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Quality Assurance Supervisor - Sadler's Smokehouse - Henderson, TX


Job Description

Department:  QA-503        

Job Title: Quality Assurance Supervisor

Back Up Position:  Other QA Supervisor or Director of QA

SUMMARY The primary function of the Supervisor of Quality Assurance is to assist the Manager of Quality Assurance in the development and implementation of the Company’s quality policies and procedures. The Supervisor is also to supervise the Quality Assurance Technicians in the performance of their duties while monitoring all plant personnel in the compliance to established Quality standards.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  Authority: The Supervisor of Quality Assurance is delegated sufficient authority by the Manager of Quality Assurance to enable this person to successfully accomplish the duties and responsibilities of the position.  This includes the authority to;

Set employees in job location.

Optimize safety (food and workplace), quality yield, and productivity.

Review performance in each area.

Train employees to meet safety, quality, and customer expectations.

Assist other departmental managers as needed.

Approve the pre-shipment review according to established Quality Assurance procedures.

Withhold shipments upon a failing pre-shipment review

Place on hold, defective products due to malfunctioning processing line, improperly operating machinery, or other related causes effecting quality.

Determines hold and/or release product, production machinery or processing area.

Accountablity: The Supervisor of Quality Assurance is accountable directly to the Manager of Quality Assurance for the accomplishment of all goals assigned and for the company’s overall adherence to its quality standards. The Supervisor  is accountable for ensuring that the Company processing and shipment of product is adhering to all of its documented policies and procedures in accordance with USDA and HACCP standards

 Other duties may be assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS: The Supervisor of Quality Assurance must also be capable of implementing a proactive approach to the identification and prevention of problems affecting quality, also the Supervisor must have a working knowledge of methodologies for product improvement and cost reduction.

The incumbent of this position must be a self-actuating person capable of simultaneously working on multiple quality concerns, switching from one to the other without need for reorientation.

The Supervisor must be able to communicate effectively to others, delegate responsibilities, objectively evaluate the performance of subordinates and be able to hold others accountable in a constructive manner.

EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE: Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science or related province.

         1 year experience as part of Quality Assurance team in the food processing industry.

         3 years experience as part of a Quality Assurance team in the food processing industry, with one of those years in a supervisory capacity.

Licensing/Registration/Certification:  Certification by the American Society of Quality Assurance or equivalent association.  (preferred)


Must have sufficient Microsoft Excel computer proficiency to be able to review data.

Advanced math skills with the ability accurately calculate percentage.

Excellent project management and team skills.

Must have the ability to learn and accurately interpret USDA and FDA regulations.

Good written and verbal communication skills.

The incumbent of this position must be able to read write English to read and prepare reports and documentation related to Quality Assurance activities that reflects professionalism. The Supervisor’s writing must be sufficiently legible to prevent mistakes from occurring due to misinterpretation. The Supervisor must be able to speak English sufficiently wee in order to communicate verbally with staff and inspectors. The Supervisor must be capable of applying logical conclusions to percentage and other mathematical problem solving in the calculation of quality data.


PHYSICAL DEMANDS/ WORK ENVIRONMENT: The Supervisor must also be able to appropriately walk, talk and listen in order to survey the plant processes and quality Assurance activity. This will include the ability to climb, stoop, kneel, crouch, and reach with hands and arms along with the ability to lift or move at least  (fifty)50 lbs of weight. The Supervisor must see well enough to prepare and read Quality Assurance documents, whether in hard copy form or computer monitor generated . The Supervisor must possess sufficient correctable close vision and the ability to adjust focus to be able to inspect product and discern their acceptability against visual inspection criteria.  The Supervisor also must be able to distinguish colors, necessary to be able to distinguish the color of product and coded tags. Sufficient color vision is also required to determine the presence or absence of product components. The Supervisor must be able to endure extended periods of inspection inside meat freezers, coolers and the Pit and Smoke House cooking areas. During the performance of this position responsibilities and duties the Supervisor will be exposed to sanitation solvents indigenous to USDA inspected processing plant.


·         Assure compliance with all SQF Procedures requirements.

·         Assure compliance with all GMP requirements.

·         Assure all products are manufactured in a safe, quality manner.

·         Assure compliance with all customer specifications.

·         Promote and enforce compliance with all employees.

·         Report any quality or food safety issues immediately.

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