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09/30. USDA Pushes Forward on Several Food Safety Fronts

09/30. FDA Finds Violations at Tribal Food Warehouse

09/30. Oz Pesticide Warning Untrue, Says Produce Industry

09/30. Canada: Food fines uncollected

09/30. British dad finds dead mouse embedded in his loaf of bread

09/30. The 'Holy Six' Strains of E. Coli That Many Experts Fear


09/20. No food safety threat from cloned animals, EFSA re-confirms

09/20. S. 510: A Study in How Much You Trust Government

09/20. Groups Stage Protest Against GM Salmon

09/20. The 'Creepy' Science Behind GM Salmon

09/20. Ecuadorian Fish Exporter Could Be Banned from US

09/20. One in 13 Canadians have serious food allergy

09/20. Illinois receives $1.2 million to conduct mad cow inspections

09/20. Too Much Bacteria in Too Many Cleaning Cloths

09/20. Egg Probe Tracks Tainted Feed

09/20. 7 arrested in China's latest tainted milk scandal

09/20. Bangladeshis Trained in Aquaculture Safety

09/20. The cost of belated action on food safety

09/20. Food safety legislation won't mend regulatory divide

09/20. Lobby Is Cooking Up Ways to Put Food Safety Bill on Senate Agenda

09/20. Egg Recall Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Two Farms


09/16. Death penalty does not guarantee food safety

09/16. Sen. Coburn Threatens to Hold Food Safety Bill

09/16. Researchers Find PCBs, Other Chemicals in Food

09/16. Michigan Juice Maker Fails to Pasteurize

09/16. New Wright County Egg data on salmonella stuns experts


09/15. UK: Restaurant dirty dishcloths uncovered

09/15. Food Safety Tips for those Recovering from Wildfires, Other Fire Devastation

09/15. CDC’s foodborne illness data is out of date, claims AMI Foundation

09/15. Proposed legislation gets tough on food-safety violators

09/15. New FSIS chief’s priorities include pre-harvest food safety

09/15. Egg Hearing Rescheduled, DeCoster to Testify

09/15. Survey: Political Pressures Hurt Food Safety

09/15. China Working to Improve Food Safety Systems

09/15. Comments Sought on Antimicrobial Resistance

09/15. The Salmonella egg man is about to get fried


09/13. Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations will hold a hearing entitled “The Outbreak of Salmonella in Eggs”

09/13. Aflatoxin control of Brazil nuts not good enough, says EC

09/13. STECs – are they adulterants or not?

09/13. USDA, FDA employees report food safety interference: survey

09/13. AMIF pushes CDC to update foodborne illness numbers

09/13. Summer 2010 food safety report card


09/10. AMIF Urges CDC to Update Foodborne Illness Statistics

09/10. Lactic acid bacteria may cut acrylamide formation

09/10. Group Breaks Ranks on Small Farm Exemptions

09/10. Eyes of cattle may become new windows to detect mad cow disease

09/10. AP Exclusive: Back to work after salmonella case

09/10. USDA Didn't Notify FDA of Conditions at Salmonella Egg Facility

09/10. Another Shot Fired in Genetic Crop Wars

09/10. Mystery of listeria food poisoning revealed

09/10. Direct observation of food safety skills far better than self-reported surveys


09/09. Colorado E. coli O157 Infections a Reminder of Raw Milk's Huge Risks

09/09. Consumers inconsistent about food safety: survey

09/09. Another cancer study; this one sees no connection to red meat

09/09. More about conditions at Wright County Egg

09/09. Supersalmon: Our First Engineered Entree?

09/09. The Food Safety Shell Game

09/09. A Salmonella Victim's Statement to the Senate

09/09. Swiss Heifer Beat UK Mad Cow Defenses

       09/09. Cockroaches Could Help Kill MRSA, E. coli

       09/09. Foodborne illness survivors urge immediate vote on food safety bill

       09/09. The Bisphenol A Debate: Partisanship in Action

‎09/09. 3 consumer groups push Pa. on food safety

09/08. Grassley questions federal oversight of Iowa egg farms

09/08. New Food Safety Bill Could Make Things Worse

09/08. Marler Clark Food Safety Attorney Seeks Entrance to Contaminated Egg Farm

09/08. AP Exclusive: Back to work after salmonella case

09/08. Researchers quantify effects of drying to measure bacteria after hand wash

09/08. Blocking E. coli Bacteria Before They Move In

09/08. The Food Safety Shell Game

09/08. FDA Raises the Bar for Gulf Seafood Safety


09/03. Study raises concerns over aluminium levels in infant formula

09/03. USDA policies need to address more E. coli strains: Hagen

09/03. Advocates Turn Up the Heat on Food Safety Bill

09/03. Groups Hand-Deliver 180,000 Letters to FDA

09/03. Listeria Lawsuit Filed in Louisiana Cheese Recall

09/03. 3 Minn. families will share salmonella settlement

09/03. China's Food Safety Challenges

09/03. Food safety groups slam USDA egg graders at farms in recall


09/02. Corn Lines Resist Fungal Toxins

09/02. California finally rejects bisphenol A ban

09/02. Guest blogger: Salmonella victim Barb Pruitt urges Senate to act food safety legislation

09/02. Federal Egg Recall Investigation Widens

09/02. CA Rejects BPA Ban for Baby Bottles, Sippy Cups


09/01. Bisphenol A alters male testosterone levels, claims breakthrough study

09/01. Recall from E. coli O26 illnesses reignites non-O157 debate

09/01. EFSA Releases Study on PCBs in Food, Feed

09/01. Egg Co. Faces Another Lawsuit

09/01. Nevada Mobile Slaughter Unit Info Session Planned

09/01. Food Scandals Prompt Organic Growth in China

09/01. Russian Poultry Dispute Complicated by Egg Fiasco

09/01. Researchers Exploring 'Fusion Strategy' Against E-coli


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