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08/28. Maple Leaf chief addresses Listeria-related recall

08/28. Updated BSE Web site offers new content, design

08/28. FDA’s Irradiation Ruling Puts FDA On The Spot

08/28. Lettuce Rejoice

08/28. Scheme to Irradiate Veggies May Have Problems

08/28. Foodmakers won't be rushing to irradiate greens

08/28. State lab says Listeria found in convenience store sandwich

08/28. Strawberry growers gather for food safety updates


08/27. USDA Announces Proposed Rule to Ban All Non-Ambulatory Cattle

08/27. Aquentium deal boosts ozone sanitation technology

08/27. Consumers lining up to sue Maple Leaf

08/27. Maple Leaf Foods plant involved in massive recall remains closed

08/27. Raw Milk Debate Continues with SB201

08/27. Maple Leaf expects $20-million in losses related to listeria recall

08/27. National co-operation needed on food safety

08/27. JAMA: Food Safety for the 21st Century

08/27. Fiji Health Ministry promotes law on food safety

08/27. K-State researchers awarded nearly $1 million

08/27. Safety testing by food industry in Canada started since March

08/27. Canada: Food safety agency allowing producers to police themselves

08/27. Maple Leaf takes blame for food poisoning outbreak


08/26. FSIS launching new method of food safety assessments

08/26. Food Allergy Warnings Confuse Consumers

08/26. Cyprus: Ministry keeping close eye on aflatoxin levels

08/26. Lawmaker Pushes System to Trace Food to Source

08/26. Researchers uncover molecule keeps pathogens like Salmonella in check

08/26. In Salmonella Attack, Taking One for the Team

08/26. Study examines link between wildlife and E. coli

08/26. Irradiation step doesn't quiet debate on FDA moves

08/26. No need to go cold turkey on cold cuts: experts

08/26. Food-borne illnesses erupt with sickening regularity

08/26. Conference for Food Protection Appoints New VC of Council II

08/26. Food bug might be adapting

08/26. Bulgaria: Food Safety Agency will be set up

08/26. Irradiation a useful tool in promoting food safety

08/26. China: Food safety law debate goes on

08/26. California closer to raw milk reform


08/25. USDA: AMI Petition to Use Low Dose Irradiation as Beef Processing Aid

08/25. Iceberg lettuce and spinach safe to irradiate, says FDA

08/25. Governor Schwarzenegger, Veto This Bill!


08/19. Seoul expands scrutiny of Neb. Beef products

08/19. Who Poisoned our Peppers?

08/19. Student sickened by E. coli-Tainted Lettuce files Suit

08/19. “Say it ain’t so Joe”….. Errrr, David the Food Czar


08/18. M&P EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Elaborating on irradiation

08/18. USDA drafts guidelines on E. coli sampling in small, very small beef plants

08/18. FSIS posts results of reassessment of E. coli controls in beef plants

08/18. Who Does the USDA Really Protect When it Comes to Deadly E. coli?

08/18. Raw Milk – E. coli, Campylobacter, Listeria – Equals Illnesses, Equals Lawsuits

08/18. FDA increases inspections, tightens pepper imports

08/18. Ireland: Salmonella fears halt production at Kildare meat plant

08/18. Turkey challenged by hormone-treated foods

08/18. Food safety organization becoming vocal in Turkey
Leafy greens food safety program completes first year of audits

08/18. Japan, China agree on food poisoning probe: official


08/15. B.S.E. case confirmed in Alberta

08/15. S. Korean broadcasters says sorry for exaggerating threat of U.S. beef

08/15. Salmonella finds in Mexico lead to import alerts

08/15. It’s Official, Nebraska Beef Has Trouble Controlling E. coli

08/15. USDA: food safety is in good shape

08/15. Bisphenol A Safe, Says FDA

08/15. Dawn Farm Foods to carry out 'cleandown' at Co Kildare plant


08/14. Farmers over-reliance on antibiotics affects resistance, says organic group

08/14. FSIS committee on microbiological criteria for foods seeks nominations

08/14. FDA Food Safety Modernization Act – What about USDA?

08/14. Swedish restaurants soon 'allergy free'

08/14. USDA: Nebraska Beef had trouble limiting E. coli

08/14. CSPI Praises Senators for Bipartisan Food Safety Bill

08/14. Chicken farmers' food safety plan moves ahead

08/14. Food safety symposium Aug. 19

08/14. French restaurants violating food safety rules

08/14. Veterinarian shortage may impact safety of U.S. food supply


08/13. AMI seeks to correct erroneous impression that all beef

08/13. S. Korea to check Nebraska Beef product for E. coli

08/13. S. Korean inspectors to check U.S. slaughterhouses

08/13. Georgia Ag Routine Sampling Leads to FDA Import Alert

08/13. WSDA warns about contaminated raw milk from Shaw Island

08/13. Search for salmonella in vegetables is a long process

08/13. Another E. coli Suit Filed

08/13. 5 Fast Food Restaurant Chains Who Rank Last In Hygiene & Food Safety

08/13. Chinese Food Safety Official Escapes Probe By Ending His Life

08/13. Farm groups urge changes to federal food-safety programs

08/13. Next Congress likely to make food safety a priority

08/13. Ireland: Food safety Authority warns of extra salmonella risk


08/12. New tracking system will ensure meat safety, says IT firm

08/12. Nebraska Beef Ltd. continues production under increased testing

08/12. Amid Salmonella Scare, UTEP Researchers Document Pepper Problems

08/12. Recalled Beef Was Distributed to Colorado Stores

08/12. How to Tell When Leftovers Go Bad

08/12. Leafy Greens Food Safety Program Completes First Year of Audits

08/12. NC Gets Federal Funds For Food Safety Research


08/11. Marler Clark Calls on S&S Foods to Pay E. coli Boy Scouts’ Medical

08/11. Marler Clark: Lawsuits Build Against Nebraska Beef

08/11. Food safety crackdowns continue around the globe

08/11. BPA Ban Under Consideration in California

08/11. Food safety monitoring at the Beijing Games

08/11. Japan-China food row resurfaces


08/08. RI officials warn of possible food contamination

08/08. Just say no to raw milk

08/08. Mexico Says Pepper Farm Tests Negative for Salmonella

08/08. FDA may ease seafood rules

08/08. Ireland: Subway meats in Salmonella scare


08/07. Experts Cast Doubt on the Meat and Cancer Hypothesis

08/07. Unauthorised colours, plastic fragments found in products

08/07. Tomato growers lobby for compensation in Salmonella scare

08/07. Some fibrous foods may protect against Salmonella and E. coli

08/07. NMA to host food safety assessment workshop

08/07. Mexico Questions FDA Salmonella Findings

08/07. Hold the E-Coli, Please

08/07. CSPI: Restaurants Need Food Safety Letter Grades

08/07. India: MoFPI to observe October 16 as Food Safety Day

08/07. Guest commentary: Food safety concerns are all too real

08/07. William Marler: American Food Safety System a ''Train Wreck''


08/06. Irish dairy to follow in US hygiene footsteps

08/06. Regulator urges action on foodborne pathogen resistance

08/06. Since the Spring of 2007 39,361,718 pounds of E. coli O157:H7 Contaminated

08/06. Students With Food Allergies Often Not Prepared

08/06. Report available on antimicrobial resistance

08/06. Tomato Growers Want Compensation Over Salmonella Warning

08/06. India: CII proposes checklist for street food

08/06. UK: Food safety advice developed

08/06. Bill of shame: trendy eatery outed for safety breach

08/06. Health authority cracks down on raw milk


08/05. Crunch time for peanut allergies

08/05. Sesame Seed Extract And Konjac Gum May Help Ward Off Salmonella And E. Coli

08/05. Tomato Growers Seeing Red

08/05. Utahns in poll rank food safety as a top issue

08/05. Make Food Safety Top Goal

08/05. Salmonella Poisoning Outbreak Aggravated by Antacids

08/05. Farm suspends raw-milk sales


08/04. Review: Role of Noroviruses in Sporadic Gastroenteritis

08/04. Settlement will reduce carcinogens in potato chips

08/04. California crunches down on potato chip companies over acrylamide

08/04. Michigan may have false positive in salmonella case

08/04. Canada's food safety remains our top priority: CFIA's Evans

08/04. Reasons Why Restaurant Employees May Not Follow Food Safety Procedures


08/01. Gov't of Canada Response to the Salmonella Saintpaul Outbreak in the USA

08/01. More Sour News For Connecticut Raw Milk E. coli Dairy

08/01. The Rise of MRSA in Pigs and the Health Risk to Humans

08/01. Marler Clark Files Salmonella Saintpaul Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart

08/01. Keeping Food Bacteria-Free With Irradiation

08/01. Health: Irradiated Beef

08/01. Time to Irradiate Produce

08/01. Quotable Quotes

08/01. Produce industry already enhancing traceability on its own

08/01. State models cited as ways to improve outbreak responses


08/01. National Restaurant Association Calls for Re-evaluation of Food Safety System

08/01. GMA Supports Bipartisan, Compromise Approach to Improving Food Safety

08/01. Japan Lifts Its Ban on Lobster Imports

08/01. Contempt case for Ont. farmer who provided raw milk demands trial

08/01. Popularity of raw milk growing

08/01. NMPF Asks USDA to Close Canadian Border to Cattle Imports

08/01. YouTube baby poison hoax leads to arrest


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