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About Cott Beverages:

Cott Beverages (NYSE: COT) is one of the world’s largest producers of beverages on behalf of retailers, brand owners and distributors, and has one of the broadest home and office bottled water and office coffee service distribution networks in the United States, with the ability to service approximately 90 percent of U.S. households, as well as national, regional and local offices.

Cott produces multiple types of beverages in a variety of packaging formats and sizes, including carbonated soft drinks, 100% shelf stable juice and juice-based products, clear, still and sparkling flavored waters, energy drinks and shots, sports drinks, new age beverages, ready-to-drink teas, beverage concentrates, liquid enhancers and freezables and ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages, as well as hot chocolate, coffee, malt drinks, creamers/whiteners and cereals. Cott’s large manufacturing footprint, broad distribution network, substantial research and development capability and high-level of quality and customer service enables Cott to offer its customers a strong value-added proposition of low cost, high quality products and services. In addition, Cott is now a national direct-to-consumer provider of bottled water, office coffee and water filtration services offering a comprehensive portfolio of beverage products, equipment and supplies to approximately 1.5 million customer locations through its network of over 200 sales and distribution facilities and daily operation of over 2,100 routes.

With approximately 10,000 employees, Cott operates approximately 60 manufacturing facilities and 180 distribution facilities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Mexico. Cott also develops and manufactures beverage concentrates, which it exports to approximately 50 countries around the world.

The Manager Quality Systems Manager will take a leadership role in verification and validation of the global Quality Management System in their assigned Cott facility. In addition, they will assume direct responsibility for compliance with the Food Safety and Modernization Act and food production licensing, certifications, and registrations are current.
These activities are based on the Quality strategic plan to:

  • Food Safety Modernization Act Compliance (hereafter referred to as FSMA)
  • Maximize the Effectiveness of Current Programs to Support Food Safety and Quality and to Ensure Compliance with Regulatory and Audit Code Requirements
  • Identify and Optimize Areas for Continuous Improvement
  • Support Execution of a Robust Quality Management System

Instill Food Safety and Quality Mindset throughout Organization:

  • Promote and Support Food Safety and Quality Programs
  • Demonstrate thorough understanding of regulatory and current SQF audit code requirements for food manufacturers and develop familiarity with the Cott Quality Management System.

Demonstrate ability to communicate the policies and procedures and illustrate how they address both regulatory and audit code requirements:

  • Develop procedures to support the Quality Management System Policies as needed.
  • Develop training materials needed for Quality Management System as needed.
  • Develop and execute audits of Quality Management System training effectiveness
  • Demonstrate Leadership Ability - Be an enthusiastic supporter of the Quality Management System and an Empowered Influencer of Others.
  • Maintain Certifications and Expand Knowledge through Manufacturing Training:
  • Maintain currency in required certifications
  • Current certification is required for
  • SQF Practitioner
  • Food Defense Practitioner
  • Better Process Control
  • Possess and maintain necessary training and experience to act as a Qualified Preventative Controls Individual
  • Support implementation of programs initiated to address regulatory changes; support new manufacturing systems, execute new product lines.
  • Participate in offered training necessary to understand compliance with requirements of regulatory changes, new manufacturing systems, or new product lines.
  • Work with Regulatory and Compliance to identify necessary procedures and practices to initiate in response to regulatory changes, new manufacturing systems, or new product lines.
  • Assist with development of policies and standard operating procedures to comply with regulatory changes, new manufacturing systems, or new product lines.
  • Act as the principle Plant Quality contact for Change Management
  • Ensure the change management process identifies necessary adjustments or changes to the Quality Management Program and that they are appropriately executed
  • Develop and maintain associate training for new programs, systems or products
  • Show Active Hands-on Involvement and Understanding of Food Safety and Quality Program
  • Demonstrate understanding of manufacturing environment and impact of Food Safety and Quality Program. Develop familiarity with Cott products, manufacturing facilities and processes.
  • Receive hands-on training in the key food safety areas of assigned facility: Receiving, Batching, Manufacturing, Sanitation, Quality, Warehousing, Shipping
  • Execute Cott Quality Management System Verification and Validation Activities
  • Develop routine audit protocols to verify appropriate execution of Preventative Controls by the facility
  • Coordinate calendar of verification audits and designated tasks with Corporate Quality and Plant and Plant Quality Managers.
  • Independently conduct routine Cott Food Safety/Defense; GMP; and HACCP audits of the assigned manufacturing plant
  • Conduct audits of outside warehouses, co-packers, and suppliers that support assigned facility as needed to verify continuing compliance to Cott Quality Management System.
  • Assist the facility with appropriate risk assessments
  • Document and distribute audit results to facility management, to Regional Field Manager, and to Quality Systems Director within one week after audit. Identify and prioritize audit deficiencies, request corrective actions.
  • Review corrective actions proposed by facility and approve if appropriate. Develop plan to verify corrective action compliance on an ongoing basis.
  • Routinely monitor Preventative Controls correction effectiveness to identify necessary corrective action development
  • Develop and perform routine validation audits of Quality Management System
  • Communicate and identify gaps to facility management, Regional Field Quality Manager and to Director Quality Systems within one week after audit completion.
  • In partnership with Director Quality Systems adjust policies or with plant management and Regional Field Quality Manager adjust standard operating procedures to address identified deficiencies.
  • Maintain documents associated with verification and validation activities in shared repository.
  • Participate in the Cott Quality Management System Continuous Improvement Activities
  • A key responsibility of the Manager Quality Compliance will be to ensure that appropriate reviews occur to support consistent Continuous Improvement of the Quality Management System:
  • Act as the primary contact for communication of requirement changes. These include regulatory and audit code updates, federal guidance publications, and Food and Drug warning letter reviews.
  • Assist with the development and implementation of appropriate programs to address those changes.
  • Identify and communicate the facility’s Food Safety and Quality Best Practices, and work with the Regional Field Quality Manager to disperse to the organization.
  • Identify Food Safety and Quality roadblocks and restrictions at the facility and work closely with Plant Management, the Regional Field Quality Manager to develop action plans for improvement.
  • Develop matrix to monitor and assess overall status of Cott Quality Management System at the facility. Using the Cott Quality Management System and audit codes as a guide, identify appropriate factors for the matrix, and issue report for facility on a yearly basis.

Sponsor execution of the Change Management Program. Ensure appropriate coordination and execution of change management as defined in the Cott Quality Management System occurs:

  • Perform Change Management Assessment for proposed changes and maintain documents in central repository
  • Act as Plant Quality sponsor to support the Regional Field Quality Manager’s role as the Corporate Quality change management sponsor.
  • Develop program to verify continuing application of Change Management activities
  • Develop program to validate Change Management process
  • Include validation results as part of the yearly Cott Quality Management Systems report.

Maintain Robust Communication within the facility management team and Quality Management. Use appropriate tools to ensure coordination and good communication within these functional areas:

  • Working within the department strategic plan, and in partnership with the Quality Systems Director, identify long-term plan and appropriate strategies biannually. Set goals and mileposts and monitor progress with Quality Systems Director.
  • Submit weekly report to Quality Systems Director, using a standard format developed with the Director. Report will review status of current projects and activities and goals for coming week.
  • Participate in weekly one-on-one conversation with Director to review weekly report, the strategic plan and goals, and to cascade information.
  • Participate in the weekly Quality systems conference call:
  • Document and review past week’s activities and focus for coming week
  • Discuss options to address any opportunities or roadblocks that have been encountered during the week

Support Drive for Continuous Improvement:

  • Assist Plant Quality Management Development.
  • Support Plant Quality Management and the Regional Field Quality Manager through assistance with development of training materials.
  • Develop appropriate training materials for Plant Quality Managers prior to the implementation of new or revised Quality Management System programs
  • Audit training execution and effectiveness

Collaborate with Field Quality Manager, Product Development and Lab Services. Collaborate with Field Quality Manager, Product Development and Lab Services to drive programs for continuous improvement:

  • Implement program to monitor commercialization effectiveness of new formulas. Identify develop gaps and modify process/program to address.
  • Implement improvement programs developed by PD and Quality, develop process to monitor effectiveness and communicate results to PD and Quality

Maintain Budget Performance. Perform within approved department budget parameters:

  • Maintain adherence to the budget goals
  • Encourage the development of programs and corrective actions that address deficiencies in a cost effective manner.

Promote a Robust Corrective Action Program. Ensure that the corrective action process is correctly executed and results are communicated:

  • Ensure that corrective action triggers defined in the corrective action policy are followed
  • Ensure proper execution of correction and corrective action activities
  • Ensure use of standardized methods and documents and use of the central repository for corrective action execution
  • Sponsor corrective action activities in the following manner:
  • Work with plant management to identify team members
  • Understand DMAIC tools and assist Corrective Action teams in the DMAIC process
  • Maintain record of team activities, assigned actions, timelines, and output
  • Follow-up to ensure assigned timelines are met
  • Verify completion of team’s assigned actions
  • Verify corrective action is implemented
  • Develop plan to validate and document said validation of Corrective Actions after implementation. Communicate ineffective corrective actions to plant management and Quality Compliance for further development and action.
  • Document and communicate findings and results to Regional Quality Managers and Quality Compliance to support identification and incorporation of Best Practices throughout the organization.


  • Must have Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science or related degree.
  • Laboratory experience of 5 to 7 years working in Quality Control or Quality Assurance Management, and be familiar with the manufacturing environment.
  • Knowledge of the FDA and GMP guidelines for food manufacturing facilities, knowledge in HACCP and GFSI (preferably SQF) principles, and an understanding of sanitation principles utilized in a food manufacturing facility. ASQ Certification or equivalent training.
  • Strong interpersonal, leadership, and organizational skills with demonstrated ability to teach, motivate, and lead personnel.
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage multiple priorities and projects and lead action teams.
  • Strong oral and written skills, experience formulating and writing reports and procedures, and be proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel. Skills in statistics, procedure implementation, and quality auditing.
  • Competent in interaction with executive management, regulators, vendors, and customers .

Cott Beverages is a proud EEOC/AA employer

Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

  • Bachelor's

Required experience:

  • Quality Assurance: 5 years
  • Quality Control: 5 years
  • Quality Management: 5 years


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