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Director of Food Safety & Quality Assurance New York, NY



Home Office, NYC


Job Description


Ensure the quality, safety and standards of all Shake Shack products, which include products for US and International locations; meet the goals and vision of the Supply Chain Department Mission Statement: To support all Shake Shacks by delivering Creative and Influential Menu Development, Responsible and Profitable Supply Chain, and Supportive and Interactive Quality Assurance through the vision of Stand For Something Good.

Key Responsibilities

1.     Ensure Shake Shack Suppliers, which include growers, producers, manufacturers, distributors and/or vendors, are operating at Shake Shack standards for safe food production.

2.     Ensure Shake Shack Suppliers, are supplying Domestic and International Shake Shacks with products produced to Shake Shack approved specifications, produced in a facility that meets Shake Shack standards and are delivered to Shake Shacks in a controlled supply chain environment.

3.     Ensure Shack Standard Guide (SSG) are current and up to date with new product information and the operations are using and implementing the SOPs.

4.     Ensure all Shake Shacks have the most current food safety information, procedures and are properly equipped to handle reasonable allergen requests through Food Safety Training.

5.     Ensure all Shacks are provided with, and monitored by a reliable Pest Control Provider (PCP).

6.     Ensure the proactive management of risk and safety to provide a class leading work environment and physical space for all employees, guests and business partners.

Physical Requirements

        Involves sitting most of the time, but may involve walking or standing for brief periods of time.

        Includes traveling to all Shake Shack locations, which may include but not limited to the following modes of transportation; planes, trains and automobiles. International travel may also be included.

        Shake Shack and/or Supplier audits involves standing and walking for up to 8 hours.

        Shake Shack audits involve being around hot equipment, being in freezing equipment, working around moving parts, moving objects up to 50 pounds, reaching, twisting and flexing with arms, wrists and hands, bending and stooping with the legs.

        Approximate allocation of work time: In Office 60%, Visiting Shake Shacks 25%, Visiting Suppliers 15%


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