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09/30. Bisphenol A review prioritised as US announces chemical scrutiny overhaul

09/30. Florida Woman Petitions Whole Foods to Continue Selling Raw Milk

09/30. Criminal Charges May Be Filed Against Raw Milk Sellers in Wisconsin

09/30. Space Research Yields Salmonella Vaccine

09/30. Wisconsin: Criminal Charges For Raw Milk Possible

09/30. Victims of Oklahoma E. coli Outbreak File Suit Against Country Cottage Restaurant

09/30. Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) - Another Foodborne Pathogen?

09/30. Enterobacter sakazakii or Cronobacter sakazakii - either way - in Infant Formula it is Devastating

09/30. Atlanta water source 'chock-full of E. coli'

09/30. Australian pies pass safety test

09/30. Bottled Washes to Clean Food?

09/30. SLO County Organics Selects InSync's GREENTrace(TM) Food Safety Application to Identify and Track

09/30. Cambodia Looks to Improve Food Safety


09/29. Microwaving frankfurters cuts Listeria risk – Study

09/29. Our food is safer than it seems (Food (Safety) Fight industry blog on

09/29. Kroger and Nebraska Beef E. coli O157:H7 Case Settled

09/29. National Pasteurized Eggs Expanding Fast

09/29. Grower Sues Carrier Over Outbreak

09/29. Allergen-free foods don't help allergy sufferers

09/29. Light, Photosynthesis Help Bacteria Invade Fresh Produce

09/29. My Son Ate Raw Hamburger: Now What?

09/29. Japanese Researchers Apply Comparative Genomics to Enterohemorrhagic E. Coli

09/29. Fruit, veggie industry touts tracking plan

09/29. How to crack down on foodborne illness

09/29. More debate over San Francisco's compost

09/29. US (CA): Leaving no leaf untracked for food safety

09/29. Food safety in Mexico

09/29. Consumers Union Opposes USDA Proposal On Salad Safety

09/29. Consumers Have Little Trust That Food They Buy Is Safe and Healthy

09/29. Cambodia, FAO meet to strengthen food safety

09/29. Food-Borne Illness: More Than Meets the Eye


09/28. Inside Yakult's probiotic science culture

09/28. Finland: Ginger supplements dangerous for pregnant women

09/28. Hot Interviews at Food Safety News - Dr. Nestle and Dr. Raymond

09/28. Story of Listeria Survivors Highlights Food Safety Issues

09/28. USDA to Hold Facebook Chat on Local Food

09/28. Norovirus Vaccine In Human Trials

09/28. China Rejects OJ, Other Imports

09/28. China's Food Safety Expo on for November

09/28. Health Insurance as a Refrigerator

09/28. The Naming Of Cronobacter sakazakii


09/27. Peanut Demand Rebounds Post-Salmonella Outbreak

09/27. FDA to Hold Meeting on New Egg Rule

09/27. Comparing the Food Safety Record of Pasteurized and Raw Milk Products – Part 1

09/27. Comparing the Food Safety Record of Pasteurized and Raw Milk Products - Part 2

09/27. Food Allergies and Cross-Contamination

09/27. World governments focus on potential harm in french fries


09/26. Fat Duck free meal for ill diners

09/26. US congress call for data on antibiotic use in livestock

09/26. Food-Borne Illness: More Than Meets the Eye

09/26. UK: Farm re-opens after E.coli scare

09/26. E.coli outbreak prompts safety advice for Irish petting farms

09/26. U of T researchers identify how food-borne disease spreads between cells

09/26. Consumers Union Opposes USDA Proposal On Salad Safety

09/26. Canada: $75 million earmarked for food safety


09/25. French plant boosts customised capacity for microbiological control

09/25. EFSA rejects report on BSE risks from sausage casings

09/25. Is it time for a single food agency? – Part 1 (Safety Zone industry blog on

09/25. The Uglier Side of Lettuce

09/25. Shocker: A Restaurant Owner Apologizes for Foodborne Illness Outbreak

09/25. Spices May Lessen E. coli O157 Toxin

09/25. Outbreak Victims to Sue OK Restaurant

09/25. FDA Sends Out 6 Food Warning Letters

09/25. Food Recalls: Onus is on Manufacturer

09/25. Food Safety Education Month Winds Down


09/24. Hearings on Leafy Green Safety Begin

09/24. Public Health Importance of Non-O157 Shiga Toxin- Producing Escherichia coli (non-O157 STEC) in the US Food Supply

09/24. Raw milk risky, local health officials warn

09/24. Microwaving Hot Dogs May Decrease Pathogens

09/24. Ask The Nutrionist: Distillers' Grain, Cattle, E. coli O157:H7

09/24. Monsanto Loses Ruling over Genetically Altered Beets

09/24. Cancer causing?

09/24. Sensitivity to aspartame probed

09/24. Advocate slams food safety plan at USDA hearings in Monterey

09/24. Suit: Meatpacker Used 'Downer' Cows for 4 Years

09/24. UK: Pesticide Residues Committee annual report published

09/24. UK: Report of specified risk material and other BSE control breaches for August 2009


09/23. Nationwide food recall system unveiled in US

09/23. Nationwide System to Speed Product Recalls Unveiled by Food Marketing Institute and GS1 US™

  Rapid Recall Exchange

09/23. China's food companies undergo inspections

09/23. Schwan's Ice Cream Salmonella Outbreak

09/23. $12 Million Set Aside for PCA's Victims

09/23. Raw Milk Dropped In Florida

09/23. Food Safety and recalls of your kids' food - What the GAO has to say

09/23. About Botulism - An Updated Resource - Botulism Blog

09/23. Rowley boy to speak to Congress about allergies

09/23. Health Canada to consider mustard a priority allergen in proposed regulations

09/23. Slaughter seeks new study on animal antibiotics

09/23. FDA awaits more input on traceability solutions

09/23. Sweetener aspartame to be investigated for possible side-effects

09/23. GMO beet foes say US court rules against Monsanto

09/23. Hearings begin on nationwide standards for produce safety

09/23. Strawberry season starts with a lesson on food safety

09/23. Feds lax in telling schools of recalls

09/23. National Pasteurized Eggs Expands Product Offering; Launches Food


09/22. Just 18% of consumers know that 160°F is beef's safety temperature - but that's not necessarily bad news

09/22. Bench trim: is FSIS helping or hindering tracing back to the source? (Food (Safety) Fight industry blog on

09/22. India: Groundnut exports to EU decline 94% on strict quality norms

09/22. Korea: `MBC Program Distorted Facts on Mad Cow Disease`

09/22. Most of the world’s infectious diseases have jumped between humans and animals. Medical response is dangerously inadequate

09/22. FDA: new rules to reduce Salmonella from eggs

09/22. National Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement could harm local, family-scale and organic growers

09/22. Keeping your dinner plate safe

09/22. Chinese top legislature sends work groups to inspect food safety

09/22. Delays reported in securing recalled foods from our public schools

09/22. Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning shut mussel and clam harvesting in Oregon

09/22. Survey reports food safety costs doubled for California leafy greens growers

09/22. ABA Journal Shines Spotlight On Food Safety Regulation

09/22. FDA Must Set Salad Standard, Group Says

09/22. UK May Mandate E. coli Reporting

09/22. New Zealand: Overhaul of act puts onus on food outlets to ensure safety

09/22. The Myth About Food Safety Legislation and Small Farmers

09/22. GAO: Feds failed to tell schools of suspect food

09/22. New Zealand: 30-year overhaul aims to clean up food

09/22. Korea: Food Poisoning Germ Found in 20% of Imported Meat

09/22. Post-Chernobyl monitoring reports 2008 published


09/21. Quorn manufacturer faces lawsuit

09/21. ABA Journal Shines Spotlight On Food Safety Regulation

09/21. Planning a Fundraiser? Check Food Code First

09/21. Dole Spinach E. coli Outbreak

09/21. Malt-O-Meal Salmonella Outbreak

09/21. Why Norovirus is #1


09/20. What The Restaurant Industry Should Do . . .

09/20. JBS Growth Could Carry It To Top In USA

09/20. Q&A: Nestle on Food Safety Politics

09/20. Former Under Secretary For Food Safety Speaks Up

09/20. Mandatory Recalls? Careful what you ask for

09/20. Reid Promises Family Senate Action

09/20. Settlement Reached In Spinach Lawsuit

09/20. Food Safety Expert Weighs in on Food Safety Progress and Pending Legislation


09/19. New food-labelling proposals tabled by Health Canada

09/19. Researchers discovers new way Listeria spreads

09/19. Risk Posed by Non-O157 E. coli Greater Than Recognized

09/19. New US food-safety law could wipe out RP small food exporters

09/19. Is that food safe? Log on to find out

09/19. Fat Duck diners seek compensation over food poisoning


09/18. No Link Between Brain Tumors and Nitrites and Nitrates, Study Finds

09/18. AMI Calls on USDA to Move Forward With Petition to Allow Carcass Irradiation

09/18. Supplement safety questioned - again

09/18. Health officials address lead in processed venison

09/18. F.S.I.S. urged to move ahead on carcass irradiation

09/18. Solving the E. coli Problem – The Cantaloupe Theory - (Safety Zone industry blog on

09/18. Outbreak Tied To Raw Milk Serves As Cautionary Tale, Food Safety Official Says

09/18. Q&A: Food Safety Since Jack in the Box Outbreak

09/18. Technology Aids Traceability

09/18. CDC - Update on the Epidemiology of Shiga toxin-producing E. coli in the United States

09/18. Hepatitis myths put Canadians at risk, survey warns

09/18. Deer in mad cow host fear

09/18. Holidaymakers sue First Choice over stomach bugs at Turkish resort

09/18. Shining A Light On Disease: Tracking Light-emitting Bacteria During Infection

09/18. Health Ills Abound as Farm Runoff Fouls Wells

09/18. The Ugly Side of Foodborne Illness

09/18. Vilsack plays up USDA mission to promote produce consumption

09/18. Assisted Living Food Service Managers Learn About Food Recall Procedures

09/18. Check food safety with new Web site


09/17. Amino acids may cut acrylamide, boost flavour

09/17. Chemical industry rejects ‘lies’ allegation over BPA bill defeat

09/17. Denmark: Action plan against salmonella to be launched

09/17. Healthcare Reform Requires Safe Food

09/17. FSIS Releases List of Stores With Bad Burritos

09/17. U.S. Should Export CDC's Petting Zoo Rules

09/17. Will H.R. 2749 Kill Small Farms?

09/17. FDA Expands What's In "Warning Letters"

09/17. Officials Unite on Food Safety Message

09/17. Researchers stop Staph, E. coli infections with guava, local spice extracts

09/17. Canada: Listeria compensation deadline fast approaching

09/17. Some of the spice rack’s most flavorful seasonings may protect against bacteria of deadly food poisons


09/16. Meat additives not linked to brain tumours: Study

09/16. Kellogg plant still closed but no listeria found

09/16. Effect of pre-washing on mercury content of fish

09/16. Monolaurin may be a weapon against food bacteria

09/16. Food safety and recalls (Food (Safety) Fight industry blog on

09/16. Analysis: Oklahoma E. coli O111 Outbreak

09/16. Food Safety Bill Likely with Harkin

09/16. Bad Day At JBS Brings Tragedy To Its Victims

09/16. Fish can get mad cow disease says study

09/16. CAST Provides Consumers With Scientific Food Safety Information

09/16. The Myth About Food Safety Legislation and Small Farmers

09/16. Americans Want Tougher Food-Safety Rules

09/16. "Team Diarrhea" Follows a Trail of Sickness Caused by Tainted Food


09/15. EC tables new chemical test for marine biotoxin detection

09/15. Most Americans want tougher food safety rules: Pew poll (

09/15. Industry applauds Canada’s C$75m food safety overhaul

09/15. Food Safety Acts Compared: HR 2749 vs. S 510

09/15. The Walkerton E. coli Outbreak


09/14. California rejects bill to ban bisphenol A

09/14. Bisphenol A: Hearts versus minds

09/14. HACCP expert assumes role as I.F.T. president

09/14. Future Economic and Physical Costs for Victims of Foodborne Illness

09/14. 2006 Spinach E. coli Outbreak Revisited

09/14. Food Safety Hazards Associated with Consumption of Raw Milk

09/14. Raw Milk Debate is set to heat up

09/14. Tomatoes and Potatoes Infected with Late Blight: Are They Safe for Canning?

09/14. New U.S. Website to Include Pet-Food Recalls

09/14. Food Safety Hazards Associated with Consumption of Raw Milk

09/14. Vietnam: People raise concerns on food safety law


09/12. Safety priority No. 1 for safety growers, lobbyist says

09/12. A safe food supply for Asia

09/12. Hamburg: FDA needs bigger role

09/12. Canada Invests $75 Million More in Food Safety

09/12. Egypt's Food Safety Regulations Could Expand Demand for U.S. Ag Products

09/12. UK: Anglian Water Denies Sewage Plant Infected Fat Duck Oysters

09/12. Bozeman firm testing norovirus vaccine

09/12. Harkin ready to tackle food safety bill

09/12. Eight million Vietnamese get food poisoning annually

09/12. Who gets the antibiotics?

09/12. Report examines increase in listeriosis in UK


09/11. EFSA issues long-awaited herbal product safety guidelines

09/11. Vilsack to media : Call flu 'H1N1', not 'swine flu'

09/11. If things are so bad, then why does our life expectancy keep increasing? (Safety Zone industry blog on

09/11. What exactly is it that the Senate wants? (Food (Safety) Fight industry blog on

09/11. Registry needs clearer guidelines

09/11. Shellfish poisoning: what are the odds?

09/11. Farmers first link in safe food supply chain

09/11. Government of Canada Takes Action to Improve Food Safety

09/11. and sprouts

09/11. HHS and USDA unveil new food safety consumer Web site (

09/11. Idaho, E. Oregon onion growers invest in food safety


09/10. Acrylamide: The consumer health scare that isn’t

09/10. Chicken Consumption and Use of Acid-Suppressing Medications as Risk Factors for Campylobacter Enteritis, England

09/10. IFT press book addresses produce safety

09/10. Essential oils from common spices may protect against contamination

09/10. Only 13 percent of consumers know safe burger temp: survey (

09/10. A question about the FDA's Reportable Food Registry

09/10. The only thing the President missed tonight in the Health Care Speech - Real Health Care Reform Requires Safe Food

09/10. A less dire view from CDC on non-O157:H7 shiga toxin producing E. coli


09/09. Non-O157 Shiga toxin producing E. coli - A CDC perspective

09/09. North Carolina urging corn aflatoxin tests

09/09. Form of mad cow disease spread by manure: study

09/09. Fatal Botulism Blamed on Leaky Valve

09/09. Fat Duck Was Slow to Report Scare, Health Agency Says (Update1)

09/09. Disease-causing Escherichia coli: 'I will survive'

09/09. AFBF: Antibiotic Ban Would Compromise Food Safety

09/09. R-CALF: Group Implores Senate To Reject House Version Of Food Safety Bill

09/09. Sebelius Announces New Food Safety Web Site


09/08. California poised to decide on BPA ban

09/08. What exactly is it that the Senate wants? (Food (Safety) Fight industry blog on

09/08. Verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli O26 in raw water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) milk products in Italy.

09/08. Non-O157 Shiga toxin producing E. coli - A CDC perspective

09/08. FDA Seeks Comments on Reducing Acrylamide Levels in Food

09/08. Public Meetings Explain Salmonella Egg Shell Final Rule

09/08. Could Shuttle Bring Home Salmonella Vaccine?

09/08. Could Salmonella Bacteria Kill Tumors?

09/08. Non-O157:H7 Shiga Toxin E. coli - Human Disease, Vectors and Outbreaks


09/07. FDA Launches Registry to Help Prevent Food-Borne Outbreaks

09/07. Food Safety & Standards Authority of India plans to introduce new regulation for procurement of raw materials

09/07. Irradiation still not widely accepted for food safety

09/07. Thermo Fisher Scientific Wins Food Safety Innovation Award for its Melamine Detection Program in China

09/07. Pew-Commissioned Poll Finds Large Majority of Americans Want Stronger Food Safety Rules

09/07. FDA requires faster food safety reporting

09/07. Op-ed By William D. Marler JD - Real Health Care Reform Requires Safe Food

09/07. Japan: Pepper Lunch to stop business with meat processing cooperative

09/07. FDA Offers New Way for Industry Reporting of Possible Food Poisoning Cases

09/07. China: Mengniu Rebounds After Tainted Milk

09/07. UK: Veterinary Residues Committee annual report published


09/04. Testing must improve to detect supplement contamination

09/04. Action on acrylamide: Interactive timeline

09/04. Are statistics on food allergies exaggerated?

09/04. US: FDA seeks data on acrylamide

09/04. Food safety to wait on health care reform

09/04. Task force launched to promote food safety in Los Angeles

09/04. Food safety inspections, violations rise at South Florida stores

09/04. UK: Indian restaurateurs banned for life after food bug outbreak

09/04. ‘Excuse Me Waiter, There’s a Frog in My Pepsi’

09/04. New Spinach Safety Rules May be on The Way

09/04. UK: Consultation launched on new BSE regulations


09/03. Research shows US consumers ‘unaware of acrylamide’

09/03. Kellogg plant halts production on listeria discovery

09/03. Non-GMO’ Seal Identifies Foods Mostly Biotech-Free

09/03. Getting Real About Our Modern Food System

09/03. Chinese consumers react sharply to H1N1 fears

09/03. Allen Brothers: A family’s commitment to quality and food safety (Safety Zone industry blog on

09/03. Food safety concerns among global consumer trends of 2009 (

09/03. Produce in Public: Spinach, Safety and Public Policy

09/03. Another Victim of the 2006 Dole Spinach E. coli O157:H7 Stands Up - Lawsuit to Follow

09/03. Salmonella Osteomyelitis in New-onset Diabetes Mellitus

09/03. Pew-Commissioned Poll Finds Nine in Ten Iowa Voters Support More Government Oversight

09/03. CDC: Pot can be a food-borne illness factor

09/03. Produce in Public: Spinach, Safety and Public Policy

09/03. FBD: India to soon establish Food Safety Special Courts

09/03. New Video Demonstrates How Technology Ensures Safety in the Food Supply Chain

09/03. Harkin calls for tougher food-safety enforcement

09/03. Most Americans Not Overly Concerned About Food Safety

09/03. NSF International Celebrates Food Safety Education Month

09/03. Harkin hopeful Senate will pass food safety bill

09/03. Dubai: Municipality launches 'Safe Kitchen' campaign

09/03. National Pasteurized Eggs Increases Access to Safe Pasteurized Shell Eggs


09/02. FDA considering industry guidelines for acrylamide

09/02. EU proposal to add acrylamide to hazardous chemical list

09/02. Will E. coli victim's illness cause meaningful change?

09/02. Is China Leaping to the Forefront of Food Safety?

09/02. Food Safety & Quality Magazine - Legal Issues for Food Safety

09/02. Food-allergy lingo

09/02. Baby-cut carrots are safe

09/02. United Poultry Concerns Urges Little Rhody Egg Farms to Stop Starving Hens


09/01. New plant near Flandreau promises special eggs

09/01. Celebrate September as National Food Safety Education Month

09/01. Small Food Producers Question Greater FDA Powers

09/01. Trans-tasman food safety deal renewed 

09/01. FDA Bill a Bipartisan Victory for Dingell

09/01. New Video Demonstrates How Technology Ensures Safety in the Food Supply Chain

09/01. Neogen Shares Rise As China Plans New Food-Safety Standards


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