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Sr. Food Safety Manager - Salt Lake City, UT

Associated Food Stores - Salt Lake City, UT

Associated Food Stores - Food Safety Manager

Job Characteristics - Overview

Candidate will work in partnership with Associated Food Stores Member Retail Operations MRO (independently owned retail grocery stores), in delivery of food safety services and food safety education. Responsibilities include providing technical assistance in regards to general food safety practices and compliance with federal, state and local food safety laws. Applicant will conduct detailed food safety and compliance inspections in MRO retail stores, including deli, meat, bakery, produce and grocery departments; will investigate and follow up with consumer complaints related to food items prepared and sold from MRO stores and will provide a variety of food safety training MRO store employees. Candidate will help with educating MRO stores with compliance policies and procedures.


  • Plans and manages food safety projects and / or programs.
  • Conduct thorough and detailed food safety inspections of AFS and MRO facilities, personnel, machinery, equipment methods and systems to ensure good practices.
  • Identify and mitigate potentially and immediate food safety hazards in retail food environment.
  • Write (discuss) project(s) / program plan(s), recommendation(s) to individuals, management and corporate supervisors.
  • Suggest and / or implement corrective actions for deficiencies related to food safety and compliance.
  • Plan and execute food safety training; food handler training and certified food safety manager training.
  • Respond to and mitigate negative press and provide solutions to customer complaints.
  • Will provide technical consultation, expertise and training to AFS and MRO teams on producing accurate food labeling and nutrition fact labeling as needed.

(Includes knowledge, skills, and abilities required upon entry into position and must be trainable after entry into position)
The candidate should have good working knowledge of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – FDA Food Code, State Department of Agriculture and Health Department - Food Protection Rule(s), and local health department rules governing food safety and compliance. Candidate must also be knowledgeable of recent Acts implemented by the USDA and FDA (country of origin labeling act, federal food allergen and consumer protection act, bioterrorism act, FSMA, etc.). Applicant must be familiar with and able to read / interpret data, laws and other information relevant to food safety and compliance, including 7 CFR, 9 CFR, 21 CFR; State Plumbing Codes and the International Plumbing Code. Candidate must be able to communicate with others effectively, tactfully and professionally.

Other Requirements
Candidate must be able to become a certified food safety trainer by a nationally recognized agency. Also, the applicant will be expected to occasionally travel long distances both in state and out of state, with over night stays. Candidate must also possess excellent communication skills, follow through skills, relationship building skills and computer skills.

Education / Experience
BS Degree, or higher in biology, microbiology, environmental health, chemistry, food science, nutrition or other similar fields preferred. Education can be substituted with 4 years’ experience in food manufacturing, food safety, environmental health or other similar field.

Additional Preferences
Preference will be given to those applicants with BS degree in microbiology, biology or environmental health sciences and have at least 4 years or more experience in environmental health science and current environmental health scientist licensure.

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