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Regional Quality Assurance Manager (Remote)
Cott Beverages - Tampa, FL




The Quality Field Manager will take a leadership role in the establishment, implementation, and improvement of the global quality and food safety programs in all Cott finished product and co-packer facilities. Based on the Corporate Quality strategic plan to:
I. Maximize the Effectiveness of Current Programs to Support Food Safety and QualityII. Identify and Optimize Areas for Continuous ImprovementIII. Execute a Robust Management Operating SystemIV. Expand Process Discipline

Major areas of focus include:

1. Instill Food Safety and Quality Mindset throughout Organization: a. Promote and Support Food Safety and Quality Programs i. Demonstrate thorough understanding of regulatory and current SQF audit code requirements for food manufacturers and develop familiarity with the Cott Juice Food Safety and Quality Program. Ability to communicate the policies and procedures and illustrate how they address both regulatory and audit code requirements.

  • Actively Participate in Support and Training activities related to Food Safety and Quality.
  • Develop training program targeted for line associates and quality technicians that explains in unique and memorable ways the “why” of food safety programs.
  • Review plant food safety and quality programs and practices to ascertain compliance to Cott juice food safety and quality program, regulatory, and code requirements.

2. Demonstrate Leadership Ability - Be an enthusiastic supporter of the Food Safety and Quality Program and an Empowered Influencer of Others. a. Maintain Certifications and Expand Knowledge through Manufacturing Training: i. Maintain currency in required certifications

  • Current certification is required for
  • SQF Practitioner
  • Food Defense Practitioner
  • Better Process Control

ii. Undertake necessary training to understand and implement programs initiated to address regulatory changes; support new manufacturing systems, execute new product lines.

  • Develop associate training programs for new programs, systems or products based on training received
  • Work with groups involved in change management to develop appropriate food safety audit systems for new programs, systems, and product lines.

b. Show Active Hands-on Involvement and Understanding of Food Safety and Quality Program
i. Demonstrate understanding of manufacturing environment and impact of Food Safety and Quality Program. Develop familiarity with Cott Juice products, manufacturing facilities and processes.

  • Receive hands-on training in the key food safety areas of each facility: Receiving, Batching, Manufacturing, Sanitation, and Quality.

ii. Participate in the Cott Juice Food Safety and Quality Program execution


  • Support each manufacturing plant through frequent on-site visits.
  • Coordinate calendar of visits and designated tasks with Corporate Quality and Plant and Plant Quality Managers.
  • Execute Corporate Audit Program. Support and assist the primary plant participants during 3rd party audits. Independently conduct routine Cott Juice Food Safety/Defense; GMP; and HACCP audits of the manufacturing plants, outside warehouses, co-packers, and suppliers.
  • Document and distribute audit results to facility and to Corporate Quality within one week after audit. Identify and prioritize audit deficiencies, request corrective actions.
  • Review corrective actions submitted by facility and approve if appropriate. Develop plan to audit corrective action compliance on an ongoing basis.

iii. Participate in the Cott Juice Food Safety and Quality Program expansion and improvement

  • Plant visits will encompass the following:

a. Act as a training resource for the manufacturing facilities. Assist with Food Safety and Quality support and training at each facility b. Identify and communicate each facility’s Food Safety and Quality Best Practices, and work with other juice facilities to implement. c. Identify Food Safety and Quality roadblocks and restrictions at each facility and work closely with Plant Management and associates to develop action plans for improvement

  • Develop matrix to monitor and assess overall status of Cott Juice Food Safety and Quality Program at each facility. Using the Cott Juice Food Safety and Quality Program and audits codes as a guide, identify appropriate factors for the matrix, and issue results for each facility on a yearly basis.

iv. Execute the Change Management Program. Coordinate and execute change management as defined in the Cott Juice Food Safety and Quality program:

  • Identify all projects that must run under change management, and ensure the execution of the Change Management process occurs for each.
  • Act as the Corporate Quality change management sponsor
  • Using strong interpersonal and leadership skills work with a variety of functional areas including but not limited to manufacturing, engineering, quality, sanitation, warehousing to successfully implement and maintain programs and practices to support change management.
  • Develop program to validate continuing compliance of Change Management activities

v. Maintain Robust Communication with Quality Management. Use appropriate tools to ensure coordination and good communication within the Quality functional area.

  • Working within the department strategic plan, and in partnership with the Corporate Quality director, identify long-term plan and appropriate strategies biannually. Set goals and mileposts and monitor progress with Corporate Quality Director.
  • Submit weekly report for Corporate Quality Director, using a standard format developed with the Director. Report will review status of current projects and activities and goals for coming week.
  • Participate in weekly one-on-one conversation with Director to review weekly report, the strategic plan and goals, and to cascade information.
  • Maintain personal location log on Cott Net Quality calendar
  • Participate in the weekly Quality conference call:
  • Document and review past week’s activities and focus for coming week
  • Discuss options to address any opportunities or roadblocks that have been encountered during the week

3. Support Drive for Continuous Improvement:
a. Assist Plant Quality Management Development. Support the Plant Quality Management function through assistance with development and training, acting as a liaison between Plant and Corporate Quality Management

  • Develop a training program for Plant Quality Managers prior to the implementation of new Corporate Quality Food Safety and Quality programs
  • Assist Plant Quality Managers with new program training

b. Collaborate with Corporate R&D and Technology. Collaborate with Corporate R&D and Technology to drive programs for quality affirmation and continuous improvement.

  • Implement program to monitor commercialization effectiveness of new formulas. Develop program to review process, data, and records from multiple product runs across facilities. Identify and communicate issues to Corporate R&D and Quality.
  • Implement improvement programs developed by Corporate Technology, develop process to monitor effectiveness and communicate results to Corporate Technology and Quality

c. Maintain Budget Performance. Perform within approved department budget parameters

  • Maintain adherence to the budget goals
  • Encourage the development of programs and corrective actions that address deficiencies in a cost effective manner.

d. Promote a Robust Corrective and Preventative Action Program. Ensure that the CAPA process is correctly followed and results are communicated

  • Support and participate in trouble-shooting activities associated with product quality issues. Ensure that at a minimum, the triggers defined in the CAPA policy are followed.
  • Understand DMAIC tools and be able to assist CAPA teams in the DMAIC process
  • Monitor CAPA timetables for compliance to promise dates
  • Develop plan to validate and document validations of CAPA preventative actions after implementation
  • Develop a method to organize plant CAPA documents and have them available for review by the manufacturing facilities.
  • Document and communicate findings and results to Juice Quality team members and support identification and incorporation of Best Practices throughout the organization.


The Manager Quality Field Services reports to the Director Corporate Quality. The position serves as a key liaison between Corporate Quality, Research and Development, and Technology, and the manufacturing plants, and will work closely with the Plant Managers and Plant Quality Managers to implement, expand, and monitor the programs associated with food quality, food safety, and cost containment, and to assist with the introduction of new products, processes, and procedures.


1) Spend time learning the Cott Juice Food Safety and Quality Program and understand it’s execution in the manufacturing plants. a. The first two to three weeks will be spent becoming familiar with the Cott juice food safety and quality program, through a review and thorough understanding of the policies and procedures written to support the program. Understand the principles behind these documents and how they address both regulatory and audit code requirements, and how they are applied in practice.b. Hands-on training to learn execution will occur in at least three manufacturing plants. Focus will be in participation in major food safety and quality areas including Receiving, Batching, Manufacturing, Sanitation, and Quality.c. Basic SAP transaction training will occur to allow utilization and understanding of SAP in support of the Quality and Food Safety function.2) Ensure internal audit compliance: a. Maintain certification currency in HACCP, SQF Practitioner, Food Defense Practitioner, Better Process.b. Conduct yearly HACCP, GMP, Food Security audits as they come due. Identify deficiencies, issue reports, monitor corrective actions.c. Support and attend any scheduled 3rd-party or customer plant audits.3) Execute Change Management Process: a. Following the current Change Management Policy, identify all projects requiring change management, and execute and manage the process for each change.b. Develop method to report status of Change Management procedures and process to validate ongoing.4) Promote Corrective and Preventative Action Program to ensure: a. Suitable response to CAPA triggers as defined in the policyb. Good use of problem solving tools and appropriate corrective action developmentc. Verification of identified corrective actionsd. Development of appropriate validation step to ensure long-term success.5) Monitor Customer and Consumer Complaint, and Vendor Quality Deficiency Investigations a. Ensure that appropriate actions are taken to investigate requests, and if necessary coordinate activity and information in multiple facilitiesb. Develop method to collect, track, and summarize details about customer complaint investigations; and to maintain this information in an form easily accessible by Quality and Manufacturing across manufacturing facilitiesc. Develop method to collect, track, and summarize details about vendor quality deficiency investigations; and to maintain this information in an form easily accessible by Quality and Manufacturing across manufacturing facilities


The top candidate for this role will have a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science or related degree. Have laboratory experience of 3 to 5 years working in Quality Control or Quality Assurance, and be familiar with the manufacturing environment. The candidate will have knowledge of the FDA and GMP guidelines for food manufacturing facilities, knowledge in HACCP and GFSI (preferably SQF) principles, and a basic understanding of sanitation principles utilized in a food manufacturing facility. The candidate shall have strong interpersonal, leadership, and organizational skills with demonstrated ability to teach, motivate, and lead plant personnel. The candidate must demonstrate the ability to manage multiple priorities and projects and lead action teams. The candidate will have strong oral and written skills, experience formulating and writing reports and procedures, and be proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel.

Cott Beverages is a proud EEOC/AA employer

Required experience:

  • Quality Assurance Management: 5 years

Required education:

  • Bachelor's


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