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08/31. Chicken Consumption and Use of Acid-Suppressing Medications as Risk Factors for Campylobacter Enteritis, England

08/31. China to launch new food safety standards

08/31. Recall Advice for Ground Beef, Cantaloupes … Well, Any Contaminated Food

08/31. State encourages corn farmers to test crops for aflatoxin

08/31. Nothing Simple about Food Dating, Expiration Dates or 'Use-By' Dates

08/31. Primary and secondary cases in Escherichia coli O157 outbreaks: a statistical analysis

08/31. UK: Holidaymaker wins £750,000 after eating contaminated burger

08/31. A year after listeriosis, our food is no safer

08/31. Lawmakers scrutinize food safety regulations

08/31. China to formulate new system of food safety standards

08/31. Keep your eye on food safety


08/28. Media Must Cease Using The Term “Swine Flu” When Referring to The Novel H1N1 Virus

08/28. N.A.M.P. conference focuses on E. coli

08/28. Is irradiation the solution to E. coli in ground beef? – Part 2 – (Safety Zone blog on

08/28. Here’s my (radical?) solution to reducing E. coli in beef - (Food (Safety) Fight blog on

08/28. Fish from 291 streams test positive for mercury in USGS survey

08/28. Food Safety Regulators Voice Support for Animal ID System

08/28. Inspection reveals toxins at Cyprus dairy

08/28. Cyprus: Aflatoxin milk might have reached consumers

08/28. Tobacco Plant Helps Sprout Norovirus Vaccine

08/28. Study: increase in drug resistant typhoid fever seen in U.S., mostly due to foreign travel

08/28. For Austin biotech company, space is a great place for vaccine research

08/28. Animal identification offers 'opportunities'

08/28. FDA bill waits in line behind health care

08/28. Canada: Politics trumps food safety

08/28. Invasive healthcare reform takes over massive food safety bill

08/28. Vietnam: Food safety offices often understaffed or even shut

08/28. Food Safety Regulators Voice Support for Animal ID System

08/28. Eastern apple growers ramp up food safety programs


08/27. Processing under spotlight as flaws revealed in shellfish toxin testing

08/27. Raw milk proposals raise standards

08/27. The epidemiology of Guillain-Barre Syndrome in U.S. military personnel: a case-control study

08/27. Australia: Listeria scare sparks chicken products' recall

08/27. Canada: One year later, federal politicians bicker over listeriosis

08/27. On the cutting block: food inspectors

08/27. Canada: Another listeria outbreak 'just a matter of time’

08/27. Ha Noi health inspectors to check safety of moon cakes

08/27. HK food test satisfactory rate reaches 99.4%

08/27. Bahrain: 62 food outlets shut

08/27. UK: Commission report published on hygiene legislation


08/26. Health Canada, Environment Canada find acrylamide poses risk

08/26. Maple Leaf Foods marks one-year anniversary of Listeria deaths

08/26. E. coli prevalence rates similar in natural, organic and conventional beef systems: study

08/26. Australia: Survey shows sushi is safe to eat

08/26. Australia: Listeria contamination in Bruny Island Cheese Company soft cheese

08/26. HP gets into the food-safety business

08/26. Vietnam: Health ministry urges consumers to report food safety violations

08/26. E. coli and Food Recalls: Progress, Really?

08/26. MythBusters: Dishing Up Food Safety Fact From Fiction

08/26. Testing of S. F. food handlers not valid


08/25. New CAST Issue Paper Examines Cloned and Transgenic Animals

08/25. New study exposes high levels of mercury in freshwater fish

08/25. FDA promises BPA decision by end of November

08/25. Tobacco Plants Yield First Vaccine For Dreaded 'Cruise Ship Virus’

08/25. ARS: Chatter of foodborne pathogens examined

08/25. Editorial: An appetite for change in food safety

08/25. IBD Possible Consequence of Salmonella, Campylobacter


08/24. For the record [carcass trimming and reconditioning intervention]

08/24. Paper presents science behind cloned animals

08/24. Another Nail in the Grass Feed Beef is better than Grain Feed Coffin

08/24. Maple Leaf apologizes again for listeriosis deaths

08/24. Another E. coli Lawsuit Following JBS Swift Beef Recall

08/24. Collaborative Works Leads to Food Borne Illness Vaccine

08/24. Food Safety a Growing Issue in Groves

08/24. USDA grant to educate AIDS patients about food safety

08/24. Campylobacter: the King of Foodborne Disease in the US

08/24. Cattle production systems do not affect E. coli prevalence

08/24. Canada: Liberals recall agriculture committee to get food safety

08/24. Better food safety sought for all Asian fish imports


08/21. UK: Agency warning about drinking Zam Zam water

08/21. Supermarkets quizzed on plastic food racks over decabromodiphenyl ether health fears

08/21. How about looking inside USDA for Food Safety czar?

08/21. Got milk allergies? Drink more milk

08/21. North Carolina and the raw milk controversy

08/21. Strawberry growers advised to prepare for food safety crises

08/21. Local producers voice concern over food safety bills


08/20. China launches new food safety reporting system

08/20. New Zealand: Food safety survey finds low pesticide residues

08/20. USDA still considering calling E. coli-positive primals adulterated

08/20. Restaurants: Comprehensive Food Allergen Reporting With Menu Software

08/20. Nigeria: Poisonous rice & you

08/20. UK: Expert wants coroners to test for mad cow

08/20. Botulism: Equal Parts Public Health Scourge and Cosmetic Miracle?

08/20. Bring food safety rules alive online

08/20. Food Safety Hot Line Available

08/20. Open Letter to an Under Sec’y for Food Safety – FSIS – The End of E. coli Conservatism

08/20. PMA program gets to nuts and bolts of food safety

08/20. Is It Safe for Babies to Drink Water?

08/20. Federal Study Shows Mercury in Fish Widespread


08/19. Is irradiation the answer to E. coli in ground beef? Part 1

08/19. Irradiation revisited

08/19. Effective Communication Essential for Pathogens that Need to Succeed

08/19. Marler Clark has Tested Retail Hamburger for Non-O157:H7 Pathogenic Shiga Toxin Producing E. coli – Abstract

08/19. Third E. coli Lawsuit to be Filed Against JBS Swift Beef Company

08/19. Non-E. coli O157:H7 Serotypes linked to Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS)

08/19. Why Does the USDA and FSIS NOT Consider Non-O157:H7 Shiga toxin E. coli an Adulterant?

08/19. Milan McDonalds customer sick with Hepatitis A wants apology and medical bills paid

08/19. More lawsuits filed against Ill. McDonald's over hepatitis A

08/19. State of Canada's food-safety system still hotly debated

08/19. Listeria testing rules don’t go far enough: Food expert

08/19. Web searches may have foreshadowed Listeriosis crisis

08/19. L.A. officials warn of cheeses that could contain harmful bacteria

08/19. Researchers look for dietary link to E. coli O157:H7

08/19. American Frozen Food Institute Commends Congressional Efforts

08/19. Officials urge better protections for food supply


08/17. Animal antibiotics improve food safety, coalition tells White House

08/17. Salmonella in ground beef less resistant to heat than whole cuts, says study

08/17. Why the CDC has it right – It was Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough that Sickened 80 with E. coli O157:H7

08/17. Antibiotic Resistant Salmonella and the Meat You Eat


08/14. Alberta researcher finds beneficial use for mango pits

08/14. Listeria risks from high pressure cleaning

08/14. Modern Food Production Provides the Perfect Mechanism for Mass Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

08/14. Widow in call to protect tourists

08/14. Stomach bugs may boost bowel disease risk: study

08/14. A 'super food agency' might not be so super

08/14. America's Food Safety Back on a Front Burner


08/12. Meat processor linked to salmonella recall warned over animal handling practices

08/12. Pallet rivals clash as both call for FDA safety probe

08/12. Cargill linked Beef Packers, Inc., Electrically Stunned Cows Prior to Slaughter

08/12. Why MSG allergy is fake science

08/12. Ill honeymooner handed large payout

08/12. Trade group: Egg regulations to cost $81M

08/12. Salmonella Meat Processor Cited Prior to Outbreak

08/12. Beware of Washing Away the Pathogens and Sending Them to the Food

08/12. Calif. Meat Plant Cited for Cow Handling Problems


08/11. Smokies' £3m cash potential for meat processors – Report

08/11. A new direction for F.S.I.S.?

08/11. On the Road in Kansas: Beef producers committed to food safety

08/11. How far will bench trim testing go?

08/11. The science of Salmonella

08/11. Nestle GM Speaks Out About E. Coli Report

08/11. iGPS seeks FDA inquiry into wood pallets, risks to food safety

08/11. Making sense of food safety legislation

08/11. Food Safety Shuffle

08/11. Dubai boosts food safety effort

08/11. UK: 5,000 businesses to benefit from food safety grants


08/10. Hamburg details FDA food safety crackdown measures

08/10. FDA’s Commissioner Hamburg: Beefing up US food safety

08/10. Bisphenol A ban tabled in French parliament

08/10. Strict Liability and Food Safety

08/10. Beef Packers Inc Recalls Salmonella Newport Beef – Why Hasn’t it or FSIS Told Us Where it Was Sold?

08/10. Why is E. coli O157H7 considered an adulterant, but other shiga-toxin E. coli not?

08/10. The Dairy Industries Dirty Little Antibiotic Salmonella Newport Secret

08/10. Discovery Could Develop New Way to Kill Salmonella

08/10. An Unforgettable Salmonella Illness

08/10. UPDATE 2-U.S. FDA refuses salmonella-tainted Canada canola

08/10. Huge Ground Beef Recall Returns Attention to USDA’s Role in Food Safety

08/10. Freshening up food safety laws

08/10. Food Safety

08/10. FDA: Tuna Salad Sandwiches, Other Products Seized at Louisiana Company

08/10. FDA Commissioner Sets Out Vision on Enforcement to Support Public Health


08/06. 2009 Beef Recalls: More for Salmonella than E. coli

08/06. Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease After Salmonella or Campylobacter Gastroenteritis

08/06. Popular type of gecko laden with salmonella

08/06. UPDATED: FDA promises faster, aggressive food safety enforcement

08/06. Protect consumers from foodborne illness

08/06. Food Poisoning Cases Drive Dubai to Raise Safety Awareness

08/06. Dubai restaurants requiring waivers for takeout meals

08/06. House bill would give FDA more authority

08/06. Margaret Hamburg: Effective Enforcement and Benefits to Public Health


08/05. Time for you to chime in on E. coli

08/05. FSIS to hold food safety conference in March 2010

08/05. Saudi Arabia lifts ban on Indian seafood imports

08/05. FDA leader discusses improvement plans

08/05. Cannibalistic Cells May Help Prevent Infections

08/05. Poultry industry faces more regulation

08/05. APEC reaffirms commitment to improving food safety

08/05. Food safety: More regulation good, as long as it doesn't go too far

08/05. Defense spending should focus on mission, not politics

08/05. Fears contanimated food served on Virgin Blue flights

08/05. UK: Progress report on smokies research


08/04. Green Banana Reduces Clinical Severity of Childhood Shigellosis

08/04. EFSA publishes data requirements for food additive approval

08/04. US state warns parents off bisphenol A

08/04. FDA seeks comments on food safety draft guidances

08/04. Drug trial aims to take bite out of food allergies

08/04. Food Allergy Researchers Find Links, But Mysteries Remain

08/04. EU may ban import of groundnut from India

08/04. Nation's Food Safety System Set for New Rules

08/04. Food safety body sets French fries, baby food rules

08/04. House passes bill to widen FDA role in food safety

08/04. Australia: KFC 'chicken twister' causes brain damage, says 11-year-old, suing

08/04. Raw-milk lovers skirt the law

08/04. Pathogen Responsible for Food Poisoning Wears a Protective Cloak


08/03. Australia: Lawsuit Claims Salmonella at Fast Food Restaurant Responsible For Girl's Brain Damage

08/03. E. coli O157:H7 Conference To Address Fallout From Summer Recalls

08/03. Senator Introduces Bill for Mandatory Meat and Poultry Recalls

08/03. Allergy specialists suggest warning symbol for foods, non-foods

08/03. New proposals represent shift in food safety strategy, FDA

08/03. EPA awards grant to research food allergy triggers

08/03. Why "just cook it" won't cut it

08/03. FSIS outlines beef bench trim rules

08/03. USDA to test bench trim for E. coli

08/03. Foodborne Hepatitis and Catastrophic Liver Failure

08/03. Colorado Health Officials Identify Wal-Mart as One Retailer of Recalled Cilantro


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