, bioterror
08/17. [UK] New appointments to ACMSF
08/16. Quotable Quotes
08/16. Hawaii firm plans new facility for irradiation
08/16. Oahu fruit is ripe for irradiation
08/16. AMI: Perspective essential; U.S. BSE risk is so low it can scarcely be quantified
08/16. DuPont Qualicon and Applied Biosystems sign alliance agreement
08/16. Restaurant ratings
08/16. Fans Of Raw Milk Quench Their Thirst As Health Officials Worry About Safety
08/16. HACCP undergoing review
08/16. R-CALF says it will go back to court to close border
08/16. Allergies often wrongly blamed on wheat
08/16. DEFRA to revise mad cow measures in autumn
08/16. Japan to ask U.S. for detailed info on mad-cow rule violations
08/16. DEC advises public to use caution in handling fish, game
08/16. USDA finds 1,000 violations of mad cow rules
08/16. Supermarket giant crying over off milk
08/16. Bulletin to the Food Industry Regarding Cake Batter Ice Cream™ and Similar Products
08/16. [UK] Board advises that reliable BSE testing system has now been developed
08/15. Safer beef
08/15. Free chocolate marks end of Australian extortion scare
08/15. B.C. to become first province to rate hospital food under new standards
08/15. FDA warns about "cake batter" ice cream
08/15. Johanns names new food safety deputy
08/15. Researchers To Combat Toxic Brown Mould With Its Non-toxic Cousin
08/15. Chronic wasting meeting held in East Syracuse
08/15. Cal Poly Pomona sets mad cow symposium
08/15. R-CALF regroups for another BSE battle
08/15. Iran's eastern provinces warned about cholera
08/15. Researchers find toxin in south Idaho cattle fecal samples
08/15. Children's additive intake raises fears
08/14. [UAE] Scientists warn against fried food
08/14. [Hong Kong] Shenzhen frozen pork banned
08/14. Johanns Appoints Mann As Deputy Under Secretary For Food Safety
08/14. New Food Safety Bill Will Attract Investment In India : FICCI
08/14. Tainted food case: Laraway to be paid
08/14. Superbugs found in chicken survey
08/13. Rogue caterers can't be penalized
08/13. [Bangladesh] Revisit to faltering food shops on card
08/13. Arizona bans 2 Mexican candies
08/13. [Kashmir] Op Ed: They need money no matter it means poisoning you
08/13. Clostridial Infections
08/13. [Mayo Clinic] Mayonnaise: A common cause of food poisoning?
08/12. Food Safety Series Meeting: Food Antimicrobials, Cleaning and Sanitation
08/12. Health inspections
08/12. Montana governor looks into complaints from local meat plants
08/12. FSIS Conducting Review of HACCP Regulations, Seeks Comments
08/12. Food allergies at school
08/12. Canada and U.S. link databases to facilitate tracing of food outbreaks
08/12. Company ordered to pay school district over tainted poultry
08/12. Food safety improving in restaurants
08/12. UK regulator sets target for Campylobacter crackdown
08/11. Metro restaurant scores
08/11. Montana ranchers charge USDA targeting local processing plants
08/11. USDA shutters slaughterhouse for rodent infestation
08/11. Live from ICoMST: Speakers assess new pre- and post-harvest pathogen interventions
08/11. Oaks Mission School to Host Food Safety Education and Recruitment Day
08/11. Schweitzer seeks answers on meat plant inspections
08/11. [N. Ireland] BAN ENDING?
08/11. FSIS issues new directive regarding its consumer-complaint monitoring system
08/11. Imported meat causes nine out of 10 multi-resistant bacteria infections in Denmark
08/11. Elsa Murano Urges Government to Rely Upon Science, Avoid Caving to Pressure 
08/11. Milk Allergy Diet
08/11. Secretary Johanns: “BSE is a Miniscule Threat in this Country”
08/11. Researchers Find How Some Antibiotics Kill Bacteria
08/11. Safer And Guilt-Free Nano Foods
08/10. LycoRed satisfies FDA over Lyc-O-Mato safety
08/10. Sambar under scanner in US
08/10. Dirty eateries face closure
08/10. [UK] Agency consults on campylobacter baseline target
08/10. [UK] FSA Board to consider advice to Ministers on BSE testing system
08/10. [UK] New members appointed to Meat Hygiene Service Board
08/10. [UK] Local authority audit published
08/09. IAFP European Symposium on Food Safety
08/09. When dining wild, stick to huhu grubs
08/09. Enjoy the tastes of summer without worries of foodborne illness
08/09. Durbin food security and mandatory recall bill
08/09. Teachers learn how to prevent Hepatitis-A
08/09. Pennsylvania prison kept food unsafely
08/09. AMI: Scientific Teamwork, Non-Competitive Spirit Can Yield Real Results
08/09. FSIS Issues Directive for Consumer Complaint Monitoring System
08/09. New Cases of "Mad Cow" Disease Drive Efforts to Confront Potential Problems
08/09. Study: Wolves may help control wasting disease
08/09. [Thailand] Fresh veggie exports to be tested
08/09. Technique detects wide array of pathogens
08/09. Food regulator approves four food contact chemicals
08/09. Health Tip: A Bad Case of Food Poisoning
08/08. Study yields insights into pathogenic fungi—and beer
08/08. Rapid alert system for food and feed (RASFF) - introduction
08/08. International food laws distance education certificate program
08/08. Almond orchard food safety link
08/08. Grocery store employee food handling practices from a customer’s perspective
08/08. Your tap water: will that be leaded or unleaded?
08/08. Sausages with cordial a recipe for asthma
08/08. Antimicrobial resistance in developing countries. Part I
08/07. FSIS to hold public meeting on pre-harvest reduction of salmonella in poultry
08/07. USDA to begin testing low-risk cattle
08/07. Taiwan to continue ban on U.S. beef, Philippines lifts ban
08/07. Food safety research declining despite global risks
08/07. Corn grain mould used as pesticide
08/06. Chi-Chi's notices to be mailed
08/06. [Australia] The high risk of takeaway
08/06. Pig Disease in China Worries UN More Testing is Requested
08/06. [China] Survey: Food Safety People's Top Concern
08/06. FSA Board to consider advice to Ministers on BSE testing system
08/05. FW restaurant ratings may be as easy as A, B, C
08/05. Heavy schedule burdens Bellingham inspections
08/05. Sanitarian makes sure restaurants are safe to eat at
08/05. Eatery health reports unequal; Riverside County rules complicated
08/05. Addressing agroterrorism worries
08/05. Ozfoodnet: enhancing foodborne disease surveillance across Australia
08/05. [Australia] Restaurants to face Games food audit
08/05. [UK] Poison bug charge
08/05. Texas mad cow case demonstrates weaknesses in testing
08/05. China tightens control over pork industry to stem pig-borne disease
08/05. Could The French Fries You Eat Be Killing You?
08/04. An open letter in support of mobile abattoirs
08/04. BSE - USA: Not
08/04. Can I eat that
08/04. Barry County Health Department reports eatery inspections
08/04. Restaurant monitor
08/04. How easy is it to obtain restaurant inspection information?
08/04. 28 drinking scares - but Scotland's water supply is improving
08/04. [Ireland] Six enforcement orders served in July
08/04. US Beef Industry Hails Clearance Of Mad Cow
08/04. Do grilled foods pose a cancer risk
08/04. Road trip food safety
08/04. Enjoying safe homemade ice cream
08/04. Study highights effectiveness of alcohol gel sanitizers
08/04. Traceability in New Zealand
08/04. Botulinum toxin: friend or foe
08/04. Household and worksite germs - Where are they hiding?
08/04. [Bangladesh] Food safety from farm to dining table
08/04. WTO will open meetings to public in 20-year-old hormone ban beef dispute
08/04. Smithfield reduces use of antibiotics in pork production in alliance with Compass
08/04. Stanford Study of Bug's Link to Gastroenteritis Needs Volunteers
08/04. '5-second rule' persists
08/04. Bacteria tests 'cut cheese sales'
08/04. Drinking It Raw
08/04. WHO presents 'food safety' medal to HM Queen
08/04. China: Pig-Borne Outbreak Rings Bell for Public Health Security in Rural Areas
08/04. FDA-Recommended Seizure Carried Out by United States Marshals Under Court Order
08/04. Statement by John Clifford Regarding Negative Test Results for BSE
08/03. FSANZ seeks public comment on proposed changes to the food code
08/03. FSANZ releases findings of study on preservatives in food (Australia only)
08/03. Cost effectiveness of universal hepatitis A vaccination in Canada
08/03. Store fined after mice discovery
08/03. Shanghai sets up news briefing system on food safety
08/03. Preventing travellers' diarrhoea: How to make drinking-water safe
08/03. Canadian Food Safety Coalition: Ready for the next agri-food industry crisis?
08/03. More than 15,000 in fines levied in poultry case
08/03. Cooking up a storm
08/03. [Bangladesh] Food outlets on strike in Dhaka
08/03. Compass Group to curb antibiotic use in pork production
08/03. Beijing bans pork from province affected by pig disease
08/03. Jenny Scott Named Vice President of Food Safety Programs for FPA
08/03. FSIS Issues Notice Regarding New Information Collection For Recalls
08/03. “Non-Definitive” Sample Tests Negative for BSE in both U.S. and England
08/03. Bugs below the surface
08/03. Potentially deadly bacteria always in the gulf
08/03. Enjoy the Tastes of Summer Without Worries of Foodborne Illness
08/03. Key to knowing when meat is done-use thermometer
08/03. [Abu Dhabi] Health checks intensified in food stores and cafes
08/03. Restaurant owners get food safety tips
08/03. Report recommends renewed focus on food and agriculture research
08/02. Health Canada Investigates New Research Findings on Aspartame
08/02. NSW Food Authority helping to make Beijing Olympics free from food-borne illness
08/02. USDA appointment of FSIS Administrator
08/02. Restaurant ratings
08/02. Restaurant violations high
08/02. Meatpacking refined: '02 recall was 'life-changing' event for industry
08/02. Restaurant violations high
08/02. Report: Restaurant inspections lag behind
08/02. Japan Safety Panel Delays Decision On U.S. Beef Imports
08/02. List of specialised Committees and Task Forces - Codex Committee
08/02. Consumer confidence in safety of beef remains strong
08/02. Bad to the last drop
08/02. Controversial theory links bacterial overgrowth to irritable bowel syndrome
08/02. Agricultural goods tracking system due in 2006
08/02. Philippines will impose stricter guidelines to control illegal meat imports
08/02. Japan eases blanket testing for BSE
08/02. Kathy Wybourn Named Director, SAFE Operations
08/02. Johanns Names Dr. Barbara Masters Administrator of FSIS
08/02. Agro-Terrorism Bill Introduced in U.S. Senate
08/02. Protections are in place By Jim McAdams
08/02. Poultry groups upset over ban
08/02. Time bombs lace most U.S. meat
08/02. Wash hands after petting fair animals
08/02. DIET: Gluten-free market goes mainstream
08/02. Is milk really good for you?
08/02. The rise of 'food terrorism'
08/02. US rice may carry an arsenic burden
08/02. [UK] FSA Board to consider advice to Ministers on BSE testing system
08/01. Singapore's food safety, bio-security measures are world-class: experts
08/01. Conference on changing role of seafood technology
08/01. Experts to identify vulnerability of U.S. food chain to terrorist attack
08/01. THE VOCAL POINT: Is bird flu another BSE in terms of PR, public health threat?
08/01. FDA bans poultry antibiotic
08/01. BSE case possibly a new variant?
08/01. Ingredient contamination cause of latest UK recalls
08/01. Alaska Appoints International Food Technology Expert as CEO
08/01. FDA Plans To List Food Allergens On Nutrition Labels
08/01. [Ireland] BSE found in four-year-old cow
08/01. Japan ends blanket testing for mad-cow disease
08/01. US FDA withdraws approval of Baytril to treat infections in poultry
08/01. [Abu Dhabi] Move to clean up food outlets hailed
08/01. Japan eases blanket mad cow testing of domestic cattle headed for market

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